Unknown voices whisper in the night for conflict and chaos. The Cyrannian Imperial State - our state - will be ready.

- Tyermaillin

The Cyrannian Imperial State was a separatist movement in the Cyrannus Galaxy that sought to dissolve the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and replace it as the foremost galactic government. Founded during the later stages of 03 NE, the Imperial State was born into a universe on the brink of a massive conflict that would shape the gigaquadrantic map for decades to come. Founded by Imperator Tyermaillin and headquatered on the Basileus homeworld of Vasuband, the Imperial State controlled swaths of space in the outlying regions of the Empire, at the time posing the single most greatest threat to Imperial unity.

Though the leader of the State is Imperator Tyermaillin, his position held little real power. Instead the State's legislature was far more powerful than its counterpart in the Empire, with the Imperial Council serving as the ruling body of the State. Six spheres important to the running of the government such as the Sphere of War and the Sphere of Diplomacy were represented by powerful councilors, which was advised by the ruling Basileus Imperator.

Though far smaller in terms of controlled space, population and military might, the Imperial State was a formidable superpower armed with the vast militaries of species such as the Basileus, Mortalitas and Corthrinus, many of whom defected from what was perceived as the "Libertus-controlled Empire" from the Core Worlds. Armed with a devotion to destroy the Empire and substantial intergalactic support, the Imperial State was a force to be reckoned with. Sparking the New Cyrandia Wars, the Imperial State won many key victories against the Empire before the full technological and military might of the Empire was brought to bare against the rebels. This, coupled with an internal rebellion led by Zillum as well as the entry of the New Cyrannian Republic and Rambo Nation into the conflict ultimately heralded the doom of the State in the key Siege of Vasuband in 05 NE.




The Basileus begin their ill-fated rebellion.

In the early months of the third year of the Dark Times, Grand Mandator and leader of the Basileus Imperator Tyranus hatched a scheme to remove Tyrómairon from power and create a Basileus-led hyperpower in the place of the Galactic Empire. Underestimating the powers of the Emperor, Tyranus and his co-conspirators soon met their fate at the hands of Tyrómairon. Though most of the details of this important event was covered up by the Imperial authorities, news of the Imperator's shameful death spread quickly. Though most of the galaxy were outraged by the actions against their noble and honourable Emperor, some have differing views on the matter.

Deep in Basileus space, Lord Tyermaillin managed to glean information of the attempted coup. Under the impression that events such as the removal of Imperial Admiral Zillum from power, the uncharacteristic leniency towards former terrorists who established the New Cyrannian Republic and the appointment of Tereyn Aeresius as Potentate all pointed to the Empire becoming dominated by the Libertus, a species generally considered hostile to the Basileus since the controversial Blockade of the Perliama Run by the New Basileus Empire, effectively starving many Libertus-dominated Core Worlds during the third year of the Great Cyrannus War.

Lacking Tyranus' xenophobia towards other species, Tyermaillin began to build alliances throughout the year, setting the foundations for this new rebel movement. Though the Empire remained hugely popular for maintaining order from the Core to the Mid Rim, the more sparsely populated Outer Rim remained fractured and as such was the perfect place to establish the new government.



Tyermaillin and his assembled fleet blockade Vasuband.

Meeting with the now exiled Zillum, Tyermaillin told the Mortalitas general his plans for a new Cyrannus free from the lies of the Emperor. Though Zillum was aware of the true power of the Emperor, he kept this information to himself and agreed to help the self-proclaimed Imperator. Over the next several weeks, Tyermaillin began to call his support base into action, unveiling a new fleet of powerful Centurion-class Star Destroyers to announce to the galaxy the beginning of the end of the Empire.

With the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts spreading across known space, Tyermaillin personally launched an invasion of the Basileus capital of Vasuband. By announcing himself as the new Imperator, the primarily Basileus-crewed Imperial ships in orbit over Vasuband defected and joined the newly proclaimed Imperial Cyrannian State, announcing to the universe its plans to defeat the Empire.

Reactions to the formation of the Imperial State from the Gigaquadrant were generally mixed, with some civilisations such as the newly formed Ultimate Sovereignty of Ottzello forming an uneasy alliance while others such as the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation remained ambiguous over who they would support. The strongest voices of anger came from the Delpha Coalition of Planets and the Naakjian Confederation, both of whom declared war on the State.


The battle of Moreuse rages above the planet.

War with the Empire (04 NE - 05 NE)Edit

First Months

Striking quickly after the Siege of Vasuband, the fleet of the CIS led by Zillum on board the Benevolent II seized many important hyperlanes leading to the Mortalitas capital of Moreuse. In orbit around the planet, the massive first battle of the war raged between those loyal to the Empire and those fighting under the banner of the Imperial State. Thanks to the cunning of the fiendish Zillum, the planet soon fell to the Imperial State, with Mandator Moch-Na arrested for crimes against the legitimate Cyrannian state.


Two massive fleets clash in orbit over Tyranikus.

The early months of the war also saw the defection of many high ranking individuals throughout the Cyrannian Empire including both Grand Admiral Garlboz and Mortikran, important Imperial figures in the Quadrant Galaxies. However, unlike the defection of Zillum, the resulting uprising in the Quadrants resulted in a clear joint Imperial-Rambo victory at the Battle of Rambo Prime.

Meanwhile, the battle in Cyrannus intensified with the two fronts of the war; the Northern and Southern Outer Rim providing the State with a near equal number of victories and defeats. In the Southern Outer Rim, the Imperial State faced joint attacks by the Empire, the Naakjian Confederation and the Mardvaeli Republic though under the leadership of Admiral Chathanglas, the State managed to hold onto the vital space around Vasuband, even managing to conquer the colony of Abrion in one of the greatest Imperial defeats in recent years.

Closing Months of 04 NE

The State also became involved in a campaign against the isolationist Troodontid Empire in the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus, aiming to invade the inner territories of the highly advanced Troodontids in the hopes of ridding the Empire of one of their most advanced, though reluctant, allies. A key victory of this campaign was fought on the world of Druutsia, giving the State a foothold in the region.


The battle erupts in orbit.

When 04 NE reached the halfway point, the State's exploits in the Northern Outer Rim primarily under the command of Zillum began to see tangible results against Imperial forces. During the Battle of Tyranikus, Zillum successfully invaded and conquered the planet after managing to convince Grand Admiral Tyrant to defect to his cause. The victory over Tyranikus resulted in the retreat of Imperial forces in the sector where they hoped to regroup against Zillum and Tyrant's near unstoppable campaigns.

05 NE

The war in the Southern Reaches of the Outer Rim quickly deteriorated however with the arrival of the Imperial flagship Imperatore under the command of Grand Admiral Carandial, while in the northern Outer Rim key battles were won under the command of Zillum and Tyrant such as over the cityworld Imperavelli, which played host to the most devastating Imperial defeat in the war thus far. Nevertheless, the State continued to lose ground during the central months of 05 NE, causing Imperator Tyermaillin to seek aid from less savoury allies.

This plan, which would see the New Cyrannian Republic declaring war against the Empire backfired spectacularly against the Imperial State, ultimately resulting in the Republic joining the war to end the threat of Vasuband. Additionally, it would result in both Zillum and Tyrant defecting from the State to create their own empire in the unknown reaches of the Quadrant Galaxies.

Fall of the Imperial State (05 NE)Edit


The titanic Battle of Vasuband erupts between an allied coalition of the Empire, the Republic and the Rambo against the Imperial State.

The Empire will restore security, order and peace, an indivisible force unlike any seen before! For the Empire is whole once more, it will grow and strengthen as we march to retake the galaxy!

- Emperor Tyrómairon declaring victory against the Imperial State on Orbispira, 05 NE

With the theft of a massive State fleet over Atrithrillia by the United Bygorian Ascendancy, the last hope of the State had been smashed. All those on Vasuband could do is wait the inevitable Imperial attack. When the attack finally came, it would be the horror of Imperial State commanders that both the New Republic and Rambo Nation had joined the Empire in the final push against them. In orbit over Vasuband, a cataclysmic battle erupted between the factions which ultimately resulted in the fall of the State's fleet with the death of Admiral Chathanglas. The ground invasion too would result in the defeat of the remaining State forces, with Agent Caranye Valaeris of the Empire arresting Tyermaillin and bringing him to the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation to stand trial.

Though many expected him to be executed for crimes against the Empire, Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur had no desire to make him a martyr as Tyranus had become, instead imprisoning the former Imperator in the bowels of the Station. Several weeks later, Emperor Tyrómairon made a rare public speech on Orbispira in which he announced the desolation of the State and the beginning of a new chapter in the history of the Empire. As the New Cyrandia Wars drew to a close, the Imperial Navy launched a final campaign against lingering remnants of the Imperial State throughout the Outer Rim in an effort to annihilate them before they could regroup. Despite this campaign, the State as an entity was finished.

Government and PoliticsEdit

Executive BranchEdit


Imperator Tyermaillin, Head of State

The executive branch of the government of the Imperial State was the Basileus Imperator, a figure chosen from the head of the current most powerful Basileus family on Vasuband. The first and only Imperator of the State was Tyermaillin, the instigator of the New Cyrandia Wars against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. The executive branch of the Imperial State was less powerful than that under the Galactic Empire, with most of the power lying in the individual Spheres that make up the Council. The Council had the power to immediately vote the Imperator from his lofty position at the head of the Imperial State if enough Councilors make their dissatisfaction known in a vote.

Legislative BranchEdit

The legislative branch of the Imperial State was represented by the Imperial Council, the ruling body of the State and the official head of government. The Council was made up of six Lords, each in control of an important sphere of the State, such as the Sphere of War and the Sphere of Diplomacy. The true power of the State was represented by these ruling Lords, who had the ability to remove the Imperator from office should enough of them vote against the Basileus monarch. The position of Lord of the Council was a highly coveted one, with power plays being common among those who see themselves seated on the ruling body. While the Imperator is the official "face" of the State and wields more political power than the individual Council Lords, the Council was responsible for much of the State's actions of the Galactic Stage as well as being responsible for the day to day running of the CIS. Like the Imperator, the Council resides on Vasuband, the capital world of the separatists.

Society and CultureEdit


Vasuband, capital of the Imperial State.

The culture of the Cyrannian Imperial State was essentially the culture of whatever species joined the separatist movement against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, forming a cosmopolitan society much like its bitter enemies. Pro-Imperial supporters within the State are either imprisoned or executed with one of the first purges of the State occurring within the opening weeks of the State's existence. Propaganda with the sole intent of rallying the population of the State against the Empire with anti-Libertus prejudice being particularly common. However, despite what the State's enemies would have people believe, the government showed no discrimination based on race, instead focusing its intention on removing Tyrómairon and his "Libertus puppetmasters" from power.


Grand Invasion 2

The Imperial State lands troops and machinery on the Troodontid world of Druutsia in late Martex, 04 NE.

The Cyrannian Imperial State's central territory kay in the Outer Rim, with a swath of space surrounding the Basileus capital of Vasuband as well as the Mortalitas homeworld of Moreuse. Though small in comparison to the Cyrannian Empire, the Imperial State's size was roughly comparable to that of the New Cyrannian Republic's territories in the Odysseia Region, with one of the State's primary aims being carving into the Core Worlds and overtaking the Empire as the pre-eminent Cyrannian civilisation. However, Imperial retribution for Tyermaillin's Great Betrayal was swift and devastating, with the Northern Outer Rim soon falling to the might of Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur and the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation, with the southern regions falling under Carandial and the Imperatore.

Military and DefenceEdit

The Cyrannian Imperial State fielded one of the largest militarises in the Cyrannus Galaxy, possessing a well-equipped fleet of Star Destroyers many of which were designed with the weaknesses of the Imperial Navy in mind. The main ships-of-the-line of the State were the three thousand metre long Centurion-class Star Destroyer, which were capable of fighting an Imperator-class Star Destroyer on equal terms. The military and the defence of the State was coordinated by Lord Mortgerro of the Imperial Council, who oversaw the Sphere of War prior to joining Zillum's faction at the end of the conflict.


Centurion-class Star Destroyer

Class: Centurion-class Star Destroyer

Year Introduced: 03 NE

Length: 3,000 metres


Heavy dual turbolaser cannons
Point-defense dual laser cannons
Heavy proton torpedo tubes

Performance: High

The powerful mainstay of the State's fleet, the Centurion-class Star Destroyer was designed by dissident Basileus engineers during the final year of the Dark Times. A devastating warship which can stand toe to toe with the Imperator-class Star Destoryer, which it visually resembles, sharing the wedge-shape common in Cyrannian ship design. The Centurion is capable of holding its own against both starfighter fleets and comparably sized ships, with the loss of one of these giants being enough to give a serious headache to the State's military establishment. The flagship of the State, the IBS Tavros was a Centurion-class commanded by the Imperator himself.
Notable Ships
  • IBS Tavros
  • IBS Centurion
  • IBS Esseles

  • An original design.
Centurion-class Star Destroyer

Vexilarius-class Star Destroyer

Class: Vexilarius-class Star Destroyer

Year Introduced: 04 NE

Length: 1,200 metres


Heavy dual turbolaser cannons
Point-defense dual laser cannons
Heavy proton torpedo tubes

Performance: Medium

One of the most common ships in the State's fleet and one of the many ships derived from the ancient Basileus Battlecruisers used by the Imperium in the decades prior to its reorganisation into the New Basileus Empire, the Vexilarius-class is by no means the powerful ship in the State's arsenal, though it is arguably the most adaptable. The Vexilarius-class is capable of holding its own in fleet engagements and landing on planets to deliver heavy vehicles or large armies for ground engagements or planetary occupation.
Notable Ships
  • IBS Vexilarius
  • IBS Imperator's Fist
  • IBS Vasuband's Pride

  • An original design.
Vexilarius-class Star Destroyer

Vengeance-class Star Frigate

Class: Vengeance-class Star Frigate

Year Introduced: 05 NE

Length: 1,150 metres


Heavy dual turbolaser cannons
Point-defense dual laser cannons
Hyperspace missiles
Heavy proton torpedo tubes

Performance: Exceptional

Though smaller than the Centurion-class and less adaptable than the Vexilarius-class, the Vengeance-class Star Frigate is perhaps the most deadly warship in the State's fleet, being built primarily for hit and run attacks on Imperial targets, a mandate it excells at thanks to its advanced shields and powerful weaponry unusual for such a relatively small ship. The Vengeance-class is often used by important commanders as a flagship and boasts impressive firepower to the point where only a few weeks after their initial introduction in 05 NE they were considered the workhorse of the fleet.
Notable Ships
  • IBS Martos
  • IBS Terminus
  • IBS End of the Empire

  • Based on the Terminus-class Destroyer in Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Terminus-class Destroyer



Name: Zillum

Species: Mortalitas

Gender: Male

Aptitude: Uniquely Exceptional

Service Record: Commanding Officer of the Benevolent II (04 NE - )

Zillum is a male Mortalitas that boasts an impressive service record in many important militaries, including that of the Imperial Alliance, the Confederacy of Allied Systems, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and most recently, the Cyrannian Imperial State. Before his rise to power with the creation of the Empire of Cyrannus, Zillum was a notorious figure in the Trucinex War, the Second Galactic War and most notably the Great Cyrannus War.

Considered to be one of the galaxy's most effective military commanders, Zillum is both respected and feared by his former colleagues in the Empire and indeed, by his contemporaries in other interstellar governments. During his exploits during the many armed conflicts he found himself fighting in, Zillum became an arch-nemesis to the Cretacea Family and is constantly looking out for ways to cause the family pain. Zillum is a multi-faceted individual, despite what his enemies would have you believe. Though he sees himself as being bred for combat and destruction, he is also a being of many entrenched principles and is known to abide by a very strict code of ethics that are known only to him. Zillum currently fights in the New Cyrandia Wars against the Cyrannian Empire. In a homage to his favourite ship of old, Zillum commands the Benevolent II, an upgraded Mortalitas Dreadnought.

Mortalitas Dreadnought


Name: Villios Mervandis

Species: Tiranozark

Gender: Male

Aptitude: Exceptional

Service Record: Commanding Officer of the Colossos (01 NE - )

Villios Mervandis, most known by the moniker "Tyrant" given to him by the various alien civilizations he antagonized, is the current leader of the Tiranozark who currently serves the Cyrannian Imperial State. A figure known for his immense power despite not possessing any supernatural enhancements who leads the Tiranozark's stratocracy with an iron fist, Tyrant has made himself notable across the Cyrannus Galaxy for the great destruction he has caused to many factions through history and for his distaste toward the Capricyránae races, believing them to be obstacles in his people's way. Tyrant shows no regard for the weak, and is more than eager to cull them out of his way rather than give them any chance of survival.

After his departure from the Empire, Tyrant continued commanding the Imperator-class Star Destroyer Colossos.



Name: Chathanglas

Species: Basileus

Gender: Male

Aptitude: Exceptional

Service Record: Commanding Officer of the Martos (04 NE - )

Chathanglas is a male Basileus serving in the fleet of the Cyrannian Imperial State in its ongoing rebellion against the Empire. A former captain in the navies of the New Basileus Empire and the Galactic Empire, Chathanglas was a keen supporter of Imperator Tyranus and his self-proclaimed successor Tyermaillin. Once celebrated for his stunning victory over an Imperial dreadnought in the Abrion system, Chathanglas has since suffered the worst defeat in State history in a battle against the Empire's dreaded flagship, the Imperatore, leaving him as the only survivor. Now, Chathanglas is desperate for revenge.

Chathanglas currently commands the Martos, a Vengeance-class Frigate.



Name: Tironuen

Species: Tiranozark

Gender: Male

Aptitude: High

Service Record: Commanding Officer of the Esseles (04 NE - )

A male Tiranozark, Tironuen is an intensely loyal follower of Master Commandant Tyrant and a fiercely nationalist supporter of the Tiranozark Stratocracy. As such, his level of loyalty to the Imperial State itself is rather low, seeing it as merely a stepping stone to the beginning of Tiranozark-Mortalitas dominance over the Cyrannus Galaxy. Tironuen was a participant of the Battle of Tyranikus, during which he was one of the first to betray the Empire and fight alongside the united armada of Zillum and Tyrant. As a high ranking officer in the State's fleet, Tironuen commands the Esseles, a Centurion-class Star Destroyer.
  • Created and owned by Cyrannian, though OluapPlayer created the Tiranozark.

Intergalactic RelationsEdit


Green faceWe honour our commitments to those who have shown kindness to our cause.


Blue faceWelcome to our space, friends.


Yellow faceSpeak and we will listen.


Orange faceDo nothing to offend us further.


Red faceThe war will end in our favour. There is no room for failure.


They are inconsequential compared to the true menace facing us.

- Tyrómairon

Once again, Cyrannus is plunged into war. The concerns of the people of this Imperial State could have been discussed in diplomatic channels, but noo, violence solves all problems. This path will lead to ruin for all.

- Apollo


- Primercer

Internal strife. Chaos. Optimal environment for total assimilation.

- Neraida Gigamatrix

We have no fondness for them. The empire they create will likely be worse than the unlawful one currently sitting on the throne.

- Taros Cassynder

Enough of the Empire. This will bring my people to true glory.

- Tyrant


- Advisor Anaxarchus

We are no fans of the Galactic Empire, but what these try to do is even worse than them. They must be stopped.

- Troodontid Senator

Well, what an interesting development. The home-galaxy is always churning like water in a storm, isn't it?

- Kradik

Wow. Just wow. I don't even know how you can keep a straight face spewing out this half-rotted corpse you call logic. How can you claim to be better than the empire? You speak of Libertus domination, but what you're doing is nothing more than Basileus, Mortialis, and Cassynder domination. You speak of the empire throwing this galaxy into chaos, and yet you're challenging the most dominant empire in the cluster to war. You realize that you're going to tear the galaxy apart, right? I'm not a fan of the empire, but at least they're genuinely trying to make Cyrannus better. You're just trying to settle some weird grudge.

- Tyton Sialis



  • The name of the Cyrannian Imperial State is derived from Imperial Romulan State, though the fiction itself is not.

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