Knowledge is power and we are unknown. We are unconquerable, unsurpassable, unyielding. No force can halt us, not these Hutter pretenders and not these Xeranbha invaders. We hold dominion over time itself and we will not relinquish this birthright. Not while our mighty Star Empire still stands proud!

- Emperor Ar'Kala of the Regellis Star Empire

Not long after the return of Helo Roslia and the crew of the CRS Aeolus from the future, another captain and the crew of a very special ship come across a similar anamoly, leading them to the future Quadrant Galaxies, under the grip of two waring superpowers. Now, this crew must find a way home or become trapped in these war-torned galaxies for the rest of their lifes..


Follow the story of the USS Enterprise when it enters the unknown!


As Tania was relieved to hear Helo's voice, she told him to wait as she was to awaken her captain, as it was currently night shift onboard the USS Enterprise. The captain of the Enterprise, the Quadrantia Humanoid known as James Rambo was pleased with finding Helo Roslia, a well known and respected Libertus among the Rambo. James dressed himself in his official uniform and went to the bridge, signaling his senior crew to awaken as well (-as day shift was due start within the hour)

  • James: "Captain Roslia! It is an honor and relieve to see you alive and well!"
  • Roslia: "Greetings Captain Rambo, the honour is mine. I have heard many stories about the exploits of the Enterprise.'"

Diner with the crew of the Enterprise and the Aeolus

James smiled and nodded respectfully to Helo. James invited Helio and his senior crew onboard the observatory of the USS Enterprise, as a welcome dinner for his safe return and to share stories of their adventures. Helo gladly agreed to the dinner and soon beamed over to the Enterprise along with Commanders Trebob and Sevine. Meanwhile, Ateloz was placed in command of the Aeolus.

James awaited Helo and his crew within the transporter room and escorted them to the observatory room, where most of his own senior crew awaited Helo's arrival, as well as the night shift crew were applauding Helo's return! Helo entered the room, and to his surprise saw outside the window that he looked at his very own ship!

  • Helo: What an impressive view! You truly have a beautiful ship under your command Captain Rambo!
  • James: "Well thank you captain! Welcome onboard the USS Enterprise. Please, feel free. Dinner, or breakfast from a certain point of view is served. We have fruit, backed eggs, Chuchilius coffee, Golviatan thea, Javan Juice and even alcoholic consumptions if you want. Please feel at home!"

Helo took a mug of coffee while Trebob and Sevine settled on some tea.

James took a nip of his Javan Juice, and walked with Helo to the window, overlooking the Aeolus. Commenting how impressive the Venator-class was, James noted that it didn't match his information as it seemed the vessel was another Venator class.

  • Sevine: "Thank you captain, you are quite generous. Now I imagine you want to hear our tale?"
  • Helo: "That is apart of our story. While exploring in this region, the Avenger travelled through a wormhole which led to the future. About 1250 years into the future to be precise."

James raised his eyebrows, and Dr. Bob even set aside his glass of Sepherian Whisky. Time travel was quite dangerous and a really unexplored part of adventure. Intrigued all gathered closer.

  • Helo: "When we arrived, we learned that at some point in the future, the Cyrandia Alliance had been reformed in response to an alien threat known as the Xeranbha who had destroyed most of the universe. In exchange for a return home, we agreed to help them against the Xeranbha. Unfortunately, our ship was destroyed in the process".
  • Tania: "Xeranbha? I never hear of that?"
  • James: "Me neither lieutenant, but to reform the Cyrandia Alliance it must be a dangerous foe."
  • Dr. Bob: "Indeed, while much have changed. The Republic has been reformed as well right, why not the Cyrandia?"
  • Helo: "The Republic has been reformed?!"
  • James: "Here, read this datapad. I though you might be interessted in it. Proconsul Apollo, with approval of Supreme Empress Ramashe and Emperor Tyrómairon managed to reform a Republic of old. The Cluster is in high spirits thanks to it and have new hopes for peace and prosparity!"

Helo took the datapad and read it for a moment, a wide smile on his face. He passed it over to Sevine and Trebob, who seemed equally happy.

  • Helo: That is incredible news! We should return to Apatalore as soon as possible to recount the story!
  • James: "Then wait no longer, a heroes welcome awaits you captain!"
  • Helo: Thank you Captain Rambo. Your hospitality has been most welcoming. I hope to meet you again someday!
  • James: "Me as well! Have fortune on your voyages!"

With that Helo, Sevine and Trebob bowed out of respect and friendship to the crew of the Enterprise and returned to the Aeolus, which went to lightspeed almost immediately after Roslia beamed over. James signaled his day shift crew to gather in the briefing room for the morning brief.


As the Enterprise was travelling across the NX-Region, it seemed a new and dangerous problem hit the ship. All of a sudden, an anomaly revealed itself- this time due to events in the Ice Age when Gratz'kaoz used the Vyro'Narza's Time Secrets. In front of the Enterprise a wormhole opened itself, with a lone ship exiting it, one of the most feared and dangerous cruisers ever encountered by the Rambo Navy, a black colored cruiser belonging to the Congregation!

Surviving the following attack and boarding parties by Krudha and Sentinels, the troubles for the Enterprise were far from over as the crew would be drawn into a new adventure!

Chapter 01Edit

While Tania and the other nighshift crew remained at the bridge while the others had their morning briefing, Tania was preparing her datapad and intelligence report about the sensor sweep of the NX-region, so the capain and crew could study and analyse the data during day.

Suddenly a massive anomaly appeared in front of the Enterprise !


The Enterprise' being drawn into the wormhole!

  • Tania: "Codoberia report!"
  • Codoberia: "I-i am not sure Tania! An anomaly has appeared in front of us!"
  • Tania: "Darn it, engines on full reverse! Red alert!"
  • Codoberia: "Aye 'mam!"

With the engines in full reverse, the Enterprise began shaking violently and at once captain Rambo appeared on the bridge.

  • James: "Lieutenant, status report. What in Artmyris name is going on?"

Tania explained that an anomaly hit the Enterprise, with engines in full reverse the ship was protesting against the pressure of the anomaly, wich turned into a wormhole. James eyes widened, this was a disaster! Tania looked desperate, and unsure what to do. James sighted and opened a ship wide comm!

  • James: "All hands, prepare for entering a wormhole, secure all stations!"

With that said, James signaled Mr. Doohan to shut down the warp core and allow the Enterprise to be sucked into the wormhole. Suddenly the Enterprise went spinning out of control and dissapeared into the wormhole!

Chapter 02Edit

The USS Enterprise-A span out of control while travelling through the wormhole. The crew, unconscious due to immense pressure the wormhole gives upon the ship were littered over the many corridors, quarters and bridge while the Enterprise struggled to regain her stability. The wormhole, giving massive energy readings suddenly opened over a thousand years into the future. As soon as it fell out of the wormhole, the Enterprise was rocked violently again, though this time it was clearly laser fire.

At the bridge, a shaken Tania awoke from her unconsciousness. To her surprise she saw ships bearing down upon the Enterprise, with designs she didn't know. At once she raised a red alert and raised the shields of the ship. Walter and Hannity regained consciousness as well and tried to hail the attacking vessel while Jolene attended to the captain, who hadn't yet woken. As Tania looked through the viewscreen, she realised that they were in the midst of a massive battle over a planet that looked very much like the Rambo Capital, only war torn with giant craters on the once peaceful surface. Walter pointed his finger at the viewscreen, where the obvious remains of the Capital Space dock are floating.

Suddenly James awoke and looked in horror to what he saw before him. Kelstran, logical and strict as always informs him of the ship damage, that shields were down to 40 percent by that one hit. James nodded and opened a channel. As soon as James opened the channel, a humanoid face with light green skin appeared.

  • James: "This is Captain James Rambo of the star ship Enterprise. Cease hostilities, we mean no harm"
  • L'tea - This is Subcommander L'tea of the Regellian Star Empire. State your intentions!
  • James: "We just exited a wormhole, and do not know where we are. However fighting against a Rambo Nation vessel is forbidden within the bounderies of Rambo Nation!"
  • L'tea - You are clearly a Hutter trap! There hasn't been a Rambo Nation since the Great Storm! Prepare for destruction!

She closed the channel and began to charge her displacement cannons. James looked surprised to his fellow crew.

  • Tania: "Great Storm?"

James shrugged his shoulders and ordered Walter to take them out of the battle. Walter saw an opening and began maneuvering the Enterprise to the edge of battle. At the same time Jolene informed the bridge crew that many of the green ships seemed to be Hutter vessels in origin, but not one known to their database yet.

The Regellis vessel began to trail the Enterprise, firing its powerful displacement cannons at the escaping ship. Suddenly, one of the beams hit the Enterprise's saucer section, causing heavy damage. Shields were gone and sparks filled the entire bridge. Cables and electric wires fell from the ceiling and crewmembers got injured.

Soon another beam hit one of the warp nacelles, leaving the Enterprise defenseless and driftless in space, at the mercy of the advancing Regellis ship. Suddenly, another vessel appeared out of nothingness. James looked out his viewscreen and saw it. It was silver in appearance and looked somewhat like a Star Destroyer. The unknown vessel fired at the attacking Regellis ship, destroying it in a massive explosion. Protecting the Enterprise against both the Hutter and Regellis ships, the unknown vessel suddenly beamed the ship into its interior and jumped into hyperspace.

James made a swift prayer to the Rambo Gods and wondered who their mysterious savior was. A Libertus suddenly transported onto the bridge flanked by what looked like a Jenassian and a Grimbolsaurian, who wore the same uniform. The Libertus frowned and sighed.

  • Aquillius Cretacea - More time-travelers? How dull.
  • James: "W-what? Excuse me?"

Chapter 03Edit

Standing in front of James, Aquillius Cretacea stood with a questioning look on his face.

  • Aquillius: How did you arrive in our time, human?

In return, James looked with great eyes at the Libertus, who seemingly managed to transport the Enterprise inside his ship, as well as James off the bridge without a single efforts.

  • James: "Well, it seems we skip the pleasantries Libertus? I don't know how you pulled that stunt but it is impressive that you can transport an entire ship. Anyway, we arrived here by an anomaly found at the NX-Region."
  • Aquillius: NX-Region, huh? I assume Roslia was involved in some way?
  • James: "You know Roslia?? He did indeed return from an adventure in the future he told me. Did you meet him as well?"
  • Aquillius: Yes. He saved our civilisation by all accounts. I knew he would be involved somehow. By your calender it is 1264 NE/AQF. Welcome to the Quadrant Galaxies.

James felt light in his head and reached for a nearby seat. Breathing heavily he responded.

  • James: "1264 NE/AQF? B-but that's impossible. I always believed time travel is impossible and mere fairy tales."
  • Aquillius: This future may not be your own. In truth, you have also travelled to another universe with a history far different from the one that will play out in your universe.
  • James: "I-i really did eh?"
  • Aquillius: As such, your Rambo Nation does not exist here. The ships you saw battling over your homeworld were actually Hutter and Regellis warships fighting for control over your galaxies. I am Captain Aquillius Cretacea of the Cyrandia Republic. You can consider me an ally.

James nodded though grew concerned. What did happen with Rambo Nation that they wouldn't excist anymore, and why did Regellis- whatever or whoever they are fight the Hutters?

  • Aquillius: Come captain, I imagine you and your crew are in need of rest and supplies. I'm setting course for Alethena Metru, the last bastion of freedom in these galaxies. I'll explain more when we arrive.

James nodded and crossed his arms behind his back and followed Aquillius. Though intrigued by the chance to get a glimps of the future, he pondered how they could return to their own time. And grew worried that he might learn what happens to him in history. As the Pheobus shot into space with the Enterprise within, it wasn't long until they arrived in orbit over Alethena Metru, the last world in the Quadrants belonging to the Cyrandia Republic. James and his crew waited in anticipation what would happen to them, but were eager to see the current state of Alethena Metru, the remains of the Capital left some shocked. On the bridge of the Pheobus, Aquillius pointed to the world below, which had grown into a massive city planet much like Orbispira in the time since the present era. A large fleet of advanced ships guarded the planet below. James and his crew looked in wonder at the sight, massive ships they enver seen before were hanging in orbit. Impressed James looked at Aquillius

  • Aquillius: Much has changed, Captain Rambo. I imagine you wish to find a way to return home?
  • James: "Yes please. I guess it would be a simple task, seeing that you managed to get Helo Roslia home as well I presume?"
  • Aquillius: That's where we have a problem. The only way we can get you home is to get to our capital on Mou'Cyran in Cyrannus. However, all wormholes leading out of the Quadrants are under vast Regellis or Hutter fleets.

James looked confused. He had heard of Mou'Cyran before, Rambo Intelligence indicated that the New Republic was building up a new world there and no Rambo interference was allowed there under orders of Rambo Command.

  • James: "What about the two wormholes leading to Cyrannus? You mean that both the wormhole guarded by Lianna station and near Javan are under control of the Hutters and Regellis?"
  • Aquillius: Yes. A lot has changed since your time, captain. It is impossible to return to Cyrannus without those wormholes. We are as stranded as you.

James raised an eyebrow.

  • James: "I gues you have an idea to break that stranding? Do you have any allies left in the Quadrants?"
  • Aquillius: The Imperial colony of New Capricaerón could help, but we aren't exactly allies.
  • Jolene: "New Capricaerón under Imperial hands?"
  • Tania: "Something really went wrong here!"
  • Aquillius: The Empire are the closest thing in the Quadrants we call friends. Perhaps with their help we can destroy the Regellis and Hutter blockades over the wormholes.

James looked at his senior crew and all looked back at Aquillius. All wondered what happened to the other powers, like the Creckels. And would this imbalance of order not attract attention of hte Q-Grox? Noticing the crew's shock, Aquillius cleared his throat.

  • Aquillius: The reason why the galaxies may seem empty to you is because of the... Xeranbha. A vile conglomeration that conquered much of the universe a few decades ago. We are among the last left alive after their invasion.
  • James: "Allies or not, whatever happened we must not need to much as is our temporal protocols. We will aid you with breaking the blockades if we can provide assistance ofcourse. Those Regellis weapons were quite powerful. "
  • Aquillius: Good. This colony will not survive for long without trade to our core territory in Cyrannus.

With that, the new captains beamed down to the planet in the hopes of formulating a plan to remove opposition from the wormholes leading to Cyrannus.


  • Legacy of the Quadrants is a story originating from Cyrannian, with Dino and Cyrannian working together to explore the possible future of the Cyrandia Cluster!

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