Welcome.Note:going to war with us is a death wish!

Biography Edit

This Federation is known for its fear They have conquered half of the Grox in their galaxy While doing this they are still trying to advance in technological ways right now they use classical technologies such as terraforming and instellar travelling while they are doing this they have not a clue that they Have conquered many they eventually is a cyborg the cyborg parts are used to support the weak sections such as the eye,legs,graspers,and the head

Appearance Edit

The Cyborg Insect is known for Its cyborg appearance The grox once aid them and give the alternatives for their weak parts with cyborg parts.To other empires they are insulted as weak and strange beings but after diplomatic means they decided to ally with these cyborgs.

The Leader Edit

The Leader or known as Cyborg Emperor Donald is A Genius he has discovered many strategies and is now still used to fight the grox in their galaxy and he has recently discovered a new technology of teaching that technology is created to make the federation more advanced in technology,the leader emperor donald is also known for his force field that is in his battlesuit and only he could use it,a force field that jams all technology except the technology of his suit,so to fight him a hand to battlesuit combat must be used

Intelligence Edit

In the brains of each cyborg insect has two great cells known as reason and the other one known as emotion after a baby is 3 years old the soldiers take them to the reason school where reason is powered up and emotion powered down when the children grows up into an average male cyborg insect they are teached by The leader himself he teaches them through the power of reason known as courage,love,cruelness,and pride.After the learning is over the are able to think better because reason has got the whole brain for himself.

Technology Edit

War and defense tech Edit

The war and defense tech are handled by the war corp.There ships very powerful are born each second still improving the Fleet of The Leader this fleet contains many fleet each ship is equipped with classical mega lasers,mega bombs,mega proton missiles,30 anti-matter missiles,10 anti-matter bombs,3 planet busters,and of course an emergency escape ship.The defense is an almost inpenetrable walls of ships and colonies anti-matter weapons is also used for war because its explosion could disrupt shields and anti-matter weapons could be used as bombs too also anti-matter weapons are used almost everytime especially for war.

Industry Tech Edit

the industry tech is the industry of shells and power The power industry uses a power source of the heat of a planet for ships they rely on the battery of blue energy from stars which is eternal because it uses atomic reactions in stars each ship is given three batteries each battery will run out of energy in 2 million years just like a very weak star,the main power source is energies from black holes which is picked by a special cargo vessel and the energy is changed into energy to support ships and the federation

Gluonic Technology Edit

Gluonic technology is a very dangerous technology that could destroy a ship quickly using the gluonic technology the federation created a weapon to be put in ships the weapon is called the glueball blaster everytime the glueball is fired the projectile shines until it hits the enemy ship causing severe damage to that ship the glueball blaster's projectile creates a burning hole to the ship they fire and there is a chance that the fire will spread throughout the ship causing the ship's crew to panic and damage the ship further,the ships that carries the glueball blaster are Gustaa,Cyborg Insect star destroyer,Dorv,and Ratto mega bomber,but the ratto carries not the glueball blaster but the glueball bomb,the glueball gives the same effect like the glueball blaster but leaves a wider area of damage and a larger burning hole

Black hole assimilating Edit

When a ship goes across a black hole some dust gets absorbed into the black hole,the 3 dimension dust gets absorbed and lost forever while the 2 dimension of the dust becomes data on the surface of the black hole,black hole cargo vessels could pick up the data and bring it back to a CIF planet when this is done scientists could scan the dust and uncover the data when the data is enough the federation could assimilate a ship without even touching the ship.

Gravity torpedoes Edit

Gravity torpedoes or vortex torpedoes are torpedoes that microscopic have black holes in the torpedo,the federation makes it almost supersonic when it is fired making it harder to see,when the torpedo hits an enemy the torpedo explodes allowing the black hole to go out and the enemy ships gets sucked into the black hole and gets ,except that ship have the technology to rip through a black hole,because the black hole decays in minutes allowing it to vaporize with the ship inside,though strong ships might need a second vortex torpedo to destroy it.Each Tmig-410 ship carries 1 vortex torpedo.

Teleportation Edit

teleporting is used to make traveling easier,in every planet of the CIF at least 1 teleprotation station is situated in the station there are some chambers used for teleporting and some for receiving,the teleporting chamber is a chamber used for teleporting,in the chamber every particle of a material (take a CIF soldier for example) is copied and pasted in the destined teleporting station in the receiving chamber but of course the particles in the last teleporting chamber is destroyed and the CIF soldier is pretty mch the same CIF soldier

Black Hole charging and traveling Edit

Surely some does not want to wait too long to get something so the CIF scientists solved this problem,gustaa is a jack of all trades ship it could do more than just battling it is equipped with a special laser to create black holes that is destined to anywhere in a galaxy and it could survive for 1.9 hours why so long?because the in a fleet there is always slow moving ships like the dorv,and the space banger.So to prevent slow moving ships from being left.Once in the black hole the ships travel at full throttle allowing the ship to travel even faster

Ghost Phasing Edit

Sometimes the element of surprise is a weapon better than a gravity torpedo,to maintain the element of surprise in every battle,the CIF have created a technology called the ghost phasing,every CIF ship could do a ghost phasing,this allows CIF ships to go through enemy ships that can't detect ghost phasing,once through the enemy ships the CIF ships turns back and deactivate the ghost phasing and fire their weapon,the ghost phasing can go through any form of deflector shields,however,when the ghost phasing is activated,the CIF ships cannot fire because the projectile would also go through the enemy ships causing no damage at all.

Government Edit

The government of this federation is seemed as simple the government is ruled by the grand council of the federation however the council remains unopen because war plans are also discussed there so,they only share the new rules for the civilization while the war plans are told only to the war Generals the high member of the council is of course emperor donald

Emperor Donald

Emperor Donald in his personal battlesuit

Policy Edit

The policy of this federation is the words that came from the council is command,order,law because this federation is a republic kind of federation which is ruled by some kind of council or leader.Everyone in this federation is treated differently the civilians is treated by rank if the civilian is high ranked they are worked in a city coucil of a planet but not the grand council the low ranks were worked in the factory 12 hours a day but for the slaves who gives up their planet during the regional war they are worked some in the spice geysers but some in the shell factory they work 48 hours and sleeps 49 hours

Battle fleet Edit

Ship sample

These ships are samples of the battle fleet which includes dreadnaughts,motherships,and bombers

'Ratto' Mega Bomber

This is a Ratto Mega bomber this ship is covered in dark colour except for the cockpit glass this ship is the hardest to drive but the strongest bomber the federation has it was born in the magic project it was used to destroy the grox in ther galaxy (Tigris) but this bomber's armor is thick and hard to destroy but this bomber moves not so fast


This is a code 'Mausy' (Mouse) it is used when a war gets bad it is used for silent killing and sneak attacks it carries heavy bombs,anti-matter missiles,anti-matter bombs,and an ultra missile for destroying heavy ships


This is a Gustaa dreadnaught it carries bombs,lasers,Ion torpedoes,cannons,astro rays it carries some fighters too it was feared by many empires including the Grox this dreadnaught could reach the speed of light it uses a great engine the ion torpedeos could destroy anything they touch but it is used rarely due to the hardship to create a single ion torpedo,it carries a huge amount of bombs when released together into a colony it is very effective even to the grox and the astro ray was used to zap the enemy in front of it this dreadnaught has a self repair station so it could repair itself if its damaged

Krutor's pride

This is Krutor's pride krutor is emperor donald's demoniac general many think if they could see that ship they're about to die.Krutor's pride is very agile and is very hard to shoot and the skill of the pilot:krutor,is very great so when the ship and the pilot's skill combined they are very hard to destroy

- Another spaceship is the Cyborg Insect Federation star destroyer used for invasion,the ship has a large amount of offense and defense,the ship carries Glueball blaster too,the ship carries a large amount of soldiers,the ship also carries 2 Gustaa dreadnaughts,this ship also have the hulk panzer armor,the ship also carries antimatter bombs,and a quantum devastator,which can only be carried by this ship,but the quantum devastator is used rarely

There are more ships but not powerful,and one is a fighter but powerful:Tmig-410(fighter),space carrier,Dorv

Space banger

This is the space banger dreadnaught the biggest and strongest dreadnaught of the federation,the dreadnaught could carry the quantum devastator,the large weapon in the middle is the quantum devastator,the dreadnaught have 2 layers of hulk panzer which makes the dreadnaught very hard to destroy,the dreadnaught can't move too fast due to it's weight,the space banger only appears at serious battles,the dreadnaught takes months to build,so if one is destroyed it would be a disaster so the dreadnaught is also equipped with a shield generator and deflector shields at fragile spots,yet the space banger is as large as 146 miles and the space banger is rarely they are seen only in very dangerous battles.

History Edit

These are the history of the federation starting from -500AD

-500 AD

The federation entered space using a space carrier

-400 AD

A fleet is built to make the federation powerful and the federation started conquering and making alliance with other empires

-300 AD

The fleet is cut in half leaving no chance for the scientists but to build a more powerful ship called the Dorv,and a fighter called Tmig-410

-290 AD

The most trusted general,general Klaxxon escaped the federation using a hypertrain to the sector infinite hyperspace,the federation destroys the train with a hypership called Hypership-zogrim

-280 AD

Igor became the most trusted general in the federation

-250 AD

The federation created Fex (Federal experimental test lab) for weapon bunker and weapon testing ground

-50 AD

The Federation found lord chaos mk.1 after 200 years of hard work

0 AD

The federation uses lord chaos mk.1 on the grox to half their colony

150 AD

The Federation creates Gustaa dreadnaught

160 AD

The Federation creates general Precious Idiotic Grandpa bomb (General P.I.G bomb)

200 AD

The federation created the hulk panzer a hull that sustains tons of damage before it is destroyed 50 meters thick

300 AD

The federation discovers a new main power source

500 AD

The federation creates the special general P.I.G. bomb which is equipped with antimatter the effect is the bomb creates a big area free of any living creatures or any ground forces.

700 AD

The federation creates the Cyborg Insect star destroyer which had a name of space banger which could carry a quantum devastator and the star destroyer is the new invader ship

700-752 AD Edit

The federation caught a ninety six years of civil war and is suffering heavy losses both in ship and reasources but luckily the federation managed to fight back the civil war,at 800 AD the war is over leaving many ruins in each CIF planet.General code:skunk died in the civil war because he was shot by a quantum devastator by an enemy space banger the most losses caught by the federation is:the federation losses 2 million antimatter in the civil war,2.576 black hole cargo vessels were destroyed,5.697 ratto mega bombers were destroyed,986 Gustaa dreadnaughts were destroyed,259 space bangers were destroyed,1.546.890 Tmig-410 were destroyed,the war ended because the enemy was out of ships,resources,and infantries,and now the federation was peaceful once again.

The reaper wrath

A short scene of the first civil war

756-800 AD Edit

The federation caught the second civil war which rages all over the federation's territory,due to the federation's short in supplies of ships,antimatter,and infantries,the federation got help from the DCP,jigoku which helped the federation to win,at the beginning of the war the federation was losing.

Wrath of the reaper

The federation losing at the beginning of the war

though at 796 AD the tables turned the CIF defeated the mastermind of the rebellion and the CIF was winning,and finally at 800 AD the war ended with the rebellion defeated and the CIF was peaceful again.

Plans for the future Edit

Right now the federation is commited to exploration and observation,right now none could travel to another universe,only some empires could travel to another dimension not another universe,none would discover it until at least severeal billions of years,yet multiverse does exist and the CIF have just discovered a universe code of dark energy that is inhabitable the code is 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001

that is 121 zeros and a 1,the risk of less than 121 zero universe is that universe could explode at any moment because there is too much dark energies in it,and the risk of more than 121 zero means too little dark energy and that universe could shrink to none at any moment,yet the CIF is still trying to make a ship that could travel to another universe

Laboratory and Research security Edit

FeX labs stores ultimate guns,time machines and other gadgets that are so dangerous that these bunkers have to have the most advanced defence system ever created.There's no chance of stealing anything from there.Right now there's still no chance of passing the long ranged defense system.There's no way to pass without getting any attention

Ranks Edit

These are ranks of the federation 1 means highest rank 10 lowest rank


2.Emperor's Representative



5.Death Agent








Planetary Defense Edit

The planetary defense is handled by a minister of defense the defense systems in a planets are the following:

Ground Forces Edit

-Gunsight Of Death

This is a gunsight of death it spits missiles that is called vengeance v100 which is used to destroy a fleet of invaders and often cancel an invasion


This is a Hypertain used by klaxxon the betrayer which is now assimilated its is very agile and very powerful used when the Gunsight of Death needs a big help in canceling an invasion,also they don't need any train tracks for moving

-War Turtle

when a war turtle battles when it closes its shell its invulnerable but when it opens its shell to fire its vulnerable

-Ground torpedo

a torpedo is launched from a nearby camp it dives underground but when it reaches the enemy it goes up to the enemy the torpedo contains heavy antimatter so the missile is feared by the enemy's ground forces

-Warp gate

a warp gate is fired by a hypertrain when it opens spaceships fire at the warp gate and goes straight at the enemy


a kamikaze used on the ground

Navy Edit

-Death submarine

This is a death sub which is used in the seas some eventually got confused to think that it is a whale when on the surface it uses blasters when in the water it uses torpedoes sometimes it uses nukes when in the surface of the water

-torpedo launcher

a submarine used to launch deadly torpedoes the torpedo launcher is easy to be destroyed but damages enemies badly

Air Forces Edit

-Harsh NightmareNew

This is a nightmare plane it uses rockets,lasers,bombs for canceling an invasion onto a cyborg insect federation planet

-stealth fighter

a fighter which is supersonic but not supersonic when starts firing


a kamikaze used on the air to crash others when the kamikaze is near to enemy fighter the pilot exits with a jetpack


a rocket launched from a nearby colony which contains antimatter combined with acid and plasma which could destroy a whole fleet of dreadnaughts due to its deadly destruction radius

Superweapon Edit

The superweapon of the federation is a quantum devastator,the projectile is known to shine and cause deadly damage,the superweapon is still stored in the FeX lab the time to fire is 30 minutes because the quantum devastator have to charge first,the quantum devastator is known to destroy 5 layers of hulk panzers in 2 seconds,the quantum devastator is not fit for carrying due to the weight,it is not fit for carrying a least until 700 AD,for now the quantum devastator's job is to keep intruders like the grox away from the FeX labs

Quantum devastator

A quantum devastator at a FeX lab is about to fire

CIF civil war(1)

A quantum devastator fired by a space banger

Relations Edit


Green face these are our allies we will help them until we are wiped by the dust of time



Red face We hope you are prepared for your annihilation for we are now your enemies

-none yet

Power Source Edit

The main power source of the federation is dark essences from black holes which is picked up by a special cargo vessel known as super cargo and the essence is used for power source to the federation along with picking up essences the cargo vessel also picks up data on the surface of the black hole.

power souce for fast ships Edit

The power source for fast moving ships such as tmig-410s are radiations from the big bang that touches the sensors and the sensors convert them into power,just a simple launch from a carrier and the ship could stay powered as long as it moves.

Repairations Edit

The federation uses quantum engineering for repairs the technology is known as anti-entrophy which is used to repair ships by reversing the event that happened to that ship example an enemy projectile hits a ship engineers could repair it by using anti-entrophy the engineers use the ship parts that is knocked out by the enemy projectile and the anti-entrophy repairs it as if the ship is rewinded,but of course the anti-entrophy cannot be done by bare hands so the federation uses special device known as the quantum reverser,when the trigger is pulled the quantum reverser reverses makes every piece of debree fly back to the ship at the same time as it is knocked out by the enemy projectile,the advantage of using quantum reverser is:engineers could repair a ship faster

Infantry Edit

The infantry is used for a battle on a planet the infantries are armed with quantum rifles which could destroy enemy tanks quickly,the infantries are also equipped with 5 antimatter grenades which is known to cause mushroom clouds like nuclears,the armors for the infantries are powered with black essences to withstand hundreds of kilos of damage before the armor breaks the infantries could use shields too that makes the infantry invulnerable except for planet busters,the duration of the shield's protection is 2 minutes,also the infantries could use cloaking devices to make the invisible,the cloaking device is used for assasination missions

Cyborg Insect Trooper

A normal Cyborg Insect Soldier

Stampede Horde Edit

The stampede horde's soldiers are the Giant rhino stampeders they are more like a biological supertank,few are used in battles but many are used in defense the creature used is an animal that is found all over the federation when needed a CIF rhino is taken and mutated into a giant and then equipped with weapons when this is done the rhinos are sent to the ultra cargo vessels and transported to the battle site only a few is used in wars due to the hardship in carrying the animal

Giant Rhino Stampeder

An armored giant rhino stampeder.The glassy thing near the head is a cockpit used to carry some soldiers

though much are used in the civil war.

CIF Civil war 2

The giant rhino stampeder in action in the civil war

CIF Death Agents Edit

The death agents are the soldier that are more skilled than generals,they are trained in hard ways,harmful ways,they are feared by many empires because they kill and destroy enemies many couldn't imagine,sometimes they even use biological weapons to turn standard soldiers into veterans and turn enemies into weaker enemies,they destroy tanks by ripping it to shreds using their surprisingly sharp electrical blade planted on their hands.They are not trained only physically but also mentally this means they cannot be hallucinated in any ways possible.It also takes a very hard work for all empires to destroy these soldiers

Death Agent

A CIF Death agent.It's black eyeglasses mark that its a death agent

CIF spy Edit

Enemies never realize that spies high in the skies are always watching their every move this spy could hover for a very long time the spy is a species that is very loyal to the cyborg insect,the spies are birds found from arkane,carunis-2,karnos,animus-2,a special device is planted in the spy's eye,everything it sees,is transmitted to the nearby CIF hq,but if they are spotted,they could at least kill some enemies with its bite,poison is injected into its mouth,potentially harmless to the cyborg insect's blood because the poison is from the blood of cyborg insects but very dangerous to other species

Disease spy

A sample of a spy ready bird

Travel Edit

The federation often uses hyperspace travel for a faster traveling because using hyperspace the federation can travel faster than light,to travel to hyperspace the federation uses the hyperspace gate located near the FeX lab which is located near Arkane,though the gate only opens if a fleet gets permission from the FeX lab scientist to enter the hyperspace,in hyperspace a fleet navigates their way with a special map on the ship,to the federation hyperspace is like a huge and complicated labyrinth,to get out of hyperspace,a ship could rip the fabric of hyperspace and gets out through the opening of the rip,to do that the federation uses a quantum hyperspace ripper,how it works is when the ripper exploded it explodes the fabric of hyperspace too creating an opening the fleet goes through that opening and leaves hyperspace,the opening closes within an hour if a curious primitive ship goes through that opening and the opening closes the primitive ship gets trapped.Possibly forever

Culture and traditions Edit

The federation's traditions is not to challenge the weak because it's unfair to have an easy win,so the federation challenges only the strong ones,not the weak ones,the culture are made in festivals the first one is every 15 Januarus or January the federation celebrates a hyperspace race a festival to remember the founder of hyperspace professor Hastus,at 23 Desemburs or Desembers the federation celebrates independence day to remember the day the federation was free from the grox's rules

Terraforming Edit

To the Cyborg Insect Federation terraforming is very important because without terraforming colonies would be low at defense,however,terraforming takes a while the federation does not have that long,they have so much to do.To make terraforming faster the federation uses a tool called terrafarmer a tool to make a planet T3 no matter what the planet's conditions are.Except for moon giants they are too stormy so they cannot be terraformed once T3,a cargo vessel releases a massive drop of plant and animal species,and the planet is T3 and three colonies could be placed.

Wartech Edit

These are the technologies used for wars they are dangerous to many empires

Basic Weapons Edit

Basic weapons are weapons which is always used in combat

  • Antimatter torpedo
  • Size:2.1 meters in length,1 meter in height
  • Power:Medium
  • Explosion area:Medium
  • charging time:1 second
  • Description:A torpedo filled with antimatter is a weapon which looked harmless but looks can be deceiving,in the torpedo gasses of antimatter is stored,once launched the torpedo goes straight to the enemy at full speed once it reached the enemy ship the torpedo a fire ignition starts from the torpedo rubbed to the ship from the ignition the torpedo explodes violently the explosion could destroy 3 fighters
  • Antimatter Nuclear bomb
  • Size:10 meters in length,8 meters in height
  • Power:Dangerous
  • Explosion area:Large
  • Charging time:1 second
  • Description:The upgraded version of an antimatter bomb capable to destroy larger colonies or 2 colonies (only if they are situated nearby)the effect to organic species in the open is mass annihilation that make their body disappear without any trace not even carbons once the bomb is released the bomb will spin and travel faster that's why the pilot have to aim very precisely or else the bomb will miss,there are chain reactions created by the bomb first once the bomb reaches the ground the bomb will shatter to thousands of pieces destroying the insides once they reached the ignition point the bomb forms a gigantic mushroom cloud and a deadly antimatter ball explosion travels for 5 miles

  • Planet Buster
  • Size:26 meters in length,23 meters in height
  • Power:Extremely Dangerous
  • Explosion area:A whole planet
  • Charging area:8 seconds
  • Description:A bomb that destroys a whole planet.Very illegal to use,this is a basic weapon but used very rarely

Planet launched weapons Edit

Planet launched weapons are weapons launched from a planet

  • Revenge v.5
  • Size:12 meters in length,2 meters in height
  • Power:Normal
  • Explosion area:small
  • Charging time:14.3 seconds
  • Description:Revenge v.5 is a rocket filled with explosive inside,when hundreds of these rockets are launched the effect to a planet is the rockets will weaken the defenses of the planet once their defenses are weak a fleet of ships is launched to take over the planet
  • Distraction missile
  • Size:1.3 meters in length,2 dm in height
  • Power:Small
  • Explosion area:Small
  • Description:A homing missile with a very small amount of antimatter used to distract ships,but when a distraction missile strike a fighter's engine the engine would be destroyed and the fighter will crash,the missile doesn't have much effect on a dreadnaught's engines,but if 1000 distraction missiles strike a dreadnaught's engine the dreadnaught will crash,the federation have a massive amount of these missiles because they're very easy to make

Dangerous Weapons Edit

Weapons that could cause a serious damage

  • Gravity manipulating missile
  • size:7 meters in length,4.5 dm in height
  • Power:Dangerous
  • Explosion area:large
  • Description:A homing missile contains a black hole inside once exploded an immense gravity will gather around the enemy ship giving a massive amount of pressure to the enemy ship and eventually destroying it

  • Glueball blaster
  • Size:8 metersin length,1.4 meters in height
  • Power:Dangerous
  • Explosion area:Medium
  • Description:the glueball blaster everytime the glueball is fired the projectile shines until it hits the enemy ship causing severe damage to that ship the glueball blaster's projectile creates a burning hole to the ship they fire and there is a chance that the fire will spread throughout the ship causing the ship's crew to panic and damage the ship further,the ships that carries the glueball blaster are Gustaa,Cyborg Insect star destroyer,Dorv,and Ratto mega bomber,but the ratto carries not the glueball blaster but the glueball bomb,the glueball gives the same effect like the glueball blaster but leaves a wider area of damage and a larger burning hole

Superweapons Edit

A superweapon is a weapon with deadly damage or the superweapon is sometimes called secret weapon

  • Quantum devastator
  • Size:30 meters in length,24 meters in height
  • Power:Extreme
  • Explosion area:huge
  • Description:These weapons are the so called guardians of the FeX lab's weapon bunkers,the quantum devastator is a weapon with extreme power known to destroy a dreadnaught in 8 seconds this weapon normally only found in FeX labs but a breakthrough was created the federation created a star destroyer that could carry this 10 ton gargantuan weapon,the weapon is also known to blast through an entire row of fighters with ease,the space banger could also carry the quantum devastator.

  • Star buster
  • Size:36 meters in length,25 meters in height
  • Power:Extreme
  • Description:An ultimate antimatter bomb that could destroy a star,the weapon is known to break the galactic code which is set by other empires,so the bomb is used extremely rarely only at times with extreme need for prevailing or victory

First contacts Edit

the first contacts is where the CIF first found an alien that is now the CIF's ally

Delpha Coalition of Planets Edit

The CIF found the DCP the day after the first civil war,the fleet was returning to the safety of a planet when suddenly an armada of strange ship appeared in their radar,a general come to inspect,the ship,when seen it was a DCP gargantuan with an emperor ship in the middle and some dreadnaughts surrounding it,a contact was made the convorsation eventually ended up in an agreement to make up an alliance since then the CIF joined the civilization

DCP-CIF first contact

The atmosphere of the DCP-CIF conversation

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