The following outlines major companies within the Cyrandia Cluster and associated sectors of the Fiction Universe:

Many forms of companies exist around the Cyrandia and associated sectors, for cargo and shipping, weapons and armanents, cruiser liners, entertainment, news or propaganda purposes.


Cyrannus Based Companies[]

Image Description Location
Alberen Engineering Corporation
Alberen Engineering Corporation is a key military and civilian starship manufacturing corporation based in the Cyrannus Galaxy, headquartered on the Core World Alberensis, in the capital city of Tithonan.

Founded in 16,154 BNE during a golden age of the ancient First Republic, Alberen Engineering Corps established itself as a key supplier of the Republic's naval forces, retaining a level of prestige in the galactic Dark Age after the Second Nagith War and into the subsequent reigns of the Federation of United Worlds and the United Republic of Cyrannus millennia later.

With influence stretching across Cyrannus, AEC maintains dozens of subsidiaries on worlds across the Cyrandia Cluster, and throughout the centuries has been rivalled only by its primary competitors, Cyroenian System Yards and Scorpiaen Fleet Systems.

The following locations are major ports or locations for the AEC:
Cyroenian System Yards
Cyroenian System Yards, also known as Cyroenian Shipyards or simply the CSY, is the oldest and most respected military starship manufacturing corporation based in the Cyrannus Galaxy, headquartered on Cyroenia.

As one of the founding worlds of the ancient First Republic, the people of Cyroenia sought to distinguish themselves as the foremost manufacturing company in the newly formed government. Over the centuries, Cyroenian System Yards grew from a small number of shipyards and docks into a vast planetary ring encircling the entire planet. The formation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus prompted the CSY to shift its allegiance from the URC, and it was responsible for manufacturing the majority of the Empire's foremost symbols of Imperial might, including the Imperator-class Star Destroyer, the ASP-ln starfighter and the Armoured Assault Transport.

Following the liberation of Cyroenia by the New Republic, the CSY began specialising in the construction of the Republic's roster of Star Destroyers, while the Imperial-aligned subsidiary Cortellier-Ordvestar Engineering continued manufacturing for various Imperial remnants, most prominently the New Empire.

The following locations are major ports or locations for the CDY:
Megastructural Construction Corporation
The Megastructural Construction Corporation (MCC) is a privately-held corporation based in the Nivenia, Caeruleo, and Paulo Fluctus Beta systems in the Cyrannus galaxy, with their corporate headquarters in the Departmental District of Nivenia Prime. It is responsible for 41.3 percent of the economy of the Nivenian Empire, and mainly deals with the construction of incredibly large structures. Their most successful products are the ringworlds that are iconic of the Nivenian Empire and the DIY Ecumenopolis series, both of which allow population capacities of over a quadrillion in most cases. The following locations are major ports or locations for the MCC:

Quadrantia Based Companies[]

Image Description Location
Froramsilia Company Association
The Froramsilia Company Association is a major trade federation within the Quadrant Galaxies and dominant company within the Ramboidae sphere of influance. It is better known amongst the Ramboidae citizens as the Company and not a single citizen goes a day without using goods, commerce, equipment or products provided by this massive corporation.

Departments under the associations wings are amongst others fleet yards, major industry corporations, the Serindia Banks and more!

The following locations are major ports or locations for the Company.
Muunivelle Shipping Company
The Muunivelle Shipping Company (MSC) is major shipping line in terms of container vessel capacity within primary based within the Quadrant Galaxies. As a private company it has no obligation to publish annual reports and holds no allegiance to any government within the Cyrandia Cluster.

By 2020, the MSC was operating 250 Muunivelle-class cargo freighters whereas it operates in major ports all over the Cyrandia Cluster. The MSC's most important port is Muunivelle, located within the Western Sector of the Quadrant Galaxies. The company originally ferried cargo under the flag of Rambo Nation before its dissolution by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and as such falls under the Rambo jurisdiction and pays profit taxes to that government.

Its logo features a white flag with blue and green waves with a green 'M' and the letters forming the 'Shipping Company'.

The following locations are major ports or locations for the Company.
Quadrantia HoloNet
“Quadrantia HoloNet! Your source for television, music, games, news, internet and more!”

The Quadrantia HoloNet is the Broadcasting Corporation & Media-Services Provider within the Quadrant Galaxies and some areas in the Endless Space. As a Digital and Interactive Platform News Service that can be widely accessible it gained a foothold in the Gigaquadrant Media as well. Formed in 2593 (227 BQF) it is one of the eldest thriving companies within the Quadrants. Its logo features the letters QHolo Net in a variation of coloration like white/blue and red.

Over the years, the QHoloNet became the main source of entertainment for the Quadrants, with television channels, internet, communication channels, music hitlists, movie channels, download channels etc.

Main Branches:

  • Quadrantia Movie Channels
  • Quadrantia Music Hitlist
  • Quadrantic Entertainment Center
  • Quadrantic Internet
  • Quadrantic News Channel
  • Hypernaute.QHN
The following places are major locations for the QHN:
Saurien Sector Corporation
The Saurien Sector Corporation (SSC) is a major if not the largerst weapons and armament manufacturer primary based within the Cyrandia Cluster and various sectors of the Endless Space. As a private company that enjoys government contracts it falls under the Quadrantia jurisdiction. Due to its large and important size and legacy after being the main defence contractor of the former Rambo Nation, it holds a large influence over the Quadrantia economy. Armaments and weapons designed for the former Rambo Nation are by Quadrantia law prohibited from sharing and are deemed classified. As such the SSC holds no obligations to share it with other companies or governments that contract the SSC.

By 2020, the SSC was operating within most of the Cyrandia Cluster, operating within the Cyrannus & Quadrant Galaxies as well within the Endless Space sectors known as the Finduila Sector and the Space in Between. Its most important port is Impaerusqiantia, located within the Western Sector of the Quadrant Galaxies.

Its logo features a demonic Quccubus siding the SSC acronym.

The following locations are major ports or locations for the SSC:
Triggant Estates
Triggant Estates is a profit-driven Architect and Real Estate Company located on Boreas. The company deals in the business of buying, selling, and renting real property of his own design. As such the company is also in the process and the product of planning, designing, and constructing buildings or any other structures with their own architects.

Their designs and construction include appartment buildings, skyscrapers, the orbital ring of Boreas and the typical 'Triggant' bridges and landing docks.

The following location is associated with the Triggant Estates:

Finduila Sector Based Companies[]

Image Description Location
Dutch Trade Company Logo Large.png
Dutch Trade Company
The Dutch Trade Company (DTC) is a n infuential interstellar shipping and trade conglomerate within the Finduila Sector. As a business company it works with different kinds of products that are sold for consumers, business or goverment purposes. In addition the DTC ships and exports Dutch products to other intergalactic market using their trade fleet and hyperlane routes. The DTC is government-backed but privately financed company and vital to the Dutch economy and employment of its citizens.Some accuse the DTC to be a military-political-economic complex rather than a pure trading company but the Board of Directors deny such claims.

Its logo features the golden head and claw of a lion, on the background it displays the Dutch flag and the letters T and C in black, thus forming the DTC.

The following locations are major ports or locations for the DTC:

Space in Between Based Companies[]

Image Description Location
Logo Ekimu Enterprises.png
Ekimu Enterprises
Ekimu Enterprises was a starship, starfighter and vehicle manufacturer based on the planet Lareg, within the Space in Between. It produced many of the sector's freighters and was known to base design of other shipyards after requiring schematics via official or illegal ways. These versions, however were often a bit smaller but efficient, a prime example of this were the Hammerheads. Besides producing freighters, it also produced walkers like the AT-AT and the AT-DP, but also starfighters like the ASP-D. It was formed in 2448 (350 BQF} and is considered one of the older companies within the Space in Between Sector.

Its logo features a golden spiked mask with turtoise blue letters featuring the companies name.

The following location is associated with Ekimu Enterprises:
Logo Vex Club Glowing.png
Vexo Club
The Vexo Club is a major and well known club within the Space in Between and surrounding sectors- centered at the planet Lareg. Primary based upon the entertainment of people, the Vexo Club actually consists out of various establishments and features a well known logo, a well curved human female in a seductive manner with glowing red lights. It is located within the pleasure district of Lareg City on Lareg, the planet of joy and pleasure. The following location is associated with the Vexo Club:

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