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During the pivotal [[Fiction:Second Great Cyrannus War/Escalation/Battle of Cyranduas|Battle of Cyranduas]], the Republic scored a symbolic victory over the Empire's seemingly overwhelming war machine, although in retaliation, the Empire brutally subjugated the nearby Libertus stronghold of Hosniaal. With the Republic's victory at Cyranduas, the campaign for the Core seemingly ended, with Republic strategists incorrectly speculating that the Empire was forced to divert resources to deal with {{fiction|the Corruptus}} invasion of the southern Outer Rim. In reality, Caesarius was pooling his resources for a bold strike at the Twelve Worlds, and in the subsequent [[Fiction:Second Great Cyrannus War/Escalation/Fall of the Twelve Worlds|Fall of Calithilaen]], the government of the New Republic collapsed, thus bringing the entirety of the Core under Imperial rule.
During the pivotal [[Fiction:Second Great Cyrannus War/Escalation/Battle of Cyranduas|Battle of Cyranduas]], the Republic scored a symbolic victory over the Empire's seemingly overwhelming war machine, although in retaliation, the Empire brutally subjugated the nearby Libertus stronghold of Hosniaal. With the Republic's victory at Cyranduas, the campaign for the Core seemingly ended, with Republic strategists incorrectly speculating that the Empire was forced to divert resources to deal with {{fiction|the Corruptus}} invasion of the southern Outer Rim. In reality, Caesarius was pooling his resources for a bold strike at the Twelve Worlds, and in the subsequent [[Fiction:Second Great Cyrannus War/Escalation/Fall of the Twelve Worlds|Fall of Calithilaen]], the government of the New Republic collapsed, thus bringing the entirety of the Core under Imperial rule.
Apollo's [[Fiction:New Republic Remnant|New Republic Remnant]] consolidated its supporters beyond the galactic rim for years following the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, and launched an ambitious campaign of Liberation following the pivotal [[Fiction:Second Great Cyrannus War/Rebellion/Battle of Harborage|Battle of Harborage]] in 20 NE. Striking immediately following the [[Fiction:Second Great Cyrannus War/Rebellion/Liberation of the Twelve Worlds|Liberation of Twelve Worlds]], the Republic led the forces of the free galaxy in a daring operation to liberate Orbispira. The [[Fiction:Second Great Cyrannus War/Great Battle of Orbispira|largest battle]] in galactic history ensued, and while the allies almost fell, it ended with the defeat of Tyrómairon and the beginning of the Empire's decline. Through diplomacy and liberation, by the end of 21 NE, the Core Worlds had been completely liberated from the Empire.

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The Pearl of Cyrannus, those who control the Core Worlds decide the future of Cyrannus!

- Empress Ramashe

The Core Worlds is the central galactic region of the Cyrannus Galaxy, located at the astrographical heart of the galaxy in a rotating axis around the galactic core. The birthplace of Cyrannian galactic civilisation and the undisputed hub of galactic culture, politics and economics, it has been said that "whomever controls the Core, controls the fate of the galaxy". Indeed, the stereotype of Core Worlders as pompous and smug is inarguably justified by the sheer grandeur and scale of the Core Worlds.

The striking and storied worlds of the Core are well known across the Gigaquadrant, including vast economic powerhouses such as Cyroenia and Scorpiae, idyllic beacons of democracy such as the Libertus homeworlds Capricaerón and Cancerti and stunningly urbanised trade hubs such as Alberensis and Corulus. The epitome of the Core Worlds however, is the galactic capital Orbispira—a vast ecumenopolis, which while not the literal center of the galaxy, given its political and culture influence, may as well be.

Surrounding an uninhabitable region of dying stars orbiting the galactic core, the Core Worlds were the birthplace of a successive line of galactic governments dating back to the Core Sovereignties in 52,742 BNE, the First Republic in 45,500 BNE, the Federation in 6000 BNE, the United Galactic Republic in 53 BNE, the Empire in 01 BNE and the New Republic in 03 NE. Indeed, the political influence of the Core Worlds has led to many major conflicts, with the symbolic importance of the region belying the strategic necessity of holding the Core in wartime. In doing so, an occupier has access not only to the nexus of every major galactic hyperlane, but the vast industrial and technological infrastructural advances which set the Core apart from much of the galactic rim.


The First Republic and the Federation

To champion our Republic is to be expected—a task which will become as natural to us all as breathing. No, gentlebeings, our ambitions should not cease there. We will not be content with stagnancy, with complacency. No, we will forge a Republic as interwoven into the galactic tapestry as the stars themselves. Beings of the galaxy, join with me in a shout to shake the stars! Let us establish our Republic! A Republic greater than distance or time!

- Praesator Apolloé Cyran'nus, apocryphal records of the Declaration of the First Republic

Believed to have been astroengineered by the ancient Oikoumene to emit less radiation than that of a typical galaxy, the known history of the Core Worlds began with the great exodus of the Conkoboli Libertus tens of thousands of years prior to the establishment of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Archaeologists believe that the first stop of these colonists was the ancient world of Manbelle in the modern Acroa Sector. From there, the Conkoboli Libertus utilised ancient faster than light technology based on that used by the now-dead Temoin Empire to settle Pelinel, Cyroenia, Alsakatiir, Orbispira and Arnoario. Over the subsequent millennia, these worlds would war amongst themselves, leading to the establishment of an alliance of worlds known as the Core Sovereignties, the capital of which was ironically contested between Orbispira and Arnoario. With the Core the only region of the Cyrannus explored sufficiently to warrant colonisation, it became heavily populated and industrialised.

Beings of the galaxy, join with me in a shout to shake the stars! Let us establish our Republic! A Republic greater than distance or time!
 :- Praesator Apollóe Cyran'nus, 45,489 BNE

United in the wake of the First Phaedric Invasion of 45,489 BNE, the Core united to form the First Republic—a proud and ever-expanding union of worlds initially led by the legendary Praesator Apollóe Cyran'nus. Cyran'nus aspired to create a "Republic greater than distance or time", establishing the highest aspiration of the people of the First Republic throughout the millennia to spread from the Core and into the endless reaches of unknown space. Cyran'nus, who would give the galaxy its name, sought to create a union of stars which would stand the test of time, avoiding the corruptions of the Sovereignties by ensuring that each world and sector received equal representation in the newly established Senate of the Core. In pursuit of the Republic's lofty destiny, in 43,890 BNE, the modern hyperdrive was invented by scientists from Arnoario, allowing the Republic to expand throughout known space at an unprecedented rate, accelerating the colonisation of the Core and into the fringes of the Inner Rim.

Old rivalries between Orbispira and Arnoario continued to erupt throughout this period, and while Orbispira won every war it fought, the conflicts between the two worlds defined two very different visions for both the Core and the Republic it housed. Orbispira, heavily influenced by the legacy of Apollóe Cyran'nus, sought to establish a strong, centralised galactic Republic, while Arnoario aspired to create a union of free planets within which each individual sector could govern itself without interference from Orbispira. Against the backdrop of these conflicts, the continued development of the modern hyperdrive allowed Republic explorers to blaze new hyperspace routes to aid their insatiable lust for colonisation. The first and most crucial of these endeavours was the Blazing of the Perliama Run by the Orbispiran government, which began at the capital, travelled rimward toward Alsakatiir before leaving the Core in the Cyroenia Sector. A new era of colonisation three hundred years later, resulted in a new route of the Perliama being plotted rimward north, toward the Corai Sector. Simultaneously, the Alberensians and the Arnoarions charted the Reach, a hyperlane spinward of the Core which would come to dominate trade and commerce in the western Core, with the eastern Core remaining relatively unexplored due to hyperspace anomalies from the Unknown Regions. Throughout these eras of peace, the Core would suffer attacks by continued wars with the Phaedric Empire, in addition to the engimatic Nagith and Bisistar.

Capricaerón, the original homeworld of the Libertus became a player in galactic politics during the reign of the Federation.

During the dark age which preceded the formation of the Federation of United Worlds, the Core was a melting pot of many different civilisations, such as the Republic of Orbispira, which despite its small astrographical breath, remained the foremost player on the political landscape. Indeed, it was not until the formation of the Federation of United Worlds and the subsequent rise of the Capricorn Sector Alliance on worlds such as Capricaerón and Surdana that the Core began to resemble its modern self. During the period, the fringes of the Core Worlds were subject to invasion by a wide variety of civilisations, ranging from the Adlapuspino from the Inner Rim to the despotic Thanatyrannus of the Mid Rim. These conflicts served to facilitate the unification of the Core, which began to push for the establishment of a unifying federal government over the galaxy. Such efforts bore fruit with the rise of the United Republic of Cyrannus in 53 BNE.

The United Republic

With the establishment of the United Republic in 53 BNE, the Core Worlds entered a period of political and economic stability which had not been seen since the days of the First Republic thousands of years prior. Nevertheless, Orbispira's influence over the other worlds of the Core remained quite minimal under the early years of the restored Republic, with individual powers such as the Capricorn Sector Alliance retaining considerable autonomy. Indeed, it would be the Sector Alliance which emerged as the defenders of the Core against foes such as the Mortalitas and the Trucinex, with the conclusion of the Trucinex War prompting the Republic Senate to form a galaxy-wide military to defend their interests against potentially warlike powers.

The devastating Intergalactic War saw the destruction of many Core Worlds, such as Scorpiae, which suffered under sustained Cognatus bombardment, while the conflict itself saw its fiery conclusion in the skies over Capricaerón, with much of the Cognatus fleet sundered by a united allied armada, or disappeared through a mysterious Oikoumene portal. In the aftermath, the Republic under President Apollo consolidated sector-wide efforts to restore damaged infrastructure, with the Core joining the Republic in a short period of prosperity, which ended with the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War.

Many of the most influential Core Worlds were the sites of titanic battles of the Great Cyrannus War.

The galactic conflict was often fought along the critical hyperlanes of the Core, with the Confederacy of Allied Systems spending considerable resources in an effort to capture key worlds from the Republic, while many of the worlds in the southern reaches of the Cyroenia Sector seceded to the Confederacy. During the first year of the conflict, Capricaerón and Cyroenia were attacked, while the United Lanat Empire managed to conquer three systems of the Acroa Sector, including Acrocanthaí itself, in the second. By the third year, the Republic had successfully managed to repel most Confederate advances in the Core, with the liberation of Corulus proving to be one of the final battles in the Core prior to the final Battle of Orbispira at the close of the conflict. With the end of the war and the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Imperial military fortified the hyperlanes and worlds of the Core, with the region becoming the centre of all Imperial activities in the Gigaquadrant.

Cold War

The region with the greatest concentration of Imperial might in the galaxy, the Core prospered economically and politically as the undisputed centre of Cyrannus during the early years of Imperial rule, sheltered from conflicts in the outlying systems. Nevertheless, the peaceful Shodrae, having pledged themselves to the Indoctrinate Collective during the Great War found themselves in the Empire's crosshairs for failing to swear allegiance to the Galactic Emperor Tyrómairon. An Imperial invasion of the Core World of Shrakéo followed, resulting in the conquest and subjugation of the Shodrae and their homeworld.

The New Republic is sovereign in the Capricorn Sector of the Core Worlds.

Under the Empire's new system of Mandators and Grand Mandators, the Core was initially placed under the governorship of Tereyn Aeresius, who worked to ensure the peaceful transition of power from the now-deposed Republic and the Empire, to great effect. When Aeresius was elevated to the rank of Potentate, Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius, a former Republic admiral during the war, replaced him as the Grand Mandator of the region. A cunning and militaristic man, Caesarius ordered the expansion of the shipyards of Cyroenia and the strip-mining of multiple uninhabited worlds in the Concordian sector for use in the construction of ever-larger Star Destroyers to enforce Imperial rule in the Outer Rim.

In the aftermath, the Empire retained a close grip on the Core, particularly with the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic on Concordia in 03 NE. However, during the New Cyrandia Wars, the resurgent Cyrandia Resistance launched a massive attack against the Twelve Worlds, concentrated on Capricaerón. Though the Empire was prepared to retaliate with their full power, the political genius of the New Republic's Proconsul Apollo resulted in the Empire ceding the entire Capricorn Sector to the Republic, at the cost of Republic intervention in the war against the Cyrannian Imperial State.

In the aftermath, the Neutral Zone was reaffirmed between the two powers, running along the Capricorn Sector's border with the northern Concordia Sector, the Imperial Capital Sector, the Galactic Core, the Ancalenian Sector and the Coruindia Sector. Tensions between the Empire and the New Republic flared up on an almost constant basis with the advent of the Cyrannian Cold War, with Republic President Nexarón Valkistair making no secret of the Republic's ultimate ambition to liberate the Core—and in particular, Orbispira—from the Empire's grasp.

Second Great War

The Fall of the Twelve Worlds.

When the Second Great Cyrannus War erupted amidst the fires of the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, the Core Worlds prepared for a renewed era of war and destruction. Though the Empire commanded the bulk of the region, the New Republic—now decapitated without its central government—retained marginal control over the Capricorn Sector, anchored by the might of the Twelve Worlds. The newly sworn-in President Apollo quickly established a new government on Capricaerón, where he coordinated the first battles of the conflict. After the Empire's failure to capture the neighbouring Coru Secundus region, Grand Mandator Caesarius turned his attention to seizing control over the Republic's remaining worlds in the Core, beginning with the peaceful planet of Apailiana. For weeks, Caesarius' armada swept through the Capricorn Sector, until they reached Cyranduas.

During the pivotal Battle of Cyranduas, the Republic scored a symbolic victory over the Empire's seemingly overwhelming war machine, although in retaliation, the Empire brutally subjugated the nearby Libertus stronghold of Hosniaal. With the Republic's victory at Cyranduas, the campaign for the Core seemingly ended, with Republic strategists incorrectly speculating that the Empire was forced to divert resources to deal with the Corruptus invasion of the southern Outer Rim. In reality, Caesarius was pooling his resources for a bold strike at the Twelve Worlds, and in the subsequent Fall of Calithilaen, the government of the New Republic collapsed, thus bringing the entirety of the Core under Imperial rule.

Apollo's New Republic Remnant consolidated its supporters beyond the galactic rim for years following the Fall of the Twelve Worlds, and launched an ambitious campaign of Liberation following the pivotal Battle of Harborage in 20 NE. Striking immediately following the Liberation of Twelve Worlds, the Republic led the forces of the free galaxy in a daring operation to liberate Orbispira. The largest battle in galactic history ensued, and while the allies almost fell, it ended with the defeat of Tyrómairon and the beginning of the Empire's decline. Through diplomacy and liberation, by the end of 21 NE, the Core Worlds had been completely liberated from the Empire.




Acrocanthaí, circa 5 NE.

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Acroa Sector
  • Terrain: Tropical seas, small island chains
  • Population: 12 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (64%), Osteola (18%), Alavar (10%), Others (7%)
  • Government: Imperial administration
  • Major Exports: Culture, art, luxury goods
  • Major Imports: Hypermatter, raw materials, foodstuffs, technology

Acrocanthaí, capital of the Acroa Sector, is a major hub of activity located on the intersection of the transgalactic Perliama Hyperlane and the coreward spur of the Corushanar Run. A large tropical planet, Acrocanthaí's surface largely consists of warm oceans dotted with small islands upon which the planet's beautiful cities were built during the planet's colonisation by the Libertus in 982 BNE. The planet is home to a large population of Libertus, Osteola, Alavar and Ortella, with the planet's cosmopolitanism well known across the Core. Due to the planet's beauty, the Acrocanthaí's primary source of income is tourism, attracting many billions of visitors each year.

The Republic and the United Lanat Empire fought many crucial battles in the waterways of Acrocanthaí during the Great War.

Though the serenity of Acrocanthaí is well known, the planet has not escaped the horrors of war. During the Second Galactic War, Acrocanthaí was besieged by the Imperial Alliance, which had gained a foothold in the Core Worlds upon seizing the Quadrantia wormhole from Rambo Nation early in the conflict. Though they were repulsed by a Republic fleet, Acrocanthaí was face a far more destructive conflict when the United Lanat Empire conquered much of the Acroa Sector during the Great Cyrannus War. While much of the sector was quickly liberated, Acrocanthaí suffered under a brutal Tralor occupation, during which tens of thousands of innocent civilians were killed. Toward the end of the war, Republic Admiral Laege Shavalera liberated the planet, though it would again face occupation, albeit considerably more benign when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed at the conclusion of the conflict.

With the horrors of the Lanat occupation still fresh in the minds of the Acrocanthaíans, the martial force of the Empire was seen as stalwart defenders, though with the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic, public opinion began to turn against Orbispira. Imperial Senator Donaró became one of the most vocal critics of the Empire in the Senate, with the planet's importance being the senator's saving grace against Imperial retribution.


The capital city of Alberensis under Imperial occupation in 9 NE.

  • Affiliation: Empire (de facto, contested)
  • Sector: Alberensian Sector
  • Terrain: Forests, plains
  • Population: 89 billion
  • Sentient Species: Albersauros (78%), Libertus (15%), Other (7%)
  • Government: Military dictatorship (de facto), Representative democracy (de jure)
  • Major Exports: Starships, agricultural goods
  • Major Imports: Raw materials, weaponry

Alberensis is a planet located in the Westward region of the Core Worlds, located along a critical hyperlane providing the world with strategic and industrial importance rivaled by few other planets in Cyrannus. The planet is situated along a key intersection of the Cyrannus hyperlane network, linking the Deinon and Gailien Sectors with the galactic capital Orbispira. Though one of the most cosmopolitan worlds in the galaxy, Alberensis is primarily inhabited by the Albersauros, a proud and fiercely independent people who had a hand in forging the First Republic many thousands of years prior to the Great Cyrannus War.

Resistance cells fight the Empire on Alberensis.

A key centre of the First Republic, the Federation of United Worlds and the United Republic of Cyrannus, Alberensis has long held a reputation as one of a key proponent of the individual rights of worlds within a galactic framework—valuing independence as one of the key fabrics of Alberensian culture and society. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus rose to power, the people of Alberensis were deeply sceptical, which in turn gave rise to a popular resistance movement. The Republic is largely suspected at having a hand in arming these rebels against Imperial rule, though no hard evidence as yet come to light. What is known however, is that Alberensis is a thorn in the side of the Empire, committing crimes which would have warranted a planetary liquidation, where it not a world so important in the Core.

During the Cyrannian Cold War, Alberensis became a battleground between the Imperial forces on the planet led by Captain Marquar Cuinn and cells of the Cyrandia Resistance, supported by the Republic. These Resistance cells successfully became entrenched in many of the planet's core settlements, prolonging the conflict and robbing the Imperials of a swift and decisive victory.


Apailiana's capital in 14 NE.

  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Sector: Capricorn Sector
  • Terrain: Plains, swamps, hills
  • Population: 980 million
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (72%), Other (28%)
  • Government: Democracy
  • Major Exports: Culture, knowledge
  • Major Imports: Technology

An ancient world steeped in mystery, Apailiana is located at the periphery of the Cybelian Way, a short hyperlane along which lies Cybele and Cyranduas. Unlike both worlds however, Apailiana was not a colony of one of the Twelve Worlds, but rather linked to the ancient Libertus of the First Republic. These Libertus, believed to have been transplanted from Capricaerón to the nearby world of Conkobol, were affiliated with the first incarnation of the Aldárae Order and established the Great Library of Apailiana—one of the wonders of the modern galaxy.

Though much of Apailiana's early history was lost during the galaxy's interregnum period, it is believed that the Conkoboli Libertus colonised Apailiana circa 62,000 BNE, where they built the Great Library on the planet's northern continent. Based on surviving records on Orbispira, the Great Library was one of the most important structures in the galaxy thoughout the Republic's long reign, though with the fall of the Old Republic at the end of the Second Nagith War, it passed into legend and eventually myth.

Under the United Republic of Cyrannus, Apailiana prospered through its representation in the Senate by the highly capable Senator Sola Naberraé, who managed to navigate the peaceful world through the Second Galactic and Intergalactic Wars. She would also preside over the eventual discovery of the Great Library, opening it up to the intelligence branches of both the Republic and the Cyrandia Alliance. The Library illuminated much of Cyrannus' early history to the modern galaxy, though mysteriously shut down when the Empire rose to power. When the planet, as part of the Capricorn Sector, was ceded to the New Republic upon the conclusion of the War for Capricaerón, the Great Library activated once more and eventually became a key research base for the reformed Aldárae Order.


The Star Destroyers Relentless and Conquest patrol the skies over the Arnoarion Capitol.

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Arnoario Sector
  • Terrain: City
  • Population: 74 trillion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (85%), Other (15%)
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Major Exports: Culture, high technology, weapons, starships
  • Major Imports: Raw materials, replicator technology

Arnoario is a heavily populated ecumenopolis located spinward of Orbispira along the Arnoarion Run, a tributary of the Perliama and the Reach—as the first major jump point from Orbispira to Carindes. Believed to have been settled by a tribe of the Conkobolan Libertus during their exodus from their cradle world, the ancient Arnoarion Libertus valued independence and small government, placing them at odds with their brethren on Orbispira. Regional powers in the Core Worlds during the era of the Core Sovereignties, both ecumenopoli considered themselves the capital of the alliance, sparking a conflict for the fate of the Core which left both worlds vulnerable to the First Phaedric Invasion in 45,498 BNE. The conflict was resolved only through the leadership of the now legendary Praesator Apollóe Cyran'nus, who forged the First Republic.

Though the age of the First Republic is, with the exception of incursions by the Phaedric and Nagith empires, largely regarded as one of peace in the galaxy, Arnoarion nationalism and distrust for the strong state being forged on Orbispira led to periods of internecine conflict between both worlds, with Arnoario striving to forge a new path for the Republic, one in which each world is the master of its own destiny. Nevertheless, though the world lost out to the sheer might of Orbispira, it would remain one of the most prosperous worlds in the Core, distinguished by the development of high technology, including one of the precursors to the modern hyperdrive in 43,890 BNE. Begrudgingly under the watch of the Republic, the Arnoarion forged the Perliama Hyperlane which dominates Cyrannus today, blazing it from the Core to the Inner and Mid Rims and into the unexplored Outer Rim. In doing so, Arnoario became the throne world of an increasing string of colonies both along the Perliama and the smaller Anoario Run, including Deonon, Arahaelien, Enchaben and Corai.

The government district of Arnoario.

Arnoario thus became a counterbalance to cosmopolitan and progressive Orbispira by spreading what would ultimately become known as Libertus High Culture across the galaxy, a philosophy popular in the Empire as championing Libertan exceptionalism. Nevertheless, the conflict between the two worlds ultimately benefited worlds such as Alberensis, which utilised the chaos to dominate the Reach, aiding in the establishment of influential Inner, Mid and Outer Rim worlds such as Tharasavis, Bonderan, Taracondor and Carindes.

Loyal to the United Republic of Cyrannus during the Great Cyrannus War, Arnoario was attacked by the Confederacy of Allied Systems in the eleventh month of the conflict, three days after the Conquest of Corulus and Ramaprica. Led by Captain Ramthor—who would later serve the New Republic—the Confederacy was repelled only through the quick thinking of Captain Tharserion of the Star Destroyer Implacable. The Confederacy's failure at Arnoario forced them to rethink their strategy for further strikes along the Reach and consolidate their holdings in the Core. Upon the end of the conflict and the formation of the Empire, the Lord of Arnoario, Debentien, was appointed Senator of the sector, where he sought to improve the prosperity of his decadent homeworld as it became a fortress world of the Empire.


Illumiana, the capital city of Cancerti.

  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Sector: Capricorn Sector
  • Terrain: Rainforests, arid grasslands
  • Population: 8.9 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (63%), Other (37%)
  • Government: Federal parliamentary republic
  • Major Exports: Technology, manufactoring goods
  • Major Imports: Foodstuffs, medicinals

Cancerti is a planet located in the Calithilaen System, counted among the Twelve Worlds of the Libertus. The most populous planet in the Four Systems, Cancerti shares an orbit with the traditionally agrarian world of Ariarona and is located in the now prosperous Heran Delta subsystem of Calithilaen. During the Intercolonial Wars, Cancerti was largely overcrowded and slums polluted even the capital city of Illumiana, while the democratic government of the planet was dismissed by most extraplanetary bodies as an oligarchy. With the unification of the Four Systems under the United Worlds of Calithilaen, the planet began to prosper, with gleaming skyscrapers replacing the slums.

The importance of Cancerti is such that it housed many governmental and military bodies during the reign of the United Republic of Cyrannus, making it a tempting target by the Republic's enemies. The first attack occurred during the early stages of the Trucinex War, when the Trucinex Imperium invaded the planet in full force after the assault on Capricaerón, though the allies ultimately prevailed. The next attack occurred during the Second Galactic War, when the Imperial Alliance attacked the planet, with the aid of their new members, the Mortalitas. Laying siege, the Imperials successfully attacked and took control of the planet, only to be repelled by Admiral Willelmus Cretacea’s fleet. The most extreme attack occurred during the Intergalactic War, when the First Cognatus Empire glassed portions of the planet.

Historically, Cancerti has been culturally linked to worlds such as Taurophon and Leonae, with the people of the planet garnering a reputation as a peaceful and open population, perhaps too eager to please the whims of more powerful worlds. This has been claimed to have accounted for Cancerti's history of being colonised by imperial powers such as Leonae and Virgon during its history, though few can dispute the importance of the world and the impact it had on the development of galactic democracy.


The Libertus homeworld Capricaerón is one of the most prosperous worlds in the Core.

  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Sector: Capricorn Sector
  • Terrain: Forests, plains, open seas, cities
  • Population: 4.5 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (56%), Other (44%)
  • Government: Parliamentary democracy
  • Major Exports: Culture, art, luxury goods
  • Major Imports: Manufactored goods, technology

Capricaerón, known as Wináiml to the ancient Oikoumene, is a temperate planet in the Core Worlds. The planet is perhaps best known as the world upon which the Libertus evolved, a species which later went on to define the Cyrannus Galaxy as its dominant species. Capricaerón is a lush, bountiful and pristine planet marked as the undisputed capital of the Twelve Worlds as well as the cultural heartland of the entire Cyrannus Galaxy. Though most of the planet consists of beautiful, untouched grasslands, forests and glistening seas, the planet is perhaps best known for the cosmopolitan cities which dot the surface, including the planetary capital Capricaerón City, a centre of science, the arts, culture and learning.

To ward against Imperial invasion, the planet is heavily protected by the New Republic military.

The history of the planet is complex. During the early years of space-faring Libertus, the planet was a sovereign state under a democratic government which often warred with rival planets amongst the Twelve Worlds, most notably Tauronsa. However, upon the unification of the worlds in 1536 BNE, the planet became the capital of the Capricorn Sector Alliance, a member state of the Federation of United Worlds, which was ultimately reformed into the United Republic of Cyrannus in 53 BNE, with Capricaerón being considered one of the most important worlds of the new democratic superpower.

After the Great Cyrannus War, the planet was generally unsupportive of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, with the planet's senator being a thorn in the side of Imperial forces. As such, the majority of the planet's population was strongly sympathetic to the New Cyrannian Republic, ultimately leading to the planet joining the Republic after the Cyrandia Resistance broke the back of the Imperial occupation force. After the battle, Capricaerón quickly became one of the most important Republic worlds. Capricaerón is the homeworld of many of the most important figures in galactic history, such as Proconsul Apollo, Fleur Inviere and Helo Roslia.


The Lianna Initiative arrives in orbit over Concordia.

  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Sector: Concord Sector
  • Terrain: Rainforests, cities
  • Population: 394 million
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (71%), Rambo Serindia (22%), Others (7%)
  • Government: Democracy
  • Major Exports: Trade goods, culture
  • Major Imports: Foodstuffs

Concordia is a planet in the Concord Sector of the Core Worlds, first settled by Republic colonists fifteen years prior to the Great Cyrannus War. A temperate and cosmopolitan world, much of Concordia's surface consists of large cities embedded in large rainforests and separated by gleaming blue seas. While reasonable important in galactic politics since its colonisation, Concordia first came to the attention of the galaxy at large when the Cyrandia Alliance established its capital on the planet in 01 BNE when Ramaprica was devastated by the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

After the war, the world fell under the grip of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, though slowly became a backwater world of little interest to the Imperial government, which considered the planet a neutral world. As such, it was chosen to host the Cyrandia Conference, during the New Cyrannian Republic was declared. Concordia would remain Imperial-affiliated for a further two years, when it fell victim to a vicious Cognatus attack carried out by the Blade of the Primercer. When the New Cyrandia Wars ended, Concordia was liberated by a joint Republic-Quadrantia task force. Such an act angered the Imperial Senate, exacerbating the Cyrannian Cold War.


Doctor Dané Elenya and the crew of the Republic Xenoarchaeological vessel Ki'barantan rediscovered Conkobol in 12 NE.

  • Affiliation: Neutral
  • Sector: Border between the Capricorn Sector and the Ancalenian Sector
  • Terrain: Forests, plains, oceans
  • Population: None
  • Sentient Species: None
  • Government: N/A
  • Major Exports: None
  • Major Imports: None

A lush planet located in the midst of the Neutral Zone between the Republic and the Empire, Conkobol is a world of mystery, hiding the remains of a long-dead Libertus civilisation. Rediscovered by the New Republic Xenoarchaeological Corps in 12 NE in an expedition headed by Doctor Dané Elenya, Conkobol is theorised by many historians to have been the homeworld of the Libertus who would go on to colonise Orbispira and Cyroenia, in addition to many of the other Core Worlds which would go on to be the Founders of the First Cyrannian Republic.

Sitting at the border of the Republic-aligned Capricorn Sector and the Imperial-occupied Ancalenian Sector, Conkobol is situated not far from the Capricaerón Run leading to the Twelve Worlds, in an obscure hyperspace getty which went unnoticed to modern civilisation for millennia. Nevertheless, preliminary excavations led by Doctor Elenya discovered ruins similar in many respects to preserved finds on other worlds coreward, including Orbispira, Corushanar, Alsakatiir and Cyroenia. In a study published in the Republic City Xenoarchaeological Society's biannual journal, Doctor Elenya concluded that Conkobol is a likely candidate for the world upon which the Oikoumene planted ancient Libertus from Capricaerón. These Libertus would go on to be instrumental in the establishment of the First Republic and the Federation, while their adopted homeworld faded into memory, likely due to being abandoned in the face of either a Phaedric or Nagith attack in the distant past.

Due to the planet's location in the Neutral Zone, further investigations on the planet have been delayed by both Imperial and Republic explorers, by order of their respective governments.


The gleaming towers of Corulus.

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Imperial Capital Sector
  • Terrain: Cities, forests
  • Population: 89 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (88%), Others (12%)
  • Government: Democracy
  • Major Exports: Trade goods, financial services
  • Major Imports: Trade goods, foodstuffs

Occupying one of the most valuable pieces of real estate in the Core Worlds, Corulus, is located on the intersection of the Corulusan Spine of the Perliama Hyperlane and the Laerorchan Run, equidistant between Orbispira and Nelchon. Corulus dominates shipping throughout the Core, steeping the planet in wealth and prosperity almost unrivalled in Cyrannus.

Temperate and heavily urbanised, Corulus is considered both a trade hub and a key centre of Imperial diplomacy, being the site upon which many intergalactic treaties are signed. Settled by the Unified Capricaerón government in 1779 BNE, the colonisation of Corulus was controversial, with the Federation of United Worlds protesting against the colonisation of such an ideally located world by a single species. Such fears were allayed by the cosmopolitan attitude of the Libertus colonists, which gladly allowed other species to settle the planet.

The showdown between Moravilon and Roslia in low orbit over Corulus during the Great War.

Besieged by the Imperial Alliance during the Core World Incursion, the Republic fought against the Alliance with a ferocity which ultimately won the day. By the time the Intergalactic War ended, Corulus was considered to be one of the Republic's most prosperous worlds—aided immeasurably by the charting of new hyperlanes, linking the planet with Scullulae, Keelmer and Shrakéo, the homeworlds of the Navajaó, Kaater and Shodrae respectively. The planet was host to the Treaty of Corulus in 04 BNE, which saw the introduction of thousands of sectors of the Outer Rim into the Republic, while also introducing a new standard galactic calendar, which would be replaced by the New Era dating system upon the formation of the Empire four years later.

Due to the strategic importance of Corulus, it fell under constant Confederate attack during the Great Cyrannus War, with the planet briefly falling under Confederate control during the first year of the conflict. After the conclusion of the Great War, the planet struggled with reconciling the world's democratic traditions with its new status as an Imperial fortress world.


The entrance to the Senate Complex on Corunnia.

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Imperial Capital Sector
  • Terrain: Oceans, mountainous islands
  • Population: 120,000
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (65%), Other (35%)
  • Government: None, governed by Orbispiran Mandator
  • Major Exports: None
  • Major Imports: Foodstuffs, technology

Corunnia is one of the moons of Orbispira, terraformed in the ancient past to serve as a retreat for the galactic capital's wealthiest inhabitants. In the aftermath of the terrorist attack on Orbispira which devastated the Senate Building at the beginning of the Great Cyrannus War, Corunnia was chosen to host the Senate for the remainder of the conflict.

Though the planet does not host many major cities, in stark contrast to its parent world, small villages were established near the Euboea Senate Complex, located on the mountainous island of the same name. The complex was constructed within three months, inspired by the Rambo Senate Complex on Väeressëa. Popular with war-era senators and representatives for the serenity impossible on the bustling galactic capital, the Euboea Complex was fitted with large fountains, galleries and state of the art hanger decks, in addition to diplomatic halls for deliberation and a wide variety of other functions. Indeed, President Apollo also held an office on Corunnia during special sessions of Congress necessitating his presence.

A Draconid artist's depiction of the formation of the Empire on Corunnia.

Corunnia would play host to two key events in the Great Cyrannus War, the first being a surprise raid by the Confederacy of Allied Systems, during which the fiendish Zillum devastated the complex. Just as the repairs were completed, the conflict came to an end when the mysterious power-broker known as Tyrómairon usurped control over the President and declared the formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus—heralding the death of both the Republic and the Confederacy and the beginning of a New Era.

The largely ceremonial Imperial Senate would continue to sit on Corunnia for the first three years of Imperial rule, before Potentate Tereyn Aeresius announced that the Old Senate Building in the Senate District of Orbispira would once again house the august body. In the years since, Corunnia remains active as a retreat for Imperial mandators, though the Euboea Complex has fallen into disrepair, which Republic propagandists delight in pointing to when decrying the death of liberty within the Empire.


The royal palace of Cybele.

  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Sector: Capricorn Sector
  • Terrain: Grassy plains
  • Population: 2.1 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (67%), Adelphi (31%), Other (2%)
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy
  • Major Exports: Foodstuffs
  • Major Imports: Technology

Cybele is a peaceful and idyllic world located along the Cybelian Hyperlane, a key route in the Capricorn Sector initially charted by the Virgon Empire in 1212 BNE. The colonisation of the planet was carried out under the aegis of the aristocratic House Myschalaé of Virgon, a House with close familial links to the Royal House of Renestrae on the mother world Virgon. The planet has two main continents largely covered with rolling, grassy plains, with much of the planet remaining temperate, with the exception of the icy polar extremes. The people of Cybele live in harmony with nature, permitting herbivorous wildlife to roam freely across the towns and cities of the planet, of which the most notable is the famous Dvottie, an avian species native to Virgon. On Cybele, the dvottie have evolved the capacity to fly and are generally larger than their Virgon forebears.

The gigantic trees of Cybele are known across the galaxy and attract many visitors every year, with most of the trees in question being already being hundreds in metres in height when the planet was first colonised over a millennia prior to the establishment of the Empire. Though the planet's long history is generally considered to have been defined by lasting peace, during the first year of the Great Cyrannus War, the planet was attacked by a force known as the Cosmic Republic, which sought to aid the Confederacy of Allied Systems in overthrowing the Republic. However, a prompt Republic counteroffensive successfully destroyed the invaders before they could land their troops. Upon the end of the war, the planet suffered under Imperial occupation, though was ceded to the New Republic in 05 NE, where the Capricorn Sector is represented by Apollo of Capricaerón.

Proponents of democratic government, the monarchy of Cybele is progressive and while House Myschalaé still sits on the throne, the ruler is selected via popular vote, with the royal house retaining a majority of the electorate since the planet's initial colonisation. TThe majority of the population are Libertus, specifically those who can trace their ancestry to the mother world Virgon, yet Adelphi are also common upon their migration from their homeworlds during the Adelphi War.


The capital city of Cyranduas during the era of the New Republic.

  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Sector: Capricorn Sector
  • Terrain: Heavily urbanised
  • Population: 120 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (61%), Alavar (13%), Other (26%)
  • Government: Praesatorial republic
  • Major Exports: Technology, starships, consumer goods
  • Major Imports: Foodstuffs, high technology, hypermatter

Located along the Cybelian Hyperlane equidistant between Cybele and Apailiana, Cyranduas is one of the Capricorn Sector's political and economic hubs, a heavily urbanised world of impeccably clean cities, factories and soaring mountain ranges. Settled by the Capricaerónan Libertus in 1109 BNE, the planet quickly became one of the most populated worlds in the sector, particularly upon gaining a degree of administrative independence from the Twelve Worlds in 640 BNE. Even more so than Cybele, the world upon which the hyperlane was named, Cyranduas dominates the Cybelian route, marking it as a tempting target during wartime.

The capital city, simply known as Cyranduas City, is a gleaming continent-spanning megapolis housing much of the planet's population of 120 billion. In the planet's early history, when it was governed solely by an executive Praesator, the City was, by law, the bureaucratic centre within which all of the planet's business transactions were performed—symbolising the planet's close partnership with the Merkatari-led TransGalactic Bank of Cyrannus. Indeed, the planet would remain within the sway of the TBC in the years prior to the Great Cyrannus War, with Magister Tanor Brumask being instrumental in the controversy construction of a vast spaceport close to the Old Quarter of the city, where the galaxy-famous Cyranduas'aras'praesa still stands.

However, immediately prior to the pivotal Battle of Capricaerón during the Great Cyrannus War, Cyranduas was attacked and conquered by the Confederacy of Allied Systems, led by Zillum. Upon seizing the capital, Zillum utilised Cyranduas as a jump point for his invasion of Capricaerón, though both that battle and the occupation of Cyranduas would result in resounding Republic victories.

Admiral Quarantar's armada ambushes the Imperials in orbit over Cyranduas.

In the Imperial era, Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius—political leader of the Imperial Core—installed a puppet Praesator to govern Cyranduas, though she would be forced to step down when the planet, along with the rest of the Capricorn Sector were ceded to the New Republic during the closing stages of the New Cyrandia Wars. Due to the planet's close proximity to the Neutral Zone, it is heavily protected by a New Republic Defense Fleet, while the Transgalactic Bank of Cyrannus has once again utilised the Republic's policy of free trade to influence political affairs on the planet and the Cybelian Hyperlane.

During the final weeks of 16 NE, Cyranduas was the site of a devastating battle, when Imperial forces led by Admiral Irenwen besieged the planet, defended by New Republic Admiral Quarantar. The resulting siege lasted over a month, ending in a bloody stalemate. When the Imperial fleet withdrew from the system, the Republic reinforced the planet against future incursions—securing a symbolic victory over the Empire.


Cyroenia's Rings house the galaxy's greatest shipyards.

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Cyroenia Sector
  • Terrain: Cities, plains, oceans
  • Population: 19 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (89%), Other (11%)
  • Government: Aristocratic democracy
  • Major Exports: Ships, technology, vehicles, hypermatter
  • Major Imports: Foodstuffs, raw materials

Cyroenia is one of the oldest and most respected planets in the Core Worlds, colonised thousands of years prior to the formation of the Empire during the Great Manifest Period of the First Republic. One of the founding worlds of the First Republic, Cyroenia sought to become critical to the survival of the nascent democracy by setting out to excell the craft of starship construction. To this end, the Cyroenians constructed the vast shipyards of Cyroenia, which completely circle the planet in a vast ring of manufacturing excellence—which provided the First Republic, the Federation, the United Republic and the Empire with a large portion of their respective navies.

Located on one of the key intersections of the Perliama Hyperlane, Cyroenia lies on the hyperspatial crossroads of the Perliama as it enters the Core Worlds toward Acrocanthaí and Alsakatiir, the Lower Capricorn Spine rimward toward the Twelve Worlds and the shorter Coeluan Lane toward Cyroenian affilitate worlds such as Coeluan, Orgaen, Andoois and Daisúngur. Despite the planet's prosperity and the sheer power of the world within the Empire, the actual world below the ring is quite unremarkable from a cultural standpoint. Indeed, while heavily protected by one of the largest assembled Imperial defence fleets, the people of Cyroenia are known for their cavalier attitude toward galactic governments. Exemplified by figures such as Mandator Tira Mizio, Cyroenians are stereotyped as pragmatic and non-ideological, seeking to further the interests of Cyroenia over those of the wider galaxy.

The shipyards of Cyroenia provided much of the United Republic's military might during the Great Cyrannus War.

During the Great War, the planet was viciously attacked by Zillum of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, whose goal was to conquer the planet and utilise its vast technological resources to ensure a swift Confederate victory over the flailing Republic. Gaining the upper hand in the conflict, Zillum was repelled only through the swift action of Fleet of Retribution—a united Cyrandia fleet of both the Republic and Rambo Nation. After the battle ended, Senator Mizio began designing new ships for the Republic, including the feared Imperator-class Star Destroyer which would go on to define the subsequent generation as the ultimate weapon of naval warfare. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed in the aftermath of the Great Cyrannus War, Cyroenian Shipyards immediately pledged their allegiance to the new Imperial hyperpower. The Imperials began updating and improving the ring surrounding the planet, increasing the production rate significantly.


Orbispira, the capital of the Empire and the one world coveted by the New Republic.

  • Affiliation: Empire
  • Sector: Imperial Capital Sector
  • Terrain: Urbanised
  • Population: 200 trillion+
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (58%), other (32%)
  • Government: Dictatorship (Under Empire)
  • Major Exports: Culture
  • Major Imports: Foodstuffs, replicator technology

Orbispira is a planet located in the Core Worlds of Cyrannus, that has served as the seat of Cyrannian power for over forty five millennia, serving as the capital of the First Republic, the Federation of United Worlds, the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, cementing its lofty place at the throne of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Due to Orbispira's location at the intersection of multiple galactic hyperlanes, such as the Perliama Run, the Arnoarion Run and the Corulusan Spine, Orbispira quickly emerged as the de facto capital of galactic politics and trade, a dominance envied by worlds such as Arnoario. Nevertheless, it remains the most politically active planet in the galaxy, Orbispira is currently the home of the Imperial Senate and it is the location from which the Emperor rules his vast intergalactic dominion. Indeed, in the Cyrannian Cold War, many high ranking officials in the New Republic, including President Nexarón Valkistair consider the capture of Orbispira to be the highest aspiration of the Republic.

The Great Cyrannus War culminated in a cataclysmic battle in orbit over Orbispira. It is said that whoever controls the capital, controls Cyrannus.

An ecumenopolis from the upper mantle to the crust, Orbispira's massive towers reach thousands of kilometres into the atmosphere while the endless whiz of traffic across the clean skies of the planet provide the city-world with the nickname of the "planet that never sleeps". Though considered by most to be the utmost expression of civilisation, the underbelly of the galactic capital contains dark secrets considered a world apart from the wealthy natives of the planet's glittering spires. In the earliest histories of galactic civilisation, the planet became the heart of the galaxy, with diplomatic, economic and political connections sprouting from the emerging ecumenopolis as the capital of a democratic galactic government—what historians now call the First Republic. For millennia, Orbispira prospered as the capital of known space, a brilliant light of hope, democracy and order toward which all other worlds in Cyrannus grew.

Home to hundreds of trillions of sentient species from essentially all walks of life from across the Gigaquadrant, Orbispira is truly cosmopolitan and is considered a melting pot of cultures from across known space, ranging from the traditional Cyrannian and Quadrantian cultures to those native to such far-off locations as the Milky Way Galaxy. Like the majority of the Core Worlds, the majority of the citizens of Orbispira are Libertus, which can be seen in all walks of life on the planet from the highest levels of the planet's government to the lowest levels of Orbispira's infamous underworld.


The New Republic established many bases on the ruined surface of Ramaprica.

  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Sector: Capricorn Sector
  • Terrain: Toxic oceans, ruined cities
  • Population: 1.2 billion prior to planetary destruction
  • Sentient Species: None
  • Government: None (Republic Reclamation Administration)
  • Major Exports: None
  • Major Imports: Heavy machinery, terraforming machinery

Ramaprica, known to the Rambo as Deep Space Colony 04 is a planet located near the edge of the Capricorn Sector, along the Neutral Zone with the Republic. Serving as the capital of Rambo Nation in Cyrannus, Ramaprica was a joint venture between the Republic and the Rambo, later hosting the capital building of the Cyrandia Alliance, greatly increasing the planet's prosperity and political importance within the Cyrandia Cluster.

The central city of Ramaprica was constructed in both Republic and Rambo styles, with citizens from both powers interacting with each other, forging a unique cultural identity shared by the planet's inhabitants, which numbered over 1.2 billion at the beginning of the Great Cyrannus War. Upon the end of the Second Galactic War and the Intergalactic War, Ramaprica became a staging ground for the Rambo, where ships could re-supply and receive repairs in the Ramaprican Shipyards, thus becoming an epicentre for trade and commerce in the northern Capricorn Sector. Led by Senator Lord Ram'Lendila, the planet prospered as one of the emergent powers in the Core Worlds, though this would all change with the outbreak of the Great War and the brutal reign of terror of the Mortalitas warlord Zillum. In a bid to crush the resolve of the Cyrandia Alliance, Zillum and his personal armada of Confederate vessels, acting without orders from the Confederate Congress on Carindes, bombarded the planet from low orbit, reducing Ramaprica's gleaming cities to twisted masses of rubble and ash. Abandoned by the Alliance, Ramaprica would be considered a graveyard world for the billions killed by Zillum's hand, though the Imperial government claimed that the planet housed a secret Cyrandia army created to invade Orbispira, thus necessitating the planet's destruction.

With Ramaprica falling on the New Republic side of the Neutral Zone, the Galactic Senate would occasionally debate recolonisation, though these debates were often tempered with warnings that such an act may provoke the Empire. As such, the planet remained untouched until the aftermath of the Daeohre'eri Conference, when in open defiance against the Empire, the Republic began landing ships on the planet. Led by Senator Carolausa of Coventina, the New Republic intended to transform the planet into a new beacon of Republic steadfastness in the face of aggression. Though progress would be slow, in large part due to both Imperial machinations and the planet's toxic ecosystem, life began to spring forth from the Ramaprican ruins.


The rebuilt Celestes in 07 NE.

  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Sector: Capricorn Sector
  • Terrain: Rainforests, tropical seas
  • Population: 1.9 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (89%), Other (11%)
  • Government: Democracy
  • Major Exports: Starships
  • Major Imports: Raw materials

Scorpiae is a planet located in the Core], notable for being one of the Twelve homeworlds of the Libertus. Naturally suited for the warm-blooded saurians, Scorpiae has a dense atmosphere and is covered in thick rainforests which stretch pole to pole, occasionally interrupted by warm tropical seas. Libertus native to Scorpiae have garnered a formidable reputation as some of the galaxy’s shrewdest tacticians and politicians, brokering deals which ultimately afforded Scorpiae a position of power amongst the Twelve Worlds disproportionate to its small size and low population.

Scorpiae is a major hub for the New Republic Navy.

Scorpiae’s pre-spacefaring history was shaped by the planet’s powerful city states, which tended to avoid conflict in favour of court intrigue and manipulation. When the planet was ostensibly unified under the Allied Scorpiaen City-States, these states remained largely independent, while simultaneously tolerating the planetary government. Under a loose association with the sprawling empire of Leonae, Scorpiae became best known for hosting the Scorpiaen Fleetyards, a vast installation encircling the planet which supplied battleships for the governments of the Four Systems. Though Scorpiae would remain peaceful for much of its history – particularly under the United Worlds of Calithilaen – it would be targeted by the First Cognatus Empire during the Intergalactic War in a massive battle which saw the planet’s near destruction at the hands of the invading zealots.

Though the planet was devastated, the Republic underwent a massive campaign to heal the damage caused by the Cognatus, repairing the planet’s once proud cities and repopulating the scorched rainforests. By the end of the Great Cyrannus War, the planet rivalled its pre-war self, becoming a key military centre for the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus until the Imperial government formally handed over control of the system to the New Cyrannian Republic in 05 NE. Scorpiae is considered to be one of the most important worlds in the New Republic, housing the vast shipyards which had once made the planet famous.


Tauronsopolis, capital of Tauronsa and ancestral home of the Cretacea family.

  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Sector: Capricorn Sector
  • Terrain: Dusty plains, canyons
  • Population: 1.9 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus (91%), Other (9%)
  • Government: Meritocratic republic
  • Major Exports: Culture, weapons, starships
  • Major Imports: Raw materials

Taurophon is a planet located in the Heran Alpha subsystem notable for being one of the Twelve Worlds of Calithilaen. Located close to Capricaerón and Piconé, Taurophon is counted amongst the most prosperous worlds in the Four Systems – though is culturally quite distinct from its neighbours. Taurophons are considered to be very honorable and are rarely inclined to back away from a fight. This stubbornness in the face of danger has contributed to their reputation as the greatest warriors of the Twelve Worlds.

These traditional aspects of Taurophon culture stand in contrast to those of Capricaerónans – who instead espouse reason and liberalism, prompting many Taurophons to denounce Capricaerónans as materialistic fools. Nevertheless, the two worlds were generally allied to one another during the era of the Intercolonial Wars, though Capricaerón was known to intervene in internal Taurophon conflicts, working to ensure that dictators did not gain control over the often fractious world.

The famous admiral, Willelmus Cretacea came from a Taurophon family, despite being born and raised as a Capricaerónan. As a result Apollo, also has roots in the planet, a fact that many Taurophonns are eager to mention to others. During the Intergalactic War, Taurophon was a theatre of the final conflict against the Cognatus, who managed to devastate the world to the point where the subsequent recovery was considered to be amongst the most ardous of the Twelve Worlds. A decade later, during the Cyrannian Cold War, Taurophon increasingly became used by the New Republic government to host state visits with more militaristic empires interested in the martial culture of the planet.


Albionis, the opulent capital of Virgon.

  • Affiliation: New Republic
  • Sector: Capricorn Sector
  • Terrain: Oceans, small continents
  • Population: 5.4 billion
  • Sentient Species: Libertus
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy
  • Major Exports: Culture, luxury goods
  • Major Imports: Hypermatter

Virgon is a planet located in the Core of Cyrannus, notable for being one of the Twelve homeworlds of the Libertus. Often considered to be Capricaerón's major rival in basically everything, the two culturally similar worlds were often at odds due to the history of Virgon’s imperialisation. There was a time, before the Intercolonial Wars, that the Virgon Empire was known across the systems as the sole superpower, a nation that none could compare to. This ended with the constant feuds with Virgon's equally imperial rival Leonae, while the rise of Capricaerón did much to limit the power of Virgon in the Four Systems.

In the aftermath, the Virgon Empire’s power dwindled, and its royal family lost power to the democratic parliament. After the Intercolonial War, the Virgon Empire was dissolved and it joined the new unified government -- the United Worlds of Calithilaen. Still, conflicts remained quite close to home; the moon of Hibernia was a thorn in the side of the Virgons, leading to a civil war which resulted in the independence of the Hibernian Republic as an independent nation within the United Worlds. Though the two powers are now close partners within the Twelve Worlds, the war did much to damage Virgon prestige.

Though well-regarded as one of the most prosperous colonies known for its splendour and opulence, Virgon is perhaps most famous intergalactically for being the homeworld of the Dvottie, a species famed throughout the Gigaquadrant for their visually appealing appearance. Though Virgon was attacked by the Cognatus during the Intergalactic War, the prideful Virgons consider their world to be the safest in the Twelve Worlds. Nevertheless, it is also one of the most pro-Imperial worlds within the New Cyrannian Republic, a point of considerable tension amongst the Twelve Worlds.

Culture and Society



The Algonquin are perhaps best known for their role in blazing the Algonqui Way Hyperlane, which serves as a key route into settled regions of the Outer Rim.

  • Homeworld: Algonqui
  • Classification: Pseudo-saurian
  • Distinctions: Tailless, feathered and armoured head
  • Spacefaring: 410 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Centrist, diplomatic, open, idealistic
  • Notable Individuals: Tarsarian Oblean, 324th General Secretary of the Federation of United Worlds · Maxiaer Vontan, explorer of the Algonqui Way

The Algonqui are a race of saurians native to the heavily urbanised world of Algonqui in the Acroa Sector. A noble people whose history in the galaxy has been synonymous with diplomatic endeavours both known and subtle, the Algonquin are often well regarded by the other members of the intergalactic community. However, the allegiance of the Algonquin homeworld of Algonqui to the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus is unpopular amongst these peaceful beings. Thus, large populations of Algonquin can be found in New Republic space, particularly along the worlds of the Republica Run, such as Coruanthor, Coruaan and Mou'Cyran.

First becoming space faring in 410 BNE, the Algonquin government quickly joined the Federation of United Worlds and the Capricorn Sector Alliance, in which Algonqui became a key ally to Capricaerón in influencing Federation policy toward a more centralised state—thus forging the foundation of what would ultimately become the United Republic of Cyrannus.

Today, the Algonquin are major members of the Galactic Empire and are often seen on important Cyrannian worlds across the galaxy, in various different positions and occupations. Indeed, their role as spacefarers and explorers is perhaps second only to the Libertus, with the Algonquin instrumental in forging the Algonqui Way—a critical hyperlane linking their homeworld with influential Inner, Mid and Outer Rim worlds such as Aegyptiacus, Sympan and the Oligarchy of Praetinna.


The Albersauros are amongst the most influential species in the Core.

  • Homeworld: Alberensis
  • Classification: Allosaurid saurian
  • Distinctions: Head crests, powerful tail
  • Spacefaring: 67079 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Independent · Outgoing · Industrious · Inquisitive
  • Notable Individuals: Berrias, New Republic Senate

A proud and fiercely independent people, the Albersauros are renowned for their love of commerce, exploration and warfare, and are common sights on ships traversing the space lanes throughout the Cyrandia Cluster. Of the species currently influencing the astropolitical map of the Cyrannus Galaxy, it is clear that the Albersauros are one of the oldest, developing space flight capabilities long before the establishment of the First Republic. Throughout history, the Albersauros have been at the forefront in scientific and commercial advances in Cyrannus and as a species, they are perhaps second only to the Libertus, in shaping the galactic interior to become the most prosperous region of the galaxy.

The Albersauros deeply value their world's independence and are thus openly hostile to the totalitarian regime that is the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. While a government-in-exile, primarily made up of Albersauros, have pledged allegiance to the New Republic, they question the future direction of it. Indeed, Senator Berrias, who represents this government in the Republic Senate, is aligned to the Reformist party—which seeks the restructing of the Republic to emulate the Federation of United Worlds. Nevertheless, most Albersauros hope that the Republic will soon liberate their world from the Empire, with many serving underground cells of the Cyrandia Resistance in opposition to the Imperial occupation of their world.


Anazasi such as Borravin, have been a thorn in the side of the Empire as key leaders in the Cyrandia Resistance.

  • Homeworld: Navanon
  • Classification: Saurian
  • Distinctions: Crest, featherless, strong tail
  • Spacefaring: 734 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Conservative · Militaristic · Disciplined
  • Notable Individuals: Borravin, commander of the Cyrandia Resistance · Admiral Pagrin, Dreadnought Anazasi Pride

A strong, militaristic and disciplined people, the Anazasi are native to Navanon, a temperate world in the Capricorn Sector directly coreward of the Twelve Worlds. Instrumental in laying the cornerstones that would one day give rise to the United Republic of Cyrannus, Anazasi naval tradition informed many of the practices that would later go on to define not only the Republic Starfleet, but that of the Empire as well. Nevertheless, though inhabitants of the Republic dominated Core Worlds, the Anazasi government on Navanon joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems during the Great Cyrannus War, leading to the blockading of the planet by a Republic armada for the duration of the conflict.

Reunited with the Core upon the establishment of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Anazasi quickly became a thorn in the side of the Imperial government, leading to many to openly support the Cyrandia Resistance. One such individual, Borravin, ascended through the ranks of the Resistance before being stationed on Antemurale, where he strived in vain to topple the Imperial hold over the planet. Elseware in the galaxy, large populations of Anazasi joined either the New Republic or the resurgent Confederacy of Free Planets.


Auilámi industry is critical to the Empire in the Core.

  • Homeworld: Atúm-Natl
  • Classification: Amphibian
  • Distinctions: Heavily armoured, strongly built
  • Spacefaring: 84 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Industrious · Passive · Non-aggressive
  • Notable Individuals: Xohan Nu Doctó, architect

The Auilámi are an industrial-minded race with biology similar to that of the Mortalitas. They are from the extreme world of Atúm-Natl and are used to some of the most extreme conditions known to the Cyrannus Galaxy. Their past has been fairly passive in comparison to the other races in the empire. They were approached by the URC when the Auilámi were mining for raw materials past their external colonies.

The Auilámi are among the newest species to become part of the galactic community. They are notably stronger than some races; which comes useful in their heavy industrial tasks. In society, they are considered a major race because of the economic genius they possess which they now put to good use as part of the Empire, often building Imperial ships and organising the vast Imperial warmachine.

The Auilámi are native to the extreme planet Atúm-Natl - a planet with 80% water with extreme sea-storms. The Auilámi adapted to the life on the planet and became increasingly skilled in constructive power in order to survive. They were interred into the United Republic of Cyrannus some few years before it transfigured into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


The Brezare are a focused and intelligent race that are common sights along the galaxy's hyperlanes.

  • Homeworld: Brezariano
  • Classification: Reptilian
  • Distinctions: Thick scales, frilled limbs
  • Spacefaring: 130 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Economical · Friendly · Industrious · Focused
  • Notable Individuals: Unknown

The Brezare hail from the swamps of Brezariano, a planet at the Core Worlds of Cyrannus. Achieving spacefaring technology at 430 BNE, their original empire was greedy and sought to expand its borders and riches through violence. However, conflicts with the Libertus led the Brezare to be pushed back to their homeworld and accept surrender, though diplomats of the Federation of United Worlds persuaded their people to start anew. Indeed, the Brezare Conflicts plagued the spacelanes off the Lower Capricorn Trade Arm, hampering growth on worlds such as Cyroenia and Coruindia. Those who did not accept this peaceful outlook fled the empire and became space pirates, with many of them pledging themselves to the Cyrannian Syndicate.

The Brezare would become official members of the United Republic of Cyrannus when it was formed, led by the senator named Zacoleths who pledged his people's support in the war against the Confederacy of Allied Systems during the Great Cyrannus War. When the Republic was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, many Brezare made their disapproval public, including Senator Zacoleths who was ultimately executed for treason once discovered supporting dissidents who wished the flee the Empire. With the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic, many Brezare took the opportunity given by the political turmoil to immigrate to it, while the part of their race indifferent to the life in the Empire remained in it. With their people spread across Cyrannus - though the majority belong to the Republic - the united empire of the Brezare no longer exists.


Dubiously, Zare'Anne is the most famous Draken in the galaxy.

  • Homeworld: Surdana
  • Classification: Draconic
  • Distinctions: Wings, short snout
  • Spacefaring: 1870 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Chivalrous · Conservative · Traditional
  • Notable Individuals: Zare'Anne, Republic Senator of Surdana · Captain Tharserion, New Republic Navy

The Draken are an intelligent race of knights native to the Core World of Surdana. They are common citizens in the Empire and the Republic and often command starships, with one of the most notable Draken officers being Captain Tharserion of the Republic Star Destroyer Implacable. The Draken were the first race to contact the Libertus, in the year 1727 BNE, both were small and they agreed to form an alliance. Soon the Draken were members in the Capricorn Sector Allianceand have stood by the Libertus ever since. There have been many famous Draken across history, such as Admiral Caoili, the famed admiral who led the final march against the Trucinex Imperium and Coti, who was vice president during President Fleur Inviere's administration. The Draken are knights, and therefore have a strong voice of justice, because of this, they make great officers in the Republic Navy. The Draken themselves are generally monotheistic, believing in the existence of a One God, staying true to their traditions, while they also embracing the modern galaxy.

From their homeworld Surdana, located in the Capricorn Sector close to Navanon and Hosniaal, the Draken were instrumental in blazing the Capricaerón Run along with their allies in the Twelve Worlds. Such cooperation ultimately led to prosperity of the worlds of the Capricorn Sector, allowing it to become one of the most influential sectors in the Core. Indeed, the Draken have typically remained loyal to whichever government in control over the Twelve Worlds, highlighting the contentment of their race to aid in galactic events, while avoiding directly shaping them. Nevertheless, the most infamous son of Surdana, Senator Zare'Anne rejects the traditional values of his people, preferring ruthless pragmatism and an aspiration of an independent Surdana for the Draken alone.


An Iereís priest or priestess are common in the temples of the Core.

  • Homeworld: Hirana
  • Classification: Avian
  • Distinctions: Armless, feathered body, beaks
  • Spacefaring: 12030 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Spiritual · Friendly · Religious · Tolerant
  • Notable Individuals: Franceo Nifaran, Duke of Hirana

The Iereís are a race of shamans native to Hirana, a world located in an isolated subsector of the Coruindia Sector. An ancient people that pride themselves on their millennia of peace cooperation with other species, the Iereís are generally regarded as enigmatic and mysterious, while simultaneously, well-meaning and diplomatic. Indeed, Iereís diplomats were instrumental in forging the United Republic of Cyrannus, viewing it as an important development of the galaxy and a leap forward for all in the quest for galactic concordance. However, such an idealistic belief did not account for the rise of the Empire and the New Republic, with the Iereís generally turning up their collective beaks at the Cold War—while remaining distinctly biased toward the egalitarian ideals of the Republic.

A core principle of the Iereís people is faith, where they can be found preaching both the religion of the Thirteen Tribes or the religion of the One God, while remaining open minded about religions held by other species. Indeed, with Cyrannus opening up to the Gigaquadrant in recent decades, many Iereís scholars have pointed to similarities between their faith in the One God and belief in Spode held by races such as the Radeon. Openly expressing interest in learning about such religions, the government of Hirana seeks to prove without a doubt that the One God and Spode are one and the same, regardless of the logistical and ecclesiastical impossibilities of such an endeavour. With the rise of the Empire, such intercultural cooperation is frowned upon, with many Iereís facing open discrimination on select Imperial worlds.


The Kaater treat the universe and its inhabitants as a big, bad joke.

  • Homeworld: Kihakiha
  • Classification: Mollusc
  • Distinctions: Cephalopod, telekinetical
  • Spacefaring: 3560 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Mischievous · Carefree · Passive
  • Notable Individuals: N/A

The Kaater are a race of octopus-like beings native to Kihakiha, an ocean world at the Concordia Sector. With a total of seven grasping tentacles, pitch-purple eyes, psychic powers which grant telekinesis and levitation, and heads large enough to compare in size to a Libertus' entire torso, the Kaater appear intimidating at first glance; however, it only takes speaking to one for a couple of moments to realize they are not as fearsome as they look. In truth, the culture of a Kaater is centered around a form of hedonism; they seek entertainment above all else, and achieve so by coming up with jokes, pranks and media, both among one another and with other aliens.

The carefree and mischievous demeanor of the Kaater have made them well-liked by many, though the coming of the Galactic Empire led them to lash out at its authoritarian tendencies, believing them to be no fun to work with. Due to this, many of their kind have sided with the Republic, not because they agree with its ideals, but because it gives them freedom to do as they please with less repercussions. At the same time, many consider the Kaater a bad influence; having little to no participation in political or military affairs, many races believe they do not take the fate of their people seriously enough - and they are right. Deep down, the Kaater are highly fatalistic, believing destiny is set in stone and resisting it to be a waste of time. And so they joke and have fun, so that they can enjoy their lives to their fullest.


The dominant race in Cyrannus, Libertus have spread to most worlds in known space.

  • Homeworld: Capricaerón (original), Conkobol (adopted)
  • Classification: Saurian
  • Distinctions: Feathered heads, long tails, three clawed hands
  • Spacefaring: 62,000 BNE (Conkoboli Libertus), 2084 BNE (Capricaerón Libertus)
  • Cultural Characteristics: Expansionist, diplomatic, cosmopolitan
  • Notable Individuals: Apollo, former President of the Republic of Cyrannus · Potentate Tereyn Aeresius, Galactic Empire · Fleur Inviere, Chancellor of Rambo Nation

The Libertus are a race of sentient maniraptora native to Cyrannus Galaxy. Originating from Capricaerón, the Libertus have since spread across the First Gigaquadrant, generally earning them a reputation as peaceful, cultured and progressive beings seemingly born with a desire to explore and expand across the cosmos. A highly intelligent race, since the early days of their earliest civilisations on Capricaerón, they have grown a pronounced distaste for violence and have instead earned a reputation as diplomats and compromisers.

Nevertheless, they have been at the forefront of Cyrannian politics for many millennia being instrumental in the creation of superpowers such as the First, Second and Third Republics, as well as the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Though they reside primarily in the Cyrannus Galaxy, Libertus have since made their mark on the universe in many notable ways, from rebuilding the universe in the aftermath of the War of Ages to protecting order and stability in the Seven Starr Alliance.

Physiologically, Libertus are lean, endothermic and lightly feathered and are among the most intelligent races in the Gigaquadrant. Modern scientists believe that the Libertus are members of a group known as Capricyránae, which includes Basileus and Cavaneu. Most Libertus however find more in common with alien races such as the Rambo Serindia, due to the cultural similarities and appreciation for peace, order and diplomacy. However, they are not a homogeneous race with some Libertus being elitist and arrogant though these make up a minority in what is generally quite an enlightened species.


The Navajao are a peaceful and carefree people content to let the galaxy pass them by.

  • Homeworld: Scullulae
  • Classification: Pseudo-saurian
  • Distinctions: Small stature, three crests, large eyes
  • Spacefaring: 2270 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Friendly · Laid-Back · Lazy · Brave
  • Notable Individuals: Commander Elligh, Imperial Navy · Senator Erien, Imperial Senate

The Navajaó are a friendly race of bards who once controlled a small empire in the Core Worlds of Cyrannus. They are known for their unworried and laid back nature, which gave them a stereotype of "lazy as a Navajaó". They are, however, very brave to get what they want. Eventually, however, the Great Corthrinusi Empire appeared on the fringes of the Core and decided to conquer the Navajaó, who had very little experience with war. The Navajaó were left near exterminated, save for a few colonies which were protected by their allies.

The Navajaó were left in a dystopian state, collapsing from all the damage done by the Corthrinus. However, they were then found by the United Republic of Cyrannus, who accepted them with open arms, with many Navajaó such as Erien and Elligh ascending to high positions of power within the Core. Upon the end of the Great War, the Navajaó's homeworld of Scullulae joined the Empire, though remained sceptical of the Imperial government on Orbispira. As such, many of their kind joined the Republic—preferring the liberal ways of democracy.


A former Imperial slave, Jamnor Taan represents the Eire Sector in the New Republic Senate.

  • Homeworld: Nelchon
  • Classification: Mammalian
  • Distinctions: Large eyes, prominent jowls
  • Spacefaring: 31070 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Friendly · Outgoing · Industrious · Brave
  • Notable Individuals: Janmor Taan, New Republic Senate

The Nelchonan are a race of mammalians native to Nelchor, a planet located along the Corulusan Trade Spine in the Concordia Sector—twenty parsecs away from the Republic Neutral Zone. A jovial people known for their technological aptitude, the Nelchonans are strongly supportive of the Republic government, a fact not lost on the Imperial occupation force currently in command of the vast resources of their world. Though resistance efforts on the planet are ongoing, Nelchonans beyond their home space know little about such efforts, in large part due to the efficiency with which the Empire has blocked all non-Imperial communication to and from the system.

Republic-aligned Nelchonans find leadership in the Centrist Senator Jamnor Taan, who was enslaved by the Empire early in the Dark Times. Like many of his people, Taan has been hardened by the experience, seeking the total destruction of the Empire and any who would champion the Imperial ambition of conquest over the Gigaquadrant. Finding considerable support from President Nexarón Valkistair, these Republic Nelchonans seek to topple the Empire and the practice of slavery throughout the galaxy.


The Oiseau are a worldly race considered to be amongst the wisest in Cyrannus.

  • Homeworld: Driba
  • Classification: Avian
  • Distinctions: Armless, feathered, large wings
  • Spacefaring: 15902 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Benevolent · Logical · Religious · Harmonious
  • Notable Individuals: Fleet Admiral Tyandas, New Republic Fleet

Native to the warm world of Driba in the Ancalenian Sector, the Oiseau are a highly intelligent species of avians often considered to be the soul of the Core. Along with the Draken and the Algonquin, the Oiseau were among the first alien species to contact the Libertus. A benevolent, kind and wise race, the Oiseau are deeply respected across Cyrannus for their great intelligence and beauty. They are often seen as being very logical and yet loving and warm at the same time, and their culture has greatly influenced the culture of Cyrannus. Indeed, the Oiseau themselves live in complete harmony with nature and are often seen near parks and peaceful places like the seaside, where they can be seen relaxing and enjoying all that the universe has to offer.

Their homeworld of Driba is known for its peaceful scenery and meditative hills, located on the Ancalenian Sector close to the Neutral Zone with the Republic. Indeed, while the government of Driba is strongly sympathetic to the Republic, it is currently under the total control of Grand Mandator Caesarius of the Core Worlds, who has overseen the construction of vast weapon factories on the once peaceful planet. The Oiseau enjoy a strong relationship with many species, particularly the Libertus, Draken and the Algonquin, whom they have known the longest. They are often found as priests of monotheistic One God religion which has many followers across the galaxy, and they will teach their ways of harmony to anyone that will listen. Perhaps the most notable Oiseau in the modern galaxy is Fleet Admiral Tyandas of the New Republic Star Destroyer Sword of Peace.


Ortella such as Aoirtae and Caranye are rising figures in galactic events—the most influential mammalians in Cyrannus.

The Ortella are a race of humanoids native to the Core world of Ancalenian in the Wattnaois System. Arguably the most prolific race of humanoids – if not mammalians – in the Cyrannus Galaxy, individual Ortella have made their mark on the Cyrandia Cluster in many diverse ways. As one of the key species supportive of the Cyrandia Alliance, a sizable portion of the Ortella are loyal to Rambo Nation, with many Ortella serving in the fleet of the Rambo in various capacities. In Cyrannus, most Ortella are loyal to the New Cyrannian Republic over the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, though some such as Agent Caranye Valaeris and Kendar Bozzel have ascended to high ranks within the Imperial military. Two ethnicities are prevalent amongst the Ortella, with a golden skinned group being most common in the Quadrant Galaxies while a more cream-tinged group are more commonly found in Cyrannus.

An idealistic and adaptable race, the Ortella are generally well respected by the other species of the Cyrandia Cluster. In the Cyrannus Galaxy, the Ortella are often considered to be the most common humanoid race in the galaxy, with a high level of influence within the governments of both the New Cyrannian Republic and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Nevertheless, the majority of the Cyrannian Ortella pledge their alliegance toward the Republic over the Empire, a civilisation which many of their kind blame for the destruction of their beloved Cyrandia Cluster. In the Quadrant Galaxies, the Ortella are common in the fleet of Rambo Nation, reflecting their keen desire to explore the cosmos and learn the secrets of other races.


The Shodrae were the first race in Cyrannus to join an extragalactic power—the Indoctrinate Collective.

  • Homeworld: Shrakéo
  • Classification: Reptilian
  • Distinctions: Lanky, long necks, small heads
  • Spacefaring: 981 BNE
  • Cultural Characteristics: Logical · Scientific · Meticulous
  • Notable Individuals: Diplomat Eviran, ambassador between the Indoctrinate Collective and the New Republic

The Shodrae are a highly intelligent race which controlled a small independent empire near their homeworld of Shrakéo in the Concordia Sector. They are known for being famous philosophers and being very helpful and wise to strangers. When the Indoctrinate Collective colonized Cyrannus, the Shodrae became vastly interested in their culture and technology, which would later result in the Shodrae merging with the Collective during the first year of the Great Cyrannus War, a move welcomed by the Republic Senate as a means to foster positive relations with the Collective. After the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was formed, many Shodrae fled Cyrannus to the Milky Way and Borealis galaxies. However, some Shodrae stayed behind, wanting to protect their worlds, but were quickly conquered by the Empire.

Shodrae are tall, blue creatures with slim bodies and limbs. This makes them very flexible when it comes to moving on narrow paths. In their heads, they possess two pairs of tendrils which are considered the Shodrae equivalent to hair. Males and females don't have many physical differences, bu females notably sport a green skin colour rather than blue. The largest Shodrae can reach up to 3 meters tall, while still being relatively light in weight. However, the Shodrae's bones are significantly more fragile than those of other Cyrannian species, which means they need heavy body armor when facing dangerous situations.


The centre of civilisation and prosperity in the galaxy. The Core is my home and the Empire doesn't change that.

- Apollo

It is an honour to govern the very pinnacle of civilised achievement.

- Deoclet Caesarius

The Pearl of Cyrannus, those who control the Core Worlds decide the future of Cyrannus!

- Empress Ramashe



  • Based on the Core in Star Wars.

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