The people are free to live as they choose, not restricted or held back by obsolete philosophies such as honour and pride which destroy bonds and unity. Violence will come to an end and a free people's world will be achieved.

- Crispy

Crispy's Insurrection is an organization consisting of many unified races and civilizations that finds its origins as a rebel branch of the imperialist Zazane Empire which later reformed into the Brood of War; an organization that seeks military dominance throughout the Andromeda Galaxy as well as preservation of the Zazane. While officially branded as a rebel force, Crispy's Insurrection claims it still holds alliegance and membership of the Brood and seek to fulfill the promises made upon the Brood's formation, which members of the organization see as unfulfilled or broken. The Insurrection claims that it seeks to end galactic hierarchies and bring about an age where the "free people rule".

Equipped with technology stolen or supplied from the Brood of War, as well as several alien civilizations and societies that are allied with the Insurrection in secrecy, Crispy's Insurrection constantly expands at an alarming rate while equipped with perhaps some of the most advanced modern technology to date, although conflict is not a goal that the Insurrection seeks. Instead, they prefer to settle disputes through diplomacy and conversation, perhaps their greatest and most powerful weapon. Crispy's Insurrection, despite its seemingly benign and benevolent goals and aspirations, holds a great many secrets however and seek to cause the downfall of the Andromedan Galactic Commonwealth, Andromeda's most dominant power.



Crispy's Insurrection was supposedly formed several months after the Brood of War's own reformation from the Zazane Empire, led by an individual that identified himself as Crispy whose identity and past was an enigma to official records, databases and statements that registered Zazane population across their worlds and territory. Rising an, at first, small army of supporters that agreed with his statements that the Brood were corrupt and that they had not fulfilled or had broken the promises that they made, Crispy managed to avoid any detection of insurrection or betrayal from official Brood intelligence as his operations and activities were more private rather than public, making use of the criminal underworld of Brood worlds in order to spread his word and persuade people to support his cause.

Sometime after, Crispy's infuence spread to several worlds from neighbouring systems and he had a standing army numbering in the millions consisting of criminals, politicians, soldiers and civilian populations who kept the guise that they still loyally served the Brood through continuing their daily routines and manual labour support to supply official military forces and organizations. While they maintained this balance, Crispy and a select few personnel sought to divide themselves further from the Brood's grip through developing their own technologies and means of communications to avoid the risk of getting discovered too early before their official public announcement and appearance. In order to do this, Crispy had came up with a plot to gather intelligent and capable individuals who were both with and against the Brood's significance as an organization and galactic faction. This operation was known as The Procurement.

The Procurement[]

The Procurement was an operation undertaken by Crispy's Insurrection that sought to gather the most intelligent and physically capable individuals that they possessed knowledge of, with the Insurrection's commanding leader, Crispy, taking direct charge of the operation himself.

The first individual he gained to join his side was a scientist-soldier that called himself Kharnes Gaarl, who operated onboard a Zazane space station and used the upper levels as his own personal laboratory and place of personal experiments which were inducted upon other personnel of the space station who lived in fear of his authority. Kharnes was personally approached by Crispy and, after a brief physical conflict with was easily dominated by Crispy within mere moments, joined Crispy's Insurrection and delivered support in the form of resources and knowledge of Brood experimentation and science equipment as well as the space station that he had authority over until Crispy's arrival. The personnel onboard the space station were promptly released and inducted into the Insurrection as free citizens, allowed to live lives of value and independence without being confined by the Brood's supposed "restricting and unfair" laws.

The second individual that had been gathered by Crispy's Insurrection was Lichiatt Xarane; a former high-ranking member of the Sorority of Swords and the first student of Keldar Taran who was the Sorority's founder. After the Sorority of Swords had been absorbed into the Brood of War to operate as a mere military organization rather than its own nation, Lichiatt had seperated from the Sorority and betrayed Keldar through declaring her as little more than a sell-out who was blinded and corrupted by the individual called Tyraz, accusing Keldar as having fallen for him. Lichiatt was now leading her own faction of Sorority traitors, known as the Dark Sorority. Lichiatt was approached by Crispy who had come to a compromise with her considering her hatred towards men; she would ally her faction with the Golden Movement and would supply vital Brood information to Crispy personally while they would be supplied with whatever equipment, weaponry and technology that the Golden Movement possessed and gained through the alliance. Lichiatt eventually agreed to the alliance after some persuasion on Crispy's part.

Crispy eventually located a figure known as Tagutan, who had been left isolated and alone upon a planet that had been designated as the Graveyard World due to the many masses of skeletons and decaying corpses that littered the continents of the world. Due to Crispy not posing any threat nor intending any insult towards him, Tagutan joined the Insurrection although only after some contemplation of whether he could truthfully help and assist these people. Tagutan was made a high-ranking officer of Crispy's Insurrection, alongside Kharnes, and served beneath Crispy directly.

Crispy would then pursue an individual that was known as Shikan, who had caused an incredible amount of chaos, death and devastation upon one world that was dominated by rogue Zazane who lived in fear of Shikan. Discovered and approached by Crispy, Shikan was offered the chance to have the enemies of the Insurrection feel the exact same pain that he went through and granting them supposed truth regarding harm. Shikan, after destroying several armed forces that made up Crispy's protection force, was inducted into the Insurrection now that he had given Crispy a taste of the truth that was pain and harm. Shikan was made a high-ranking lieutenant that served under Crispy and also became associated with Tagutan.

Now that Crispy had a respectable number of powerful supporters on his side, he had looked into the developement of a seperate communications system that would allow him to truly seperate from the Brood of War while his influence still claimed and inducted systems and planets from all across the Brood's territory. This became known as the Char Network, which would allow for interstellar communications between Insurrection worlds and colonies while their messages could not be detected or gathered by Brood officials and intelligence. Once it was fully developed, Crispy launched the Char Network publicly and seperated from the Brood of War, before initiating a campaign that would come to be known as the Golden Movement.

Golden Movement[]



In terms of social status, we are by no means superior. In terms of physical prowess, we dominate the field.

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The Cyrodi Packs live free lives; we are no longer bound for our debts have been repaid.

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The Swarm assists, the Swarm unifies.

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One is not interested in this dispute and will let the Zazane solve their problems by themselves. Though One must admit we enjoy the Movement's peaceful ways.



The free people desire and require protection from darkness. Stand aside for we are the true bringers of light.

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We soar on wings of gold.

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Your database security and protection systems are weak. Very...very weak.

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Titan Coalition[]

We are by no means a threat nor enemy to any civilization or society. We are but suppliers, not soldiers.

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Green face.pngWe greatly appreciate your aid to our cause!


Yellow face.pngYou are neither friend nor foe, ultimately we will leave the decision up to you.


Red face.pngYou are enemies of the Golden Movement, your aggression towards us shall not be tolerated.



- Tyranus