Fear them...fear them...

- Unknown

The Cyrannian Neraida, mistakingly known as Cyrannian Grox were an empire of relentless, emotionless cyborgs that roamed the galaxy on a quest toward universal perfection.

History Edit

Distant History Edit

Grox Corthrinus

The Corthrinus attack a Grox Ship.

Because the Neraida's origins are completely unknown, ad the fact they have similar traits to the Grox Empire, many civilizations have mistakingly called them Grox for a long time. Thousands of years ago, the Grox attacked the species known as the Corthrinus. Corthrinus space was located quite close to the Cyrannian Grox Empire, who ruthlessly attacked the exploration fleet sent from their homeworld to scout out new species, this action sparked a war between the two factions.

The war lasted hundreds of years, with neither side coming to a definitive victory. However, it sparked a great upbuild in the Corthrinus military and its government became more and more dictatorial. However hundreds of years, the Corthrinus grew and expanded, becoming one of the most feared empires in Cyrannus.

Year Two of the Great Cyrannus War Edit


A Grox Cube destroys two Mataii exploration ships.

In 2 ATC, two Mataii vessels who were trading in the unknown regions of Cyrannus suddenly picked up an unknown hyperspace interdiction field, which deactivated their hyperdrive, leaving them stranded in normal space. The captain of one of the vessels assumed it was a Republic patrol searching for secret Confederate tradelanes, but they were mistaken. Suddenly, scanners reported a huge cube shaped ship approaching, which soon opened communications, the Grox voice told the Mataii that they were trespasing in Grox space, a crime punishable by death.

Before the Mataii had the chance to respond, the Cube fired two superlaser like weapons, destroying the two unarmed ships. In the aftermath of the slaughter, the Grox began accessing the knowledge archives of the destroyed ship's database. Upon taking in this knowledge, they decided that their time in seclusion had ended and their ultimate campaign shall begin...

Year Two of the Great Cyrannus War
Marinox Entrance

The Grox make their first invasion.

Discovering a galaxy very different from what they remembed, the Grox decided to cause the most damage they could, starting in the Confederacy planet of Cianbur. Dronox and Marinox forces started to appear from a Grox Cube, using cloaking devices to remain undetected by the enemy. They marched forward, defeating the surprised CAS reinforcements. After a while, the planet was in ruins. The Grox Cube appeared and the forces entered it. Their job was done, for now.

As they advanced through the galaxy, the Grox now had their eyes on the United Republic of Cyrannus. Invading a humble colony, they started to kidnap numerous Libertus, and after destroying the colony, started to make highly nocive experiments, turning them into the Caprigrox. As they continued to attack, however, the Grox were distracted by the Dracogonarious Empire, giving the Republic a chance to fight back.

Year Three of the Great Cyrannus War Edit

Year Three of the Great Cyrannus War
Grox Bisie War

The Grox engage their worst enemies.

A new year started on the galaxy, but the Grox couldn't care less for it. During the Confederacy attack on planet Masolirsra, hyperspace signatures were detected... the Cyrannian Grox had arrived at the battle, and began to attack both CAS and URC fleets with a huge number of Grox Cubes, which could survive even the most deadly attacks. In fact, only when an explosion neared the Cube's engines would it finally explode. The sheer size of the Grox invasion fleet was so great that both the URC and the CAS came to an unofficial truce trying to destroy the advancing Cubes, which cornered both the Cyrannian and Confederate fleets, finally destroying them. Ground forces were also sent, which easily outnumbered and defeated the enemies. The Grox were triumphant.

Cognatus Grox URC Battle

The Cognatus Remnant aids the Republic against the Grox.

As the Grox advanced, they eventually found a new obstacle on the Cognatus Remnant, who aided the Republic in defeating them in their way to the URC planet of Temomyho. Now with three active simultaneous enemies, the Grox had to rethink their strategies. Wanting revenge, the Grox later attacked one of the Cognatus Remnant's planets. They did this to intimidate the Remnant into no longer trying to stop them. While at first not taken seriously, the Grox advanced and attacked the Remnant's capital, Planet Decatría. The size and power of the invasion forced the Remnant to glass the capital. The Grox, while damaged, were still victorious, for they caused the destruction of the Remnant's most important world.

Battle of the CAS Capital

The Grox attacking Carindes.

The Grox would later be attacked by a new enemy, the Realm of the Bisistaran, who were interested in a piece of Oikoumene technology hidden somewhere in the Grox's space. While defending from this new threat, the largest Cube fleet ever seen in years was going toward Confederate space, preparing for a massive invasion in the near future...

This invasion would be revealed to be a massive assault against the Confederate capital of Carindes. In a long, bloody and hard battle, the CAS was eventually victorious, which resulted in the total annihiltation of the Grox fleet as well as the death of Commandant Khuenaten.

Grox Peace Meeting

The Commander Dronox proposes the non-aggression pact.

With the crushing defeat at the battle of Carindes, the Grox decided their campaign could no longer continue without putting their territory in danger. A Grox Cube approached Coruannia, and was quickly detected by the planet's defenses. However, the ships noticed the Cube was sending what appeared to be a truce proposal.

After much discussing, the fleet allowed the Cube to enter the planet's atmosphere. From this Cube, a Commander Dronox surprised the Senate by offering a non-aggression pact. The United Republic of Cyrannus and the Indoctrinate Collective both accepted the pact fully, while the Cognatus Remnant only accepted partially. They did this to take a breath after these defeats, as well as to now have all their forces concentrated against the Bisistar.

Dark Times Edit


The Cyrannian Grox Probe destroys the Defiant.

As the Dark Times began and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus was created, the war between the Grox and Bisistar was halted. The Grox returned to their territory, to prepare themselves for this new empire which could mean problems for them in the future.

Five months into the Dark Times, the Grox remained quiet, rebuilding their forces and conquering and absorbing minor species near their borders. However, a single Imperial corvette, the Defiant, accidentally entered Grox Space. Sending a single Probe, the Grox managed to destroy the Imperial intruder, but not before acquiring data on the galaxy's current condition.


The reconnection of the Gigamatrix.

The Cyrannian Grox Empire managed to ascertain information regarding their mysterious origins, coming to the conclusion that their ancient civilization was split across the Cyrandia Cluster by their makers, with different factions in the Quadrant Galaxies and the Cyranai Galaxy being seperated by hundreds of thousands of lightyears.

Eventually, the Bisistar attempted to stop the Cyrannian Grox from reconnecting with the rest of the Gigamatrix, hoping to prevent them from becoming more of a threat. However, with the unwitting help from the President of the Republic Remnant, Apollo, the Bisistar failed, and Apollo himself was assimilated. Travelling on a Neraida Cube, Apollo made contact with both the Cyranai and Quadrantia Grox, eventually forming their real and original empire, the Neraida Gigamatrix.


Terror of the Caprigrox

The Caprigrox strike.

The Neraida didn't have an incredibly advanced culture or society, with every citizen being programmed to strive to a greater purpose, complete and utter perfection.

Life as a citizen in the Cyrannian Neraida Empire was simple, the expansion and preservation of their grand empire through any means necessary. They defended their borders with a great zeal and if unknown ships were caught trespassing in their territory they are instantly destroyed by patrolling Neraida Cubes.

Individuals Edit


I will have my vengeance yet.

  • Name - Drone 78K5A42, "Khuenaten"
  • Species - Cyrannian Marinox
  • Position - Supreme Commandant

Khuenaten is the leader of the Cyrannian Marinox and one of the highest ranking figures of the Cyrannian "Grox" Empire. His past is a complete mystery, but it is speculated that he has been in the Grox's service for at least 300 years. Khuenaten is notable for having led the Grox invasions on the United Republic of Cyrannus, the Confederacy of Allied Systems and the Cognatus Remnant during the second and third years of the Great Cyrannus War.

During the third year, in the Battle of Carindes, Khuenaten was killed in action by Zillum in one of the largest battles of the entire war. Despite being killed, Khuenaten was recreated with a new, more powerful body, and now stalks the Unknown Regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy, awaiting for a chance of revenge against the Mortalitas general.

Carthaniapian Commander

You have seen an extent of our wrath. Do not engage in fighting against our units again, or your punishment shall be death and complete annihilation.

  • Name - Unknown, "Carthaniapian Commander"
  • Species - Cyrannian Commander Dronox
  • Position - Commander

The Carthaniapian Commander, named for his attack on the Cognatus planet of Carthaniapian, was a Commander Dronox who was notable for his invasions on the Cognatus Remnant during the Third Year of the Great Cyrannus War. While not much different from any other Commander Dronox, the Carthaniapian Commander's actions costed the lifes of billions of Cognatus-aligned creatures, as well of many others who crossed paths with him during his unknown past.

The Carthaniapian Commander's most notable attack was the invasion on Planet Decatría, at the time the capital of the entire Cognatus Remnant. His attack murdered millions, as well as the forced the Remnant to glass their capital world to stop the Grox forces. Despite succeeding in damaging the Remnant, the Carthaniapian Commander was later defeated and killed in battle by Voro Acetenus.


That individual is no longer.

  • Name - Apollo Cretacea
  • Species - Libertus
  • Position - Diplomat

Aedan Apollo Cretacea known officially as Apollo was the last president of the United Republic of Cyrannus before it was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. During the Second Year of the Dark Times, Apollo was assimilated by the Neraida, being forced against his will to do their bidding.

The Neraida use Apollo as a diplomat, using him to reunite the Gigamatrix. Now, he serves on Khuenaten's Cube.

Species Edit


An ancient and artificial species, the Neraida have long been one of the most feared species in the Unknown Regions, along with the Corthrinus. They can take many forms, but have chosen this form when commanding their forces.

They are constantly trying to perfect their appearance. Nowadays, they rarely venture outside a Neraida Cube, leaving the Marinox to command most of the forces.

Cyrannian Congrix
Cyrannian Commander Dronox

The Dronox are the frontline cybernetic slaves of the Cyrannian "Grox" Empire. It is believed that they carry a type of infection that can transform beings into the slaves of the Grox Empire.

They also include the so-called Commander Dronox, a more powerful version of the Dronox, the Commander Dronox leads over most cybernetics soldiers, with the exception of high ranking Marinox or other Commanders. Like the Dronox, they are believed to carry a type of infection.

Cyrannian Insectrox
Cyrannian Mite

The Cyrannian Insectrox serve as heavy ground troops, usually in lower numbers, but they can make up for this for being the physically strongest force of the Grox. Like the Dronox, they are believed to carry a type of infection.

They are often accompanied by the Mite, which are small, poisonous and explosive, the Mites are used as suicide bombers, giving support for the frontline by destroying enemy buildings and vehicles. They are deployed in smaller Hives in large quantities, easily outnumbering most enemies.


The Marinox are a cruel salamander-like beings originated from the Milky Way Galaxy, the Marinox are the Neraida's trusted workers and soldiers. They are often seeing leading other cybernetic slaves to battle. They are internally led by a commandant known as Drone 78K5A42.


The Caprigrox were created when Libertus were kidnapped from their homes by the evil Marinox, they have been genetically enhanced into mindless killing machines whose only function is to crush their enemies and ensure the dominance of the Neraida.

Assimilated Races

Over the years, the creatures who were unlucky enough to be captuted by the Neraida are now assimilated under their control. These creatures now work as mindless drones in a similar, but far less brutal, way to the Caprigrox. They have no individuality or memory of their past lives, and wouldn't have any trouble in attacking their own species.


The military of the Neraida was truly vast, one of the largest in the Cyrannus Galaxy, with hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Neraida Cubes at their disposal. Each citizen was programmed willing to fight and die to defend their empire from whatever threat it finds itself in. The Neraida also used their own armies of cybernetic warriors, including Marinox and Dronox against its foes.

Space FleetEdit

Astrology Edit

Cyrannian Grox Homeworld

Grox Palace, the homeworld of the Cyrannian Grox, located on a large ice planet.

The Neraida have extremely advanced technology, with superlasers, nanotechnology and huge starships being widespread across the empire. From what little information is known about them, it is most likely a collective mind, with individuals having limited individuality and personality. However many high ranking figures do possess these qualities, which make them all the more deadly in combat.

The Neraida were located in the Unknown Regions, where tens of thousands of empires trade stories about their unstoppable might, away from the eyes of the citizens of the interior of the galaxy. However, like their more common namesake, the Cyrannian "Grox" have a huge arsenal of cybernetic slaves assimilated into their service, such as the Dronox and the Marinox, both of which appear much different from their more common equivalents.

Relationships Edit

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceSubject designation unknown, threat evaluation in progress.

Enemies Edit

Red faceWe will deliver you to perfection.

Quotes Edit

Lousy waste of space! These Grox will, like their counterparts in the Milky Way be destroyed and suppressed.

- General Zillum

A frightening conglomeration of species. They unleashed true horrors during the Great Cyrannus War and I could only wonder what would have happened if they didn't once again vanish.

- Apollo

Let this galaxy know true fear, for we are supreme.

- Khuenaten

You guys look strangely familiar... Well, the Cyrannus galaxy doesn't know what it's in for if it is true.

- Delpha Coalition of Planets

It's been 500 years since we have last seen the true Marinox in action. And they are as firce as they always were.

- Captain Jerkon of the Indoctrinate Collective

Mechanical morons! We long for a galaxy without your... infection.

- Corthrinus

They were certainly no regular Grox. They were...something else.

- Errr

A pitiful attempt to copy our lords. Consider yourselves warned, we do not take kindly to copies of the Grox.

- Prophet of Honour

Unlike my Insilent peer, I have no care for harming you. You can keep your false title, and contuine to spread fear. But just know who the real Grox, the Real masters of terror, are.

- Meta Prophet

We have no true intention to destroy your kind...that we are Grox.

- Nexus Grox

You and your relatives in the universe shall be destroyed for your crimes against the congrix!

- Congrix Confederacy

Anyone who has something to do with the Neraida Gigametrix is our enemy!

- Leader of the High Counsel Thraak II of the Greatosaurian Empire

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