Everything dies.
- Unknown

Cyrannia's Legacy is set in a timeline approximately one thousand two hundred years after the Galaxies at War Saga, in a universe conquered almost absolutely by an alien menace known as the Xeranbha. Revolving around the Cyrandia Cluster, the fates of the past, present and future will all come down to the actions of a few individuals separated by space and time.

Story Arcs[]

Future's Beginning[]

The universe has changed in the long years since the rise of the Empire. With the Oikoumene Emperor gone, the stewardship of his grand Imperatore fell into the hands of lesser beings. Nevertheless, we persevered and prospered. We joined the hands of friendship with our kin in the Republic. We grew stronger. We believed the comforting lie that no threat could harm us. As we soon found out, we were wrong. They came out of the darkness swallowing up our former enemies and allies alike. The Xeranbha showed no mercy or weakness. Yet they stopped. Are they watching us? Testing us? Irrelevant. All we can do now is wait. Wait for our end. Wait for our salvation.

- Unknown Imperial Historian, circa 1250 NE

Future's Beginning is set in an alternate future set in the year 1250 NE, a future in which large tracts of the universe have fallen to an unknown alien intelligence known as the Xeranbha. Almost half of the Cyrannus Galaxy has fallen victim to these unknown villains, with the other half being split between what remains of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and a future evolution of the Cyrandia Alliance known as the Cyrandian Republic.

Legacy of the Quadrants[]

Knowledge is power and we are unknown. We are unconquerable, unsurpassable, unyielding. No force can halt us, not these Hutter pretenders and not these Xeranbha invaders. We hold dominion over time itself and we will not relinquish this birthright. Not while our mighty Star Empire still stands proud!

- Emperor Ar'Kala of the Regellis Star Empire

Not long after the return of Helo Roslia and the crew of the CRS Aeolus from the future, another captain and the crew of a very special ship come across a similar anamoly, leading them to the future Quadrant Galaxies, under the grip of two waring superpowers. Now, this crew must find a way home or become trapped in these war-torned galaxies for the rest of their lifes..


  • Cyrannia's Legacy is a spin-off of the Legacy fiction, though set closer to the present.

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