Cyner is a city located in Xuz Fareh, and the capital city of the planet.


Cyner is located in the northern hemisphere of Xuz Fareh.


Cyner was founded the year 735 AI/220 BF, when the Llurebleg hopped from their primal village life and started developing an actual civilization. It was the first city, and as such was considered the capital of the first "nation": Renerila. After all nations met and became allies, aproximately the year 790 AI/165 BF, Cyner started to be considered the capital of the whole planet. Four years later, the Nurkane was built, and the first elections for juter of the planet were made.

The year 950 AI/5 BF, with Gant-Denn Daraunte being the juter of the planet, Project Fidne was approved. Five years later, the spaceship GT-92 was launched from Cyner, with the young pilots Zano Hylera and Nynn Vandar driving it to the satellite Gorb Olohya.


Cyner is the capital of the planet Xuz Fareh. It is the place the Nurkane can be found at, and as such serves as the residence of the planet's juter and a place where the representatives of other cities have meetings and discuss important topics.

Notable inhabitants[]