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The power of the body means nothing, it is transitory towards the final death we all face. The power of the mind is nothing, for your own mind will fail you. What one must do, is dedicate themselves towards an ideal, an ideal that truly embraces how empty all of this is. The ideal of Destruction.

- Lord Crothal The Shadowspawn

Crothal the Shadowspawn is one of the highest ranking leaders among the Sorcerers of Rathan, other names include Blackhole, Ultima Magnus and Atla Prime, Lord of the Chronomancers Path, and one of the highest ranking advisors to the Witch-Queen Kirata Cethannia in existence. Taken at a young age from an unknown world, from an unknown species and unknown parents, Crothal started as a slave, was chosen by the Sorcerer Vrimkul the Blessed. Since that day, when he first stepped into his master's service, Crothal has risen to become one of the most powerful Sorcerer-Prophets to lead the Rathanii in their quest to annihilate all life that stands in their way. His quest for power has lead him to mastery the flow and power of time, though has left him weakened and his body slowly fading, though he still has many more centuries then most lifeforms.

He has been entrusted with a number of tasks by his master, Kirata, in order to get a grasp upon the universe they find themselves in now, thanks to the destruction of their own universe by the Xeranbha, and to also gather more servants, followers and powers to their side for the eventual conquest of the universe.

Currently, Crothal proved himself to the Emperor and was inducted into the ranks of the Phaedric Order to serve Emperor Tyrómairon's interests, and to replace some of the lost members the Order had suffered during the war. In this role, Crothal acts not only as a Phaedric Sorcerer of great power and control, combining Valin with Dark Alchemy, but further works with Imperial Intelligence under the code-name "Lord Blackhole", and is the Phaedric master and teacher of Inquisitor Savis Crevix. Outside of this, Crothal rarely leaves his inner sanctum he constructed on Antemurale, or his personal labs and such, staying out of sight as he lives up to his third title: Father of Beasts, using his powers and scientific intelligence to craft new horrors for Tyrómairon's armies.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

You will be Crothal from now on. You below to me, body and soul.

- Vrimkul, to his future student

Crothal was born in an unknown world, under the name Perith, and found by the Sorcerers of Rathan during a slave raid. Many of his kindred would be taken away to the forges and Janissary Barracks, but Crothal was seen as something more then special and useful then any of his kindred. The leader of the warriors who had taken him and many of his peers away, was a high ranking Sorcerer named Vrimkul the Blessed. Vrimkul was interested in several of them, and chose Crothal and a handful of others to study under him as his apprentices. Crothal hated the people who had taken him from his family, but accepted his position as a student. Crothal would study for years under Vrimkul, learning more and more to further his power, often killing and destroying several of his peers in the process to get closer to Vrimkul.

During his training, Crothal rarely, if ever, had to be disciplined by his master for seeking pleasures of the flesh and the like. His mind was focused and readied for all his studies, nothing else, denying himself the finest foods and the like, just so he could have his revenge against Vrimkul. As the years went on, his memories of his kin and his world began to fade further and further, until all that remained was not a desire to avenge his lost world, but rather a spiteful hatred for hatred's sake against his foes.

As he mastered the Spire of the Chronomancers, Vrimkul grew impressed with his student, praising his studious nature, and entrusting him to learn from other Spires without betraying him. Crothal studied the Flesh-Sculptors and their abilities to mutate and modify lifeforms, the World-Shapers to gain powers of Living Lightning and other powers to burn away foes, and from the Cortex Dominators, learned to create illusions, drain knowledge from others, and induce fear and terror in others. He would use his powers to push into Vrimkul's mind, and steal knowledge and details Vrimkul had kept from him. Vrimkul, growing old and weary from his centuries in power, did not sense his apprentice working against him, and in fact, thought they had something of a friendship.

With all of his knowledge, Crothal began the process of looking into the future and past, and mastering the powers of time so he could see into the future and know when the time to attack his master would be most successful. As he did this, he took to managing all of Vrimkul's daily affairs, taking census of the slaves, managing production schedules of the forges, and managing his armies. Though the Sorcerers of Rathan came under the rule of the most powerful civilization in the universe, the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony, Crothal and most were allowed to maintain their positions, so long as they provided armies when called upon. After sending several of his rivals, both contemporary, and older, to their deaths in far away campaigns, Crothal felt his position was secure to move against his master.

Ascension into Lordship Edit

If all power demands sacrifice, your life shall be mine.

- Crothal to his master, before killing him
Croth kills

Crothal killing his master cemented his rulership once and for all.

Crothal, one night, came to his master, and, to celebrate the bounty of slaves brought form Hegemony enemies in Mirus' frontier, and other worlds, brought with him a cask of wine to celebrate. Crothal and Vrimkul drank much that night, and when his master finally grew drunk, Crothal used his powers of time to freeze and stop time around the two, before using his powers to destroy Vrimkul's brain and central nervous system. With his master dead, Crothal was now lord of all of Vrimkul's holdings, and undisputed master, with most of his rivals dead or out of the way. The Sorcerer-Lord, now without worry of any disturbing his plans, began to experiment further with his powers, sending his troops to various locations to further his political position, such as sending a legion of his troops to fight the Khanornusi in Cyrannus, and assisting in turning them into cybernetic golems.

The reigning Witch-Queens and Warlock-Kings that would come and go during Crothal's reign of his realms, regarded him with respect, and often sought to learn from them, but he found no satisfaction in them, or the dark, burning desire that fueled so many others. They regarded him as tool to more power, and he wanted none of this. Power, in his mind, was material, and the truest adherents to the Rathannii creed must free themselves of the material to truly master their creed. Vrimkul, Crothal's kindred form the unknown world and his Sorcerer rivals, were all concerned with material power, and had lost their positions and lives to this desire.

Centuries would go by, Crothal's power growing, and many rivals, both within his Spire, and outside of it, would fall. He would, in the end, work his way up the chains and defeat the Chronomancer's leader, Bhzaakal the Iron-Lunged. With no one in his way, Crothal had near-undisputed command of his Spire, and all Sorcerers who studied time, as well as their holdings, and immediately strengthened his position of power over Bhzaakal's own minions and members of his House. At this time, Crothal would father a daughter through one of his mistresses, named Jurisa, though came to view her with apprehension and disdain, seeing her as a threat to his position of power. He removed all traces of their being related, so she could not be used against him, and treated her much the same as any other servant of the Rathanii Sorcerers, however, his purge was not complete, and the Lorekeepers kept many records of their relations.

Ruling from Kraasii Edit

You are much too paranoid, Shadowspawn. Your own terror at your offspring is ill-founded.
Is it, Bahadur? How many Hegemony-Emperors have fallen to their children? How many Sorcerers have been struck down by their daughters and sons? Look to Aedianus and what became of his mother for the truest example.
If you raise them wrong. When you have burned within them a loyalty to your vision, they will march through hellfire for you. But you must treat them with respect and some love. Make them feel needed.
This makes you weak, Cethannia. Kirata will use your admiration and love you have for her against you.
And Jurisa will come to use her hatred and loathing for you to do the exact same to you, old friend.

- Bahadur Cethannia and Crothal in conversation

Crothal would, later on, relocate his power base to the jungle world of Kraasii, in another galaxy, where he would meditate on the powers of darkness and destruction, guarded by his warriors, Janissaries and attendants. During such times, he would oversee the young Jurisa's training, and was visited by Bahadur Cethannia, he saw to his own daughter's training in the swamps and fens of the world, and the two often putting their children against each other in duels, to see how well their combat and Dark Alchemy abilities had grown, and see to any short comings in their combat styles.

Crothal and Bahadur would have a number of debates and discussions, as the younger attempted to gain Crothal's trust and fear in order to gain his powers over time. Crothal looked down on Bahadur's hypocrisy, believing having at least three children was a testament of creation, not destruction and entropy as Crothal believed the Sorcerers should take. This reflected their differing political believes, and the two very different doctrines that dominated Rathanii politics. Bahadur felt that Crothal hiding the truth from his daughter would only harm him later, and that he must be ready to reveal the deception in order to secure her loyalty. Crothal was surprised Bahadur knew his secrets, but remained stoic enough to counter that one's own children were their greatest threat to power, and were to be kept at arms length, if kept at all.

Their arguments and debates dominated their visits, as Jurisa grew into a great warrior and assassin for her father, to keep his enemies within the court and among the other Houses in line and on their toys, as Kirata began to work her way up the political ladder.

The Fate-Weaver Edit

I observed Kirata, this "Fate-Weaver", when she was a teen. Her power has grown much, she has become a beacon of destructive energy and power. She is one I will watch carefully.

- Crothal's personal journals

The reign of Bahardus Cethannia disturbed much of Crothal's reign. Originally given free reign to do as he wished without the limitations of his superiors, Bahadur's reign as Warlock-King continued to undercut and weaken his position of power. As Crothal was unwilling to teach Bahadur the powers of time the young King so desired, the two continued to struggle against one another, the older Crothal weary of Bahadur's position and willingness to execute others for the slightest offenses. Though Crothal maintained his safety due to his power, the old Sorcerer was unsure how long he could maintain this, though had an active interest in Kirata Cethannia, Bahadur's youngest child and only daughter.

When rebels arose to challenge the Hegemony's reign, many of them Rathanii dissidents, Crothal at first thought of joining them, but decided against them, believing his rivalry with Bahadur's was no need to risk his power and position and long-term goals. Instead, he provided aid and advisement to young Kirata, who had been sent as a test by her father to wipe out the rebels. He taught her a number of new abilities to test her enemies, and to keep secret from her father, as well as earning her trust for his powers to see into the future and over prophecies. Her victory lead to many mutilated and desecrated rebel corpses draped all across the Rathanii spires and ziggurats for all to see.

Crothal would be most pleased with Kirata when she, years later, would kill Bahardus in a duel over who would rule the Rathanii, after, ironically enough, he came to try and organize a resistance against the Hegemony's Emperor. Kirata arose to the position of Witch-Queen, and ruled with an iron fist, Crothal helping remove any obstacles in her way to power. Her position secured, as well as his, Crothal withdrew into his personal palace to meditate further on his course of actions.

The Catharsis Edit

Something shapeless and mindless writhes in the dark, crawling and gnawing towards us. We must be ready

- Crothal to Kirata

Though power, Crothal and his Sorcerers, began to contemplate the future, and used their powers to divine into it. Two of his peers would die of a heart attack over what they saw, and he was nearly driven insane by it. However, focusing his mind and body, he traveled to the palace of the Witch-Queen, and delivered his warnings to her, and asked what their course of action would be. However, to his surprise, she ordered that not a word reach the Hegemony's ears, and instead, concentrated on a way to avoid the visions he had spoken of. If need be, the rest of the Hegemony could be warned, but only after Kirata felt it would be within her best interests, and offer the best rewards. Crothal thought for a few moments, before speaking of a project he had heard of recently. The Emperors of the Cyrannus Galaxy, and rulers of all the Hegemony, had started experimenting with piercing the wall between universes, and journeying into one similar to their own.

Kirata, intrigued as ever, began pulling strings, and with Crothal's help, managed to secure some of the technology that would be needed for this project. Though it took much to remain out of the eye of the Emperor and his bootlicks, Kirata sent a number of her most devout followers into the Prime Universe, and established a number of bases to act as future colonies and relay stations for her forces and the rest of the Hegemony when this "Black Cancer" arrived.

Their planning was undone by the sudden arrival of the Black Cancer, Xeranbha, a few years later. Terrified, the Hegemony began to throw trillions of soldiers and billions of ships at their foes, only for their ships to end up as blasted and ruined wrecks, and their troops to end up in a much worse fate. Hegemony leadership demanded that Kirata send her forces, but she scoffed at such orders as a waste, and lied that The Emperor's father himself, Superintendent of the military, Willelmus Cretacea, had ordered Rathanii forces be sent to back up his own. In their panicked state, and with the Emperor too busy building up forces, Crothal only needed to forge a couple of documents to pull the deceit over their eyes. This worked all the better when the Emperor withdrew all of his support and forces form the outer realms, and began fortifying Cyrannus itself.

Many Sorcerers, eager for slaughter and mayhem, ran rampant across the universe, using the chaos to carry away more slaves and treasures then they had ever seen, while Crothal and Kirata put the last parts of their plan into action, leaving behind a group of fanatics who wished to embrace the Xeranbha, while the majority of their Rathanii warriors and followers journeyed to the Prime universe. Without the Hegemony to oversee and command them, the Rathanii could at least do a they wished with the universe, without the Hegemony's oversight.

Crothal himself, would, after sending out his agents, begin to gather information on the political climate of the Universe they were in, as well as using his powers to find out the Emperor, Aedanius, was still alive, as were a number of remnants of the Hegemony that had escaped, and told his Witch-Queen of these developments. She began planning operations to make contact and rescue Aedanius once they had the ability to do so.

Exploits within the Cyrandia Cluster Edit

Finding the Nezuven Edit

Such an ugly race. They are so deceitful, I am surprised they did not evolve armored backs to block knives.

- Crothal on the Nezuven

The Sorcerer-Prophet, once bases and colonies were established, left his personal citadel, and began a journey across the Cyrandia Cluster, with only a few of his followers to guard him. He journeyed, hiding among various Empires, nations and other worlds, seeing the cultures and general political environment of the universe, focusing on Cyrannus, due to it's impact in his universe. He was surprised to find the Hegemony did not exist here, and that many nations and such lived, independent of each other, in conflict, aligned with one another, and free of any oversight. Crothal was completely taken aback by this news. How could the Libertus or another power not have risen to unite and conquer the stars? To make it all their own?

He continued his journey, traveling in secret, until a strange energy called out to him in the Quadrants. The place was chaotic, the galaxy a complete mess with the fall of the "Rambo Nation". Crothal again sneered with disdain at it, the Rambo of his universe much greater in power and authority then these weak birds. As he followed the trail of energy, he came to the world of Larwekk, home to the Nezuven. They were a strange race, of Fish-rat hybrids, and driven by a religious caste system and need to conquer for their god, Great King Rat. Their Empire, the Nezuven Swarm, sought to conquer the galaxy, to fuel their vast warmachines and slave pits.

Crothal hide in their world, searching for the strange energy object within their cities, any Nezuven encountering him and his three Infernal Guards being killed and reduced to ash, as he continued his search for a mysterious relic. As he observed the Nezuven from the shadows, Crothal grew disgusted with them, and dismissed them as disgusting, deceptive little hell-beasts, with little respect for true artistry in their technology and weapons.

Meeting Savis Crevix Edit

The ability to turn whatever you touch into a bomb. Intriguing. Watch true power at work, young one.

- Crothal to Savis during their first meeting

The Sorcerer stayed for some time within the world of Larwekk, only passively observing the Nezuven after he gained his artifact, but happily staying away from their troops thereafter. A few weeks later, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus sent a fleet, overtaking Larwekks defenses, and destroying much of it's warriors, military caste and other forces, rendering much of it's capital in ruins. As members fled to the underground to escape, Crothal and his minions became more active, driving away any Nezuven that encountered them, and, as Stormtroopers and others came down looking for whatever was causing such damage, them as well. Crothal's actions and powers drew the attention of the acting Inquisitor, Savis Crevix, who journeyed down with his Stormtroopers to see what was up.


Crothal meets his future Apprentice Savis Crevix for the first time.

After marching about, finding all the bodies left in Crothal's wake, Crevix and his Stormtrooper squad finally encountered his guards, exchanging fire with them, before Crothal ordered them to stand down, and challenged Crevix himself. After dueling him for a few moments, Crothal stopped time, and placed his blade at Crevix's throat, before starting time up again. Realizing he had been beaten, but utterly mystified as to how, Savis submitted, but it was Crothal who stood down, after demanding to be taken to the Emperor. Savis, confused, but deciding not to defy the being, agreed.

Joining the Phaedric Order Edit

In my quest for power, I have been drawn to this one, this nexus of power who calls himself Emperor. I rarely feel fear for anything, but this being could come close. I will stay close, learn from him, and bring what I learn to the other Sorcerers.

- Crothal in his personal journal

Crothal was escorted by Savis to the Fleet of the Empire, where he meet Captain Titus, and after seeing their full power, was impressed, though personally fleet the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony and his Rathanii people were greater. After being given permission to enter the same star system, Savis flew his shuttle to the location of the Sovereign, and to the Emperor. Once landed, they encountered another Inquisitor, Morhioven, who escorted them to the Emperor's throne room. There, he congratulated Crevix on his good work, and told him to take the relic back to the Inquisition headquarter. After, both left, as the Emperor and Prophet spoke in private.

Crothal made a show of his powers, as he attempted to worm into the Emperor's mind and steal knowledge of the Phaedric Order and it's secrets for himself. After slowing time, however, the Emperor moved normally, unaffected by his power, and stated he was impressed by Crothal's audacity, but, after sending a wave of pain through his body that brought him to his knees, stated such bravado would be a foolish move. Crothal only gained knowledge on the Order that the Emperor allowed, and began to list off facts of Crothal's life that the Prophet did not wish him to know, taunting him over his weakness and uselessness in the face of the Emperor.

Terrified for one of the few times in his life, Crothal submitted to the Emperor, and though the Emperor doubted his loyalty, Crothal was given his first instructions. Go to the Phaedric world of Antemurale, and finish his studies of the Phaedric Order. If his new brothers and sisters were pleased, he could be accepted in. If not, he would be cast to the dogs. Agreeing, Crothal took his leave, and made his way to Antemurale.

Lord Blackhole Edit

After arriving and studying their arts, Crothal was rigorously tested by the members of the Order, ordered to make sure Crothal did not enter too easily. Despite many obstacles put in his path by his fellow Lords and Ladies, Crothal did pass, and was granted the title of Lord unnaturally quick, resulting in the resentment and distrust of many other Lords. Now a Phaedric Lord in his own right, Crothal began to insert himself in Imperial affairs, putting himself into everything, from politics, to Intelligence, so smoothly placing himself in charge of aspects of Intelligence, few noticed his rise to power. His web of power within Intelligence gave him much to work with, and he crafted a persona for himself in Intelligence, called "Lord Blackhole", a ghostly being of shadowy power and unknown gender, who could appear within any hologram within the Empire or holographic projectors connected to the Empire, giving him unlimited range, as he stayed on Antemurale, healing his still-ravaged body. However, he did not stay still. He started up a number of labs across the Empire to test his abilities as the "Father of Beasts", while also developing other personas.

To some, he became Ultima Magnus, a figure who claimed to be the last of the Confederate leaders, and was a clone of the Arcadian Biologics Lab Incorporated's work. Ultima Magnus appearantly had overseen the releasing of plagues upon the systems of Gorwich and Balzafor, and survived the purge of Confederate leaders by resurrecting himself. However, New Republic intelligence found that, while Balzafor indeed suffered a biologic attack that saw it depopulated, the Gorwich system does not exist, and further, there are no records of a Ultima Magnus anywhere from available Confederate intel reports or intercepted transmissions. Within the Empire, Ultima Magnus developed plagues and war-beasts to assist the Empire's efforts, and worked closely with the Imperial Special Weapons Committee.

Among others, Crothal was called Alta Prime. A power-mad being, Alta Prime was supposedly involved in the Basileus' leadership's attempted coup against the Emperor, but was exiled for his attempts. Alta Prime returned, however, to help end the Republic and redeem himself. Alta Prime claimed to not only command an army of savage Clone Warriors armed with Oikoumene and Multus Esse technologies, but further had advisors cloned from several of the Empire's greatest minds who were deceased, including Tector Decimus, Taev Vosaetiur and a variety of both real, and fictional characters, confusing and baffling the Intelligence agencies of the Republic and others. Likewise, No Basileus has ever heard of any figure named "Atla". In this persona, Crothal focused his efforts on Cloning and how to create new forms of life from existing samples of genetic material, working closely with the Imperial Military and Imperial Bio-Sciences.

All of this was done so Crothal could have control and power over multiple agencies, and his ear close to any who caught his interest. He later, however, admitted to other Phaedric Lords that he also couldn't help himself, and creating a new Persona was something of an addiction for him.

Crevix Training

Crothal sees to Savis' training with several of his Rathanii spawn.

While many within the Order thought him a heretic and a potential source of trouble, similar to another follower of a separate creed, named Mar-Júun, Crothal was different. His brief encounter with the Emperor had terrified him to the core. He wouldn't dare move against the Emperor, and all his political maneuvering was not just power plays, but attempts to appease the Emperor and keep him from becoming angered at Crothal.

As par his last moves, he drew his daughter. Jurisa and many servants to his location, and requested Inquisitor Savis Crevix as a personal apprentice in the Order, similar to Lady Archaxys and Inquisitor Harak'Tuose. He trained Savis in many of the more powerful aspects of Valin, and promised to make him a powerful Phaedric Lord. Many methods were taken, including swordsmanship, tutelage on the more refined aspects of the Dark Side, and how to master it, and a deep understanding of time and how to fill the area around oneself with dark power to overwhelm and terrify his foes.

He further had Crevix train with his personal Janissaries, his best forces, his halberd and sword armed Slave-soldiers rigorously seeing to Crevix's skills, as he further had Savis take extended journeys into the hinterlands of Antemurale, to survive in the wilderness and learn to survive without aid. After, Crevix returned to his duties as an Inquisitor, much stronger, though still need to complete training, as Crothal also tasked his daughter with assisting the Empire's forces as an assassin.

Harvest Moon Edit

In his quest to understand Valin more accurately and gather knowledge for the Order and the Emperor, Crothal withdrew briefly from the war effort to try and discover any lost lore, tomes and relics from the ancient Phaedric Empire and their Sorcerer-Kings. He took the Singularity and disappeared into the outer reaches of hte galaxy, traveling first to Phaedron, homeworld of hte Empire, and one of hte central areas of the Phaedric Order that they used for training and meditation. He went deep into the tombs and temples of the ancient lords, piecing together knowledge and ancient writings from them, while using his own people's writings to summon the ghosts and wraiths of ancient Phaedric Kings to speak with them. After gathering knowledge from them, he visited other worlds important to the Energy of Valin.

His travels saw him meet with and conduct interviews with some of hte most powerful members of these obscure orders. Throughout all of them, Crothal found that, those that used the Valin, were having visions and dreams of a powerful figure, that, although his form changed, many similarities remained. He came to the conclusion that, based on speech patterns, descriptions and other features, that this figure was none other then the Emperor himself. Crothal believed that, as the Emperor's power increased, he would no longer need to simply be drawn to those that used Valin, but could draw them to himself, often without meaning to.

Crothal decided to assist in this mission. He used his powers of Prophecy, combing Dark Alchemy and Valin powers, to peer into the future, and believed he had a way to combat the Phaedric Order's enemies. Crothal believed the Aldare Order would draw upon young members of the Cyrannus galaxy, and petitioned the Emperor for resources to take these younglings and induct them into knowledge of the Valin, and turn them into future Inquisitors, Phaedric Lords and "Hands of the Emperor". After some time, the Emperor gave his approval.

Using resources of the Intelligence and Inquisition, he gathered the records and reports that indicating strong Valin sensitivity, and began gathering them on his Lictor-Class Frigates to place within the facilities on specialized worlds. As he did so, he traveled to the obscure world of Maldor, and, finding it of interest, had the world completely annihilated and stripped of all life, before building his personal fortress there, to train the young.

When he was informed that one of hte worlds in the Occupied Republic was under Resistance-Mendel attack, he dispatched a Legion of Stormtroopers there, supported by his Blackhole Troopers, and a platoon of Purge Troopers of the Inquisition, lead by High Inquisitor Savis Crevix, and his colleagues, Inquisitors Malortium, Alyara and Helmire. After leading a number of assaults across the world to capture the younglings of interest there, Crevix managed to slaughter a number of Resistance members, before a Knight of the Aldárae Order appeared and challenged them, promptly managing to, with some difficulty, defeat all four of them in battle, prompting Crothal to land himself. After overwhelming the Knight, named Ronihan, he fled with the remaining Resistance forces, and disappeared. Crothal, angered at the injuries his apprentice had taken, had the children gathered, and ordered 1/5 of the planet's population executed without mercy.

After treating Crevix's wounds, they arrived at Maldor, Crothal's Lictor-class ships arriving to drop off his future students for training, as he explained, in detail, his findings to Crevix, and offered him the chance to not only further his training, but to train others in what he had learned, ensuring the Order would be eternal, and the Emperor's Hands would soon be completed.

His last objective was simple. He began placing Cloning facilities in various worlds for future use, including Maldor, his hidden base on Rennarkh, Troposgi, a world known for it's vast libraries, and the dark world of Bast. These cloning facilities would serve some unknown purpose, as Crothal sought to further enhance his knowledge of biology and enhancing the living flesh of beings through his knowledge of Valin and Dark Alchemy.

After all of this work, and some time within his healing chamber, Crothal was called to Orbispira along with most of the Phaedric Order, to witness the Imperial Sanctum rise to dominate the skylines of Orbispira. He and the Singularity would remain there, until he departed to return to his "schooling duties".

Vectors of Light and Dark Edit

That is not good. That is rather unpleasant in fact.

- Crothal on the Death of the Emperor felt through the Valin.

Crothal, while away in his hidden lab on Maldor, training his Dark Side Adepts and students, felt the deaths of his two colleagues in the Phaedric Order, Echoriax and Cythonnia, and was mildly disturbed. After contacting the rest, and being informed of the cause, first requested the corpse for his lab experiments, and when that was denied, retreated into his personal meditation chambers, activating his ceremonies and rituals to Commune directly with the Valin and the Nihil and gain insight as to what would happen, and he would need to do in the future to prepare himself.

Like all remaining Phaedric Order members, Crothal was all too aware of the Emperor's death, and the destruction of much of the Imperial leadership. Pleased, Crothal meet with his student, Inquisitor Crevix, and asked him to wait within his secret academies. Retreating deep within the archives, Crothal contact his other master, the Witch-Queen of Rathanii, Kirata Cethannia, alternate universe counterpart to Kirta Clett, and requested her permission to return home with his ship and students, but Kirata denied him. Angered, the Sorcerer-Prophet declared he had no reason to die for an Empire when the Emperor was dead. Kirata silence him with a power Essence attack to his throat, and spoke clearly to him.

Your mission has changed, Crothal. You will remain with the Phaedra for as long as I see fit. Prepare the galaxy in due time.

Unsure what she even meet, Crothal would journey to the surface of Maldor and meet and discuss things with his student. For the next five years, Crothal would lead a Warlord Faction of his own, even fighting Kirta Clett herself.

At one point during the War, Crothal spread rumors that he had Cloned Tyrómairon and had a secret Navy Super Weapon-carrying ships and "World Devastators", and an army of indoctrinated Cultists and "Phaedric Troopers", ready to unleash them upon the galaxy, and demanded the complete surrender and loyalty of every Imperil Warlord faction in the galaxy. Every Warlord and the New Republic's leadership quickly scoffed and laughed at his absurd claims, and his faction was quickly sacked and destroyed, everyone working together to deal him what was considered one of the most humiliating defeats in the entire war, with the new Republic, the Cognatus Order, at least 4 Imperial Warlord Factions, and the Mendel Pact all crushing him completely. Further, he had lost many of his Dark Side Adepts during the war, his prized student, Lumariya damaged beyond repair.

Though he survived, he would vanish from galactic sight after. Taking the name Z'amir Kariis, Crothal would sever all contact with the rest of the Order, and kill any remaining Imperial Personnel that knew the location of his laboratories. Under his identity as Z'amir Kariis, Crothal would watch the Empire from afar, and the Republic, as he prepared the plan his Witch-Queen had set forth, before sending operatives to Mirus to lay down the ground of something else. Within his hidden labs, Crothal saw to the preparation of his full Army, but remained out of sight.

By the Year after the Peace agreement between the Imperial Remnant and the New Republic, Crothal was considered dead by his fellow Order members, disappearing like the shadows he so beloved.

Due to his kidnapping, experimentation, massacres of countless armies, ordering a rebellious world have their population reduced in half, having the living and dead twisted by his Valin Sorcerer into many horrific forms, and having several worlds stripped of all life, Crothal was considered one of the worst of the Phaedric Order, and even the surviving members were glade that he had disappeared, hoping the haggard old Prophet had finally died.

The Heresiarch Edit

Traits Edit

Personality Edit

You see my dear friends, I can't help but craft personas around me. Being able to just create a new life for myself, and toy with others through multiple avenues, is just too much fun to resist! The confusion and fright everyone of them carves into our foes, is just too delectable.

- Crothal to some of his fellow Phaedra
Croth library

Crothal within his personal library, surrounded by tomes, books and scrolls of various ancient forces.

Lord Crothal, of all the Rathanii Sorcerers, is often regarded as the most cunning, unrelenting and powerful of them. Granted extreme power by his age and experience, Crothal was never the less ravaged by the years of twisting the currents of time, and immersing himself in Rathanii Dark Alchemy energies, forcing the old Sorcerer to keep within his life-support chamber and spend long hours in his "Shadow Egg" to heal his old, ravaged form, and support his massive power. As such, he rarely acted in person, preferring to use avatars, holograms, and advanced versions of his pawns and Janissaries to see to his will.

Deception and fear were his bread and butter, his preferred method of enforcing his will upon his foes and minions alike. Constantly, Crothal keeps his various servants and minions within mental reaching, using his powers to reach their minds, regardless of how effective they are, keeping them terrified and fearful of disappointing him, with the intended result being that they can never plan against him for they can never know if he is mentally watching them or not. Likewise, his use of avatars is meant to keep his rival sorcerers and such off balance, as no one is quite sure even what Crothal is. Crothal actively enjoys creating new personas to act through, such as Father of Beasts and Blackhole, to keep the unwitting fools in the Resistance and New Republic terrified of what he could be.

Though malevolent and a deceiver, Crothal does show a softer side, often coming to assist younger Sorcerers and teach and advise them for unknown reasons. Though these serve his own purposes, he can appear benevolent and caring when called upon. He also has no problem setting himself up for "Set backs", as he allowed rivals to gain position so that, when Bahadur died, Crothal would not be considered a rival to be removed by Kirata.

Although he was respectful of them all, after the Emperor's Death, Crothal became far more distant and disobedient, even forming his own Warlord faction and attempting to seize power. After the Empire's surrender, Crothal would merely, like the Shadow Specter he so crafted, disappear, considered dead by the few remaining Phaedric Lords, while secretly wishing to kill them all and remake the Order in his own image.

Appearance Edit

Crothal is an unknown reptilian being, thin and slightly emaciated, and slightly resembles a life form from Cyrannus. As records regarding slave raids are kept from all of slave descent, regardless of what position they gain, Crothal can only guess at his race. He is a pale white being, with black feathers around his head, crest and tail, and deep, sunken in eyes, that glow with ethereal fire. He commonly adorns himself with night black armor with blood-red highlights across it. The armor is smooth and unusually futuristic looking, as the Sorcerers prefer a more baroque, ancient look to their armor styles.

Very few except for the Highest ranking Sorcerers, know of his true appearance, as he prefers to appear at Council meetings and with others as a Wraith-like shadow figure, with a field of stars in his body, and two glowing white eyes.

His Blackhole form is a large and powerful wraith figure, with no identifiable sex or gender, with a pure black body, clawed hands, but no feet. It usually looms over others, with fleshy tentacles behind it forming a grotesque parody of cape. It's eyes are pure white and sometimes stars and astronomical bodies appear in it's form.

Abilities Edit

Crothal, as master of the Chronomancers, can alter and direct the flow of time through Dark Alchemy powers, for limited times. Though these abilities were once powerful and made him almost untouchable. However, years of abusing this power as withered and taken it's toll on his physical health and mental stability. He is left haggard and withered by his time, and his physical health allows him to only use this power for 10 seconds at a time. Though it can only last 10 seconds, due to his weakened heart and body, Crothal can stop, reverse, skip, fast forward and slow down time to suite his needs. Combiend with this, is mastery of various Sorcerous powers, including the abilitiy to project lightning from his fingers, create shafts of dark energy from his palms, summon geysers of fire, and mentally probe others with his powers. He prefers to use his abilities to create an aura of darkness and uncertainty around himself, causing even his servants to feel slightly terrified and uneasy around him, and to create an aura of cold around himself, even though most instruments could not detect any change in the atmosphere or room temperature.

Crothal, due to continued training and practice on the Flesh Sculptors, is a master of genetic understanding, study and biologic modification, creating multiple "Rathanii-spawn" to serve his interests and destroy his enemies. His expertise was such, that Crothal gained the Title of "Monster-Maker" and Flesh Sculptor, but even his legendary intelligence cannot overcome some of the weaknesses in flesh-weaving that the Rathanii have.

After joining the Phaedric Order, Crothal demonstrated many of their abilities, including summoning arcs of lightning from his finger tips, focused and amplified his abilities to prophecy, and began developing new powers via research into more obscure and esoteric aspects of Valin.

All in all, despite the ravages to his body, Crothal is one of, if not, the most powerful Sorcerer-Prophets, outside of Kirata herself, and shows credible power as a Lord of the Phaedra, though must accept a slightly inferior position amongst them.

Equipment Edit

Crothal wears little armor, preferring his robes, though what he does wear is advanced and very protective. He further carries with him a staff of power to project his power, and an Aster Blade to slice and cut through his victims. Though less capable thanks to his old age, he is still able to effectively defend himself against younger, stronger foes. Upon his head is his most important armor piece, the Twilight Crown. This specialized head-piece is worn by all Sorcerers of Rathan to project telepathic and mental control over their minions, referred to as Pawns, and keep in contact with their Janissaries and other warriors. Crothal can remove it with a mental command, and allow others to wear it, but if take without permission, traps will activate before they sap the brain of the target out.

Starships Edit


The Singularity

The Singularity (ICS Singularity ISD-2008) is an Imperator-class Star Destroyer serving in the Imperial Navy of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, and is Crothal's personal starship. A heavily modified Imperator Star Destroyer, the Singularity is a equally powerful warship and stealth vessel, befitting Crothal's obsession with spying and undermining his foes. Awarded to Crothal after his hard-work expanding the interests of the Empire through intelligence and manipulation, and the slow gathering of beings sensitive in Valin for future use. The Singularity is used by Crothal to travel the galaxy, and fight against forces opposed to the Empire. Unlike many Star Destroyers of it's Designation, the Singularity is capable of performing stealth missions and disappearing from radar to observe enemy worlds. It holds a large barrack structure to train, outfit and hold legions of Shadow Stormtroopers loyal to Crothal, a Meditation Chamber used to not only heal him, but act as personal quarters for Crothal and focus and amplify his powers, as well as heal his ravaged form and act as his personal library.

The Singularity is often seen operating with the Imperial Mendel, but also acts alongside the Imperial Navy, Intelligence, and often on it's own, Crothal commonly journeying to the Unknown Regions and the Phaedric Empire's ancient holdings to learn more techniques and gather Dark Side knowledge.

Relations Edit

Yellow face Masters Edit

Name a target, name a victim, they will be no more.

Yellow face Allies Edit

You display a level of competence that surprises.

  • Students - Prove yourselves worthy! The Emperor desires good servants, not rabble!
    • Savis Crevix - In time, my apprentice, you will become a Dark Lord of the Phaedra, as feared as any other. Until then, however, you answer to me.
    • Jurisa - I never intended for your birth. You should've never survived my training. But, by the grace of darkness and destruction, you have been reforged. No longer a mewling infant crying for her mother, but a warrior.
    • Lumariya - From you, I shall craft a new Order...
  • Sorcerer-Lords - I will return when my studies in Valin are finished.

Orange face Neutral Edit

I could break your spine with but a gesture.

Red face Disliked Edit

I must triumph.

  • Wilson - You belong only to the void, hedonist.
  • Akanri - I know what you did. I need only proof before I act.
  • Phaedric Order - Your creed will serve my design soon...
    • Archaxys - My Savis Crevix would destroy your dog.
    • Maethoruin - I do NOT answer to a blunt instrument.
    • Wrath - An Emperor's Wrath without an Emperor. How very sad.

Red face Enemies Edit

Your stars will be consumed, your loved ones will be turned to bone. So please, oppose me. I enjoy your suffering.

  • Aldárae Order - I sense only fear, and the dead. Do not resist me or the True Order.
    • Aoirtae Valaeris - You should've stayed on your ball of ice. Now you will taste hellfire.
    • Kara Inviá - If the death of your grandfather could not break you to us, then your father and brother shall be broken, and so will your resolve.
  • Kirta Clett - Look at me! Think of who is worthy to rule this galaxy!

Quotes from others Edit

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Lord Blackhole... Lord Butthole more like it.

- Akanri

Your training has served me well, Master. Everyday, through your power and the Emperor's might, I strike down his foes with greater and greater skill and power.

- Inquisitor Savis

Mind your post, Blackhole. There is work to do.

- Kirata Cethannia

Piss off you overglorified edgelord. Zaraturai above, ye crazy old fart. Just go and die already.

- Kirta Clett

Notes Edit

  • ZF created Crothal to separate the Sorcerers from the Pact, as he felt they shouldn't just be the Mendel Pact, but evil, and worked to give them a life of their own separate from the Pact. The creation of Characters like Crothal helped bring that idea to reality.
    • Crothal has no living Prime Universe counterpart.
  • Crothal is based Cronal from Star Wars Legends, one of ZF's absolute favorite villains from Legends.
    • His other two "Avatars", Ultima Magnus and Atla Prime, are based on minor Star Wars villain Zeta Magnus and unmade Star Wars Villain Atha Prime
  • In February 2020, Crothal was voted a Featured Article.

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