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Tales of the Cold War: Ancaoilion Edit

Ancaoilion, Cyrannian Inner Rim

Tales of the Cold War I - Ancaoilion01

The Star Destroyer Vehement patrols the skies over Ancaoilion.

Senator Guolivian's shuttle descended through the white clouds of Ancaoilion's atmosphere toward the capital city, perched atop a mesa near the centre of the planet's sole continent. The Basileus senator was not a native of Ancaoilion, though had grown to regard the world as his home, certainty moreso than oppressive Vasuband. As he turned his gaze out of the shuttle's cockpit, he noticed the presence of an Imperial Star Destroyer looming large over his manor in the centre of the city, prompting him to roll his eyes in irritation.

  • Guolivian: "Ugh, is that really necessary?"

One of the shuttle's pilots, a holographic Cavaneu turned his head toward Guolivian.

  • Pilot: "Excuse me, Senator?"
  • Guolivian: "Nevermind. Inform my staff that we'll be joined by Senators Paxius and Donaró. Tell them to make preperations for dinner."

As the shuttle continued to descend toward Guolivian's private hanger, in the cabin, Senator Donaró of Acrocanthaí noticed a massive skeleton in the plains below the mesa.

  • Donaró: "By the gods, what in the stars could have left such a skeleton?"

Guolivian emerged from the cockpit with a smile.

  • Guolivian: "Ah yes, that, my dear Senator, would be the remains of a Ryderallo monster. One of the less hospitable natives, as I'm sure you can recall."

Donaró, who had been a senator during the Great Cyrannus War, well remembered the rampage of a Ryderallo through the streets of Orbispira and shuddered to think he was about to land on the same world inhabited by hundreds of the infernal beasts. Guolivian smirked at Donaró's expression, assuring him that the settlements of Ancaoilion were well protected against any curious Ryderallos. After a few minutes, the shuttle finally touched down in Guolivian's hanger, where the senators disembarked and made their way to Guolivian's manor near the centre of the city. When they arrived, Guolivian ushered the visiting senators toward the main dining room, which was being served by an army of droids, decking out the crimson table with a wide array of food and drink, most of which chosen to represent the union of Osteolan, Libertan and Basileusi tastes. Everything was arrayed precisely to Guolivian's specifications, or at least, everything but the Star Destroyer Vehement hovering in the distance beyond the opulent windows.

Guolivian took a seat and beckoned Paxius and Donaró to join him at the table. The Basileus steepled his talon-like fingers and smiled.

  • Guolivian: "I'd like to remind you both that this meeting is informal."

He leaned forward conspiratorially, disregarding the droid pouring Ancaoilion's finest wine into Paxius' glass.

  • Guolivian: "Off the record, if you catch my meaning."

His voice was even, his eyes darting to his colleagues, studying their reactions as he spoke.

  • Guolivian: "The integrity of the Imperial Senate is of the utmost importance and these latest... reforms, introduced by Grand Mandator Captain:Taev Vosaetiur, well, they go against the aspirations and traditions that the Senate should aspire to uphold. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter."

Paxius, the representative of the Core World of Alsakatiir, raised his brow—surprised by Guolivian's candor. During the New Cyrandia Wars, Paxius had gained a reputation as one of the Senate's most militaristic members, supportive wholeheartedly of the Imperial military and its expansion into the Outer Rim. However, Guolivion was well aware of his staunch traditionalism and support of the constitutional monarchy enshrined in the Empire's founding document.

  • Paxius: "I-I respect your candor, Senator Guolivian, the Imperial Senate is the sole inheritor of the original republic of Orbispira, without which we would have no galactic government to serve today. However, surely you do realise how reckless it is to challenge Vosaetiur?"

Before Guolivian could respond, Donaró scoffed dismissively. The Osteola was politically astute, though it was a poorly kept secret on Orbispira that his attitude toward the New Republic bordered on treason. Nevertheless, as a senior member of the Senate representing the influential Core World of Acrocanthaí, he was permitted to be outspoken.

  • Donaró: "A would-be dictator, Senator Paxius. Lest we forget, the one responsible for the destruction of the Alliance Hubworld. Billions slaughtered in the blink of an eye."

He took a sip of his wine, his eyes filled with sadness though his voice bitter and sardonic.

  • Donaró: "What a glorious Empire we inhabit."

Guolivian sat back in his chair, listening to the back and forth between Paxius and Donaró. Guolivian was well aware of the rivalry between them, reflective of the neighbourly tensions between Acrocanthaí and Alsakatiir. Indeed, both worlds were located along the transgalactic Perliama Run, and were often competitors in bringing trade from across the Gigaquadrant. Guolivian cleared his throat, bringing a cease-fire to the argument.

  • Guolivian: "I believe it is important to temper our disagreements. We are, after all, amongst friends here. Senator Paxius, you believe that Senate should retain as much power within the Empire as possible. As do I, and the same is true I expect, from our Acrocanthaían colleague, no?"
Tales of the Cold War I - Ancaoilion02

Guolivian, Paxius and Donaró meet on Ancaoilion.

Donaró nodded begrudgingly. Guolivian smiled in response, before continuing calmly, fully aware of the weight of his words.

  • Guolivian: "Good. I'm building a coalition within the Senate to combat the push for autocracy and perhaps more importantly, the push for a calamitous galactic war with the potential to ruin every world in this Cluster."

Donaró clearly liked what he heard, though Paxius narrowed his eyes.

  • Paxius: "Careful, senator. I respect you, but be careful. Magalen and Mirea attempted to form a coalition within the Senate, and look what happened to them! I am sure once the Emperor's attention returns to the administration of his Empire, he will have little time for Vosaetiur and his ilk."
  • Donaró: "You would remain in a bloc content to watch democracy thrown out the window? Such cowardice has no place in the Empire of Tyrómairon!"
  • Paxius: "Such words are beneath you, Senator. I support Senator Guolivian's movement, I simply consider the severe repercuassions should it be discovered!"

Guolivian raised his hands.

  • Guolivian: "Temper, temper, Senators. Old habits die hard, after all. I do not expect you both to take action as members of a Senate famed for inaction. No, I expect you both to argue."

Paxius and Donaró stared at Guolivian, who smiled as he sipped his wine.

  • Guolivian: "But, I expect you both to compromise. My friends, my friends, we stand ready to change the face of the Empire for the better, to herald an era of renewed galactic concordance with the Republic and end the tension which cripples our galaxy. Now,"

He held up a bottle of vintage wine.

  • Guolivian: "I notice your glasses are empty, care for another sip?"

Tales of the Cold War: Praesatorial Election in Elen'NanethiaEdit

By RHARON MARRIEOS for the Republic City Times


Adelheidis reacts to projections of her victory in the 13 NE Praesatorial Election.

APATALOREAdelheidis defeated Praesator Nonameá on Ithilay, reclaiming her former office as praesator of Republica Elen'Nanethia. Adelheidis, 43, who served a single term as Senator of Pheobao, won by a narrow margin, defeating the incumbant on a Centrist platform of anti-Imperial populism.

Vos. Nonameá became the latest Reformist praesator to lose his post amid the astropolitical upheaval caused by the emergence of the Eastern Borderland Alliance and worsening tension with the Empire throughout the Gigaquadrant. Indeed, the vote has been considered a rejection of the Reformist politics once championed by Elen'Nanethia's own President Apaltar, a noted critic of Vi. Adelheidis.

Calling her victory "a triumph for us all", Vi. Adelheidis pronounced that under her leadership, "Elen'Nanethia will prosper as a beacon of strength and solidarity to the New Republic". Nevertheless, her victory came as a surprise to Mou'Cyran, with polls showing the former Senator with a sixty eight percent disapproval rating amongst likely voters. Federalist Senator Ramdard Ramthrace of New Capricaerón nonetheless urged Adelheidis' detractors to accept the result of the election, citing her victory margin of 2.3 percent, though warned that "Vi. Adelheidis has a proven history of corruption and represents in many respects, the worse excesses of greed and opportunism in the democratic process".

Protests against Vi. Adelheidis' victory were held today in Apaltar Square on Apatalore, where she will be inaugurated later this month. Eliar Rowna, 210, an Adelphi civil servant, stopped his jog to participate, telling the Republic City Times that "I'm amazed how quickly people forget. This is the woman who subverted our democracy during the Dark Times and now she's back. People really are stupid. This is precisely why I prefer Dvotties."

Natanaye, a 56-year old Libertus HoloDomain interviewer, agreed that Vi. Adelheidis will lead the state in the wrong direction. "I would like to believe that the Centrists could single-handedly destroy the Empire using nothing but Nexarón Valkistair's voice, but unfortunately, it's never going to happen", she said. "They appeal to the lowest common denominator and manipulate them to gain power. Adelheidis is no different, and maybe even worse."

Nevertheless, Vos. Nonameá was graceful in defeat. "I congratulate her on her victory and look forward to working with her in the years to come", he said during an appearance before supporters on his native Ryn Entheas. "We may have our disagreements, but we all need to come together for the greater good of the Republic and Elen'Nanethia".

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Tales of the Cold War: Trouble for the Pathfinder ProjectEdit

Captain James Rambo of the Rambo Nation starship, the USS Enterprise-A sat in his command chair. He was pleased that his new assignment led him to the Cyrannus Galaxy, he was glad to be away from the Quadrant Galaxies at the moment. A chance to explore another galaxy is something of a great honor to do for your Nation. He was interrupted by Tash Hannity who informed him of some strange readings.

  • James: "What kind of readings?"

Tash simply shrugged her shoulders and looked at Jolene Adams, who informed the crew she hadn't encountered anything similar. James smiled and rose from his chair. Placing a hand at the shoulder of his helm officer, ensign Idris Changecloak, he ordered to Enterprise to change course and head to those unfamiliar readings.

  • Jolene Adams: "Should I inform the Pathfinder Fleet we are abandoning pre-set course sir?"

James looked surprised, it seemed his first officer was growing more and more in her role as she dared to suggest something without his order.

  • James: "No need to inform the fleet, we shall do it when we encounter something of interest, shall we lieutenant Adams?"

Jolene nodded and remained seated behind her science console. Within half an hour the Enterprise arrived at the coordinates and dropped out of warp.

  • James: "Ensign Changecloack, slow down to half impulse power and start scanning the surrounding lieutenant Adams."
  • 'Jolene: "Scanning area now sir, viewscreen coming up in a second!"

Before them lay a vast construct, stretching across space as far as the eye could see. According to the long-range scanners of the Enterprise, the structure was a sphere, far larger than any planet, with a diameter as large as a planet's orbit around a star.

  • James: "What in blazes is that!"
  • Jolone:"I guess we would identify this as a dyson sphere sir. No dangers detected, I recommend to keep a safe distance, though a shuttle could explore the surface or inside."

James smiled at the adventurous comment and agreed with her. 15 minutes later one of the shuttles left the shuttlebay and headed towards the sphere. Like the sphere discovered by Captain Helo Roslia during the Neraida War, this sphere had a massive gateway within which the shuttle entered to access the interior of the sphere. Within, they found that the sphere was hollow, with vast continents and oceans stretching across the interior surface. Those inside the shuttle were amazed by the view, they were present at the report by Helo but this was unexpected. The sight was truly breath taking. Suddenly the shuttle rocked and James looked annoyed at Jolene and Walter.

  • Jolone: "No idea sir, perhaps a gust of wind?"

Sadly for them, it was no gust of wind as the shuttle was rocketed a second time, this time by an explosion that send the shuttle into a spiral downwards. A voice sounded over the intercom on the shuttle.

  • ???: "You have entered the sovereign territory of the Ecclessoth Convocation. Begone!"
  • James: "Who are you? How dare you to fire on a Rambo starship. "
  • ???: "This is our space, alien. You have no rights here!"

The Enterprise faces a new threat in the Unknown Regions.

The Ecclessoth vessel fired a shot across the bow of the shuttle as it descended. James took the helm and tried to steer the shuttle clear, turning and boosting it engines and thrusters the shuttle gained a normal altituted and began evasing manouvers. Jolene fired phasers back but to no avail, the shields of the aggressor didn't even reduce a drop. Suddenly, the shuttle dematerialised and appeared within the alien vessel. Before the passengers could react, they were surrounded by reptilian beings armed with weapons pointed directly at their heads. The largest and bulkiest of the Ecclessoth stood forward.

  • Drak Silurassic: "I am the Kratorn, Drak Silurassic. You have the gall to violate our sphere, mammals? Who is your commander?"
  • James Rambo: "I am captain James Rambo of the Rambo Nation star ship USS Enterprise-A. We were unaware we violated any territory. We are explorers and not of here. I hope you can forgive our ignorance of this sectors borders. A pleasure to meet you Drak Slurassic."

James made a little bow with it, as did the rest of his crew. Silurassic rejected the bow.

  • Drak Silurassic: "You have stumbled across one of our most vital installations, constructed by our ancestors to guard us against invading mammals. You and your crew will be sent to a penal colony. There, you will live out the rest of your days."

Turning to one of his soldiers, Silurassic ordered them in the Ecclessoth tongue to disarm the mammals. James stepped forward to object but was hit by one of the guards in the neck and fell to the ground, numb. Meanwhile outside, the commanding officer in charge, Commander Doohan saw the drop in vital sign and issued a red alert.

  • Doohan: "Ensign Hannity, alert the fleet at once of our position!"

While Hannity send the transmission the Enterprise was suddenly hit.

  • Doohan: "All hands, red alert! Raise the shields and charge weapons."

The crew of the Enterprise moved and the ship was on the ready as a large Ecclessoth vessel appeared out of nowhere.

  • Doohan: "By the Gods!"

Drak Silurassic's face appeared on the viewscreen.

  • Drak Silurassic: "You are now prisoners of the Ecclessoth Convocation. Do not attempt any further aggressive action or you will be destroyed. I do not wish to do so, but I will not hesitate if you defy our will!"

The Enterprise didn't respond and tried to escape by using evasive maneuvers. However, the Ecclessoth vessel had managed to capture it in a tractor beam. Thinking quickly, Doohan sent out a distress beacon in the hopes that the other vessels in the fleet could quickly respond to the new threat. Before soon systems shut down and the Enterprise was transported into the Ecclessoth ship itself, with guards beaming onboard. To their horror, their hand phaser weapons didn't work and the crew was taken captive.

Tales of the Cold War: The Talven EmpireEdit

Ortus, Constantipolos Sector, Mid Rim

The sun has barely reached the top of Hibernia's skyline as Balbus Marinus made his way to the primary landing pad of the city's central complex. Ortus's capital city had only recently been founded, following the treaty that had marked the begging of a thriving relationship between the Talven Empire and the New Cyrannian Republic. This was to be the first major meeting held on Ortus, and the High Councilor was very aware of the irony. He had barely left the building as a shuttle came into view, gliding over the cityscape before landing a few meters in front of him.

The shuttle's door slid open, revealing a ramp upon which Imperial Senator Guolivian of Ancaoilion strode down, flanked by a trio of his personal guard. Garbed in Basileus finery, Guolivian nodded his head to his guard to remain with the ship, before bowing his head courteously upon approaching Balbus Marinus.

  • Guolivian: "Greetings, High Councilor. Thank you for agreeing to meet."
  • Marinus: "It is an honour."

He returned the bow, maintaining full eye contact.

Tales of the Cold War IV - BalbusMeeting

Senator Guolivian meets with Balbus Marinus to discuss the collapse of Cyrannian concordance.

  • Marinus: "The meeting room is this way."
  • Guolivian: "Lead on, High Councilor."

Marinus turned back to the complex, leading the Imperial Senator to a small room overlooking the city. Sitting at an elliptic table in the centre of the room, he signalled for his guards to leave.

  • Marinus: "So, Senator, what brings you to Ortus?"
  • Guolivian: "As you are no doubt aware, High Councilor, the galactic concordance between the Republic and the Empire is being torn apart of late. To many, war is inevitable. I understand that we share a commitment to ensure such a dark day never dawns upon the Gigaquadrant."
  • Marinus: "Indeed. It brings me great sorrow to see these events unfolding. I am glad that you are willing to see a different path."

As Guolivian sat at the table, he interlocked his talons.

  • Guolivian: "I am not blind to the corruptions within the Empire, as some of my colleagues have become. Indeed, I am fully aware of our part in causing such tensions. Nevertheless, I have assembled a group of like-minded Imperial senators seeking to nuild upon what we call Cyrannian Concordance—a lasting peace for the galaxy."
  • Marinus: "How do you intend to do this?"

Guolivian scratched his chin.

  • Guolivian: "I was hoping that you may have some ideas in that regard."

Marinus paused for a moment.

  • Marinus: "I can certainly put pressure on the New Republic, though the Talva have less influence over your Empire. I may be able to persuade other nations to impose economic sanctions on any side that pursues war with the other, though I can't go much further than that without increasing tension myself."
  • Guolivian: "I understand completely, my friend. I would imagine your support in this regard would go a long way in our pursuit for peace."
  • Marinus: "Perhaps relations could be repaired through collaboration? We already participate in negotiations between the Republic and the Empire. With your help, I may be able to persuade the two powers to work together."
  • Guolivian: "You have it. In any case, I still have contacts in both the Republic and Rambo Nation who may be amenable to our cause. Perhaps our shared galactic culture may prove to be the key to our salvation."

The High councilor smiled, straightening a little.

  • Marinus: "That is certainly a great strength of the peoples of Cyrannus. Indeed, it may be an excellent starting point for collaboration. A celebration of your cultures and achievements would remind the galaxy of the deep bonds that hold it together."
  • Guolivian: "Perhaps a cultural event of some sort? Held on a neutral planet."
  • Marinus: "I would gladly host such an event on Votum."
  • Guolivian: "Hm, now that is an intriguing thought. It would appear, High Councilor, that you were wise in pursuing a beneficial relationship with both the Republic and the Empire."
  • Marinus: "It is unfortunate that so many other nations are unwilling to do so."

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Tales of the Cold War: ChimaeraEdit

Chimaera, Imperator-class Star Destroyer, Mantillian Sector

"Captain Medé?" a voice called out over the secondary crew pit on the bridge of the Star Destroyer Chimaera.

Henera Medé ignored the shout. A science officer, whose console the captain was looking over, glanced up at her questioningly.

"I heard him, Subcommander." Medé said.

"Captain Medé?" the voice repeated. Medé waited for the approaching footsteps to reach a suitable distance before straightening herself and turning with a glower. The young Thanatyrannus officer halted, silence filling the air for several moments.

"S-sir, Grand Admir-" He looked into the captain's eyes and gulped.

Captain Medé's voice was icy cold, but calm. "On my bridge, Lieutenant, we do not—I repeat, do not—shout information at the intended recipient, particularly when said recipient is the commanding officer. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir." the Thanatyrannus said, with a short nod.

"Splendid," Medé said, holding her gaze in his eyes for a few more seconds. "Report."

"Yes, sir. We're arrived at the coordinates that the Grand Admiral provided. He is waiting in his ready room."

"Very good," Medé said with a nod. "Inform him that I'm on my way."

The Chimaera was once captained by Tector Decimius during a variety of campaigns dating back to what the New Republic erroneously referred to as the Dark Times, orchestrating Imperial victories throughout Mirus and the Quadrants. Now, the Chimaera served under her own command, though at the pleasure of the newly promoted "Grand Admiral" Decimius, who retained an office a level above the combat bridge. In Medé's eyes, Decimius was the Empire's most brilliant tactician and quite possibly, the greatest military mind in Cyrannus.

She smiled as she looked around her bridge. The self-proclaimed New Galactic Republic, in its own arrogance, would soon discover the true depths of their hubris. With a smile, she turned on her heels toward the turbolift, confident that she would be there to see it.

When she arrived, the door to the office slid open, revealing a dimly lit room. Straightening her tunic, she stepped into the room, where Decimius sat at his desk motionlessly.

"Ah, enter, Captain." Decimius said, in his usual carefully modulated tone. His eyes, two crimson slits, peered into Medé's, who held his gaze—feeling a bit of pride at the achievement. She cleared her throat. "You asked to see me, sir?"

"Yes," Decimius said. "I trust we have arrived at the coordinates that I provided?"

"Yes, Grand Admiral," Medé said. "Though I admit, I have no idea where we are."

"Alas, a necessary precaution in these uncertain times." Decimius said evenly. Interacting with a console at his desk, holographic maps appeared of the Imperial-Republic Neutral Zone and the surrounding sectors.

"The Mantillian Sector." Decimius gestured to an inner display, indicating the Chimaera's current position. "Otherwise known as the "Mantillian Worlds", first charted circa 1200 to 1330, pre-Empire. Members of the New Republic, all."

"We're in New Republic space?" Medé asked, a sudden tone of concern in her voice.

"Yes," Decimius replied calmly. "I suspect that they have already detected our presence."

"Red alert, sir?" Medé asked.

"I think not, my dear Henera. We should still have a minute or two."

"But sir, sur-" Medé began, before being interrupted by Decimius' raised hand.

"Ordinarily, you have a grand gift for silence, Captain Medé. It makes you quite invaluable as a subordinate." Decimius said, his voice abruptly cold. Medé watched his face as the Admiral mouthed a countdown. When it reached zero, alert lights began flashing in the ready room, while the distant sound of klaxons could be heard.

"The Mantillians are nothing if not predictable." Decimius commented, as the voice of the Thanatyrannus lieutenant called out over the intercom. "Three Republic starships on an intercept course!"

Decimius pressed a button on the arm rest of his desk. "Report, Lieutenant. Calmly, if you please."

The Lieutenant audibly gulped over the com, before continuing. "Two Arquitens-class frigates and one Ares-class support ship, Grand Admiral."

Decimius touched a switch on his command chair, revealing a holographic tactical display, with flashing lights indicating the location of the Chimaera and the approaching Republic vessels. The Grand Admiral ordered a squadron of drones to intercept the enemy vessels, though at the last moment, pulled them back to the flagship.

"Excellent. Pull them out of the enemy's approach vestor and position them behind the Chimaera."

The lieutenant complied, with Medé watching the blue lights of the drones pull away from the enemy red lights and toward the Chimaera's position on the display screen. Decimius turned to her, his hands steepled. "Yaw rotation, superstructure pointed in the Mantillian's vector and engage short-range hyperjump."

Medé nodded her head, beginning to understand the unfolding tactic in Decimius' mind. Undetected by the Republic vessels, which Decimius correctly deduced were captained by Mantillian commanders, the Chimaera disappeared into hyperspace, leaving behind a hyperspatial shadow, which—to Republic sensors—would appear identical to an actual Star Destroyer until a visual was established. As Decimius predicted, the Mantillians continued on their approach vector. With a sinister smile on his face, he waited for the proper moment.

"Sir, surely the Republic isn't going to fall for such an old tactic?" Medé commented, a pursed expression on her face.

"On the contrary, my dear Captain Medé, they'll be utterly destroyed by it." Decimius corrected, his eyes still fixed on the display screen. A moment later, the lead Mantillian vessel, the Ares-class, came into visual range of the Chimaera's hyperspatial shadow.

Decimius pressed the switch on his chair. "Bridge, drop us out of hyperspace aft of the enemy vessels. Full power to the turbolasers."

Within half an hour, the cannons of the Chimaera went silent and the Star Destroyer departed toward Imperial space. In the wake of the mighty craft, sprawled the debris of a Republic task force. Two hours later, the Republic Star Destroyer Si-Ri-Mo arrived to investigate, though ultimately found no evidence that the Imperials were involved in the destruction of the task force. On Mou'Cyran however, President Nexarón Valkistair scratched his chin as he overlooked the capital city below. In his heart, he feared for the future—fears which the subsequent weeks would no doubt validate.


  • Tales of the Cold War are a group of short stories, detailing major events in Cyrannus beyond the central struggles of the Cold War.

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