Reathee Desaa (ᏛᏣᏌᏘᎲᏣᏣ ᏐᏣᏎᏌᏌ in Asconian) was born in the year 2721 AD on planet Ascon. He started life in the care of his mother Sumael Desaa and his great-Grandfather Noruuk Rumta'ee. As a child, he took great interest in the military and was admitted into the Ascon Military Academy at the age of 10. He showed great prowess during basic training, surpassing most of his Volver brethren. He graduated from the academy at the age of 17 and had attained the rank of Sergeant shortly after. His combat prowess was the envy of most warriors his age, and he was considered a prodigy by many of his mentors.


Reathee was appointed to join the Volver Knights by King Glynnorious, king of the Volver Empire. As a young and rather inexperienced knight, Reathee had to fight under the watchful eye of the older and more experienced Volver Knights. During his training, Reathee gained incredible knowledge on Volver history. He learned about their history as conquerors and brutes. He compared them to the Volver Empire of today and was displeased. He believed that the Volver have become to soft, gaining too many allies and relying on alliances in war. Reathee decided that he would uphold the traditional attitudes of his people. This marked the beginning of his more rebellious thoughts.

Nebulorian-Alpha War[]

In the year 2754 AD, he was deployed to defend Ascon during the Battle of Ascon and later during the final battle. He did fight during the other battles, but was injured while fighting on planet Militora due to his arrogant nature. After final battle, Reathee learned that King Glynnorious had sacrificed himself to save the entire universe. With this news, Reathee became rather disgusted. He remembered reading that a Volver only sacrifices for his own, not for others. In this case, Glynnorious gave his life to save the Volver and other non-Vovler empires that Reathee deemed "unworthy" of a Volver sacrifice. Reathee began plotting against the royal family as King Brygon, Glynnorious' son, was chosen to be the new king.

Reathee began to convert to Adaism, an ancient religion that his clan and more traditional Volver followed. He was displeased with the royal family's insistence on pushing the newer Religion of Mellynraism as the official religion of the empire. Reathee believed that the empire was betraying the traditional culture of the empire, which only fueled his more rebellious attitude.

Second Infectant War[]

In 2760 AD, the Infectant Scourge had reawakened and were wreaking havoc across the galaxy. Reathee was deployed in the main invasion force on planet Floo during a counter-strike led by King Brygon. He fought the Infectants with all of his might, showing his great skill. He was later sent to defend planet Ordros, home of the Unified Federation of Glory Milky Way colonies, allies of the Volver Empire. After the battle, he saw the broken bodies of his Volver comrades lying dead on a world that did not belong to them. This only fanned the burning flames of Reathee's mindset.

Formation of the Knights of Ascon[]

Years after the Second Infectant war, Reathee became more and more displeased with King Brygon's tolerance towards non-Volver and the royal family's iron grip on the throne. The royal family had established a hereditary monarchy rather than the meritocracy the Volver had been following for years. The practice of Adaism was almost dead. During the reconstruction period after the war, Reathee organized a legion of Volver Knights that shared his views. He named his new group the Knights of Ascon, which would later inspire the Volver Separatist Movement. He took on the name Crimson, which according to him represented the blood of the Volver who died under the Ta'raron clan's rule. Crimson also believed that the Desaa, his clan, were the rightful rulers of the Empire and that Ada was the one true god and creator of the Volver, apposed to the popular belief of many gods that the Volver adopted after the Ta'raron clan came into power.

This ideology caused Crimson to become popular among those Volver who wanted to rebel, allowing him to recruit more Knights for his cause. He later devised a scheme to remove King Brygon from power.

For the next decade, more and more Knights joined his cause, becoming secret rebels within the Volver Empire.

Second Ascon Civil War[]

In 2770 AD, Crimson decided that it was the perfect time to finally launch his rebellion. The war sparked when Crimson attacked Brygon in broad daylight. While he fought Brygon, his many knights attacked the other leaders of the United Knights Alliance, Unified Federation of Glory, and Waptoria Alliance of Species. King Brygon managed to wound Crimson, making him retreat. This was, according to his plan, meant to confuse Brygon and the allied leaders. In a quest to gain new, powerful allies, he met with the Dead Watch and became friends with their leader Lorka Gredyc. He justified this alliance by claiming that the Dead Watch had similar goals within United Federation of Glory, and that the Knights of Ascon would not be able to overthrow the "corrupt" King Brygon without aid.

He later sent a battalion of knights to take over the UFG Council. This failed however, but it was only a diversion. During the attack, Crimson launched another attack on Ascon and managed to take the Volver homeworld for himself. This not only gave him claim to the throne, but made King Brygon look weak to many Volver who were not sure if they should side with Crimson or the king.

King Brygon launched a counterattack with his allies within the United Knights Alliance and the Unified Federation of Glory. During the battle, King Brygon challenged Crimson to a duel in the throne room of the Imperial Royal Palace. The two warriors were evenly matched, though Crimson gained the upper hand and momentarily knocked Brygon off his feet. Suddenly, a Volver Knight in black armor appeared and overpowered Crimson with strength and skill. Crimson's right arm was sliced clean off by the mysterious warrior. Crimson made a hasty retreat from the throne room and was later saved by his ally Solid from the Unitech Citadel of Sentients.

While Crimson was recovering from his injury, many of the Knights of Ascon surrendered or fled after learning that their leader was defeated. Crimson awoke days later, accepting that this war was lost. He received a prosthetic mechanical arm to replace the one he lost, and began regrouping with his forces. It would be a long time before he would be able to muster enough forces to strike back at the Volver Empire, who had labeled him and his followers as traitors and lobuu (Oath-Breakers).

Reconstructing the Knights of Ascon[]

Crimson spent the next few months creating propaganda that vilified King Brygon and glamorized the Knights of Ascon. He managed to turn his failed war into a call to arms, declaring the king a tyrant and suppressor of freedom if religion and speech. Surprisingly, this worked on Volver who lived on the fringes of Volver civilization, though the Knights of Ascon never truly recovered their original strength.

Enlightenment War[]

In 2771 AD Crimson took part in the Enlightenment War on behalf of his the Unitech Citadel. During the war, Crimson witnessed Unitech revive the Biskin Empire and their leader King Ziskin using Enlightened One artifacts called "Markers". Ziskin and Crimson immediately hated each other due to their species' long history of hatred and wars. He later led an assault on Ugandalore, the headquarters for the Unified Federation of Glory where King Brygon, Ugandalore the Untouchable, Lord Lavern and his son King Magmos were meeting.

He used the Markers to revive ancient Volver warriors from the Volver Tribe. He did this because the Volver's ancestors were much larger and stronger than the Volver of today. His ancestor, Kalaas Desaa, led the Braves into battle. Crimson and Kalaas attempted to kill Brygon, but were separated thanks to Ugandalore the Untouchable and Magmos. King Ziskin arrived to help Crimson, being ordered by Solid to do so, though he didn't like it. None the less, Crimson was injured by Ugandalore and was forced to retreat back to his ship. He hoped that Kalaas would be able to kill Brygon. Unfortunately, the Dark Knight appeared again. This time, he killed Kalaas and mortally wounded Ziskin. When Crimson tried to escape, he was dragged into a portal by an unknown force.


The portal, Cimson and his ship were in complete darkness. He noticed that Lorka and Solid were aboard the ship as well. Suddenly a powerful voice boomed through the realm. The voice revealed itself to be a being known to the Volver Tribe as Ada, whom Crimson knew as the creators of the Volver race. Crimson was amazed that he was finally able to meet his creator. Unfortunately, the voice told Crimson that he revealed too much information about its existence. Out of the darkness, a powerful beam blasted Crimson, killing him instantly.

Revival and Second Death

Crimson was momentarily revived in 2783 AD by Xizothano Ada as an undead warrior to help him fight the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment (UAE) during a four year conflict known as The Return. Crimson was tasked with stopping Dr. Talihar Que, a famous Volver scientist, from developing a weapon that could tip the war in the favor of the UAE. Crimson found Dr. Que's location, but was confronted by Kyaan Dessa, his younger brother. The two brothers came to blows and fought an intense duel. Kyaan, having trained over the past decade while Crimson was dead, proved himself to be the superior warrior and killed Crimson. Most members of the Volver Seperatist Movements were never made aware that Crimson was ever revived, and they went on believing that he had remained dead since 2771 AD.


The true nature of Crimson's original death was unknown to most people in the galactic community. Many accepted that it was likely that King Brygon killed Crimson himself, which only made Crimson a martyr for his followers. From the ashes of the dying Knights of Ascon, rose the Volver Seperatist Movement, which gave rise to organizations such as the Crimson Sons, Blood Knights, and Crimson Splinter. Crimson, while dead, caused a large shift in galactic politics for decades to come. Through this he truly became one of the galaxy's "immortals", remembered by the generations of loyalist Volver and separatist Volver alike.

Personal Information[]

Personality and Traits[]

Crimson was a troubled individual. He did not have a great relationship with his younger brother Kyaan, nor did he care too much for his father's family. He did not agree with the Volver empire's new ways and he wanted to convert back to the ways of their ancestors. He is charismatic and hides his rather unstable temper behind a facade of confidence and Though these traits are deceiving. Crimson was very intelligent, being the second person to actually over throw the Volver Empire and come close to dominating other empires in the process. He was also known to hold intense grudges and be a bit arrogant at times, believing that the very god he worshiped was on his side at all times.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Crimson, being an ex-Volver Knight, has years of extreme training under his belt. He is an expert swordsman and an adept gunman. He brings into battle Bladed Knuckles of pure energy, and an Asconium Blade, with is a sword forged from pure Asconium, an element only found on Ascon. He carries a shield generator and Anergy Power Armor as most knights do. He is a great close-quarters combatant and can manage himself well in long ranged gun fights. His standard armor can take at least three tank shells before losing half of its energy. He also has an advanced set of weapons he stole during the Nebulorian-Alpha War from the Nebulorians. This set includes Shattorium shields and armor, which can withstand almost anything, and a Shattorium sword. He has also been trained in the Volver Martial arts, which focuses on punches, kicks and throws while also defending oneself from enemy attacks.

After receiving his mechanical arm, Crimson gained extra strength and increased durability thanks to the arm's shielding capabilities and synthetic muscles.



  • Lorka Gredyc - "I don't usually trust those who are not of my kind...but Lorka is a true ally to me."


  • Kyann Desaa - "No brother of mine would bow to a king who worships false gods!"
  • King Brygon - "You are a disgrace to our ancestors! You were never fit to be King!"
  • King Glynnorious - "You sacrificed yourself for other races! You should have only worried about ours!"


Quotes from Him[]

The Volver have become weak diplomats. I will return the volver to our original status as warriors!

I am this empire's savior!

Ada, my true and only god. May he guide me to victory.

I am no longer Reathee Desaa. I am now Crimson, the color of your people's blood.

Quotes from Others[]

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In your memory, I shall recreate the Volver. My Brother.

- Lorka Gredyc

Old friend, nobody seems to truly care for your ideals anymore. There are a few rebels left, but most mask their pathetic goals with the values you stood for. Not I. and not the Ta'adhartha. We will return the empire to what it used to be, and burn both the Ta'raron scum and these foolish rebels into dust!

- Iyoka Quista

Your ways are in the past, Crimson. I will lead our people to a new age, where we dominate the other races rather than exclude them.

- Anthil Agna

Our father would be ashamed at what you've become Reathee. You are no brother of mine.

- Kyaan Desaa

It is a shame that death was the only way to solve our differences. But you betrayed the empire, and as king I could not allow such treason to go unpunished.

- King Brygon


  • Crimson was the first Volver to truly rebel against the empire.