In a sense, I praise the Trucinex, the Cognatus and their xenocidal crusades of old. The ugly truth of the universe is that true unity comes only once it is anointed in blood, tested by the fires of hatred and bloodshed - and we have withstood plenty of it in the past. Is it why the people of the Quadrants and Cyrannus are so devoted to each other? Is the blood we've shed the bond that keeps us together? Perhaps it is so. But I prefer not to dwell on the past. What matters now is that we have forged a pact unlike any other. The Cyrandia is an alliance of peoples independent yet dependable, divided yet indivisible. Whatever lurks for us at the horizon, we shall endure.

- Rambo Founder

The Cyrandia Alliance was a military, economic and political alliance formed between the civilisations of the Cyrandia Cluster, particularly Rambo Nation and the United Republic of Cyrannus. Formed in 06 BNE/01 AQF, the Alliance quickly grew into a Gigaquadrantic hyperpower with the ability to extend its political and military power throughout the known galaxies of the universe. The brainchild of Rambo Empress Ramashe and Republic President Apollo, the Alliance was formed in response to the ordeals faced by both Rambo and Republic during the Trucinex War, the Second Galactic War, the War of Ages and the Intergalactic War. However, in the aftermath of the Great Cyrannus War, the Cyrandia were dealt a great blow when the United Republic was reorganized into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus which declared the Cyrandia traitors. By playing off fears of the Alliance's new Cognatus members, Emperor Tyrómairon successfully managed to demote the Alliance from Gigaquadrantic hyperpower to a broken dream.

After Rambo Nation had fallen into the Empire's hands, they were forced to sign the Nim-Glaré Concordat, which resulted in the Nation becoming a protectorate of the Empire. Later, the remaining members lost contact with the Cognatus and the Hutters and Xiaans signed a nonaggression pact, which was later broken soon after it was signed. By the third year of Imperial rule, the Cyrandia Alliance was broken though the idea remained alive through various resistance groups throughout the Cyrandia Cluster. When the New Cyrannian Republic was formed, Republic-Rambo Relations were resumed, though lingering tensions between the two powers as well as the Rambo's continuing status as an Imperial protectorate prevented an immediate restoration. Nevertheless, powerful lobby groups spanning both civilisations continue to call for the rebirth of the Cyrandia Alliance.


Early Years[]

The formation of the Cyrandia Alliance.

After many disastrous defeats at the hands of the First Cognatus Empire, the people of the United Republic of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation agreed to establish Cyrandia Alliance with many other nations of the Cyrandia Cluster. The most important individuals of these empires met on the colony of Ramaprica in the Cyrannus Galaxy, including President Apollo, Empress Ramashe, the Rambo Founder and the new Presidents of the Cyrandia Senate, Ambassador Sola Naberraé of the URC and Aur'Lumniosa of Rambo Nation. With the news of the Cyrandia Alliance between the URC and Rambo Nation, various races of the Quadrant and Cyrannus Galaxies also came to the decision of joining the new alliance, which would greatly improve their position and peace within their nations. Soon after, the warrior empire known as the Hutter Kingdom joined the Cyrandia's ranks, followed shortly by the mysterious Carcubalan and the wise Insector Eldarions. Yet, the Xiaans were hesitant as they did not know about the URC or Cyrannus Galaxy. Yet, after some meetings with the Rambo on Ramahri Nova the Xiaans finally decided to join the Cyrandia Alliance.

Loss of the Resistance

While the representatives of the Cyrandia were in consultation, they received an emergency transmission from Rambo Command about the Resistance. Fearing an attack on Rambo Nation the Aviadactyl Representative and Aur'Lumniosa wanted to leave the building, but stopped when a hologram of Empress Ramashe herself appeared. Informing them about a supernova which destroyed New Erion and the Resistance, the shocked representatives sat to consider her grave words. Some, if not all, wondered, what could possibly have caused the sun of New Erion, a healthy star, to go supernova.

A dark moment

After the newly revealed Adelphi joined the Cyrandia Alliance, the people of the Alliance enjoyed a time of celebration cut short by a mysterious danger. Once again, Empress Ramashe contacted the Alliance, bringing the sad news of the destruction of the Insector Eldarion homeworld. It was destroyed when their sun went nova and destroyed all who inhabited the system. Rambo forces were too late to evacuate to system and arrived after the destruction. Yet they did find the remains of the Insector Homeworld and various wreckages of Insector ships, and more surprising, from Imperial ships too. It soon became clear that the Imperial Alliance was behind the destruction of both the Resistance and the Insector Eldarions.

Cyrandia Under Siege![]

Space battle above Fornaeria.

While the enemies of the Cyrandia Alliance were scheming and attacking various members of the Alliance, the Senate would fail to understand the consequences of the attacks and what was yet to come.

Fornearia Campaign

Fornaeria, an outer colony of Rambo Nation came under attack by the Imperial Alliance during the Battle of Fornaeria. With far more ships, the Imperials held a firm grip over the colony for several weeks. But a Rambo Task force arrived together with new found allies and drove the Imperials off. But the battle of Fornaeria was far from over, though Rambo Nation did not know that at the time. During the battle Rambo Nation expanded greatly with the joining of new species and allies. Shorlty after, the Cyrandia Alliance were informed by Rambo Nation that the Imperial Alliance had fallen due to the betrayal of Aur'Lodin, the former Regent of the Imperial Alliance. Socked the Hutters learned knowledge that a dark figure was behind it all, but they didn't know who it was. Also, they feared Rambo Nation's position in the Quadrant Galaxies, that of the most powerful and influential civilisation in that part of the Gigaquadrant.

The War of Adelphi and Aftermath

A massive space battle signifies the wars beginning.

During the short but decisive Adelphi War, the Confederacy of Allied Systems came to light. After this short war, the Treaty of Corulus was signed, a great day for the Cyrannian Republic. Flocks of species and nations joined the Republic for protection against the Confederacy and other aggressive enemies, however in the Confederacy itself, change was occurring, the Mortalitas were losing much of their power, and a separatist movement of Libertus gained at their expense.

Second Coming & Vartekian War

Rambo Nation, the URC, the Hutters and the Xiaans were enjoying a steady peace when the Vartekians, a former neutral force and member of the G8 attacked Rambo Nation and the URC. Due to their surprise attack the Vartekians were able to conquer the URC planet Miridiá and the Rambo Nation planet Javan. Meanwhile the dreaded Cult of the Deathmarch that had attacked a Rambo Convoy near Fornaeria went into a quiet state. While Rambo Nation wanted to hunt them down and search for more information about them, the Cyrandia Senate disapproved it.

Due to these two threats, the Hutter Kingdom and Rambo Nation were talking about a new joint department, while they already had a Krakana Class for diplomatic uses the two were now discussing the possibility of a Joint Starfighter Command, integrating the various technology to make the best starfighter that would protect the Cyrandia Alliance territory against all threats. Around the same time, the Xiaan Alliance wanted were investigating the possibility to let the Imperial Remnant and the Confederacy join the Cyrandia Alliance, as they saw it as a way to gain more power in the Gigaquadrant and more peace and stability in their own galaxies. Yet these ideas would not reach the senate for a while, as attraction was drawn toward the URC, much to the dismay of Aur'Lumniassa and the Hutter Kingdom.

The Second Battle of Rametrai-Nui.

Great Cyrannus War & Quadrantia Disorder[]

To the surprise of all, the Great Cyrannus War erupted soon after when the Confederacy of Allied States supposedly attacked the URC with a bombing on Orbispira, in return the URC retaliated with a devastating attack at the Jorba Asteroid Field. This angered Aur'Lumniassa, as she didn't want another war, as it could mean the end of the peace in both the Cyrannus and Quadrant Galaxies after a few sparing years. And danger still loomed with the Vartekians and the Cult. Later on, matters would get complicated as the CAS blockaded Yadumarth, this meant the senators from the Quadrant Galaxies could not get to the Cyrannus Galaxy without a fleet backing them up. And with the Rambo Nation forces occupied at Javan an attack at Yadumarth could take a while. This meant any aid from the Quadrant Galaxies was cut off, showing the importance of Yadumarth, but in return the blockade left the URC alone in their battle and the Cyrandia Senate could only discuss matters with those already at Orbispira, like Aur'Lumniassa who didn't like being stranded at the crowded URC capital.

Later on in the war the DCP would get involved and even the Drocaria Kingdom would get involved in further battles. During those battles General Zillum resurfaced, having survived both the Intergalactic War and the Second Galactic War. Now the Senators of the Cyrandia were wondering how long it would take before the Confederacy would attack the other members of the Cyrandia Alliance, and whether or not they would get aid of the Imperial Remnant.

During the Great Cyrannus War, both the Rambulan Star Empire and the Insector Eldarion civilization ceased to exist, though investigated by Rambo Nation they turned empty handed and couldn't find out what happened to both civilization. The Xiaans and Hutters were getting nervous of these disaster, as it seemed Rambo Nation was loosing control over the Quadrant Galaxies, by unknown means and the Imperial Remnant was still rebuilding. The URC also was shocked about the loss of two great civilizations, obviously they were much more grieved at the loss of the Insector Eldarions. As the first year continued many planets came under attack by the CAS of both the Rambo and the URC, with even attacks at the Cyroenia shipyards, Capricaerón, Rambo Prime and the major Rambo planet of Karzamahri Nui fell under Confederate rule. The first year of the war ended with a massive Confederate/Grox attack at the Inner colonial sector of Rambo Nation and the return of General Zillum.

Capture of the Cyrandia President Aur'Lumniassa

During the start of the second year the Confederate Admiral Lizaconda managed to launch his operation fortune against Rambo Nation and attacked them at three fronts. During the battle of Koerband the Grox were defeated but Rametru Nui, capital of the mid colonial sector fell into Confederate rule. Even worse, Lizaconda attacked the USS Monts d'Ardèche, a Normandy Class light cruiser which was escorting President Aur'Lumniassa of the Cyrandia Alliance from the Capital towards Ramsoria. His own ship, the Liberty II was far stronger and he took the president captured, and during her interrogations he learned important information which was useful in later attacks.

With the start of the third year of the war both the URC and Rambo enjoyed a peace time with the change of year and fireworks were seen all over Cyrannus and the Quadrants. Though the third year of the war was about to become the worst and most devastating...

Third battle of Karzamahri Nui

Within the third year many battles were fought, with the Cyrannian Neraida Empire and the ULE targeting planets. Yet also Rambo Nation began striking back at the Confederacy, resulting in a large battle at Karzamahri Nui, though the Confederacy was still victorious. Yet problems were still at hand when Grox pressed their attack, but hope emerged when the Cognatus Remnant showed good intentions to the Cyrandia.

Following directly after was another great campaign to which the Rambo pledges their aid to the URC at the second battle of Nosiso. The battle started after news was given that a Rambo and URC senator were dealing with the Confederacy. The battle that followed was hard, dirty and had a lot of casualties on both sides. Yet the loss of the two battles meant that a split was made in the Confederacy, with the Basileus leaving the Confederacy for their own reasons. This made the Confederacy vulnerable, but still very dangerous. Which they proved with the destruction of Ramaprica after the Rambo managed to destroy the criminal organisation the Syndicate and the URC breaking the Basisleus blockade at the Perliama Run.

The Battle of Orbispira.

Near the end of the war Rambo Nation launched a battle against Confederate troopers at Muunivelle, but due to this were unable to aid the URC at the battle of Orbispira. And though the battle was a victory for the URC, a great disaster happened when the URC was reformed by Emperor Tyrómairon into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. This act shattered the Cyrandia Alliance as the Emperor declared the Cyrandia as traitors, and the Hutters were thinking of leaving the Alliance. What this act will further have for influanced will have to be seen, as the Dark Times began for both the Cyrannus Galaxy and the Quadrant Galaxies.

The Dark Times[]


Cyrandia vs early Empire

With the forming and rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, and the following loss of the United Republic of Cyrannus the Cyrandia were dealt a great blow and were vulrable as the Rambo were weakened during the Great Cyrannus War. Now the Dark Times had begun, and the Republic remnants in Quadrant 82 soon launched an attack at the Quadrant 82-Cyrannus wormhole, which was guarded by the Angforst. The Republic Remnant decided to attack the Angforst, as it was preventing them from going to the Cyrannus Galaxy, their home. During the battle the Empire also arrived at the battle to combat all sides. In the end the Republic Remnant and Cyrandia joined together to combat the arriving empire vessels but it was the first fracture within the Cyrandia Alliance. The following battle resulted in a victory for the Rambo, and their fellow aiding Cyrandia Alliance members. Though the battle weakened the Rambo even further, as the Angforst, their most powerful weapon was disabled during the fight. Yet the Empire was thwarted in their plans to invade the Quadrants for now.

Rambo Nation surrenders.

A month later Rambo Nation's capital came under attack by the Empire. The Empire managed to open a secret wormhole, leading from Capricaerón to the Rambo Capital. A massive fleet, under command of Zillum arrived and engaged the Rambo in orbit of their homeplanet. Over time, after hours of battle the Empire gained the upper hand and managed to launch a ground invasion as well. During the battle Ramashe was captured and was forced to sign the Nim-Glaré Concordat, which described the surrender of Rambo Nation and them becoming a protectorate of the Empire.

Weeks after the fall of Rambo Nation the Hutter and Xiaans (the Cognatus were considered lost by the two) signed a nonaggression pact with the Empire, the so called Rambo Prime Treaty under guidance of the new Quadrant 82 Grand Mandator, Garlboz. The Hutters soon grew even more dissatisfied with the Empire and decided to block the Quadrant 89-82 wormhole, leaving the Rambo Quadrant 89 Colonial Sector without supplies and the citizens began to starve. Rambo Command, under advice of Garlboz launched a task force under command of vice-admiral Ramtainus to deal with the situation. Ramtainus took command of Imperial based vessels and drove away the Hutters. This act showed both the Hutters and the Xiaans that the Cyrandia Alliance was perhaps lost (in the eyes of the Hutters it didn't exist anymore) as the Rambo seemingly allied with the Empire. Now it remains to be seen what happens to the Hutters and Xiaans, as until now they are still are relatively friendly to each other.

Around the third month of 02 NE most considered the Cyrandia Alliance as lost as the Rambo were more and more integrated within the Empire and the Hutters taking arms against the Rambo.

Possible Revival[]

However, during the third year of the Dark Times, Apollo managed to organise a massive Cyrandia Conference between the nations of the Cyrandia Cluster, which resulted in the peaceful formation of the New Cyrannian Republic. This new Republic aims to resurrect the Cyrandia Alliance, but many factors stand in the way before it can be achieved.


The Imperial Remnant faction known as the Legatus deployed their own Krakana-class star cruiser, its name and reference chosen to mock the former Cyrandia powers and signaling the Legatus their new dominant position within the Cyrandia Cluster. They even went so far, to name one of the star cruisers the LSC Cyrandia- soon after its revelation it became a wanted target for destruction by old fanatic and rich supporters of the late Cyrandia Alliance.

Government and Politics[]

Presidents and the Senate[]

Presidents of the Senate

Aur'Lumniassa and Naberrie, Presidents of the Senate.

The Cyrandia Senate initially appointed two leaders from Cyrannus and the Quadrants to lead the alliance, the first two leaders of the alliance being Aur'Lumniassa and Ambassador Sola Naberraé, both very popular individuals in the galactic community. Aur'Lumniassa was a noble and young Ancrevialicia, sent by the Rambo Gods to guide the Ramboidae, ultimately becoming the leader of the Rambo Remnant Coalition of Allies when it arrived in a new universe after the end of the Tigris War. While, Sola Naberraé was chosen to represent the United Republic of Cyrannus. These two leaders worked together well during their tenure, though unfortunately Aur'Lumniassa was kidnapped during the second year of the Great Cyrannus War and remains at large to this day. This left the Cyrandia Alliance solely under Sola Naberraé, who led it admirably until the formation of the Cyrannian Empire.

Cyrandia Senate

As more Quadrant and Cyrannus inhabitants joined the Cyrandia Alliance, to unify both galaxies to make a stronger position, it became obvious that every nation also needed influence and a way to agree or disagree with decisions made by the Presidents of the Alliance. In order to do this, the various Empires and Nations constructed a Senate, with representatives of all nations and empires. This way, discussion and problems could be solved by direct representatives under the guidance and advice of the Presidents. Over time, the Cyrandia Senate grew. Keeping in notice that the Cyrandia was constructed to improve the situation in the Quadrant and Cyrannus Galaxies, it was easier to overcome differences and some representatives became friends (other received high stature in their own empire or nation and became more arrogant). The Senate held meetings occassionally on Ramaprica, Concordia and Orbispira.


The Senators of the Cyrandia Alliance are the representatives of the various members of the Cyrandia Alliance. Every empire was allowed to send one representative or ambassador for the Cyrandia Alliance, but were allowed to have aides. The Senators, or representatives have a great deal of influence in their homesystems and tried to make the Cyrandia Alliance a strong, noble and stable organisation which will unify both the Quadrants and the Cyrannus Galaxies. Some Representatives even wanted the less noble races to be allowed to join the Senate, like the Imperial Alliance and the Mortalitas in order to ensure peace throughout the cluster, though the outbreak of the Cyrannian War prevented this.

Representative Ramtilsae Representative of the Hutter Representative 'K'Thell Representative Cyrellon
Regent RamtilsaeV1.png
Hutter AmbassadorII.png
Insector EldarionsPng.png
Princess Ramtilsae, the niece of Empress Ramashe and the representative of Rambo Nation. Her opinion was listened to, though she was careful to give it. After the fall of the Alliance, she eventually became the Regent of Rambo Nation. The Hutter Ambassador, Representative for the Hutter Kingdom. He is a proud and arrogant representative, claiming the Hutters are the supreme race in Quadrant 89. Now that the Hutters also have their upgraded V2 ships he was eager to send them into battle. Insector Eldarion Ambassador El'Sukriahe'K'Thell. He is the Insector Eldarions Ambassador is one of the wisest and longest sitting Ambassador in the entire history of the Insectors. A patient and very wise person, he is respected among the Cyrandia Senate. Ambassador Cyrellon is a manipulative, machiavellian and ruthless Libertus who spoke for the URC in the Cyrandia Senate. Efficient, unscrupulous and cunning, Cyrellon nonetheless has a public persona as a warm and loving individual, hiding his true motives for greater power. After the rise of the New Republic, he headed a committee aimed at restoring the Alliance.

Member States[]


Rambo Nation
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Leader: Empress Ramashe
Joined: 06 BNE

Capital: Serindianiliae

Rambo Nation is a fair and honest civilisation, they are the most prominent Empire in the Quadrant Galaxies and are the sworn enemies of the Imperial Alliance. An ancient nation, existing for many years the Rambo have been through a lot of wars, the most devastating being the Tigris War and the Second Galactic War. During these wars they were aided by various empires, effectively improving their Galactic Status. Along with the URC, they created the Cyrandia Alliance, though after its collapse became a protectorate of the Cyrannian Empire. Tirithsillianav2.png
United Republic of Cyrannus
URC Flag.png
Government: Federal Republic
Leader: President Apollo
Joined: 06 BNE

Capital: Orbispira

The United Republic of Cyrannus is a huge union of star systems within the Cyrannus Galaxy, incorporating most of the known galaxy, it is the first known government to ever achieve this in Cyrannus. The Republic is one of the most civilized civilizations in the cosmos and its multi million systems serve as a beacon of light in an otherwise dark universe. The Republic ruled by a president has a strong democratic government which remained one of the most stable in the Gigaquadrant. After the Great Cyrannus War, the URC was reformed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, an imperialistic regime. However, three years later, it was reformed as a democratic union through the New Cyrannian Republic. SenateDistrict.png

Universal Relations[]



Current Enemies[]

Former Enemies[]

  • Imperial Alliance-Sworn enemies of the Cyrandia (Now destroyed)
  • The Cognatus-All powerful enemies that threaten to destroy the Quadrant Galaxies.

Members of the Cyrandia Alliance[]

Rambo Nation[]

A Rambo Serindia, the most common Ramboidae of Rambo Nation

Various V2 starships of Rambo Nation

Rambo Nation is a fair and honest Nation, they are the most prominent Empire in the Quadrant Galaxies and are the sworn enemies of the Imperial Alliance. There newely updated fleet, the V2 fleet is a force to be caution with. However, many of there ships are also used for exploration.

An ancient nation, existing for many years the Rambo have been through a lot of wars, the most devasting ones for them were the Tigris War and the Second Galactic War. During these wars they were aided by various empires, effectively improving there Galactic Status and they are often seen as noble and strong. They are close allies to the Sylit Republic, DCP, Tralor Freedom Force, and the Krassio Host. They are also close alllies of the United Republic of Cyrannus, together they have been trough a lot and aided eachother in the various wars, currently the Intergalactic War. Now after the March of the Apocalypse and the still recovering Rambo Nation from the Second Galactic War, the Rambo joined the Cyrandia Alliance, making a fist against there enemies and making a stronger galactic position.

They also think a like and Rambo Nation often agrees with the URC. The Nation is ruled by Empress Ramashe, a young Empress who followed up her late father.

Hutter Kingdom[]

A Hutter

Various examples of the Hutter V2 ships of line

The Hutters are a decent Kingdom from Quadrant 89, born warriors they clashed multiply times with the Rambulans and the agressive Lizardians. Upon the forming of the Noble Alliance they joined that organisation to make the Quadrant Galaxies safer against the Lizardian Empire. However, upon the Rise of the Imperial Alliance and the fall of the Noble Alliance they later the Quadrantia Federation, a last try to liberate the Quadrant Galaxies from Imperial Rule. They managed to liberate themselves, but still the Imperials are present. Now faced with the Cognatus Alliance, the post events of the March of the Apocalypse the Hutter gladly joined the Cyrandia Alliance, which would make the position of the Cyrannus and Quadrantia Alliance stronger in the Intergalactic Community.

The Hutters have ships that can cloack, and often strike from ambushes. They also have a V2 fleet, just like the Rambo and are good friends of the Rambo and later the Capricyránae.

There territory is rather small, but heavily defended. The Hutters now prepare themselves to join the Intergalactic community and not expected from a warrior race, they like music a lot.

Xiaan Alliance[]

Xiaan Insectoid

Various Xiaan Ships

The Xiaan Alliance, a mysterious alliance located in Quadrant 89 are the mosty mysterious and unknown species in the Quadrant Galaxies. Although lately they have been more interactive there origins and way of living remains shrouded in mystery.

With two species known, an Insectoid and Water Breathing creatures, the Xiaan Alliance has differant kind of ships, with the large water containing ships for the Poseidons, the Insectoids have small fighter like ships.

After suffering a lot from the results of the Second Galactic War, there territory has diminshed a lot and there influance too. This meant the Xiaans were able to ally Rambo Nation and there various allies which led to there joining into the Cyrandia Alliance. Now, faced with a new hope of peace the Xiaans will do everything to aid there allies, although it has to benefit them.

Cognatus Alliance[]

The Cognatus

The Cognatus Remnant was formed in the aftermath of the Intergalactic War, when the Thirteenth Tribe portal redirected the Cognatus Fleet from the Realm of the Gods directly into Catharsis territory, as punishment for their xenocidal campaign.

However, a group of Cognatus survived in the Cyrannus Galaxy, and continue their quest for more Atlantican artefacts to love and worship. They have since denounced their zealous ways and are now members in the Cyrandia Alliance, giving them a great influential place in the galaxy. The Cognatus Remnant is made up of many races, greatly increasing their growth and prosperity.

After the second year of the war, relations with the Cyrandia grew until the day when they officially joined the Cyrandia, a bright day.

Former Members[]

Insector Eldarions (former)[]

A Insector Eldarion

An Insector Fleet

The wise and insect like being are long time allies of Rambo Nation. A former key founder of the Noble Alliance and the Quarantia Federation, the Insectors enjoyed the concept of a new alliance which would make there galactic position stronger. And the URC, longtime ally of the Rambo, were also allies of the Insectors and so the choice was easy to join.

They are considered the most wisest in the Quadrant Galaxies and are considered the peacekeepers. But don't be wrong, if they consider you an enemy they can be relentless and very agressive.

There territory has been diminshed due to the Second Galactic War. Yet they are expanding again. There fleet is powerfull yet small. With there red ships even the Imperial Alliance knows to be carefull with attacking an Insector Ship. Sadly, during the Great Cyrannus War and the Quadrantia Disorder the Insectors were destroyed by a devastating attack by the Cult of the Deathmarch (unknown to the Cyrandia) and the Senator was the sole survivor and only Insector in existence.

United Republic of Cyrannus[]

Members of the URC.

The Republic's Fleet.

The United Republic of Cyrannus is a huge union of star systems within the Cyrannus Galaxy, incorporating most of the known galaxy, it is the first known government to ever achieve this in Cyrannus.

The Republic is one of the most civilized civilizations in the cosmos and its multi million systems serve as a beacon of light in an otherwise dark universe. The Republic ruled by a president has a strong democratic government which remains one of the most stable in the Gigaquadrant, it can be described as a union of systems and sectors which promote peace, diplomacy and trade. This being said the armies of the Republic are huge and feared by its enemies.

The Republic is probably best known for its diplomats and ambassadors which can be found promoting peace across the galaxy and beyond. Recently, the Treaty of Corulus allowed hundreds of new empires and races into the Republic such as the Osteolan, Adelphi and the Carcubalan, greatly expanding the URC.

Cyrandia Ships[]

Krakana Class[]

Resembling the URC Hunter Class, the Krakana Class has an interesting origin. The first class was constructed by Rambo Nation during the reign of Empress Ramashe her late father, Dino Le Rambo at the Shipyards of Rowar. But it was stolen by the Imperial Alliance during the Second Galactic War. Shorlty after the Intergalactic war, Empress Ramashe ordered the expansion of the Rambo ground forces, but faced a problem. How would they be tranported. After studying classified files, the stumbled upon the Krakana Class and ordered the mass production of this class. With aid of the URC to construct various systems, the class is now mostly commanded by Rambo and Capricyránae captains. The ship is equipped with URC and Rambo technology and is now mostly used as troop transportation, fighter carrier and support ship. After the Treaty of Fornaeria only 45 remain in active service and are often used as sign for Cyrandia users, the captain are often diplomats and will try to find a peaceful solution to treat events instead of going to battle. A risky job!

Around the start of both the Great Cyrannus War and the Quadrantia Disorder, the original version of the Krakana Class was withdrawn from active service and replaced by a Refit, one made by the Shipyards of Cyroenia, the other by the Shipyards of Rowar to show there competition. This was met with some doubts among the Cyrandia Senate, as the shipyards were suppossed to be allies.

Length: 1500 meters.

Notable Ships:

- Brassbound. (original version, destroyed during the Battle of Fornaeria)

- Capricaerón Sky

- Defender

- Demolisher.

- Impavid.

- Imperial. (original version, stolen by the Imperial Alliance)

- Integrity.

- Intervention.

- Pioneer.

- Redeemer.

- Resolution.

- Selfless.

- Solidarity.

- Spirit of the Serindia (version A03).

Cyrandia Medstar Class[]

The Cyrandia Medstar Class is a specialley created ship, constructed at the Shipyards of Rowar. The Medstar Class is a small hospital ship, measering 150 meters. The ships are used to transport wounded fast out of the frontlines of battle and to medical facilities or larget hospital ships, like the Rambo Nation Olympic Class were surgery can be done.

Cyrandia Medstar Class

The Medstar Class are easily constructed due to there small size, but often need escorting ships as they are easy target and are lightly armed with both cannons and shields.

Size: 150 meters.

Notable Ships:

- Medstar Four.

- Medstar Nineteen.

- Sudden Restoration.

Cyrandia Tudor-class[]

The Tudor-class ship is a common Cyrandia vessel resembling the Chinawkya Blockade Runner. It is most commonly used by the URC, but recently the Republic allowed for it to be used by the other members of the Cyrandia Alliance, in order to transport personnel, supples and even injured warriors.


The Tudor-class was, when first built unsuccessful and it was retired, however when the Great Cyrannus War began, they were reintroduced by the URC, and later the Cyrandia Alliance. The vessel has light laser cannons and light shields, however it has powerful engines, so it can flee when it wants.

Size: 340 meters.

Notable Ships:

- Helpful

- Divine Aid

- Intervention

Cyrandia Captains[]

The Cyrandia Captains are diplomats and are considered by other captains as peace keepers instead of combat or tactic captains. The captains are carefully picked by the Cyrandia Senate and they claim they are not corruptible, an important fact now with with the rise of the Confederacy and the Fall of the Imperial Alliance.

Captain Mjärt[]

Captain Mjärt

A captain in service of Rambo Nation, she was given the Spirit of the Serindia to command in Cyrandia service.

A great diplomat, captain and gifted tactician she fought during numerous battles, like the Fornaeria campaign, the Great Cyrannus War and was victorious numerous times. However with the forming of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus she was called back to Rambo servitude.

See Captain Mjärt.

Unidentified Serindia Cyrandia Captain[]

The Serindia Captain is a newer captain to the Cyrandia forces, he gratuated from the Rambo Acadamy in the year 03 AQF and after a special education he was allowed to command the refitted Krakana Class Impavid. Proudly of this, he soon became bored. He pictured becoming a Cyrandia Captain differantly then just transporting high officials of Rambo Nation, the URC and the Hutter Kingdom to one place to another. Even during the early months of the Great Cyrannus War he was no action.

Lizaconda attacks the Cyrandia Convoy!

This all changed in the 4th month when Admiral Lizaconda of the Confederacy attacked his convoy, consisting out of the URC Star Destroyer Behemoth and the Rambo Nation Soyuz Class USS Contact. Sadly, Lizaconda used the Liberty II and the attack was noticed to late. The Liberty II her cannons hit the Impavid dead on, and without her shields it became heavily damaged. Soon after the Behemoth was also crippled but due to swift actions by the captain of the USS Contact Lizaconda was forced to retreat.

Afterwards the ship recieved repairs and during the 5th month of the Great Cyrannus War was ready for action again.


Cyrannus Galaxy
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All of this has happened before and all of it will happen again.
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The centre of peace and progress, a bright beacon of hope in the dark, a Republic greater than distance or time.
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Each of these conflicts is but one tiny piece of a larger whole, a war endless and inestimably larger.
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