On behalf of Spode, we warn you not to incur our wrath!

- High Priest of the Ashonas

The Crusaders of Spode is an empire in the milky way galaxy.


The Society is divided into castes in a hierarchy. Some species are higher up in the hierarchy than others. With this setup, most are surprised that there has yet to be any heretics or rebels. The Hierarchy system can be viewed here.

  • Name - Unknown
  • Homeworld - Unknown
  • Status - Rumored to be supreme leaders
  • Classification - Unknown

Ashonas Zealot
  • Name - Ashonas
  • Homeworld - Picamill
  • Status - Leading Species
  • Classification - 4C

One of the founders of the Crusaders, they are a tall, reptillian species that is very intelligent. They are in charge of leading the rest of the Crusaders.

Ixplix Zealot
  • Name - Ixplix
  • Homeworld - Dortan
  • Status - Leading Species
  • Classification - 1C3

The other founder, they are short and squat creatures that are quick to anger. They are in charge of leading the rest of the Crusaders.

Commando Zealot
  • Name - Tidmar
  • Homeworld - Unknown
  • Status - Member
  • Classification - 4B

A species that joined the Crusaders shorlty after they were founded, they are a bipedal fishlike species that are only known on the battlefield as Zealot Hypersoldiers. They are in charge of minor military operations.

  1. Aepox Zealot
    Ape Zealot
    Ape & Aepox - A single species that split apart, now rejoined under a single banner that joined the Crusaders a few years before the Perseus Deathlock. They are in charge of admitting and accepting new empires into the Crusaders.
  2. Tumorian ZealotTumorian - A recent addition to the Crusaders, they are monopeds disreguarded by the higher casts, but nevertheless they are devoted workers and faithful Zealots. They are in charge of minor terraforming and populating T0 planets (because they can live in that atmosphere).
  3. Deer Man ZealotQuinals ZealotAnti Mercuris Group - Small Empires that have colonies near Mercuris Federation. They are in charge of planning sabotage and reconnaissance for the Mercuris Federation. Empires in this group include: Deer Man and Quinals empires.
  4. Civers ZealotFernikki ZealotHoggiraptor ZealotLillo ZealotMinor Civilizations - There are a few other Tier 5 and 6 civilizations that are members of the Crusaders. Sometimes they're so new, the Ashonas and Ixplix don't even know they've joined. Some of these minor civilizations include: the Civers, Fernikki, Hoggiraptor, and Lillo empires.



The Crusaders of Spode have a large fleet and ground force that can wipe out most low Tier 4, 5, and 6 empires quickly. At the time the Mercuris Federation was at war with them, the Federation was a solid Tier 4 (Advanced Star Collector). So, the war was relatively even, save for the fact that the Mercuris Federation has just recently destroyed the Perseus Arm Union and allied the a small group of Grox and the Warrior's Alignment.

Their rank system is like this (highest to lowest):

  1. High Priest Council (Patriarchs) - One member of every species is on this council. It is said that they are enlightened, and can interpret the will of Spode.
  2. Priest - These are located on the various colonies of the Crusaders. They lead the worshipers at church meetings.
  3. Acolyte - Assist the Priests at any time.
  4. Chaplain
  5. Abbot
  6. Monk
  7. Archbishop - Commanders of the entire armies
  8. Bishop - Commanders of large forces
  9. Zealot - Commanders of small forces
  10. Champions - Leaders of squadrons
  11. Warriors - Skilled fighters
  12. Soldier - Regular infantry
  13. Worshiper - Citizen
  • The Zeal-Bot is a large robot that is nearly indestructible, and is capable of destroying entire cities and colonies.
  • Fanatical Frenzy is a Zealot superpower that instantly kills all sentient life on a planet.
  • The Crusaders also have limited use of the Staff of Life to terraform Grox worlds.
  • Incendiary ships can burn the ground with ASDE (air-to-surface direct energy) lasers.
  • The Crusader's Fleet is led by a trio of ships: Fell the Grox, The Crusader's Might, and the lead ship The Glory of Spode.


So strange. They seem to change point of view a lot.

- Mercuris Federation


- Iovera IX

Ah, Fellow Followers of the true faith. Hopefully we can work together some time.

- Lorca'Gadem of the Unified nations of spode.
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