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This is the beginning of the end for defiance against the Emperor's righteous rule. The end of a galaxy of disorder and chaos! And the birth of a galaxy of Imperial loyalty and resolve! Today will see the death of the detestable rabble of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance!

- Taev Vosaetiur

The Battle of the Hubworld was a battle fought between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the Capricorn Remnant Alliance three years after the end of the New Cyrandia Wars. Led by Grand Admiral Mortalagueis, the Imperial armada completely destroyed the bulk of the Alliance fleet, blockading the planet in preparation for the first true test of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation.

Dramatis personæEdit


A Foolish MandatorEdit

On the bridge of her personal starship, Imperial Intelligence agent Caranye Valaeris sat with her legs crossed as she scanned reports detailing the recent movements of the traitorous Mandator Mich'Lea. The Adelphi politician had been a thorn in the side of the Empire since the early days of the regime, working to aid the rebellious Confederacy of Free Planets during the so-called Outer Rim War. With the New Cyrandia Wars over and the Outer Rim successfully subjugated, the Empire could once again turn its attention to the traitors working to undermine it. Caranye had been tracking Mich'Lea for the better part of two weeks, ascertaining that he had abandoned the Confederacy when it sued for peace with the Empire in 04 NE. It now appeared that he had defected to the much more secretive rebel faction known as the Capricorn Remnant Alliance, which had been birthed from various factions of Capricyránae during the weeks prior to the formation of the Empire, but emerged as a serious threat during its early years.

In the years since their intial campaign against the Empire, the Alliance had seemingly disappeared into the Unknown Regions, utilising the rise of the New Republic to rebuild their tattered forces after a vicious Imperial campaign, or at least so Caranye suspected.

Mich'Lea's movements throughout the outlying systems of the galaxy indicated that the capital of the Remnant Alliance was located deep within the Unknown Regions, far beyond the borders of the Republic or the Empire in the vast swaths of space located between the spawling expanse of the Neraida Gigamatrix and Cognatus space, still mired in seemingly perpetual civil war. After several hours of tracking the Mandator, Caranye suddenly noticed the ship jump to hyperspace toward an unknown vector indicating a destination on the far side of Republic space, just as she predicted. As her X-06i Rapax Phantom transitioned into phase space, she began charting his course, eventually emerging from hyperspace in orbit over a heavily urbanised world.

  • Caranye: "Ahh... the mythical Hubworld of the Alliance. Oh Mich'Lea, you predictable fool."

As she looked out onto the planet in the distance, her sensors detected the bulk of the Alliance's fleet, made up of old Trucinex Basestars, Osteolan cruisers and even Basileus warships from before the rise of the Empire. Despite the might of the force, it was equally clear that it was in serious need of repair and refit. Turning her attention to her console, she sent a priority transmission to Imperial Command, informing them of the location of the old enemy.

The Grand Mandator's CommandEdit

Aboard the experimental Judicator-class Star Battlecruiser Judicator, the recently-promoted Mortalitas Grand Admiral Mortalagueis prepared himself for a transmission sent to him, apparently hailing from one of the Grand Mandators. He was eager to prove his worth by accepting high priority orders, and this appeared to be the perfect opportunity. He accepted the hailing, wondering who exactly was contacting him. The holographic guise of Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius of the Core Worlds appeared, with his hands held behind his back. One of the more militiaristic Mandators in the Empire, Caesarius was a strong proponent of rule through military might, earning him the respect of the majority of the Imperial Navy.

  • Caesarius: "Ah, Grand Admiral. Greetings from capital."
  • Mortalagueis: "Grand Mandator. For what may I owe the pleasure?"

Caesarius smirked as he spoke, his words clearly conveying his excitement.


Vandorallen's shuttle approaches the Judicator.

  • Caesarius: "You are to be granted a great honour, Admiral. As we progress ever forward into this new age of Imperial peace, our enemies have fewer and fewer places to hide. An Imperial Intelligence agent has located the Hubworld of the rebel front known as the Capricorn Remnant Alliance. Perhaps you've heard of them? Rabble, by all accounts. But dangerous rabble nonetheless."
  • Mortalagueis: "Remnant Alliance. A name I have not heard in years. I believe they are some of the more elusive rebels."
  • Caesarius: "Quite so. More political than the damnable Resistance and more sympathetic than the Confederates. I am informed by Lord Venatorius that the Empire has successfully infiltrated their so-called government, though this has evidentially failed to expedite their destruction. Furthermore, I suspect that they are in the process of negotiation to join the Republic in some capacity. I am sure you understand that such a thing is intolerable. Every moment this... "alliance" persists, the Empire is made to appear weak. No more."
  • Mortalagueis: "The Republic is a dead dream whose followers continuously attempt to resurrect. I believe I get where you are going with this. I am to put an end to the Alliance."
  • Caesarius: "Indeed. Though I do not expect you to do so alone, despite your considerable talents. I am assigning the Basilisk, the Chimaera, the Devastator and the Silencer to your fleet. In addition, one of the Emperor's... emissaries has arrived on your vessel. He will assist with the campaign."
  • Mortalagueis: "A sound decision. The dissidents will surrender to the might of the Imperial Navy... or will die wishing they did."

Caesarius saluted by placing his fisted claws to his chest and bowing his head.

  • Caesarius: "Empire eternal."
  • Mortalagueis: "Empire eternal."

The hologram vanished, leaving Mortalagueis alone with his thoughts for several moments before a new arrival arrived, causing some surprise to the Mortalitas.

  • Vandorallen: "Greetings, Grand Admiral. I am Lord Vandorallen, Lord of the Phaedra and Emissary of the Emperor. I am to assist you in the deconstruction of these rebels."
  • Mortalagueis: "I have heard of the Phaedra, but I have never met one. How you got into my ship without any warning surprises me greatly. But I welcome your assistance. I assume the Emperor has a plan for the fall of the rebels?"
  • Vandorallen: "Yes. As the Grand Mandator explained, the Empire infiltrated the government of the Alliance some years ago. What he did not tell you is that I am the infiltrator who did so. I successfully posed as the group's President for quite some time. A distasteful assignment, but necessary. The current leader is a thrall, one whom I can mimic with ease. Together, we shall cause these traitors to crumble."
  • Mortalagueis: "Hm hm. This is going to be an interesting mission."

The Fall of the AllianceEdit

Battle of the HubworldEdit

One by one, the Star Destroyers of the Imperial Navy blasted out of coronaspace into near orbit over the Alliance Hubworld. From the bridge of the Judicator, Grand Admiral Mortalagueis smiled as the power of the Imperials in full force filled the skies over the innocent world, once the last bastion of democracy in the Cyrannus Galaxy. Stepping forward from his command chair, the Grand Admiral addressed the captains of the fleet. In the distance before the Imperial fleet hovered an approaching conglomeration of vessels ranging from Old Republic transports to Basileus and Trucinex destroyers dating back to before the Trucinex War. Mortalaguis smirked as he spoke.

  • Mortalagueis: "Look at this fleet. Outdated. It would fit better in a history museum than in a battlefield. It is like I am looking directly into a long dead era. It is time for these ships to be rend into scrap as they deserve to."

On the bridge of the Star Destroyer Chimaera, Captain Tector Decimius smiled as he templed his clawed fingers, his crimson eyes fixed on the approaching Trucinex Basestar, which judging by its size served as the flagship of the fleet. The wily captain knew immediately what ship it was.


The Imperial fleet gives no quarter to the inferior Alliance vessels.

  • Decimius: "Ah, the Hyperdagger. Flagship of the esteemed General Nakatar. All ships, take note. We want that one disabled, not destroyed. Capturing Nakatar is a priority."

Once the other Imperial Star Destroyers acknowledged the orders from Mortalagueis and Decimius, torrents of green turbolaser energy lanced across the void of space over the planet, impacting violently against the aged hulls of the Alliance vessels. Three Osteolan frigates were destroyed instantly, while a massive Basileus dreadnought was severed in half by one of the Judicators superlaser projectors. As the smaller Alliance ships approached the larger Imperial warships, some daring captains began zig-zagging around the Imperials, using their quick speed to avoid Imperial firepower. On the Harrower-class Star Destroyer Silencer, Captain Nirndal furrowed his brow as a swift Libertus corvette evaded the Star Destroyer's mighty matter cannons, dealing some damage to the ship's shield generator.

  • Nirndal: "Swat down that ship immediately! Use the tractor beam to ensnare our prey."

The corvette was trapped almost as soon as the order escaped Nirndal's lips. Smiling, the Basileus simply made a gesture with his hand. His first officer nodded as a build up of energy began emanating from the prow of the Silencer. A great beam of light emerged from the Star Destroyer, which impacted against the far smaller blockade runner, leaving nothing but particles in its wake.

On the command bridge of the Hyperdagger, General Nakatar struggled to keep the cohesion of the bridge under control.

  • Nakatar: "Commander, signal the Senate! We need to get the President and his cabinet off world immediately! Prep the hyperdrive for immediate departure once they're on board!"
  • First Officer: "It's no use sir! The Imperials have established an interdiction field surrounding the entire system, nothing can escape!"
  • Nakatar: "Ugh, I'll go down to the surface myself. Prepare my shuttle. While I'm gone, identify the source of the interdiction field and terminate it immediately!"

As the Nakatar's shuttle departed the hangar of the Hyperdagger, it struggled to avoid the intense firepower of the Imperial fleet, which was quickly causing the Alliance lines to collapse into ruin. As the ship entered the atmosphere, it approached the Hubworld's primary city, which spawled over most of the continent. Home to over twenty billion inhabitants, the planet was quickly decaying into anarchy as remnants of Alliance vessels began entering the atmosphere, littering the planet with debris. At the centre of the city, the Fernei-Tuu President Rie-Arto, his Saurornithanta Vice President Gorios and several Senators representing factions including the Republic Restoration Alliance, the Basileus Freedom Movement and the Third Tribe, a Osteolan independence organisation. As Nakatar's shuttle touched down, he rushed down the ramp to address the President.

  • Nakatar: "Mister President, the situation is grim. The Empire has placed an interdiction field covering the entire system. Hyperspace travel is impossible."

The President sat on his chair in a rather non-chalant manner, his expression completely unworring despite the state of the planet. He used a claw to clean his teeth as he eyed Nakatar, with such behavior having never been seen coming from him before.

  • Rie-Arto: "Well, okay then. Guess we're done here. Game over. Pack your things."
  • Nakatar: "Mr. President, I must stress the severity of the situation. We need to advice the citizenry to take shelter. The Imperials could bombard this world into dust!"
  • Rie-Arto: "I know the gravity of the situation very well. We lost. Alliance's done for. Call the Empire and tell them we surrender."
  • Gorios: "... President, you have been uncollaborative ever since the Empire was sighted near our borders. You were an excellent leader and all the sudden, you act like nothing is happening!... It's like I'm talking to a child!"
  • Rie-Arto: "I'm just being realistic here. Us? Gonna die, pretty quick. Surrender is the only option."

Nakatar ignited his energy blade and raised it into the air.

  • Nakatar: "I will die before I surrender to these animals!"
  • Rie-Arto: "Well, what are you gonna do about it? Go up to those super-advanced ships and tell them to shoo? Face it, Nakatar. This is the end of our Alliance. If we surrender, the Imperials may spare the civilians and take them under their wing."

Just as Nakatar was about to retort, the distinctive triangular shape of a Star Destroyer cast a dark shadow over the surrounding area. As Nakatar, Rie-Arto and the Senators looked into the sky, it was joined by dozens of other Imperial warships, darkening the sky and eclipsing the sun. Waves of Imperial starfighters zoomed across the sky as the ground began to tremble due to the sheer energy of the descending Star Destroyers. Cries of terror echoed throughout the endless city below as Imperial troopers began landing at multiple points throughout the planet. Growling to himself, Nakatar was caught unaware when his shuttle suddenly exploded. Two Imperial dropships descended onto the landing pad, prompting Nakatar to stand defensively in front of the politicians.

  • Nakatar: "Stand behind me!"
  • Rie-Arto: "Oh boy, here we go."

The CaptureEdit

Just as Nakatar was about to charge forward to meet the Imperial troopers, beams of energy emerged from the dropships, rendering all of the Alliance officials incapable of moving, though their eyes followed the situation. Captain Decimius and Grand Admiral Mortalagueis emerged from the second dropship as the troopers secured the area.

  • Decimius: "We come to it at least, the complete, utter and total destruction of the Alliance."
  • Mortalagueis: "What a laughably easy battle. I almost feel insulted."

Nakatar attempted to speak, but found himself unable to do so. Decimius scrutinised him closely.

  • Decimius: "Ah, General Nakatar, is it? You're coming along with us. Excellent work, Lord Vandorallen."

Decimius moved away from Nakatar, and as the General watched, approached the President with unusual deference. To Nakatar's surprise and horror, the President's form shifted before his very eyes, changing from the Fernei-Tuu he knew to that of a robed Libertus. It was quite clear however, that this was not a Libertus who espoused the qualities of peace and democracy his kind was so known for, but rather one of darkness.

  • Vandorallen: "Thank you, Captain. Such a distasteful mission."

He nodded toward the Grand Admiral as he circled Nakatar and the Senators like a marine predator.

  • Vandorallen: "So weak. So gullible. Only now, at the end, do you understand."
  • Mortalagueis: "Such is the fate of rebellion. The Empire has eyes everywhere."

Vandorallen let out a mirthless laugh. He indicated to Decimius and the troopers while pointing to the General.

  • Vandorallen: "Take this one to the Battlestation."
  • Decimius: "And the others, my lord?"

Though immobile, Nakatar could see the terror in the eyes of the Vice President and the assembled senators.

  • Vandorallen: "Execute them. Immediately."

As Vandorallen, Mortalagueis and their escort brought Nakatar with them to the shuttle, Decimius turned and nodded toward a firing squad. As the doors of the dropship closed, Nakatar could hear the distinctive sound of six blaster shots and the gentle thud of bodies falling to the ground.

His eyes full of fury, he glared at Lord Vandorallen. The Phaedric Lord had narrowed eyes, but remained emotionless.

  • Vandorallen: "You do not know what it takes to win a war..."

Sounds of turbolaser fire filled Nakatar's ears, followed by crumbling buildings and screaming civilians.

  • Vandorallen: "... but I do."

The InterrogationEdit

The Judicator dropped out of coronaspace in the distant Nandóband Sector of the Outer Rim, where the distinctive silhouette of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation lay before them, hanging ominously in deep space. The massive Star Destroyer docked in the cavernous hangar bay of the Station, where Grand Admiral Mortalagueis and Lord Vandorallen led the captured Nakatar toward the detention block. When they arrived, both Mortalagueis and Vandorallen abandoned the captured general in an empty cell, where he was attached to an upright interrogation table, where he waited completely motionless for whatever came next. Two new figures entered the shadowy cell three hours later. A Libertus and what was clearly an Imperial droid designed for torture.

  • Taev Vosaetiur: "General Nakatar, is it? Now we will discover the links your... organisation has, or rather had, with the New Republic."

The machine was hovering off the ground and approached the captured General, who deigned not to give the Grand Mandator the satisfaction of a scream. Such a task was rendered impossible however, as bolts of lightning emerged from the droid, dispensing enough pain to bring him to the brink of unconsciousness.

  • Taev Vosaetiur: "This brings me no pleasure, rebel. Even with your history of dissent, I can end it with a single gesture. Yes, I know of your role in the attempt on our dear friend Guolivian's life. Simply tell me of your connection with the Republic and the pain will go away."

Through his screams of agony, Nakatar managed to respond.

  • Nakatar: "Go... frak yourself!"

The Grand Mandator smirked.

  • Taev Vosaetiur: "Charming. Though perhaps you will respond to an alternate means of persuasion."

He indicated to the door, which promptly opened, revealing an armoured Basileus. The energy released from the torture droid stopped as the Basileus approached. Familarity exuded from the figure, but Nakatar dismissed it. It was impossible. He died.

  • Vandalion: "I take it nothing has been gleaned?"
  • Taev Vosaetiur: "Evidently not, which is why you have been called, Inquisitor."

Vandalion regarded Nakatar closely as he moved forward. He glanced at the torture device.

  • Vandalion: "Such a crude method. And yet..."

He raised his hand as if to touch Nakatar's face, but it remained in the air as he spoke.

  • Vandalion: "Pain can break anyone."

Nakatar began to struggle in his place as Vandalion began probing his mind. His voice was as soft as velvet and yet icy cold.

  • Vandalion: "You will tell me... everything."

The pain continued to increase exponentially as the Imperious Lord spoke. Nakatar began writhing in pain. Smiling, Vosaetiur began stroking his chin.

  • Vandalion: "Everything I want to know."
  • Nakatar: "I... will... tell... you... nothing!"

Vandalion lowered his hand, though did not appear frustrated. He turned his head to the Grand Mandator.

  • Vandalion: "What a pity. Grand Mandator, perhaps it is time for the test you've been longing for. Ensure that the viewscreen in this cell is activated."

Vandalion turned to Nakatar and pointed an accusatory finger.

  • Vandalion: "You are to blame for what is to come. The entire galaxy will see the price of your defiance."

Vandalion and Vosaetiur left the cell, leaving Nakatar to ponder what was to come. What horror did he unleash?

The Killer of StarsEdit


The phantom dark energy beam hits the Hubworld.

Taev Vosaetiur stood before a gathered assembly of the station's personnel, glorying in the moment.

  • Taev Vosaetiur: "This is the beginning of the end for defiance against the Emperor's righteous rule. The end of a galaxy of disorder and chaos! And the birth of a galaxy of Imperial loyalty and resolve! Today will see the death of the detestable rabble of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance!"

His hand swept sharply downward for emphasis.

  • Taev Vosaetiur: "After today, let no one deny our power! Let no one deny our strength! Let no one deny our destiny to rule! Nothing will stand in our way, not this patchwork of rebels nor the dithering Republic and its pathetic allies!"

He raised his hand to his chest.

  • Taev Vosaetiur: "Empire eternal!"

He turned to the crew assembled behind him.

  • Taev Vosaetiur: "You may fire when ready."

After several moments of utter silence, an impossibly massive beam of energy erupted from the primary weapon system of the Battlestation. At an incredibly powerful and exponentially increasing velocity, the concentrated blast of phantom dark energy created a minature version of the Big Rip through hyperspace, destined to travel a seemingly endless distance across the Gigaquadrant unless it reached an object of sufficient mass.

On the Hubworld, the surviving Senators had gathered in the ruined chambers, discussing the reason why the Imperials had abandoned the system as quickly as they arrived. It was apparent that the Imperials had avoided civilan casualties, instead destroying means of transportation off world now that the interdiction field was deactivated. The Libertus Senator Jara, once a representative from the United Republic of Cyrannus to the Cyrandia Alliance attempted to calm the nerves of her colleagues.

  • Jara: "Fear not my friends. The Empire has done this before with Apollo's Republic Remnant. I assure you, we'll be fine. I expect they'll return before long to transport us to Orbispira for trial. The Alliance may be over, but its spirit will neve-"

A brilliant red light suddenly illuminated the room. As Jara and her colleagues rushed to the windows to discover the source, the phantom energy beam impacted against the Hubworld. The planet was incinerated instantly, killing the senators and every single living thing. The beam ignited the planet's core with such intensity that the entire system was engulfed in a vast supernova. Nothing was left.

In the Battlestation, Nakatar watched with horror as ten billion of his people died in an instant.

  • Nakatar: "... What have I done..."



Senator Sola Naberraé sat in her office on Mou'Cyran, looking over reports of the events in the Hubworld system with horror. She knew that her husband would be deeply concerned about the power unleashed across the galaxy, causing a supernova unlike any other in the galaxy's known history. With she had no lack of faith in the Republic military, she knew that an open strike against the Empire for this blatant crime against galactic law was impossible and would simply lead to more suffering. Thankfully however, she had alternate contacts in the galaxy. Interacting with a display unit on her desk, Naberrie contacted a hooded holographic figure, which nodded out of respect for the esteemed senator.

  • Sesoka: "Senator Naberrie, it is an honour."
  • Senator Naberrie: "Likewise, General. How fares the Resistance?"

Sesoka sighed deeply.

  • Sesoka: "We remain in the shadows, my lady. There has been very little opportunity to strike against the Imperials."

Naberrie lowered her voice conspiratorially.

  • Naberrie: "The Hubworld of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance was recently destroyed by a new Imperial hyperweapon. Nothing remains in that system but ash."

Sesoka growled.

  • Sesoka: "Those beasts! The Republic Senate must do something about this! The Empire cannot be allowed to have control over such a weapon!"

Naberrie attempted to calm the general down.

  • Naberrie: "The Republic is not prepared for war. We would lose. Quadrillions would die. Is that what you want Sesoka?"
  • Sesoka: "Of course not, Senator. But the time for politics and discussion is clearly over. Why did you contact me in the first place?"
  • Naberrie: "The Republic may not be in a position to oppose the Empire. Yet. But the Resistance can. I will forward you information received by Republic Intelligence about this Battlestation. It must be destroyed."
  • Sesoka: "On that, Senator, we are in agreement."


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