Creeper Cabel is a rebel resistance movement hailing from the poor and devasted world known as Yudumarth. Consisting out of Yudimaran these proud soldiers and people fight for the indepence and recognition of their homeworld so that the eyes of Rambo Nation and Lianna Initiative are opened and realise that the Yudimaran need aid instead of sanctions. The movement is led by Lady Syria Achyriona, daughter of the late Geldrim and Chief Yudran, a former Rambo employee. Known to use bold tactics the two Cabel leaders struggle to survive though refuse to harm or exploit innocents.

At first a minor cell at their own, they later became part of the far larger Cyrandia Resistance and made their first appearance of the Resistance during the Battle of Ambar after they boosted their ranks.




Yudumarth, a desert and poor planet that suffered major campaign and exploits

The Yudimaran of Yudumarth have been traders for years in the eastern sectors of the Quadrant Galaxies and were often left to their own. There goverment at the time pre 02 AQF was known as the Colonial Independent Union. Yet that all changed when the planet became a member of the Confederacy of Allied Systems under leadership of Geldrim Achyriona. During the Great Cyrannus War the planet suffered various major campaign, leaving the population and infrastructure in shambles. After the war, the planet was left to its own as the major powers suffered their own problems though life was harsh, people were starving and the economy was driven by black markets and thieving. Matters were made worse by the oppression of the Great Star Dominion and later the trade blockades of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and Rambo Nation.

Lady Syria Achyriona had been living underground for years, and even had ties to terrorists like Camron Dar though those plots failed and brought her planet even more pain and suffering. Eventually, in 15 AQF Syria left Yudumarth and encountered Yudran, a crewmember within Rambo Command and served onboard the USS Enterprise-A. Falling in love with her (unknown to the Lady). Yudran resigned and aided Syria in an attempt to liberate their people.

Fighting ResistanceEdit


Yurrus Home deploying its fighters in orbit of Yudumarth (20AQF)

Syria and Yudran travelled towards the Unclaimed Sector where Yudran remembered to have found an unusual reading during his service on the Enterprise. His science department commander at the time, lieutenant Jolene Adams dismissed it as of no interesst and didn't want to disturb captain James Rambo with it. Yudran made a copy of the data log and promised to himself to visit the side one day. Together with Syria they discovered an abandoned docking port with Lizardian origins. The dock held an unusual experimental ship design and Syria and Yudran claimed it as their own and became their home base for a growing Yudimaran resistance as more Yudimaran were summoned to the location, bringing Creeper-class fighters.

By april 20 AQF, five years in planning, preperation, repairing and maintaining the vessel them embarked on their new journey, leaving the Serox Nebula the crew headed towards Yudumarth and had a free movement across the Unclaimed Territories due to most of the Rambo's attention and resources were located along the Gorge because of the Gorge Dispute. They soon began raiding trade vessels to supply themselves and frustrating Rambo and Imperial patrols.


Saved by the Rambo Loyalist's from the Relentless

By the end of 20 AQF, they were send on a mission by Knight Janice Ross to the Cyrannus Galaxy to expand their ranks on their first mission for the Cyrandia Resistance during the Preserving the Peace storyline. During their endeavor they were hunted down by Imperial Inquisitor Chi Chodecra and the Imperial star destroyer Relentless. As the Relentless cornered them at Yudumarth, they were saved in time by the arriving forces of the Rambo Loyalist and allied Lord Ramannis Le Rambo in hopes of a better future.


The Nosiso Exiles join the Cabel with the arrival of the Relentless

Shortly after, the knight Janice Ross send them on their mission into the Cyrannus Galaxy where they arrived at the Um2K9 repair station. After the repairs they headed to a nearby asteroid field where they were once again confronted by the Relentless that disabled Yurrus Home with its ion cannons. As boarding was immedate, the Nosiso Exiles revealed themselves and drove away the Relentless. Meeting onboard the Yurrus Home with Autarch Gokyvax who first refused to join them or the Resistance. With the return of the Relentless and the destruction of one of the two Resucant-class light destroyers, Gokyvax admitted the choice was made for him and he joined Syria in hopes of rebuilding Yudumarth and living together in harmony.


Rendesvous at Andustar, 21 AQF

After they escaped the Relentless once again, they were contacted by General Sesoka of Resistance Command who summoned them to participate in a daring assault to liberate the Miluiel. Both Gokyvax and Syria agreed to participate and fought along side the Rambo Loyalist and the Free Osteola Rebel Cell during the devasting and costly Battle of Ambar. After the battle the Creeper Cabel and the Rambo Loyalists returned together to the Quadrant Galaxies. By the end of january in 21 AQF, the Creeper Cabel expanded their fleet with heavily modified Chinawkya Blockade Runners, dubbed the CS15-class for their fleet when Yudimaran privateers joined the Creeper Cabel in hopes of liberating their homeworld. The Cabel remained with the Resistance fleet under command of General Sesoka and eventually arrived at Andustar where the Cabel aided Resistance Command to set up a surface base of operations.


The Creeper Cabel use the insigna of House Achyriona and formerly the official flag of the Colonial Independent Union to signal their struggle not only for survival but for the freedom of Yudumarth and a better future.

As a very small sub-cell the leadership falls to Syria with her military commander, Chief Yudrus. In december of 20 AQF, the leadership was expanded with the arrival of Autarch Gokyvax of the Nosiso Exiles.

Syria AchyrionaLarge

Name: Lady Syria Achyriona
Birthdate: 20 BQF

Lady Syria Achyriona is the youngest daughter of the late Geldrim Achyriona, who was killed during the Great Cyrannus War at hands of an elite squad of the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation
A harsh, cold and cunning individual she hopes to free her people from occupation and exploit and bring commerce and health care to her planet.
Syria is ruthless to her enemies, vows to destroy them and liberate her people and will go to great lenght to achieve her goal, though not at the cost of innocent lives.
She wears a female white armor with black tight suite.
She is trained in the art of self defense as well and can handle a blaster with deadly precision and often flies in her own starfighter. Leading her people in battle personally.


Syria Achyriona, rebel leader and starfighter pilot

Military and DefenceEdit

The Creeper Cabel deploy a small naval military though have ground forces and starfighters as well. They started with Yurrus Home, a experimental Lizardian design the Yudimaran discovered in the Serox Nebula and refitted to their own needs. The Yudumaran are noted for being fierce in battle, executing agressive tactics and are easily recognised by their white armor in combination with black tight suites.


One of the main and first military commanders of the Creeper Cabel was Chief Yudran, a former Rambo Command crewmember serving onboard the USS Enterprise-A.


Name: Autarch Gokyvax Birthday: Unknown

Autarch Gokyvax was born at the Nosiso homeworld Nosiso where he was born to the Nosiso Queen and soon ascended to one of her trusted lieutenants, commanding a minor hive and droid factory. Gokyvax is known for his calm but direct leader skills, his engineering and tactical skills and knowledge. He remained rather neutral during the Great Cyrannus War and secretly did not support the Nosiso and their production of weapons for the Confederacy of Allied Systems, fearing repurcussions of the United Republic of Cyrannus. As such it did and his homeworld became a battle field. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus invaded Nosiso during the Dark Times after the collapse of the Republic, Gokyvax took his hive into outer space and fled from Nosiso.

His relation with Syria is a bit tense, but he is willing to trust her word.


Name: Chief Yudran
Birthdate: 26 BQF

Yudran was born on Yudumarth in 26 BQF, though found refuge in Rambo Nation during the Great Cyrannus War.
Applying within Rambo Command he served onboard the USS Enterprise-A for almost 10 years before he resigned and joined forces with Syria and located the Yurrus-Class.
Falling in love with the ice cold daughter of Geldrim, she continued naming his chief, a homage to his rank he attained onboard the Enterprise.
Using his knowledge and study at Rambo Command he became the main military tactician for the Creeper Cabel though is often frustrated when Syria joins starfighter battles, as she is in his view the only hope for the Yudimaran and Yudumarn to regain their home world and rebuild it.

He leads the Creeper Cabel into battle and monitors events from onboard Yurrus Home.

At the formation of the Creeper Cabel, it excisted only out of Yudumaran who pledged their support and efforts into liberating their homeworld. The ones serving in the rebellion are known as Yudumaran instead of Yudimaran due to them being off planet and escaping the heavy gravital pull of their planet are larger and stronger in appearance (partly due to the Cabel having acces to better food supplies).

Later the personnel of the Cabel was expanded with the joining of the Nosiso Exiles, introducing engineers and aerial support troopers. Note: the Png files require the Dark Injection and CamBen Color Pack

Starship classes

Yurrus Home

Class: Yurrus-Class

Length: 780 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: Phasers, 4 phaser cannons, torpedoes

The Yurrus-Class Yurrus Home is an experimental Lizardian design of around the time of the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF. Stranded and left behind in the Serox Nebula the Yudimaran rebels gained possesion of the light carrier and modified and refitted it to their fitting and became their capital ship, housing Creeper Squadron.

Yurrus Home is equipped with phasers, phaser cannons and can launch torpedoes at the enemy. Though it is equipped with shielding technology the vessel is not build for combat but rather for support and cannont hold on long against battle cruisers. It size and design make it a perfect carrier though a bit slow in manouvering.

Creeper Cabel CS1- class


Class: CS15-Class

Length: 150 meters
Speed: Enchanced Hyperdrive
Weaponry: Phasers, cannons

The CS15-class is a heavily modified Chinawkya Blockade Runner, similair in design as the Cyrannian CC10-corvette though with notifying differences. The CS15-class is build for speed and agility, using its "fins" and extra engine compartments for a boost in speed and maneuverability both at impulse and while in hyperspeed.

Colored white and red to reflect the new course of the Yudimaran it became the backbone of the Creeper Cabel forces! The corvettes are often used on their main missions that do not require the heavy firepower of the other ships in service of the Cabel, at all times at least 3 of them are present in the Cabel fleet to protect the larger vessels like Yurrus Home and the Resucant-classes. To reflet the new course of the Yudumaran, the ships are crewed and commanded by both Yudumaran and Nosiso Exiles.

CS 15 Corvette (Rebel Color 01)
RecusantClassLargeRebel2x in fleet

Light Destroyer

Class: Recusant-Class

Length: 1590 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: Phasers, Cannons, Turbolasers

The Recusant-class light destroyer is a model of destroyer deployed by the Confederacy of Allied Systems. The particular versions of the Nosiso Exiles are modified and a bit larger than the original version. Their large size makes them a bit slow in manouvering but its outer hull and shieldings make up for it. The modified version have a weapon factory included in its after hull on the foreward section of the ship, above the main shuttle bay. It allows the Nosiso to make small arms, fighters of the Cabel and repair them at a faster rate than the engineers on Yurrus Home can. The factory can make up for two fighters a month per ship and as such are highly valued by the leadership of the Cabel.

Gokyvax and Syria long term plan are to deploy these kind of ships for the new Yudumarth government under their rule as well, becoming the backbone of their navy.

Recusant-Class (modified)
Starfighters and Shuttles

The Creeper Cabel makes use newer and old designs, self constructed or salvaged from the many battles at Yudumarth.



Class: Creeper-class starfighter

Length: 12 meters
Speed: Hyperdrive
Weaponry: Phasers, torpedoes

The Creeper-Class starfighters are a modern type class of starfighters produced by the Independant Colonial Union before its defeat in the Great Cyrannus War. The vessels are build for swift and agile attackes and are ideal to support other fighters or protect larger cruisers.
The vessels are equipped with phasers and torpedoes, though equipped with a hyperdrive as well it cannot travel long distances and requires Yurrus Home or other carriers for longer distances.



Class: Mortis-Class Dropship

Length: 15 meters
Weaponry:Two forward phaser turrets

The Mortis-class dropships are eqpuipped with strong armor and twin phasers to protect themselves and the troopers below at the ground. The dropships are equipped with state of the art engines, making them fast and agile and with special stealth coating they are difficult to spot on radar. The Creeper Cabel salvaged 5 of them, left behind damaged by Rambo Nation during the battles of Yudumarth in the Great Cyrannus War. They now act as the primary shuttles and dropships for the Cabel.

Rambo Nation Mortis Dropship02

Rambo Nation Mortis Dropship01


Yudumarth Dropship-class

Class:Yudumarth Dropship-Class

Length:12 meters
Weaponry:plattform turret

The Yudumarth Dropship-class is an old design native to Yudumarth and deployed well before and during the Great Cyrannus War. Though agile, they are poorly defended and are easily shot down. They can carry over 8 personnel on top of the plattform and one pilot.
As such, the vehicle can only be deployed in orbit of planets.

Yudimaran Drop Ship
Ships Deployed

Side view of a Recusant-class

The Creeper Cabel deploys the following vessels: Cruiser

  • 1 Yurrus-Class
    • Yurrus Home
  • 6 CS1-class Corvettes
    • Wrath of Geldrim
  • 2 Recusant-class light destroyer
  • 1 Creeper-class starfighter squadron
    • Creeper Sqaudron (25 onboard Yurrus Home)
  • 5 Mortis-class Dropships (salvaged)
  • 5 Yudumarth Dropship-classes


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