Curagae Squadron, also known as the Curagae Humanitarian Fleet is a squadron part of the Cyrandia Resistance though is one with an unique purpose. The squadron supports the Resistance with medical and humanitarian aid for those in need, whether they are part of the Resistance, neutral people or of their opponents.

Its personnel claim to be no part of the Resistance to foul Imperial and Rambo authorities yet they are, allowing them to transport data, cargo and personnel to areas in need over large distances with approval of both authorities. Yet its main purpose is to treat those in need of medical care and deliver food and medical supplies to planets under siege or those in need after cataclysm.

Its main benefiter and its initiator is Rambo ambassador Riyo Apanoida who used her wealth to aid those in need by hiring well known doctor Bob Chioaik who commands the humanitarian fleet.



The Curagae-fleet

With the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War in 20 AQF, the young Rambo Nation ambassador Riyo Apanoida decided to use high amount of money provided to her by the Government after the death of her mother, captain Chianwe Apanoida and invest in humanitarian aid. Depleting most of it after purchasing three corvettes and four discharged SpaceC130's and hiring doctor Bob Chioaik as the commander of the humanitarian aid, she began using her diplomatic relations to raise fundings to aid those in need.

Her first goal is to send the humanitarian fleet to the besieged planet of Coruanthor in the Cyrannus Galaxy. On route, unknown to ambassador Apanoida Doctor Bob contacted the Rambo Loyalist and was given a squadron of Tiger-class starfighters as an escort, ensuring an unofficial and hidden alliance between the humanitarian fleet and the Cyrandia Resistance.


Curagae squadron is considered a small yet effective rebel squadron due to its unique medical and humanitarian nature. Operating in plain side with often the approval of government authorities it acts as a perfect cover for Resistance transport of important persons, data and cargo over long distances and within the Cyrandia Cluster. Its main benefitor, the ambassador is unaware of the second nature of the squadron however.

The squadron is considered to be part of the command chain of the Rambo Loyalist.

Riyo ApanoidaLarge Name:Ambassador Riyo Apanoida

Birthdate: Unknown

Riyo Apanoida is a gifted diplomat in service of Rambo Nation and the daughter of Chianwe Apanoida and James Rambo, concieved during their encounter in 06 AQF. Ever since, she never knew her father until the death of her mother who revealed the notorious officer James Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A was her father.

Persuing a carreer in diplomacy, she became one of the youngest ambassadors in the history of Rambo Nation and proved to be an important asset to mend relations between France and Rambo Nation. She gained the interesst and ear of the Rambo High King, Rambert Ramveral himself though their professional relationship is rather difficult.

Initiating a humanitarian fleet upon the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, she sends them to planets who are in need of medical and humanitarian aid after their planets were involved in battle. She is unaware of the second nature and ties with the Cyrandia Alliance.

Riyo Apanoida

Military and DefenseEdit

Curagae squadron is a rather small squadron Resistance Cell due to its unique mission objectives and roles within the Resistance. Highly trained and adepted to each other, it is rather unknown to other rebel cells and are dictated not to interact with other cells unless required. Socializing with other cells is forbidden due to the more secretive nature of the Squadron.

Its personnel excists out of a variation of species hailing from either the Cyrannus Galaxy, Quadrant Galaxies and beyond.


Besides the commanding officers and navy personnel, the Curagae squadron houses Tiger-class pilots hailing from the Rambo Loyalists, physicians, nurses and engineers.

Bob ChioaikRebelLarge Name:Bob Chioaik
Rank: Commander
Role:Curagae Leader and Head Physician
Status: Alive

Bob Chioaik is a male Chinawkya that once served onboard the USS Enterprise-A as chief medical officer under captain James Rambo. After resigning from service at Rambo Command Bob retired to Ivalaë and continued to practice as a civilian physician. With the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War Bob was approached by Rambo Loyalist personnel to serve onboard the Loyalist One though he refused, but promised to provide medical care if they required him.

A few weeks later he was approached by ambassador Riyo Apanoida, who wanted a well known and trusted physician as figure head of her newly raised humanitarian fleet. Seeing his chance to do good he accepted and began using the humanitarian fleet as a covert fleet for the Cyrandia Resistance. This fact is unknown to the ambassador however, Bob decided to keep her out of the picture to protect her and prevent the humanitarian fleet from becoming a political tool of the Rambo Government.

Bob Chioaik (Rebel)

Name:Loyalist Pilots
Birthdate: Varies

The Loyalist Pilots, all wear the similair bright colored flight overalls with white and decorated helmets, white straps and white colored shoulder protectors. Their flight overall fits tight except around the legs and isolates them when piloting their starfighters. They can withstand the vacuum of space for a limited time as well. All pilots within the Curagae-Squadron are provided from the larger Loyalist Ensemble.

LoyalistCuragae Sqaudron Pilot


The following starships and starfighters are associated with Curagae Squadron.

Name/Type/Status Name/Type/Status Name/Type/Status
CuragaeClassLarge HammerheadClassCuragaeLarge HammerheadClassCuragaeLarge
CuragaeSC130Large CuragaeSC130Large CuragaeSC130Large
CuragaeSC130Large TigerclassInterceptorLarge CurageTigerClassLarge
Feronia Leader
Feronia One
CurageTigerClassLarge CurageTigerClassLarge CurageTigerClassLarge
Feronia Two
Feronia Three
Feronia Four


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  • The name of the squadron, "Curagae" is loosely translated as "to heal" and "to aid".
  • Within the Resistance leadership the squadron is often mocked as "peacelover" and "noncombatants" and the more military orientated feel the use of the squadron is obsolete. Others find it an inspiration for the future.

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