I have seen eons pass before me, and all I saw before me was war. I have seen stars dim and worlds turn into molten rock, galaxies themselves collapse and the laws of spacetime bent and twisted at one's behest. Countless enemies have I faced and countless enemies have I vanquished with my weapons, my warriors, my starships. They are but dust now - their names forgotten to all by myself. Others among our kind would say that they were like insects before us, that they were weak and of no use to our magnanimous fraternity of species. They are wrong. It was only through wars against them that I learned the greatest truth of warfare — the one that eludes even the keenest thinkers among us. The truth is that not all wars are fought with weapons. In fact, it is the enemy that wages war without them that is the most dangerous. We will always win in a war of arms - but the war of ideas is infinitely more dangerous and infinitely more elusive. Whose word wins — it will be them that rules the galaxy.

- Tyrómairon during the Apotheosis Era

The Cold War, referred to as the Cyrannian Cold War to those in the Outer Gigaquadrant, was a period in Cyrannian history characterised by enormous tension between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Cyrannian Republic, both vying for ultimate control over the galaxy. Historians in Cyrannus would regard the Cold War — commonly believed to have begun as a result of the breakdown of relations between the Empire and Republic in mid-06 NE — as a watershed in the history of a galaxy divided by democracy and tyranny, directly leading to the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, the largest conflict in galactic history.

Though the Republic and the Empire cooperated during the downfall of the Cyrannian Imperial State, the aftermath of the New Cyrandia Wars did not bring about the era of peace and partnership which many had hoped for. Without a common enemy to unite their interests, the Republic and the Empire's relationship deteriorated rapidly. In the years following the end of the New Cyrandia Wars, the two fundamentally opposed superpowers of Cyrannus prepare for the day many considered inevitable, when neutrality in the galaxy was no longer an option, and the future decided.

This dark reality dawned on the Gigaquadrant in 15 NE, when the Empire utilised the destructive power of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation hyperweapon to destroy the Republic capital Mou'Cyran, in a preemptive strike aimed at destroying the Republic leadership in one fell swoop. The attack, dubbed the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, exceeded beyond the Emperor's expectations, utterly destroying both the legislative and executive branches of the Republic government, leaving the remnants of the Republic—though bolstered by almost the entirety of the Gigaquadrant—at the mercy of an empowered Empire. Thus, the Second Great War began, spreading across the Gigaquadrant like wildfire.


We should not resort to the tactics of the Empire to defeat them. We will prevail in the conflict to come by sticking to our ideals

- Republic Captain Nerazachi in the aftermath of the Borealis Rebellion.

The establishment of the New Cyrannian Republic on 19 Novemex, 03 NE came as a surprise to the majority of the galactic community, which had endured three years of undisputed Imperial political hegemony over much of the Cyrandia Cluster. Both governments signed the Treaty of Concordia later that week, which mandated the establishment of a demilitarised Neutral Zone between the two powers, which was expected to prevent armed conflict from breaking out over border tensions.

The Allecto clashes with the Crusader during the Borealis Rebellion, during which Imperial and Republic forces fought for the first time, albeit unofficially.
32 Novemex, 05 NE

The subsequent years saw the waning of Imperial supremacy in Cyrannus through a combination of factors, not least of which included the skyrocketing influence of the Republic throughout the Gigaquadrant. This decline in influence was accelerated by the New Cyrandia Wars, though the conflict would see the Republic and the Empire cooperate in the face of a common enemy. Nevertheless, this cooperation did not equate to esteem. Both the Republic and the Empire actively worked to undermine the other's influence, both in Cyrannus and the Outer Gigaquadrant, with the New Republic proving to be the surprising victor in this game of intergalactic chess, undermining Imperial space in Borealis and successfully influencing many extragalactic empires to declare their support for the rightful democratic galactic government.

During the final battle of the New Cyrandia Wars, the Siege of Vasuband, the Republic, Rambo Nation and the Empire prevailed against the Cyrannian Imperial State, though jubilations were short-lived. Though many Imperial and Republic diplomats who had formed good working relationships throughout the conflict attempted to maintain good relations between the two superpowers, the Conference of Daeohre'eri in Martex 06 NE plunged relations between the two powers to the breaking point. The Cold War had begun.


The Cold War is considered by most to have begun during the Daeohre'eri Conference in Martex, 06 NE.
11 Iunius, 06 NE.

Beginnings of the Cold War (06 NE - 07 NE)[]

Conference of Daeohre'eri, Iunius, 06 NE

In Iunius 06 NE, the New Republic and the Empire organised a conference on the Republic world of Daeohre'eri in order to discuss the development of the post-Cyrandia Wars galaxy. Republic Senators Rodyctor of Lacerta and Theodynak of the Plazithian colonies met with their Imperial Senate counterparts Guolivian of Ancaoilion and Paxius of Sundarra on the steps of the planet's capital building, in which they discussed various matters ranging from colonisation regulation for extragalactics to the quarantine zone established near the remains of the Corruptus world Brezank.

As the meeting drew to a close, Senator Guolivian complemented the Republic's efforts to defeat the Cyrannian Imperial State, surprising all present by declaring that "the rightful government of Cyrannus hereby extends the hand of Imperial protection to the Republic. The Emperor himself envisions a bright new future for us all under his just and infinite rule. All you have to do is sign the Concordat of Daeohre'eri and peace in the galaxy is ensured." The Republic response came quickly, with Senator Theodynak laughing in the face of the Imperial senator, bluntly stating that the Republic would never bow to Imperial tyranny. The conference soon began to deteriorate into anarchy, prompting both the Republic and Imperial delegates to withdraw back to their respective capitals. The subsequent weeks would see the collapse in Republic-Imperial relations and the beginning of rampant mutual hostility.

Beginning of the Ramaprican Rehabitation, Novemex, 06 NE

During the Great Cyrannus War, the capital of the Cyrandia Alliance, Ramaprica, was viciously bombarded from orbit by the Confederate Admiral Zillum. The resulting firestorms destroyed most life on the planet, leaving behind a ruined ecosystem and a smashed plantary infrastructure. When the Empire was formed, Imperial propagandists claimed that the planet housed Cyrandia traitors that sought to topple the Republic and thus implying that the Imperial government supported the planet's destruction. This viewpoint was further cemented with the high ranking position that Zillum claimed during the early years of Tyrómairon's new order.

For seven years Ramaprica remained uninhabited, becoming a smouldering decay of a world avoided by travellers. When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed in 03 NE, the Ramaprica System fell on the Republic edge of a Neutral Zone established by the two galactic powers. While the Republic Senate would occasionally debate recolonisation, these debates were often tempered with warnings that such an act may provoke the Empire. As such, the planet remained untouched until the aftermath of the Daeohre'eri Conference, when in open defiance against the Empire, the Republic began landing ships on the planet. Led by Senator Carolausa of Coventina, the New Republic intended to transform the planet into a new beacon of Republic steadfastness in the face of aggression. Unbeknownst to the Republic however, the Empire began sending agents to the planet in an attempt to disrupt and sabotage the Republic's efforts.

Presidential Election, Novemex, 07 NE

Throughout 06 NE, President Apaltar of the New Republic hinted that he would not seek re-election in the Presidential Election in 07 NE, which he would later confirm. Though popular with the Republic's people, Apaltar did not endorse any of the dozens of candidates which put their names forward for the high office of President. Throughout 07 NE various candidates would rise and fall in the polls before two figures emerged dominant, Nexarón Valkistair of Caelis'caeri and Raesa of Adelentia.

Nexarón Valkistair makes his inaugural address to the people of Republic City.
3 Ianuaria, 08 NE

The election would be held in Novemex, 07 NE, with Valkistair emerging victorious. Valkistair's rise to prominence was directly reflected in the state of play during the Cold War, with the Trucinex politician announcing that he would ensure that the Republic emerges as the single galactic government for the Cyrannus Galaxy, announcing that the Republic would no longer negotiate with a tyrannical dictatorship.

Concurrently, the Empire suffered the sudden rebellion of the Vida'Rranlora, secretly orchestrated by the followers of the Light. Ordering the citizens of the Empire out of their database, the Vida'Rranlora eventually attacked them, exterminating thousands of civilians and troopers before disappearing from mapped space entirely.

Crises and Escalation (08 NE - 11 NE)[]

Fall of the Remnant Alliance

This is the end for those in defiance against the Emperor's rule. The end of a galaxy of disorder and chaos! And the birth of a galaxy of Imperial loyalty and resolve! Today will see the death of the detestable rabble of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance! After today, let no one deny our power! Let no one deny our strength! Let no one deny our destiny to rule! Nothing will stand in our way, not this patchwork of rebels nor the dithering Republic and its pathetic allies! Empire eternal!

- Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur

With the collapse of any lingering elements loyal to the Cyrannian Imperial State in the Distant Outer Rim, the Empire's attention turned to a more benign threat in the form of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance. The Alliance had first emerged as a unified front, dominated by the Capricyránae, against the will of the Emperor—standing as a beacon of hope against the seemingly unstoppable tide of darkness emanating from Orbispira. With the Cold War in full swing, high ranking Imperials such as Taev Vosaetiur began to suspect that the minor annoyance posed by the Alliance was being augmented by support from the Republic. Whatever the truth of the matter, Vosaetiur sought, and ultimately received, permission to destroy the long hidden Allied Hubworld.

The Battle of the Hubworld against the Capricorn Remnant Alliance.
34 Martex, 08 NE

Led by Grand Admiral Mortalagueis of the Star Destroyer Judicator, the Imperials launched a daring first strike against the rebels, utterly annihilating their fleet and holding the densely populated Hubworld hostage. When the Imperials withdrew a day later, they had in tow General Nakatar as well as the leader of the Alliance, who was revealed to be the Phaedric Lord Vandorallen. The people of the Hubworld believed that they had been granted a reprieve, as the Republic Remnant had years earlier. In what has been regarded as the most spectacular and utterly horrific display of war technology in the history of the galaxy, the hopes of the Hubworld evaporated as quickly as the system itself. The firepower of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation had been unleashed and the Alliance was burned away in seconds.

The Brink of War?

Such a brutal display of depravity sent shock-waves across civilised space. Several independent star systems pledged their loyalty to the Republic's Galactic Senate—fearful that worlds that stand alone could face the same fate as the Hubworld. Pro-Republic sentiment increased throughout Imperial space, exacerbated by covert Strategic Intelligence missions and quelled by raids by the Imperial Bureau of Defence. Tensions in the galaxy reached breaking point. On Mou'Cyran, President Nexarón Valkistair's leadership was tested by the ruination caused by conflicts such as the Neraida War and the Loron Invasion, while on Orbispira, the representatives of the largely vestigial Imperial Senate began to question the direction of their great Imperatore. The galaxy teeters on the brink of war.

Senate Hostage Crisis

Nexarón Valkistair reacts to footage of Agrehele holding Apollo hostage.
29 Novemex, 08 NE

We have some demands. First, withdraw all fleets from the Calithilaen System. Secondly, renounce your claim on Orbispira. Finally, provide me and my associates with safe passage off of this world. If you fail to respond in three hours, all these pretty little Senators will be killed.

- Rogue Intelligence Agent Agrehele

In Novemex 08 NE, the very heart of the Republic would be attacked by a team of mercenaries and bounty hunters led by the seemingly rogue Imperial Intelligence agent Agrehele. The cunning Listhar infiltrated deep into the Senate building and captured a group of senators including Apollo, Aneen Daerethal and Raesa. In the nearby Presidential Chateau, President Nexarón Valkistair watched helplessly as the captors assassinated a senator and threatened to execute more unless the Republic cede control over the Twelve Worlds to the Empire.

Unwilling to make such a sacrifice, the President was forced into inaction. Ultimately however, the mysterious warrior known as Ryen managed to sneak into the Senate Building and confronted the mercenaries. Outmatched by Ryen's powers, Agrehele was killed while her compatriots escaped—but not before detonating explosives planted deep within the Building, causing it to collapse onto the streets of Republic City. Security on the capital was increased exponentially after the attack, with a new Senate Tower rising from the ashes of the old. When the dust had finally cleared, President Nexarón Valkistair was heard to remark that he believed that the Empire was directly responsible for the attack, prompting an official diplomatic protest from Orbispira.

The crew of the Auethnen Raptor flee from Imperial forces prior to the Skirmish on Vurdon.
45 Martex, 10 NE

The Threat of Light Emerges, Martex, 10 NE

This was but the first act of the play. The stage is set, the pieces in place. All that now remains is who will make the first move.

- Lord Venatorius

Relations between the Empire and the Republic continued to sour throughout 06 NE, prompting top secret elements of the Republic military to begin more clandestine incursions into Imperial space. The most notable example of this was the crew of the Auethnen Raptor, a reconnaissance vessel which masqueraded as a smuggling ship. Captained by Kara Inviá, the daughter of Proconsul Apollo, the Raptor became a high priority target for Imperial forces primarily due to the presence of a mysterious Osteola warrior known as Ryen. A powerful practitioner of the powers of the Light, Ryen was hunted by the agents of the Phaedric Order, who sought to remove any and all threats to the dominance of their Lord Emperor.

In Martex, 07 NE, the Auethnen Raptor travelled to the Outer Rim world of Andustar in order to negotiate with the neutral Andustarans to allow the Republic to establish a top-secret listening post on one of the planet's alpine peaks. During the visit, the crew of the Raptor encountered Aoirtae Valaeris, a young Ortella who desired passage off world. Agreeing to the request, the crew of the Auethnen Raptor attempted to return to Republic space, only to be hunted down by Inquisitorial Justiciar Vandalion, who kidnapped Aoirtae and brought her to the infamous Mines of Vurdon. There, Aoirtae unleashed the power within herself, blasting off her apprehenders and rejoining her new shipmates who arrived to rescue her.

After the Vurdon Incident, the Phaedric Order became aware of the true power of both Ryen and Aoirtae and doubled their efforts to hunt them down and eliminate them. Meanwhile, the Aeuthnen Raptor travelled to the mystical world of Aldár, where both Aoirtae and Kara would begin training under Master Ryen, who foresaw in them the chance to topple the Empire.

Battle of Aldár
Aoirtae: "An Oikoumene? How do we defeat an Oikoumene?!"
Du'utahrovin: "Perhaps we cannot, young Aoirtae. Perhaps it is not our destiny to defeat him. Perhaps, all we can do is awaken the one who can."
Aoirtae Valaeris and Du'utahrovin prior to the Battle of Aldár

With the galaxy teetering on the brink of a galactic conflict, Master Ryen continued to train his students on Aldár in preparation for their seemingly inevitable conflict with the servants of the Galactic Emperor. The young Ortella Aoirtae Valaeris soon began experiencing intense visions under the tutillege of the ancient Master Du'utahrovin, with the visions directing her to the Quadrantia world of Aecor, the home of the Zevian Skull. Organising passage to Aecor due to the influence of Kara Inviá's father Apollo, the crew of the Auethnen Raptor departed Aldár toward Aecor.

During the Battle of Aldár, Republic and Rambo-aligned supernaturals fought against the Phaedric Order and Morgandaûr.

There, the group met with Apollo, Lord Regent Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo, Doctor Dané Elenya and the Cognatus warrior Rtas'Shagili, who directed them to the Zevian Skull. When Aoirtae touched the artefact, the group were transported across space and time back to the ancient temple of Aldárae, which was under attack by an alliance forged between the former Emperor of the Imperial Alliance, Morgandaûr, and the Phaedric Master Venatorius. Overwhelmed by the intense power of their foes, the group survived thanks to the intervention of Du'utahrovin, who weakened Morgandaûr, allowing Aoirtae to destroy him with a blade through the chest. In the wake of the destruction, Ryen resolved himself to reform the ancient Aldárae Order, while Aoirtae utilised the power of the Skull to transport to the realm of the ancient Oikoumene known as Apolithanatár—perhaps the only being capable of defeating the Dark Lord.

Galactic Confrontation (12 NE - 14 NE)[]

Piracy in the Neutral Zone

Established per the Treaty of Concordia in 05 NE, the Neutral Zone between the Republic and the Empire was created as a buffer, within which neither side could send warships, an agreement which had served both powers well during periods of tension. When the New Cyrandia Wars came to an end, thus signalling the termination of the tenuous wartime alliance between the two superpowers against the Cyrannian Imperial State, the neutral zone once again became a region of extreme tension. Both powers quickly militarised their sides of the border, with the Republic reinforcing a chain of starbases to deter any Imperial incursions into Republic space.

Pirates, likely backed by the Empire, disable and plunder Republic trading vessels in the Brutian Sector.
2 Martex, 12 NE

In Martex 12 NE, the galaxy watched with bated breath when the Republic and the Empire came precariously close to a full-scale galactic war. For months, Republic civilian transport ships had been attacked on the edge of Republic space, where the Neutral Zone unofficially ended. Republic Strategic Intelligence reported to President Nexarón Valkistair that the Imperial protectorate race known as the Lumir'oran had been engaged in interstellar piracy, an act that the Imperial government had turned a blind eye to, provided that the raids were against Republic shipments. In response, the Republic Transport Union threatened a strike unless the Republic Navy divert ships from the Neutral Zone to protect shipments against the Lumir'oran pirates.

With an election year fast approaching, Nexarón Valkistair was infuriated by the Union, all too aware that strike action could severely disrupt trade in the heavily populated Brutian Sector. After two weeks of political crisis, exacerbating gridlock and frustration in the Republic Senate, Nexarón Valkistair conceded to the Union, reluctantly ordering the Admiralty to divert ships from the Neutral Zone and divert them to the Brutian sector shipping lanes. Worlds close to the Neutral Zone protested with indignation that Valkstair was reneging on promises he made in the election.

Border Skirmish

The Imperial fleet looms over Aaenhr-1.
6 Martex 12 NE

Three days later, an Imperial fleet, led by the Star Destroyer Exactor under the command of Captain Mortreghos crossed the Neutral Zone and took up orbit over the Republic Defender-class station Aaenhr-1. The commander of the station, Captain Delex, immediately ordered the Imperial fleet to withdraw or he would be forced to open fire. In response, the Imperial fleet launched a swarm of the newly developed Romitex-class Heavy Starfighters, which began harassing the station's defenses, skirting over the station's shields though not firing their weapons. Unwilling to fire first, Delex boarded the docked Phoebus-class Star Destroyer Prosperous, which was soon joined by two Venator-class Star Destroyers, including the Allecto under Captain Nerazachi. Launching X-15 fighters to counter the Imperial craft, the two groups of starfighters quickly entered into weapons range of their foes, though neither Mortreghos nor the Republic commanders gave the order to fire, instead relaying orders to fire only when fired upon. Darting about each other at a close distance, the fighters on both sides played a deadly game, attempting to provoke the other side into firing first.

After over an hour of skirmishing, Mortreghos received an updated set of orders from the Empire's newest Grand Admiral. All of the Imperial fighters suddenly broke off from chasing the Republic ships and darted back towards the fleet, with the X-15 fighters in close pursuit. As quickly as the Empire arrived, they departed into the void of coronaspace. The response from the Republic is immediate, despite Imperial claims that the commanders of the flotilla were acting without orders from Imperial Command. Exacerbating the situation is the Imperial refusal to surrender the officers of the fleet to Republic authorities to stand trial for violating the neutral zone.

Imperial and Republic fighters engage in a weaponless dogfight, both sides testing the defenses of the other while waiting for the other side to fire first.
6 Martex 12 NE

An infuriated Nexarón Valkistair came close to declaring war for such a blatant violation of treaty, while hardliners in the Senate likewise called for a retaliatory strike, before cooler heads prevailed. "Only a fool would believe that the Imperials acted without orders", Federalist Senator Apollo of Capricaerón remarked during a visit to Aaenhr-1 a week after the incident. "We cannot and will not simply stand by and allow the Empire violate our territory. We will continue to try our utmost to preserve the peace, though to the Imperial government, I say this: your hubris will be your undoing."

The Rogue Phaedric Lord Emerges

Know the power of the Phaedra, the power to mould an Empire forged by the will of the strong and obeyed as the sole destiny of the weak. This is my vision, agent, and you have shown yourself worthy of a part to play.

- Lord Ruuvitharn to Caranye, 12 NE

With the Cold War between the Republic and the Empire heating up throughout the galaxy, the seemingly omnipresent Imperial Intelligence began an extensive campaign within Imperial space to root out and destroy those sympathetic to Republic interests, particularly in the form of the increasingly bold Cyrandia Resistance, which intensified a galaxy-wide campaign to bring down the Empire from within. In 12 NE, the Director of Imperial Intelligence tasked Agent Caranye Valaeris to unravel a conspiracy within the halls of power on Antemurale, when it became clear that a high-ranking Imperial was leaking information to Resistance cells on the planet.

Meeting with her contact Voe Dirais and the artificial intelligence construct Eternal Enigma, Caranye ventured deep within the jungles of Antemurale, where she apprehended the Resistance commander Borravin, who revealed, under the influence of an Imperial serum, that a mysterious Basileus benefactor had leaked him tactical information on the Imperial security grid. The Basileus was revealed to be the rogue Phaedric Lord Ruuvitharn, who attempted to recruit Caranye in pursuance of his own vision for the Empire. Reporting her findings to headquarters, Caranye was informed that the Phaedric Order and Empire's newest Grand Admiral had ordered non-interference in Ruuvitharn's plan.

Battle of Alberensis

Located in the western reaches of the Core Worlds, far from the Neutral Zone with the Republic, Alberensis garnered a reputation throughout much of its history as a fervent supporter of both the democratic ideals of the Republic and the individual rights of worlds to decide their own destinies. As such, it quickly proved to be a thorn in the side of the Empire when the Imperial Navy appeared in the skies above the planet in 02 NE. Such is the pro-Republic sentiment on the planet that in 11 NE, a significant portion of the planet's population elected a government-in-exile in defiance of the Imperial puppet regime based in the capital of Tithonia. To aggravate matters further, the Republic government under President Nexarón Valkistair allowed this government-in-exile a seat on the Senate, where it became represented by Senator Berrias—a noted sympathiser of the Cyrandia Resistance.

Resistance cells fight the Empire on Alberensis.
32 Ianuaria, 13 NE

While the stubbornly independent Albersauros committed acts against the Empire which would have otherwise warranted a planetary annihilation be it a less influential world, it was in 13 NE when the planet finally rose up in active rebellion. Utilising starfighters which had been provided by the Republic, the local Alberensian cell of the Resistance appeared from the planet's dense rainforests and launched a full scale assault against the continent-spanning capital of Tithonia, protected by the Star Destroyer Basilisk under Captain Marquar Cuinn. Utilising guerrilla warfare tactics, the Alberensian resistance successfully portrayed itself to the citizens of Tithonia as liberators who would free the planet and while their tactics were not supported by the city's entire population, it successfully managed to hold large portions of the city by the end of the first month.

Armed with superior knowledge of the terrain, the Resistance campaign against the Imperial forces made several inroads in the capital, prompting the Imperial forces to retaliate by indiscriminately bombarding settlements suspected of harbouring the "terrorists". In one such incident, dubbed by Republica News correspondent Tiaa Garyae as the "Gorift Massacre", the Basilisk bombarded a town of an estimated forty thousand inhabitants, resulting in heavy civilian causalities. However, what Garyae neglected to report and what was later exposed by a more impartial Republic-aligned news network, is that the town had been held hostage by an extremist faction of the Resistance in a failed attempt to force Captain Cuinn and his forces off the planet.

After three months of conflict, during which time the Republic began indirectly funnelling weapons and ships to the Resistance, the planet became a quagmire, with Imperial forces locked in a seemingly endless confrontation with an entrenched Resistance.

Collapse of Cyrannian Concordance (14 NE - 15 NE)[]

The Threat of Ecimaex

Ecimaex is your doom, little fools, my only regret is that I will not be here to witness it.

- Inquisitor Vandalion, to members of the Aldárae Order

In the midst of the collapse of Cyrannian Concordance, the Aldárae Order—a reformed organisation of knights, monks and scholars—continued to grow and prosper far from the borders of the New Republic, trailing of the Core Worlds. Led by Master Ryen, the Order's resurgence was aided immeasurably by the actions of the young Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá, who returned the ancient Oikoumene known as Apolithanatár to Cyrannus, while simultaneously rescuing Senator Apollo and Doctor Dané Elenya from the clutches of Inquisitor Vandalion, capturing him in the process.

Just beyond Republic long range scanners, the Empire deployed a "wall" of Ecimaex superweapons, mounted on Harrower-class Star Destroyers, capable of sniping vessels from superluminal transit. Should they be used, the Republic Navy could be crippled.
41 Martex, 14 NE

Imprisoned on Aldár, Vandalion revealed the existence of an Imperial superweapon known as Ecimaex, a lightspeed cannon capable of sniping vessels during hyperspatial transit. Engineered by the newly promoted Grand Admiral Tector Decimius, dozens of Ecimaex superweapons were mounted on a vast flotilla of Harrower-class Star Destroyers just beyond Republic sensor range. A critical component of the mysterious Grand Admiral's master plan, the Wall of Ecimaex, completed 41 Martex, 14 NE, stood poised to destroy the New Republic Navy, should war come between the galactic superpowers.

The Inquisitor, with the aid of the Grand Admiral, subsequently escaped from Aldárae custody. In the aftermath, Ryen successfully convinced Senator Apollo to make a case for a partnership between the Republic and the Aldárae Order. In doing so, the Aldárae became styled as the "Guardians of the New Republic", sworn to fight and defend the Republic from threats ranging from the Corruptus to the enigmatic Phaedric Order. The emergence of the Aldárae Order to the public spotlight did much to assuage the concerns of the Eastern Borderland Alliance, a political faction of the New Republic which had threatened to secede in light of what they perceived as Republic weakness and indecisiveness in the face of Imperial aggression. With knowledge of the Wall of Ecimaex spreading from the Order to Republic Strategic Intelligence, a top secret joint mission between the Aldárae, the RSI and Republic Special Forces entered the planning stages, which would culminate months later in the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall.

Intrigue in the Imperial Senate

Our foes are more insidious than we imagined. Dark forces, and those of our perennial foes infiltrated the highest echelons of this august body, threatening the stability of the Empire and peace in our galaxy.

- Tyrómairon, prior to dissolving the Senate

In the wake of Apolithanatár's resurgence and that of the Aldárae, the Phaedric Order and their Mornûnenduran masters shifted their gaze from the internal workings of the Empire and toward this existential threat to their power. It seemed that for the first time in the history of the Empire, their hegemonic stranglehold on Cyrannus was finally at serious risk of failure. In 14 NE, the crisis was exacerbated by an unexpected act by the Miluiel, catching the Emperor off guard with the Oikoumene Lord delegating his duties to beings such as Potentate Tereyn Aeresius, who struggled to rein in the militaristic ambitions of his rival Grand Mandators Taev Vosaetiur of the Rim and Deoclet Caesarius of the Core.

Guolivian, Paxius and Denaró meet on Ancaoilion to discuss the future of the Senate.
13 Novemex, 13 NE

Nevertheless, Vosaetiur and Caesarius, in concert with Grand Admiral Tector Decimius and with the apparent approval of the Emperor, began assaulting the legislative powers of the Imperial Senate that had not already been ceded to His Cyrannic Imperial Majesty and his loyal Mandator Council. Indeed, while the Senate had largely lost any sway over Imperial policy, it remained an advisory council representing the interests of the citizenry. Startled by the development, in 13 NE, Senator Guolivian of Ancaoilion gathered Senator Donaró of Acrocanthaí and Paxius of Alsakatiir to discuss preserving the Senate and repairing relations with the New Republic and other civilisations across the Gigaquadrant.

Cautioning his colleagues against the "push for autocracy", Guolivian began building a coalition within the Senate in an effort to preserve the body. Almost a year later, Guolivian travelled in secret to the Talven colony of Ortus in the Constantipolos Sector of the Mid Rim, where he met with High Councilor Balbus Marinus to discuss clandestine Talven support for his efforts. In his dialogue with Marinus, Guolivian discussed the possibility of the Talven acting as mediators between the Republic and the Empire, given their positive relations with both, before returning to Orbispira. While his proposal was welcomed by many of his colleagues in the Senate and by Potentate Aeresius, who was impressed by Republic and Imperial cooperation at the recent Battle of the Interdimensional Gate, it fell on deaf ears when relayed to the Grand Mandators.

Within three weeks of his return, however, Vosaetiur made his final play. With information provided by the Emperor, the Grand Admiral revealed that during theGreat Cyrannus War, Guolivian was in collusion with Morgandaûr, the dreaded leader of the Imperial Alliance prior to its fall. The information, which shed light on "evidence" that Morgandaûr was in control of the Senate throughout the Great War and into the reign of the Empire, prior to his "defeat" by the Imperial Inquisition, evaporated much of the support for the Senate amongst the Imperial citizenry.

Upon the dissolution of the Imperial Senate in 14 NE, protests by pro-democracy citizens ended in mass incarceration and dozens of executions.
11 Dekemurios, 14 NE

On route to Orbispira when the news broke, Guolivian narrowly escaped Imperial capture before fleeing into unknown space—his future uncertain. On Orbispira, the Emperor made a rare public address to the Senate, declaring that "our foes are more insidious than we imagined. Dark forces, and those of our perennial foes infiltrated the highest echelons of this august body, threatening the stability of the Empire and peace in our galaxy". By the end of his address, the Emperor officially dissolved the Imperial Senate and ushered in squads of Imperial security troops led by individual Inquisitors, leading to the arrest of dozens of Senators accused of supporting any number of antagonistic factions, including the New Republic, the Confederacy of Free Planets, the Cyrandia Resistance and even lingering remnants of the Imperial State.

Once influential United Republic Senators such as Carmana Gira of Corulus and Filasion of the D'annaoí were imprisoned for treason, while those considered to be loyal, such as Senator Paxius and Vanteer were allowed to retire quietly to their homeworlds. Dozens of less influential representatives were summarily executed, while the Osteolan Senators Donaró and Ysyn went into hiding, seeking to oppose the Empire in whatever way they could.

With the death of the Imperial Senate, pro-democracy protests broke out on the streets of Orbispira itself, with the galactic capital's long history of democratic governance manifesting itself in a harsh repudiation of the Empire. Tens of thousands protested the Dissolution of the Senate, tearing down statues and Imperial flags across the city world. With direct control over the security forces, Grand Mandator Caesarius brutally suppressed the riots, interning thousands and executing over fifty. Across Imperial space, the Mandator Council assumed direct control, with the might of the Imperial Navy and the omnipresent threat of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation quelling much of the unrest.

First Strike (15 NE)[]

The Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation destroys Mou'Cyran, sparking the Second Great Cyrannus War
39 Ianuaria, 15 NE

Our languages lack the requisite words to describe the level of destruction that has been visited upon us. Today, as I relay this information to the Gigaquadrant, the cinders of Mou'Cyran burn and scatter across the stars, while our great democracy lies decapitated. Our very way of life has been attacked, our hopes for the future, our freedoms and liberties, by a despicable enemy capable of unquantifiable depths of evil.

- Senator Ramdard Ramthrace

In the aftermath of the Battle of Ambar between the Cyrandia Resistance, the Aldárae and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the Empire began to accelerate their plans for the "Operation". Utilising the existential threat to the Republic in the form of the Ecimaex Wall, the Empire bated the Republic into attacking the flotilla. Simultaneously, the Imperials presented President Valkistair and the Senate with an ultimatum which included signing of the P'ax Cyrannica Concordat. When the Republic refused to sign the harsh treaty, the Empire prepared for their first strike. As the Grand Republic Fleet under Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea attacked the Ecimaex Wall, sparking the Battle of the Ecimaex Wall, the Empire fired the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation. The beam of phantom dark energy impacted against the Republic capital Mou'Cyran, utterly destroying it and crippling both the Republic's government and the military. Thus, the Cold War came to an end. Though many hoped that it would dissipate into an era of peace between the Empire and the Republic, it would be regarded by historians as a mere prelude to the Second Great War—the largest conflict in galactic history.


This is the war that shall shape the galaxy. Unlike the Great War before, this one may not be waged with guns and starships, but the words and actions of politicians and the galaxy's leaders. This war will define Cyrannus, and either bring back the Old Order with the new light, or keep the New Order and usher in a age of darkness under a galactic tyrant. This war of the two Orders will irrevocably change the future of Cyrannus. And I know whose side I will take.

- Archon Apuhána Tititaru, Meritocrat of War of the United Order of Tophos and its Sublime Territories

This Cold War in the Cyrannus Galaxy will purge those too weak for the inevitable day the Empire and the New Republic cross swords! By dawn or twilight, the Cold War will decide the future of the Cluster and those that emerge when the dust has settled will be the defenders of either light or dark.

- Rambert Ramveral


  • The Cyrannian Cold War serves as the sequel to the New Cyrandia Wars and will last nine fiction years. However, the style of the fiction will allow it to progress more quickly.
  • The main quote at the top of the page was provided by TheImperios.

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