Among the stars, the distant Cyrandia stands like a proud noblewoman on a court ball: beautiful, magisterial, inseparable from her companions but also distant, unattainable. Few can match this mysterious lady in grace and wisdom; many have seeked to claim her, yet none have ever succeeded. For mistress Cyrandia's path is her own; worlds, stars, even galaxies themselves may rise and fall, but She will always remain. Untainted. Unbroken. Unwavering.

- Excerpt from Gigaquadrant: the Celestial Court, by Meralessos Leramni

The Cyrandia Cluster is one of the key galactic clusters of the First Gigaquadrant, containing the Cyrannus Galaxy, the Cyranai Galaxy and the Quadrant Galaxies. Famous for the high levels of historical, mythological, political and cultural interactions between the various civilisations of the Cluster, Cyrandia is also well known for being somewhat different in many fundamental respects to other galactic clusters in the Gigaquadrant to the point where some incorrectly consider it to be pocket universe of its own due to the separate supreme forces at work. The three most politically dominant civilisations in the Cluster are the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, Rambo Nation and the New Cyrannian Republic though the Cluster is also home to thousands of other civilisations that have made an indelible mark on history such as the Hutter Kingdom, the Cognatus Empire and the Troodontid Empire. In the decades prior to the formation of the Cyrannian Empire, the cluster's hyperpower, the Cluster was more or less united under a single organisation known as the Cyrandia Alliance, though unfortunately it has since fallen despite growing calls for its re-establishment now that the New Republic has been formed.

Much of the ancient history of the Cluster revolves around the Oikoumene and the Atlantica, hyperpowered beings that serve as the fundamental "powers-that-be" in the Cluster, closing off the Cyrandia galaxies from the outer universe by forming vast disturbances that surround Cyrannus, Cyranai and the Quadrants. These disturbances prohibit all forms of FTL travel into the galaxies with the exception of the plethora of natural wormholes that dot the galactic landscape. Scientists also attribute these disturbances to protecting the galaxies against events such as the Annihilation and most instances of extragalactic invasions.

Since the First Galactic War, the Cluster's modern history has been dominated by a series of events that include the Second Galactic War, the Intergalactic War, the Great Cyrannus War, Quadrantia Disorder, the formation of the Cyrannian Empire, the Dark Times, the formation of the Cyrannian Republic and the New Cyrandia Wars. These events chronicle the legendary lives of leaders like Apollo, monarchs like Ramashe and warriors like Zillum against the backdrop of the machinations of Tyrómairon and Morgandaûr who seeks to bring the entire Cluster under his rule.


Era of Secrets[]

Atlantica Assembly

Politically one of the oldest regions of the First Gigaquadrant, the Cyrandia Cluster is one of the most influential and famous clusters in the universe, home to many galaxies, both large and small. For billions of years, the Cluster remained under the constant watch of the so-called Galactic Precursors, which include the benevolent Atlantica and Oikoumene and perhaps, something more. The earliest known space faring civilizations included the vastly powerful Aininyë, who ruled in Quadrants while Cyrannus was under the keen protection of the Oikoumene. However, with time, these civilizations either fell, or ascended into new planes of existences.

Eventually, new civilizations rose in the Cyrannus Galaxy, while the Quadrants remained quite devoid of life after the disappearance of the Atlantica. These civilizations, such as the First Republic and Nagith Empire waged war against each other, until a time where an extragalactic threat, the Bisistar of Cyranai emerged, invading Cyrannus, before being eventually repulsed back to their home galaxy. While these civilizations in Cyrannus eventually fell, meanwhile in Quadrant 21, a new race known as the Secoolian reached spacefaring capabilities and began exploring the stars. Here, they met in battle with their enemies, the Grox, who had seemingly appeared out of nowhere within a few decades. These Grox, similar to the those found in Cyrannus were much different from the Grox Empire of the rest of the Gigaquadrant.

Era of Fracture[]

The Secoolian battle the Quadrantia Grox.

In the following centuries, civilizations and species arose such as the Federation of United Worlds, the Mortalitas and the Basileus in Cyrannus, while in the Quadrants, the Hutter and the Rambulan arose as new galactic powers. However, the most important civilization that arose during this period was the famous Rambo Nation in Quadrant 82, which eventually grew to become one of the most important civilizations in the history of the Gigaquadrant. Despite this, the Cluster remained mostly fractured and contact between Cyrannus, Cyranai and the Quadrants was almost non-existent. However, this all changed when the Trucinex attacked the Federation of United Worlds, beginning the Trucinex War.

This war marked the beginning of the alliance between the United Republic of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation, an alliance that would dominate the Cluster in the decades to come. Together, the allies fought against the Imperial Alliance and the United Lanat Empire in conflicts such as the Second Galactic War. Though the conflict that truly began to unite the Cluster was the Intergalactic War against the dreaded Cognatus, which saw the creation of the Cyrandia Alliance between many of the cluster's most powerful civilisations. During the war, the ancient Oikoumene known as Tyrómairon was awakened and set his sights on the pacification of the cluster.

A battle of the Great Cyrannus War during which factions from across the Cluster fought for Cyrannus' future.

The greatest and most famous war fought in the Cluster was the Great Cyrannus War which involved much of the Cluster's superpowers. Due to the manipulations of Tyrómairon, the Confederacy of Allied Systems waged war on the Republic and the Rambo, which by now had formed the Cyrandia Alliance. During the war, both sides made gains and lost ground, while factions such as the Cyrannian Neraida came to the forefront, battling both sides in the dreadful war. After three years of conflict however, the war ended with a conclusion that surprised the entire cluster, the conglomeration of the Confederacy and the Republic into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, with Tyrómairon as its almighty Emperor.

Apollo speaks to the Rambo Senate after the formation of the New Republic.

Era of Intrigue[]

After months of consolidating Imperial rule, Emperor Tyrómairon launched a massive assault on Rambo Nation, eventually forcing Empress Ramashe to surrender. In the following weeks, Rambo Nation was placed under Garlboz in all but name, while Ramashe herself began to slowly gain more and more power for herself by undermining Garlboz whenever the opportunity arose, ultimately becoming the undisputed leader when Tyrómairon agreed to make her Grand Mandator as well as supreme Empress.

Meanwhile, those who remained loyal to the old ways, such as Apollo and the Republic in Exile hoped for the return of democracy, ultimately resulting in the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic as the Dark Times came to an end. This led to a period of political normalisation between the Republic, the Empire and Rambo Nation highlighted by a key meeting between the three powers at Lianna Station during which they decided to form a Cyrandia Council to deal with matters relating to the entire cluster such as regulating extragalactic colonisation. However, all these positives steps were set against the backdrop of the New Cyrandia Wars, which saw the Cyrannian Imperial State rebel against the Empire in both Cyrannus and the Quadrants in the hopes of removing Imperial influence from the cluster. When the New Cyrandia Wars over, the period of Tertius Bellum began in the Quadrant Galaxies, during which the position of the Rambo within the Quadrant Galaxies was threatened. Meanwhile in Cyrannus, the Republic and the Empire fell into a state of cold war, known as the Cyrannian Cold War, during which time both vied for control of the galaxy.


The astrometric heart of the Cluster is the Cyrannus which exerts an immense gravitational pull on the smaller Cyranai and the Quadrants. However, unlike most galaxies, the examples in the Cyrandia Cluster have impenetrable disturbances around each other, making travel to and from them impossible, with the exception of naturally occurring wormholes. These wormholes are a closely guarded resource in Cyrandia, with most either formally or informally falling under the control of a native faction as a precaution against an extragalactic invasion. These "bottlenecks" are believed to be responsible for thwarting invasions from civilisations such as the Congregation and the Drakodominatus Tyranny, a luxury the rest of the Gigaquadrant does not possess. The disturbances that surround Cyrandia themselves were created in the distant past by the Oikoumene and the Atlantica in a process often linked to the world of Aecor.


The Cyrannus Galaxy.

The Cyrannus Galaxy, which is the neighbour of the Quadrants, houses impressive and powerful empires, though also gentle civilisations and beautiful worlds creating a great intergalactic status. From here, our close allies the Libertus hail from, and over time they formed alliances which eventually led to the forming of the great Republics and Empires through the ages. The protector of democracy, order and peace, a beacon of light for those who are in the dark.

- Ramashe

The Cyrannus Galaxy is a large spiral galaxy located in the Cyrandia Cluster of the First Gigaquadrant. Historically, the galaxy is one of the most powerful, stable and influential in the Gigaquadrant known for its prosperous and expansive civilisations and what is close to a united galactic culture. Since time immemorial, Cyrannus has been home to many powerful and mysterious civilizations, such as the ancient Nagith Empire and the First Republic, the ancestors of the galaxy's modern political structure. Currently, the galaxy is mostly under the influence of the imperialistic Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the diplomatic New Cyrannian Republic though the galaxy is also home to many other large civilisations, such as the feared Neraida Gigamatrix, the zealous Cognatus Empire, the devious Rihanae Pact and the elusive Troodontid Empire.

A map of the Cyranai Galaxy.

The Cyranai Galaxy is one of the many satellite galaxies of Cyrannus. It is a peculiar dwarf galaxy, 11,560 light years in diameter and it is home to over 12 million stars, many of which can support life. Of all the satellite galaxies of Cyrannus, Cyranai is the closest, and yet it has only been recently documented. It wasn't until the days of the Great Cyrannus War that civilizations from around the Cyrandia Cluster began colonizing the small galaxy. However, these attempts would soon end when it's sinister Bisistar natives came on the scene.

The Quadrant Galaxies.

The Quadrant Galaxies, who are orbiting the Cyrannus Galaxy are five separate galaxies, which can only be reached by various wormholes due to dangerous anomalies surrounding each Quadrant. These anomalies are the boundaries placed as barriers by the Atlantica to protect the Quadrants from harm. In the middle of the Quadrants lies an area of space known only as the Space in Between. This area is relative unknown and also quite large. The area is surrounded by anomalies and a hostile place to those not familiar with it.

The Quadrants house a great diversity of species and empires, from traders to shamans, and from warriors to demonic creatures of old. Due to the many species inhabiting the Quadrants war is a frequent event, whether they arrived from border conflicts or conquest, the Quadrants have been involved in some of the dangerous wars which also inflicted others outside the Quadrants. With such a diversity some species find it hard to accept the others- while others can get along with just anyone. Some are seclusive and with to be left alone while others are explorers, searching for new allies and investigating the mysteries of the Quadrants.

None the less, there is one common thing that unites all of the Quadrants- and that is their faith in the Rambo Pantheon.

Chandras Galaxy

The Chandras Galaxy is a mysterious satellite galaxy to the Quadrant Galaxies, part of the Cyrandia Cluster and thus of the larger First Gigaquadrant. It's existence came to be known the universal community barely a few years ago when its local superpower, the Singularim Pact, traversed the wormhole network in Cyrandia to battle the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

In reality, Chandras is a galaxy that has had a much larger purpose in ancient times. It was the bastion of the Krassio Host during the worst years of the War of Ages. It's cosmic properties are entangled with the powerful Psionic Essence, with spirits from this mystical energy called Iluvii manifest occasionally and roam freely in its space. Where the ruins of the ancient and cryptic Krass abound, and where the devastation of great wars has left a good portion of it to anarchy.

Chandras is a galaxy in recovery, its denizens looking up to a brighter future despite the piracy, the interdimensional threats and savages that assail the enduring worlds that surivived the War of Ages (or Demon Wars as Chandrans call them) and the Great Psionic War, which blasted a great portion of the galactic North, leaving it barren of the majority of stars.


Ships gather near Lianna for an important conference.

Unlike most Clusters, most of the inhabitants of the Cyrandia Cluster have been space-faring for centuries, if not millennia. This often means that the civilizations of the Cluster are often multi-species and cosmopolitan, having very large populations, militaries and advanced technologies. Currently it is arguable that the most powerful civilization in the Cluster is the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus though factions such as the New Cyrannian Republic and Rambo Nation are gigaquadrantic juggernauts in their own right. These three civilisations are different in many ways, but are also quite similar in many respects sharing a commitment to peace, order and justice for all species. The Republic and the Rambo are currently members in the Mou'Cyran Accords due to their policies of non-interventionism in the conflicts in the outer Gigaquadrant, though the Empire itself has remained unaligned, following its own foreign policy without care of the wishes of others.

Other civilisations include illusive factions that rarely seek to change the course of galactic history such as the Hutters and the Troodontids while nefarious civilisations such as the Cognatus and the Neraida tend to disregard politics entirely in the pursuit of their own goals.

A joint fleet made up of ships from across the Gigaquadrant over Mou'Cyran, a symbol of the spirit of intergalactic cooperation common in the Cluster.

Key political centres in Cyrandia include the Imperial Capital Orbispira, the idyllic Rambo Capital and Mou'Cyran, capital of the New Republic and headquarters of the Mou'Cyran Accords, an intergalactic organisation devoted to peace. In recent years, the Singularim Pact has attained a military influence over the sector in part thanks to their exploits in fighting the Empire by supporting their old alliances in direct and indirect ways.


The Cyrandia Cluster as a whole, as a unite mythology that sets it apart from the rest of the Gigaquadrant. Instead of the established forces of power in the outside universe, here other powers are at work. Scientists are yet to come up with an explanation to this phenomena, though some believe that divine forces were at work. Those in Rambo Nation and much of the Quadrants would often explain this with the power of the Gods, while those in Cyrannus are generally more divided on the subject, though the influence of the so-called One God is a popular explanation.



  • The Cluster was created by Dinoman82 when he created the Rambo Nation and the Quadrants in 2009. Originally, Cyrannian's fiction was located in the Milky Way but was moved to the Cyrannus Galaxy after the Trucinex War. Since then, both users have contributed the vast majority of their fictions to the Cluster inextricably linking them together throughout the years. Since then, many other users have made parts of Cyrandia their home.
  • The Cyrandia Cluster is administered by Dinoman82 and Cyrannian, though the galaxies within are open for all users provided that permission is granted.
  • While one of the oldest parts of the Fiction Universe, it often follows a different continuity in certain cases. For example, while the Xhodocto exist, Chaos is not seen as being fundamental.
  • The quote from Meralessos Leramni was graciously provided by TheImperios.
  • The most powerful weapons within the Cluster were owned by Rambo Nation and the secretive organisation Majestic, respectively the Angforst before its destruction and the Terminus project. During the events of the Tertius Bellum, a new superweapon was revealed in the form of Galvarus, a Lizardian structure now in command of the terrifying Zillum.

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