The Crivum Titane was a mysterious, allegedly sacred book found by the Sporotamus in Rachantes. It's the book followed by the Titanean religion or titaneism, which recognizes the existence of various godlike entities present in the book, known as the Titanes.


The origins of the original Crivum Titane are unknown, due to the lack of evidence surrounding it that could point to any possible author. It is known that it was found in Rachantes, in a mine located in the continent known as Sporotia. The inhabitants of the land, the Sporotamus, were the discoverers, with several miners claiming to "feel a mysterious, unnatural presence in the mine" until, two weeks after rumors about ghosts inhabiting the mine spread, the mysterious book was found. Soon, several groups started studying and teaching the stories told in it, without restriction from the goverment at all. It was a matter of few years until titaneism became the official religion of the Sporotamus civilization, a religious organization known as the Gatiten was created, and the original tome was kept in a museum in the religious capital, Hakile.

Some years later, the Sporotamus discovered the northern continent, Barjea, where they met the Androg. Diplomacy failed, resulting in the Great Rachantes War, during which the Androg captured several territories in Sporotia. These colonies learned about the Crivum Titane and the religion it proposed, and even got to see the original book during a failed attempt at conquering Hakile during the so-called Battle of Hakile. Several Androg converted to titaneism, opposing to their civilization's Xaculra and its proposal of hudgeneism. As the number of Androg believers grew and expanded to Barjea, social tensions increased to the point that a civil war started, allowing the Sporotamus to get some of their territories back. In the end, however, the Androg overcame their religious differences and titaneism was politically accepted in their civilization, thus leading to them focusing on their war against the Sporotamus instead. When Daraniea and Hakile were conquered by the Androg and the New Gods Empire, respectively, the Sporotamus fled from Rachantes, leaving the Crivum Titane behind. It was taken to Yaraiva, the religious capital of the Androg, where it remains to this day.


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The Crivum Titane tells a story that is supossedly related to the creation of what appears to be the universe, divided in three chapters:

  • Fan Menzo (beginning of a kingdom): The first chapter, which narrates how the Titane Praemakeroh (better known as Gurgreator) defeated the so-called Aeskelloterox and created all other Titanes from its own body, each of them creating a part or fundament of the universe in turn under its command. In the end, Gurgreator tries to recreate the lost parts of its body, but fails and ends up sealing itself away in what appears to be another plane of existence; the exact events leading to this point aren't specified, but it is known that it leads to the Titane Drimmo-Thytaenis (better known as Riyodagaal) becoming the new leader of the Titanes.
  • Beg Gena (farewell of the sins): A thousand years later, after ruling and creating for a long time, Riyodagaal creates the two last Titanes, Beagao-Thyrrohyx (Teratone) and Verllao-Thyrrohyx (Buhlcano), before vanishing from existence and leaving both of them as his sucessors. The latter one is corrupted by his power and, managing to get the sapient species known as Aganarda to (worship him), creates an army and starts a war to take over the realm of the Titanes. A fight between Teratone and Buhlcano happens, leading Buhlcano's body to be destroyed, but also badly injuring Teratone and leaving it to die. The Titane Yazovkrylos becomes the new head deity, the cult is for the most part disbanded and peace is restored.
  • Fan Nelo (fall of the kingdom): TBA






Deities and mythical creatures[]

The Crivum Titane claims that the creators of the universe were the so-called Titanes, a series of omnipotent, usually animalistic beings. They are said to inhabit an alternate plane of reality known as Jiyenaia, and to have ruled over the known universe until the events of the Fan Nelo. The book mentions a total of 40 Titanes, which have been classified in two categories according to their importance in creation:

Major Titanes[]

Major Titanes or Thytaenia (plural for Thytaenis) are those who had the biggest impact in creation, with the most important aspects of reality, such as life and the universe itself, being said to have been created to them. They are the following:

Minor Titanes[]

Minor Titanes or Thytixa (plural for Thytex) are those who, despite having participated in the creation of the universe, made contributions much smaller than those of the major Titanes. They are the following:

  • Aflonka-Thytex
  • Almandkro-Thytex
  • Cakwon-Thytex
  • Crelonn-Thytex
  • Falorhoda-Thytex and Falorjebo-Thytex
  • Fecaino-Thytex
  • Foplozi-Thytex
  • Gaenjiska-Thytex
  • Jolotva-Thytex
  • Kemyo-Thytex
  • Kristy-Thytex
  • Lapao-Thytex
  • Llaepon-Thytex
  • Locgostaw-Thytex
  • Lomho-Thytex
  • Mascalyaen-Thytex
  • Narrhyo-Thytex
  • Rnesto-Thytex
  • Sonyilia-Thytex
  • Thoufo-Thytex
  • Tolrota-Thytex
  • Valtago-Thytex
  • Vargypna-Thytex
  • Vurmo-Thytex

More information on each Titane to be added.

Besides the Titanes, there are several other creatures present in the Crivum Titane. The most relevant ones are the following:


Jedera (plural for Jederu) is the denomination given to five other, for the most part animalistic creatures mentioned in the Crivum Titane. Most of them were created by the two latter Titanes Teratone and Buhlcano, and while not nearly as much as regular Titanes, they are more powerful than regular, mortal beings. They are said to have played an important role in the events of the Beg Gena, either as antagonists by the side of Buhlcano or as helpers of Teratone in his defeat. After Buhlcano was destroyed, each Jederu was asigned by the Titanes to keep a piece of the ancient artefact known as the Kug-Festurckto, and to protect it from Buhlcano's followers. The five known Jederu are the following:

  • Gfu-Jederu
  • Kuo-Jederu
  • Nex-Jederu
  • Shi-Jederu
  • Vae-Jederu

The Aganarda and the Gidoni[]

Additionally, some ancient civilizations are present in the book, said to be the Titanes' predilect creations. The two main ones are the following:

  • The Ernesq-Gayina, also known as Aganarda, were a primordial civilization of semi-aquatic, minimalistic-looking sapients, being the first and intended-to-be-the-only sapient species in the universe. They respected the Titanes without strictly worshipping them nor disobeying their ammendments, until Buhlcano was corrupted and led some Aganarda to worship him, forming what would be known as The Forbidden Cult. This betrayal eventually led to the Aganarda ultimately vanishing after the universe was resetted by Gurgreator, being replaced by the so-called Uenix-Gayina or Vfadanarda, which are commonly interpreted as the common ancestor of the Androg and the Sporotamus.
  • The Varrek-Si, also known as Gidoni, are a secondary civilization created by Buhlcano. Said to resemble strange humanoids, they were created for the purpose of displaying the corrupted Titane's power, as well as being soldiers in the great battle of the Beg Gena. Despite their participation in an attack towards the Titanes, they were forgiven and lived peacefully with the Aganarda until the universe was reset.

Aeskelloterox and the Hyte-Roa[]

The Hyte-Roa, also known by some as Primal Wings, are a species of ancient beings mentioned in the Fan Menzo, said to be as old as existence itself, even older than the first Titane ever. Their leader is the so-called Aeskelloterox, a massive Hyte-Roa Depicted as chimeric wyverns with body parts of several known creatures, these entities were said to have "ruled over nothingness" until Gurgreator came into existence, resulting in a battle between it and Aeskelloterox. According to the Crivum Titane, Gurgreator won, and created an alternate plane of reality where Aeskelloterox and the Primal Wings were sealed away for eternity.

In some interpretations of the book's Fan Nelo, The Forbidden Cult accidentally frees Aeskelloterox and Gurgreator from their prison when their intent was to resurrect Buhlcano's destroyed body, leading to a second battle that leads to the reset of the universe and, probably, to Aeskelloterox being sealed away again. Some other interpretations include the liberation and subsequent recapture of the rest of the Hyte-Roa as well.


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