A map of Cyrannus.

Our galaxy is vast. To say the Empire is the only power would be grossly incorrect...

- Apollo

The Cyrannus Galaxy is home to a great deal of powerful and unique civilisations. This page will list these civilisations in the following categories, both native and otherwise:

  • Precursors
    • Civilisations that had a profound effect on Cyrannus' past.
  • Hyperpowers
    • A single civilisation with no direct competition from another government.
  • Superpowers
    • A civilisation with a very strong, stable position in galactic politics, that directly and indirectly affects far-off civilisations in far-reaching ways.
  • Great Powers
    • A step down from superpower, though still with the ability to exert its influence over others far beyond its borders.
  • Regional Powers
    • A power which can exert its influence over others in its galactic region.
  • Minor Powers
    • Powers with very little power over the politics of others.
  • Other Civilisations
    • Alien civilisations that don't have political power.



All this has happened before...

  • Name - Oikoumene
  • Location - Galaxy-spanning
  • Government - Unknown
  • System Count - Unknown
  • Capital - "Oikoumene Capital"
  • Member Species - Oikoumene, countless others.
  • Status - Unknown

The Oikoumene, also known as the Thirteenth Tribe, are a race of enlightened Ultraterrestrials that held a presence throughout the universe millions of years ago, centred in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Originating countless years ago, the Oikoumene quickly attained a level of technological, biological and sociological superiority over their contemporary species, naming themselves the caretakers of life.

The Oikoumene were hailed as gods by their "Patronois", the name given to the races in which they protected and despite some fleeting rebellions made against them, they were generally held in high esteem. The Oikoumene mysteriously disappeared during the end of the Apotheosis Era of history, with only one individual, (with the exception of surviving AIs) known to be active in modern times.

The Oikoumene's legacy has a significant impact on the universe, in particular the Cyrannus Galaxy, where they are still worshipped as gods by civilisations such as the Cognatus Empire. An example of the legacy of the Oikoumene is the mysterious leader of the Mornûnendur, Tyrómairon, who remains active in modern times.



Cyrannus is the seat of our power. It will be glorious under our rule!

  • Name - Galactic Empire of Cyrannus
  • Location - Galaxy-wide
  • Government - Constitutional Monarchy
  • Size - Stretches from the Core Worlds to the Unknown Regions
  • Capital - Orbispira
  • Member Species - Too numerous to count
  • Status - Active

The Imperatore Cyrannica is the first Cyrannian hyperpower since the Oikoumene of old. The Empire was formed in the aftermath of the Great Cyrannus War by the enigmatic Tyrómairon, effectively dismantling the previous warring powers, the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

In the years after the Empire's formation, it expanded exponentially throughout the Gigaquadrant often being characterised by it's massive military and huge territorial holdings in Cyrannus, the Quadrants, Borealis, Plazith Rim and Andromeda, as well as a great deal of influence in other forms in all the other major galaxies in the Gigaquadrant. All of this power is centred absolutely on the Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon on the capital planet of Orbispira.




To create a free and civilised union, dedicated to the freedom, liberty and self-determination of all, we the people declare a New Cyrannian Republic!

- Apollo

The New Cyrannian Republic is a federal representative republic native to the Cyrandia Cluster, with key space in both the Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyrannus Galaxy. Seen as the spiritual successor of the United Republic of Cyrannus, the New Republic was founded on the principles of democracy, liberty and equality.

Founded during the third year of the Dark Times, the Republic began as an alliance of likeminded individuals and civilisations which banded together in the name of democracy, exploration and the pursuit of a peaceful Cluster and Gigaquadrant. Living alongside the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the two powers maintain cordial, albeit cold relations. However, during the monumental conference which founded the Republic, both powers agreed to coexist peacefully with a demilitarised zone set up along their borders.

The New Republic currently operates from its temporary capital on Apatalore, though it seeks to establish a more permanent capital within the Cyrannus Galaxy.


CAS Flag

The Republic is a sham! We will construct a new order!

The Confederacy of Allied Systems was a galactic power that actively fought against the United Republic of Cyrannus for control over the Cyrannus Galaxy during the Great Cyrannus War. The Confederacy controlled vast stretches of space in Cyrannus, Andromeda and the Quadrant Galaxies, and like its adversary was a federal democracy.

The Confederacy gained more and more space as the Great War went on, but it did not foresee the creation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, which swallowed up most of its space. However, the Confederacy remains in the form of the Confederacy of Free Planets, albeit in a limited form.


The galaxy shall fall under our shroud.

  • Name - Nagith Empire
  • Location - Outer Rim
  • Government - Absolute dictatorship
  • Formation - 39,300 BNE
  • Dissolution - 13,210 BNE
  • Size - 13,000,000 systems
  • Capital - Unknown
  • Member Species - Libertus, D'annaoi, Diaita
  • Status - Extinct, no remnants remain

The Nagith Empire was a mighty superpower that ruled from a large sector of space in the galaxy's Outer Rim. Historians agree that the Nagith Empire was formed near to the year 39,000 BNE and fell in the year 13,210 BNE in the aftermath of a devastating war with their longtime enemies, the Pyrian Republic.

Many Nagith were obsessed with the ancient legends regarding Tyrómairon's Mornûnendur, who they referred to as the Anteo-sanna. Believing themselves to be the reincarnation of these ancient warriors, the Nagith Empire launched two massive wars against the Pyrian Republic, ultimately plunging the galaxy into a dark age that wouldn't end until the creation of the Federation of United Worlds.

Perhaps the greatest legacy left behind by the Nagith was their "children", the feared Neraida Gigamatrix, which haunts the galaxy to this day.


We stand as the greatest hope against the Nagith!

  • Name - Pyrían
  • Location - Core Worlds - Mid Rim
  • Government - Representative democracy
  • Size - 5,000,000 systems
  • Capital - Orbispira
  • Member Species - Too numerous to list
  • Status - Defunct

The Pyrían Republic was a galactic super power that existed thousands of years before the rise of the Empire. The Pyrían Republic ruled Cyrannus with a gentle hand and sent diplomats to settle disputes across the galaxy. However, in such a large region of space, wars are always common and the Pyrían Republic constructed a large military in order to protect itself and its citizens.

This military proved to be vital in protecting the Pyrían during the First Nagith War and the Second Nagith War, but in the latter, it failed to prevent the destruction of the Republic, while succeeding in destroying the Nagith.

URC Flag

Liberty through law.

  • Name - United Republic of Cyrannus
  • Location - Core Worlds - Outer Rim
  • Government - Representative democracy
  • Formation - 13 BNE
  • Dissolution - 1 NE
  • Size - 9,000,000 systems
  • Capital - Orbispira
  • Member Species - Too numerous to list
  • Status - Defunct, dozens of remnants exist

The United Republic of Cyrannus was the most advanced civilisation to ever exist in Cyrannus since the disappearance of the Oikoumene. Though its existence was brief, it achieved more than what much older civilisations failed to reach within thousands of years, including membership of the intergalactic board of the eight most influential civilisations in the Gigaquadrant.

Centred on the galactic capital of Orbispira, the Republic's history was marked with devastating wars such as the Intergalactic War, the War of Ages and the Great Cyrannus War, though it also managed to bring a great deal of positive change to the galaxy such as the creation of the Cyrandia Alliance as well as aiding in the reconstruction of the universe after the Annihilation, including having a major hand in returning the Delpha Coalition of Planets to the Gigaquadrant.

Despite this, the will of Tyrómairon worked against it, and it soon became the largest contributor of the new Empire. However, billions remain loyal to the ideals of the Republic, and its reconstitution may be quite near indeed...

Great PowersEdit


Cognatusi Flag

We work to achieve the will of the gods.

  • Name - Cognatus Empire
  • Location - Unknown Region
  • Government - Theocracy
  • Size - 1,200,000 systems
  • Capital - Cognalorilos
  • Member Species - Cogsangui
  • Status - Active

The Cognatus Empire is a theocratic alliance ruled by the aggressive and fervently religious Cogsangui and populated by a great deal of less powerful species such as the Vevilog. The Cognatus are infamous to instigating the massive Intergalactic War, which to this day ranks among the most devastating wars in universal history.

In the aftermath of the war, the Cognatus lost a great deal of military might when at least 65% of their population was consumed by the mysterious Purity virus. Those who survived remained with the Cognatus Remnant, which attempted to reconcile with their former enemies, even becoming a member of the Cyrandia Alliance in the process.

However, during the Dark Times, many Cogsangui reverted back to their old ways and created the Cognatus Empire, which continued to destroy in the name of their Oikoumene gods. It is the goal of these zealots to begin a Second Intergalactic War, thus raining glorious destruction upon their enemies.

CAS Flag

Our Confederacy. Our homes. They are worth fighting for.

The largest remnant of the Old Confederacy, the Confederacy of Free Planets is led by General Taros Cassynder, an Adlapuspino loyal to the ideals that the Confederacy followed during the Great Cyrannus War. Officially branded as a terrorist organisation by the Empire, in truth the Free Planets have a growing level of influence among neutral governments due to the ongoing Outer Rim War.

It is the hope of the Confederacy to topple the Empire and replace it with a Galactic Confederation, a goal much the same as the one followed during the Great War against the Republic.



We will maintain order in our space through peace.

The Capricorn Sector Alliance was a small, but highly influential power that existed in the Cyrannus Galaxy prior to the formation of the United Republic of Cyrannus. At its height, the Sector Alliance controlled 20% of the inhabitable worlds in the Core of Cyrannus and was a major member of the Federation of United Worlds.

The Alliance was born on the Libertus homeworld of Capricaerón, which quickly became known as the cultural capital of the galaxy and profited greatly from its proximity to the galactic capital of Orbispira. Unlike the neutral Federation, the Alliance actively fought to protect its interests in many key galactic conflicts such as the Trucinex War and the Second Galactic War, and ultimately helped pave the way to the United Republic of Cyrannus.

Regional PowersEdit


CRA Flag

We will not stand for this Empire.

  • Name - Capricorn Remnant Alliance
  • Location - XC-32 Region
  • Government - Representative Democracy
  • Size - Unknown
  • Capital - CRA Senate Hub
  • Member Species - See here
  • Status - Active

After the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, numerous planets excommunicated themselves from the Empire and began migrating into the Unknown Regions. Eventually, a ship called the Hand of Justice made a supraluminal transmission to all of the wandering ships, instructing them to gather over an uncolonized planet. Among the arrivals were Fereni-Tuu, Saurornithanta, Basileus, Libertus, Adelphi, and even Corthrinus ships.

On that planet, the Capricorn Remnant Alliance was formed around the ideals of creating a representative democracy including all of the Cyrannian species, although the population is primarily Capricyránae. The Alliance's senate resides and works on the planet of it's founding, which has been named the CRA Senate Hub, and co-ordinate the military movements and economic workings, while being safe from Imperial patrols due to the fact that the planet is barren on the surface and the senate complex is underground.


We will protect our territory to our dying breath!

  • Name - Jenassian Regency
  • Location - Odysseia Region
  • Government - Police State
  • Size - 65,000 worlds
  • Capital - Jenassio
  • Member Species - Jenassians
  • Status - Active

The Jenassian Regency, is an expansive, militaristic regional superpower native to the Odysseia Region of Cyrannus. The Regency is currently led by the ambitious Regent Wel who has been responsible for much of his people's success in the years after the disaster that was the Great Cyrannus War.

For centuries, the citizens of Jenassio and it's colonies have lived in a society in which every move is watched and every action noted. The civilisation's populace is controlled by constant surveillance, the denial of the truth and propaganda. Despite these invasions of personal freedom, the population of the Regency is generally considered to be well-off by their interstellar neighbours.

The Jenassians are very protective over their borders and will ruthlessly destroy any unauthorised vessel that has entered their territory. Despite this, they are welcoming to any species that desire to live under their all-seeing government.


The Ancient Ones have declared us to be the custodians of their secrets and inheritors of their wisdom.

  • Name - Orithil'Tastran Hermitage
  • Location - Timarsera Region
  • Government - Theocracy
  • Size - 12,000 systems
  • Capital - Fósepist
  • Member Species - Orothiltastrii
  • Status - Active

The Orithil'Tastran Hermitage is a reclusive collective hidden within Termarsia cluster of the galaxy's Unknown Regions that dedicates itself to learning about the Oikoumene from any sources they can find. With the trillions-strong population brought up to believe this is a divine mission to be undertaken by them and any worthy enough to see their point.

Rather than colonising planets, the Hermitage prefers to construct artificial spaces in stations orbiting a local star's orbit featuring dacilities that cater to theri every need and protect them from all but the harshest of cosmic situations. While occasionally setting on planets deemed to have significant historical importance such as the presence of ancient ruins or atifacts. The hermitage's Loreseekers consider it an act of heresy to perform invasive reverse-engineering on Oikoumene contructs and preach that the best way to lear nis to study any information stored in data caches.

This has put them at odds with the Cognatus Empire, believing the Cognatus are too invasive, bloodthirsty and callous in their quest for understanding and the two empires have on occasion come to blows. The Hermitage's dogged perseverence and its disciplined warriors currently prove to be the only things preventing the Cognatus from swallowing the Hermitage whole.

Panthrea Slaver Guild


We learn we study, we observe. Knowledge is our greatest goal and there is nothing greater than learning.

  • Name - Askelian Collective
  • Location - Odysseia Region
  • Government - Constitutional Monarchy
  • Size - 58000 colonies
  • Capital - Askelous
  • Member Species - Canebant, Acithes, Trimnii
  • Status - Active


Trucinex Flag

The One demands your deaths, non-believers!

  • Name - Trucinex Imperium
  • Location - Outer Rim
  • Government - Theocratic dictatorship
  • Size - 1,100 systems
  • Capital - Nex
  • Member Species - Trucinex
  • Status - Inactive; absorbed into URC and CAS, later absorbed into CyraEmp

The Trucinex Imperium was a powerful theocratic organisation that ruled from the temperate Outer Rim world of Nex. The Trucinex as a people were fiercly religious and were devoted to a belief in a One God. This faith in their God led the Trucinex to wage a genocidal war against the Capricorn Sector Alliance, thus beginning the Trucinex War, a conflict that ultimately attracted extragalactic attention, even from the Xhodocto.

Led by the Nex Prophet, the Trucinex war machine was utterly crushed after the short, but bloody conflict, with the Trucinex people being divided into those who joined the Cyrannian Republic and those who joined the Cyrannian Confederacy. Ultimately, the people were not united until the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

Minor PowersEdit



We are the survivors...we are their legacy...

  • Name - Kliaak Resurrection
  • Location - Mid Rim
  • Goverment - Democracy
  • Size - 150-200 Colonies
  • Capital - Achem
  • Member Species - Kliaak
  • Status - Expanding

The Kliaak Resurrection or Second Kliaak Fellowship is a united sociey of Kliaaks inhabiting the Mid Rim. The Fellowship was formed primarily as a means of increasing relations, trade, and security of the numerous Kliaak colonies. Despite being new, the Fellowship has begun trade with it's neighbors in the Mid Rim, and is expanding steadily.

The Fellowship was formed in 05 NE, a relatively short time after the Kliaak arrival in the Cyrannus Galaxy. When the Kliaak Citadels put down and opened up lines of communication, it was decided that the Kliaak colonies should exist under one flag for the benefit of the colonies and the High Commission itself. Despite being low in military strength, the Fellowship has a very efficient economy and gains most of it's power via trade and commerce.

Nivenian Flag

We are at least 17.382% sure that at least 0.0029218% of us know what we are doing

  • Name - Nivenian Empire
  • Location - Outer edge of Coru Secondus, near Cognathril
  • Government - Technocratic Autocracy
  • Size - 1 System
  • Capital - Nivenia Prime / RSC 5649-2399-4-2271-56 A5
  • Member Species - Nivenian
  • Status - Expanding-ish

The Nivenian Empire is an ultracompact empire making extensive use of rotating habitats to house hundreds of quadrillions. While they have no faster-than-light technology, they are a large empire by population and inhabited surface area.

The Nivenia System is unoptimal for most non-Nivenian forms of life due to the UV and X-ray emissions of the primary's accretion disk.

The Nivenian Empire is always looking for good trade deals, as building a ringworld takes a lot of material, and ringworlds are constantly under construction in the Nivenian Empire.



We want to be rich!

  • Name - Ermitant Empire
  • Location - Inner Rim
  • Government - Republic
  • Size - 1,650 colonies
  • Capital - Puria
  • Member Species - Ermitant
  • Status - Reformed

The Ermitant Empire was the empire of the Ermitant prior to the Dark Times. Despite its diminutive size, it was well known across the galaxy for being a trading partner of the Old Republic and various other species. It was also known for being the home empire of the Ermitant scientist Errr, who is famed for being the creator of the Marinox.

Despite its name, the Ermitant Empire was a republic ruled by a president chosen by the people. It remained indifferent and unaffected to the wars which hit the galaxy until the formation of the Galactic Empire, who secretly manipulated the Empire to merge itself with it. A remnant known as the New Ermitant Republic existed, being formed shortly after the merging and being stationed in the Cyranai Galaxy until it was destroyed by the Bisistar Domain. The survivors of the New Republic are now members of the New Cyrannian Republic.

Other PowersEdit




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