The time and place for diplomacy has passed. Today, we mark the beginning of our struggle and we shall not rest until not only Cyrandia, but the entire Gigaquadrant is free from the yoke of the Empire. For Cyrandia!

- Sesoka

The Cyrandia Resistance is a rebel organisation active throughout the Cyrandia Cluster which seeks to topple the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and bring about a return of pre-Imperial institutions of peace such as the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Cyrandia Alliance, as well as the end of the Nim-Glaré Concordat which imposed the status of protectorate against Rambo Nation. The ties between the Resistance and the New Cyrannian Republic is unclear, even to Imperial Intelligence, though many in the Empire's upper echelons suspect that the Resistance is funded and armed by the emboldened New Republic in the final months of the New Cyrandia Wars, working to undermine the Empire from within.



Imperial Senators conspire against the Empire during the Dark Times.

The last thing we need is our... alliance to start another war."
"That is the last thing we want. We are not trying to break away from the Empire, per ce, we are trying to reform it into the Republic that this Gigaquadrant needs.''

- Raen Magalen and Mer Mirea on Orbispira during the Dark Times

Though the organisation proper was not revealed until the last year of the New Cyrandia Wars, over five years after the fall of the United Republic of Cyrannus, the origins of the Resistance date back to the very same hour in which the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus arose from the ashes of the United Republic of Cyrannus, bringing with it conquest, fear and tyranny. Within the first few days, unintentional new Imperial senators such as Raen Magalen, Mer Mirea and Sola Naberraé organised constant meetings to discuss the Emperor's newfound stranglehold over the galaxy, over night transforming Cyrannus into what was once considered the grandest beacon of democracy and prosperity into a place of ruthless imperialism. Clearly in the mind of these senators, something needed to be done. By 02 NE, Senator Magalen, Mirea, Ramdard Ramthrace and others began seriously considering betraying the Empire in a bid to reform the Empire back into a Republic. However, by the end of the year such a task was deemed impossible. Meanwhile, individuals such as Sesoka joined their rebel groups into a larger network, carrying out occasional attacks on Imperial targets throughout the Outer Rim. The Subjugation of Nahdar in 03 NE also drove many Mon Nahdar into joining the resistance.

Early Operations[]

But how do you plan on raising such an armed rebellion? How do you supply them with arms and goods?"
"All of our worlds have small armed resistances. In theory, we could band them together. My wealth would fund the resistance while Niathan would provide our ships while Ramthrace and Magalen could supply our soldiers."

- Ramdard Ramthrace and Mer Mirea, 02 NE

The formation of the New Cyrannian Republic in the closing months of 03 NE soothed the minds of many Imperial officials tiresome of rebel attacks. However, in truth it only bolstered the resolve of the remaining rebel groups, which joined to form a true galactic resistance in the shadows. Though not officially sanctioned or supported by the Republic, the Resistance began heavily associated with it, with many considering it to be the perfect tool for the Republic to chip away at their foremost rivals. Indeed, many officers and senators loyal to the Republic such as Val Niathan, Selanius, Sola Naberraé and Ramdard Ramthrace pledged their support for the Resistance, while others such as Apollo and Willelmus Cretacea are considered more private supporters due to their high ranking public positions.

Though the Vasubandian Rebellion led by Tyermaillin attempted to gain the allegiance of the still shadowy Republic resistance groups within the Empire during the New Cyrandia Wars, the leadership of the Resistance refused each time, claiming that they worked to achieve a galaxy free from oppression, not one under the yoke of the Basileus.

Sesoka watches as the Silencer is disabled during the War for Capricaerón.

War for Capricaerón

I remember a time when things were better on Capricaerón. The Empire promises you order, but think; consider what the Empire has done to your lives, your family and your freedoms. Unless we stand up and fight back, it's only going to get worse. I know many of you are afraid, but we cannot allow that to paralyse us into inaction. We may fear the Empire's strength and their power to crush those who oppose them, but if we all stand up together, they are the ones who will learn to fear us! Everyone, I implore you stand up for your rights as civilised beings and cast down thi-

- Fleur Inviere speaks in a disguised voice in an address to the people of Capricaerón

During the closing stages of the New Cyrandia Wars, the Resistance surprised the Gigaquadrant with a massive coordinated strike against the Libertus homeworld of Capricaerón, a world with noted Republic-leanings. Led by General Sesoka, the Resistance fleet attacked Capricaepolis with a ferocity which gave the Empire pause, ultimately leading to a bitter battle for control over the city and by extension, the entire system. However, to the surprise of the Resistance forces, their fight had given the New Republic an excuse to annex the system under its own flag in exchange for Republic involvement in the war against the Imperial State. After the battle, the Resistance and the Republic left on good terms, with the former consolidating the survivors of the battle for their next strike.

Cythonia hunts down her prey, the Resistance boarding party.

Cyrannian Cold War[]

Ezduiin Incident

We must strike soon. Keep the momentum of our campaign going, even after what happened to the Alliance. Especially after what happened to them...

- General Sesoka

In the two years since the War for Capricaerón, the Resistance was kept on the run by the Empire's forces. In order to gain momentum for the movement, in the wake of the destruction of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance, General Sesoka and the other leaders met on the Liberty to discuss a bold plan to kidnap the mysterious Imperial Overseer, who had ruthlessly led the Imperial military since the Battle of Nandóband during the New Cyrandia Wars.

Receiving intelligence from Senator Sola Naberraé that the Overseer was planned to visit the Ezduiin Space Station, the Resistance sent a special operations team led by the Alavar Mai-Li to capture the mysterious Imperial. Ultimately however, the entire team was killed by the Phaedric Lord Cythonia—dealing a significant blow to the morale of the Resistance. To complicate matters even more, the Empire pressed its efforts to hunt down rebel cells, managing to hunt them down or threaten their existence. To survive, the Resistance scattered into a loose network of rebel cells that operated across the Cluster where only the Resistance Command knew of each cells existence. It send operatives to keep in touch with the various cells or to conduct missions for Resistance. This way, Resistance Command ensured the survival of the Resistance at whole.

Loyalist One provides the Resistance with new forces as the Resistance gains support in the Quadrants.

A Growing Resistance

By 20 AQF, the desperate Resistance were surprised by the emergence of the Rambo Loyalist with goals to put the Le Rambo Dynasty back on the throne of Rambo Nation and would see the destruction and defeat of the Empire. Led by Lord Ramannis Le Rambo on board the modified Munificent-Class Loyalist One, the Resistance gained a new sub-cell that signalled the awakening of dissidents within the Quadrant Galaxies and gave the Resistance new hope to regain their spirit to fight the Empire in not only the Cyrannus Galaxy, but in the entire Cyrandia Cluster. The Resistance was growing and was getting better supplied now that Quarantia individuals began supporting the Resistance as well. Slowly the Resistance expanded its numbers and cells as the Free Osteola Rebel Cell and the Creeper Cabel joined their cause as well. Undermining the Empire where both the New Republic and Rambo Nation could not.

Battle of Ambar

The Battle of Ambar was the first Resistance victory over the Empire in a decade, fought in 15 NE.

General Sesoka would later come into contact with the nascent Aldárae Order, which contacted Resistance Command in preparation of an assault on the Imperial holding of Ambar, home to the Miluiel. Through Master Alinor Nanuq, the Resistance coordinated closely with the Aldár through intermediaries, uniting the Resistance under a single banner for the first time since Imperial reprisal for the Ezduiin Incident. Striking from hidden bases, Resistance starships began the Battle of Ambar, fighting valiantly to rid the Empire from Ambar. During the battle, hundreds of Resistance vessels were destroyed, including the flagship Liberty, at the cost of Fleet Commander Val Niathan.

Nevertheless, the battle ended with a Resistance victory, though in order to ensure the survival of the movement, Sesoka once again bid the Resistance fleet to deploy across the Cyrandia Cluster, away from Imperial supply lines. Several weeks later, the Second Great Cyrannus War broke out across the Gigaquadrant pitting the New Republic against the Empire.

Second Great Cyrannus War[]

Main article: Second Great Cyrannus War

Front line battles

During the opening stages of the conflict, Sesoka gained command of a new flagship he christened the Emancipator and soon travelled to Vanara Houses-held space, where the Resistance was offered sanctuary within the hidden Persan capital of Naamah—a world in which the Empire would assuredly never discover. Making use of the momentum given with the outbreak of the war, resistance cells all over the Cluster started to emerge and fight the Empire. Tironus Manition and Corva raided Imperial convoys in the Corthon system.

Loyalist forces ambushed at Ozdudrahk

However, when the war escalated the Resistance slowly became aware that something was threatening their excistence. The elite Imperial-Legatus Raptor Squadron was tasked with hunting down the Resistance. Raymus Oquoné of Blazing Squadron made an unsuccesful attempt to liberate Janice Ross from Imperial captivity. Lusitania Squadron stole two modified Dreadnought-Class warships from Concor Refueling Depot. Soon after, Idris Vanguinar onboard her Consular-class had an encounter with Raptor Squadron and barely escaped. Meanwhile Sesoka set up a base on Andustar as well.

The first blow against the Resistance came in may 21AQF (2819) when the Rambo Loyalist forces were ambushed at Ozdudrahk by Raptor Squadron in the Space in Between. Resistance Command lost contact with them ever since. Later on, in October 21AQF the Resistance was informed of the death of High King Rambert Ramveral and the subsequent fall of Rambo Nation, cutting off reliable source of supplies, intelligence and a valuable supporter for their cause. As the Resistance tried to hold their campaign, the New Cyrannian Republic shortly fell as well, another great supporter.

Emancipator raids an Imperial convoy after the loss of RN and the NCR

Within the course of a few months, the Resistance faces collapse with the loss of their two greatest allies and the loss of contact with their units as the Empire sets their attention upon the Resistance. Yet Sesoka and Resistance command refuse to surrender or give up hope and by novemex the Emancipator raids an Imperial convoy on the Muunilarian Trade Route.

By January of 2820 (22AQF) the Rambo Loyalists re-appear (unknown to Resistance Command) and engage the Imperial outpost on Isle Blue. Managing to take the base, the Loyalist suffered another defeat mere days after with the arrival of Legatus admiral Apticyus who drove the Loyalists away and retook the base. Now the Loyalist lost their oppertunity to resettle contact with Resistance command and were split in half. One side of their forces escaped to the Quadrant Galaxies while the other half fled into the Finduila Sector. Meanwhile, the Imperials close in on Andustar as Resistance operations get more difficult with the tightening grip of the Empire, while amongst their own their is some unrest as well with the Creeper Cabel feeling themselves cornered and inactive while on Andustar.

Loyalists start their campaign against the Empire in the Quadrants in earnest, August 2820

By August 2820 (22 AQF), the Rambo Loyalist-faction gained various important victories against the Empire in the Western Sectors, liberating planets like Umbrax and Impaerusqiantia that eventually resulted in the forming of the supportive Dinotopian Republic. As the Kingdom of the Netherlands in the Finduila Sector was liberated as well the bulk of the Loyalist fleet under Loyalist One and the Eendragt returned to the Quadrants and began their assault at Starbase 25. With the timely arrival of a Civatron led Singularim Pact fleet turned the tide in favor of the Loyalists and the Imperials suffered an important strategic defeat. Making use of their momentum the Loyalist began assaulting various other planets within the former core regions of Rambo Nation but suffered painly defeats as well, risking the support of potential Serindia Houses for their cause.


Civil Government[]

Though inspired by the legacy of the United Republic of Cyrannus and unlike the New Cyrannian Republic, the Cyrandia Resistance is not organised to effectively govern space. Rather, it is an unapologetic military resistance which does not claim to be the legitimate government of the galaxy. This tactic is much unlike the Republic in Exile active during the Dark Times which followed the mantra that the Republic would win out against the Empire by simply ignoring it, under the impression that it would inevitably collapse from within. Rather, the Resistance believes that the New Republic is the legitimate government of the galaxy and that though they do not fight against the Empire openly, they should use the Resistance to fight them from within.

The Resistance does however have a civil government of sorts, used to tend to the needs of worlds under their fold and at times organise popular resistances against the Empire on their own worlds. That said, most of the day-to-day running of worlds under the Resistance's sphere of influence is left to planetary governments rather than the overarching Resistance leadership, which is content to leave such matters to planetary administrations and officials.

The Resistance does however elect a figurehead every two years to represent the public face of their fight against the Empire. The convention signed by the civilian and military leaders of the Resistance claims that once the Empire collapses and peace is restored to the Empire, the President of the Resistance will agree to abolish both his or her office and the Resistance itself, transferring its authority over to the New Republic and the reinstated Cyrandia Alliance. Unofficially, the title is held by Sesoka, though with the departure of Senator Raen Magalen, his wife Kyrsá Nimrais retains much of his political influence.


The main Resistance gained supporters over the years, whether by cells, cabals or guilds. These cells are smaller sections of the Resistance who are not part of the main fleet unless required or called upon. To ensure the safety of Resistance and its leaders the cells are unaware of each other existence until the time comes to join forces together. The various cells keep in touch by the use of contacts send by the Resistance leadership and operate independent from each other on different missions.

Cell Insigna Description
Resistance Command
Resistance Command is led by General Sesoka and is based in the Cyrannus Galaxy, as well as the hidden Persan capital Naamah. Command monitors and sends various cells on missions important for the entire movement, as well as organising informants and operatives to coordinate while keeping their whereabouts secret. The flagship of Command is the dreadnought Emancipator.

Sqaudrons associated with Resistance Command:

Blazing Squadron

Recon Squadron


Free Osteola Rebel Cell
The Free Osteola rebel cell is a faction of the Cyrandia Resistance operating in the Cyrannus Galaxy, led by dissident Osteola opposed to the authoritative Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Formed in 14 NE by former Imperial Senators Donaró and Corgan, the movement was inspired by one of the leaders of the Resistance, former Duchess Kyrsá Nimrais, who supplied the movement with many of its ships, including the modified Providence-class Dreadnought, Whitestone One.

Creeper Cabel
Creeper Cabel is a rebel resistance movement hailing from the poor and devasted world known as Yudumarth, in the Quadrant Galaxies.

Consisting out of Yudimaran these proud soldiers and people fight for the indepence and recognition of their homeworld so that the eyes of Rambo Nation and Lianna Initiative are opened and realise that the Yudimaran need aid instead of sanctions. The movement is led by Lady Syria Achyriona, daughter of the late Geldrim and Chief Yudran, a former Rambo employee. Known to use bold tactics the two Cabel leaders struggle to survive though refuse to harm or exploit innocents though are fierce in battle and use brutal tactics to win.

Creeper Cabel Fleet.png
Creeper Cabel Fleet


Rambo Loyalist
The Rambo Loyalist are a rebel and loyalist faction within the Quadrant Galaxies throughout the Cyrandia Cluster and can be considered a cell of the far large Cyrandia Resistance. Founded by Lord Ramannis Le Rambo, brother of Dino Le Rambo I and Rambarth Dino II Le Rambo and uncle of Ramashe. Ramannis refused to recognise the rule of Rambert Ramveral and trenched himself at Ramar Shadda before he escaped it in secret and founded his own military movement. It vows to see the destruction and defeat of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the end of High King Rambert Ramveral his rule. The cell is led by Lord Ramannis Le Rambo onboard the Loyalist One.

Squadrons associated with the Rambo Loyalist:

Loyalist Ensemble

Assosciated Squadrons and Units:

Curagae Squadron/Curagae Humanitarian Fleet

Lusitania Squadron

Resistance Ranks and Positions[]

  • Political Leadership
    • Resistance President
    • Resistance Board of Leadership
  • Supreme Commander of the Military Forces
    • Chief of Military Staff
    • Joint Chiefs of Staff (incl. fleet-commander)
  • General/Admiral
  • Vice-Admiral
  • Captain/Colonel
  • Commander
  • Lt. Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Chief
  • Sergeant/ensign
  • Corporal
  • Soldier/Cadet

Key Figures & Associates[]

Political Leadership

The plitical leadership of the Cyrandia Resistance consists out of the leaders of the major Resistance Cells and those with influence over the direction and actions the Resistance should take. The leadership or cells can command or overview various squadrons, though this is not present for all squadrons, some are independent.

Name/Cell/Race Name/Cell/Race Name/Cell/Race Name/Cell/Race Name/Cell/Race
Leader Corgan
Free Osteola Rebel Cell
Duchess Whitestone.png
Duchess Kyrsá Nimrais
Resistance Command
Ramannis Le Rambo (Rebel)Large.png
Lord Ramannis Le Rambo
Rambo Loyalist
Rambo Serindia
General Sesoka.png
General Sesoka
Resistance Command
Syria AchyrionaLarge.png
Lady Syria Achyriona
Creeper Cabel
Commanders and Personnel

The bulk of the Resistance consists out of the countless people who serve in the various cells or are commanding the squadrons.

Name/Cell/Race Name/Cell/Race Name/Cell/Race Name/Cell/Race Name/Cell/Race Name/Cell/Race
Val Suthra.png
Fleet-Commander Val Niathan
Resistance Command
Mon Nahdar
Status:Died in battle
Jan Michiel TasmanLarge.png
Schout bij Nacht
Jan Michiel Tasman
Rambo Loyalist
Lord Jar'Dris RavencrowLarge.png
Jar'Dris Ravencrow
Rambo Loyalist
Carnthedain Elf
Malegras (3) with CapeLarge.png
Rambo Loyalist
Perreri AckdoolLarge.png
Perreri Ackdool
Recon Squadron
Mon Nahdar
Komamuka SajinLarge.png
Komamuka Sajin
Rambo Loyalist
Anthropomorphic wolf
Captain (Ser)
Ramniels Ramcelsior
Rambo Loyalist
Rambo Serindia
Status:Died in battle
Altus MireaLarge.png
Altus Mirea
Lusitania Squadron
Bob ChioaikRebelLarge.png
Bob Chioaik
Curagae Squadron
Senator Donaró.png
Free Osteola Rebel Cell
Guan LongyroLarge.png
Guan Longyro
Free Osteola Rebel Cell
Raymus OquonéLarge.png
Raymus Oquoné
Blazing Squadron
Idris Vanguinar (v2)Large.png
Idris Vanguinar

Lusitania Squadron

Tatsu Irana Rebel Lt.png
Tatsu Irana
Recon Squadron
Yvenne ThalyssaeraLarge.png
Yvenne Thalyssaera
Rambo Loyalist
Chief Yudran
Creeper Cabel

The Cyrandia Resistance is able to call upon a number of associates and privateers to aid them in their struggle against the Empire.

Name/Affiliation/Race Name/Affiliation/Race Name/Affiliation/Race Name/Affiliation/Race Name/Affiliation/Race
Janice RossOrderLarge.png
Knight Janice Ross
Aldárae Order


Andustar Resistance Base

The Cyrandia Resistance was active throughout the entire Cyrandia Cluster, their rebellion started within the Cyrannus Galaxy and later in the Quadrant Galaxies as well. After hunts by Raptor Squadron and later on the fall of Rambo Nation, the Resistance strongholds in the Quadrants were lost and the cells there were either driven underground or relocated to the Space in Between. At the same time, cells within the Cyrannus Galaxy raised a permanent base at Andustar.

Known Bases[]

Cyrannus Galaxy
  • Andustar - Andustar Resistance Base
  • Naamah
Quadrant Galaxies

Temporary Hiding Places and Bases[]

Space in Between
  • Isle Blue - conquered from the Imperials, shortly after lost it again in 2820
  • Ozdudrahk - before discovery in 2820

Military and Defence[]

The military arm of the Cyrandia Resistance lacks the organised nature of the Imperial Military or that of the New Republic, though the passion and determination of the men and women who fight to bring down the Empire cannot be understated. Led by figures such as Sesoka, Val Niathan and secretly others such as Rambas II, the Resistance fields a wide range of capable officers and soldiers who include those who left the Republic Navy after the end of the Great Cyrannus War, to members of factions such as the Republic Remnant, the Confederacy of Allied Systems and the Capricorn Remnant Alliance amongst many others. Though it also receives support from officers within the New Republic, not to be underestimated are those who defect from the Empire to fight against the government they once served in their fight for a free Cyrannus.



Capital Ships and cruisers[]

Frigates and Corvettes[]

Starfighters, Bombers and Transports[]

Ground Vehicles[]



Green face.pngKalos Mercu!


Yellow face.pngHow can we help?


Red face.pngFor freedom!


The Empire will never the destroy the ideals of the Republic, even from their own citizens. A storm is coming that even they may not endure.

- Apollo

Were it not for my duties to the Republic, I'd be fighting alongside them.

- Willelmus Cretacea

A mortal wound can begin as a minimally small itch.

- Jerkon

The weak in a pitiable attempt to combat strong. Their bravery is admirable. Their idiocy is laughable.

- Zillum

Cyrannus is ours. Not yours. You will not rise again.

- Tyrant

I'm going to throw up a leg and beat you with it.

- Erissare

Empire, Republic, no matter how you're called, you'll all die the same in the end.

- Mar-Júun


  • If the Cyrannus Galaxy is equated with the Second World War, the Resistance can be seen to represent the French Resistance, the Empire represents the Axis and the New Republic represents the Allies.


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