The range of inhabitants of the Cyrandia Cluster are vast, diverse and impressive. Though beyond the well-known massive superpowers like the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the New Cyrannian Republic and Rambo Nation, the Cluster houses a vast array of wildlife, ranging from small to the large and terrifying sauriens to mystical creatures long thought extinct.

Biologists of the Cyrandia Cluster recognise these major groups of animals:

  • Amphibians: Comfortable in both aquatic and terrestrial environments. Includes frogs and newts.
  • Dinosaurs: Descendents of reptiles, dinosaurs are known as Sauriens to the Quadrant Galaxies and are abundantly common in Cyrandia.
    • Birds: Feathered animals known for having many members capable of flight.
    • Ornithischians: Herbivorous creatures including hadrosaurs and ceratopsids.
    • Sauropods: Often massive herbivorous creatures with long necks and tails.
    • Theropods: Primarily carnivorous dinosaurs including tyrannosaurs and dromeosaurs.
  • Reptiles: Cold blooded creatures such as crocodiles and snakes known for laying eggs.
    • Dragons: Dangerous and mythical beings of old, dragons are reptiles known for their fearsome temperament.
  • Fish: Aquatic cold-blooded creatures with no limbs.
  • Insects: Small anthropods.
  • Mammals: Known as Rahiae to the inhabitants of Cyrandia, mammals give birth to live young and are often covered in fur.
  • Scions: Mythical beings of great and mysterious power.

Below, listed at alphabetical orders those creatures are featured, as this page acts as a database of the wildlife. The Scions are not listed on this page, as they have a page of their own here.

Dinosaurs (Sauriens)Edit





Insects and Arachnids Edit





Lizards, Snakes and MosasaursEdit





The other classifications is meant for creatures who do not fall in the specific classification above.

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