Crecklorin, son of Crecktain is a Creckel with noble blood, heir to his fallen kingdom of Creckabad at the mystical planet known as Ramalivua, located within the Unclaimed Territories in Quadrant 82. Forced to flee his homeworld by the Dwulairi dragon Draconiae, he wound up at the Rambo Nation colony of Koerband. Settling down on the planet as a smith, he never forgot his birthright nor forgave the dragon!

At chance, during the Viral Outbreak he met with Claire Rambo and soon joined the crew of the Falcon for period of time.


Exiled Prince[]


Crecklorin is born in 100 BQF at Ramalivua, within the Creckel stronghold of Creckabad. His father, Crecktain, Lord under the Hill and Lord of Creckabad was delighted with the birth of his son, who could continue his bloodline long after him. He thaught his son all he knew about Creckabad, the legends of the Creckel and how to rule his people. With aid of his father and the guard, Crecklorin learned how to fight and defend himself, but also grew a hobby as smith, favoring his own weapons and shields.

Crecklorin witnessed the arrival of the Dwulairi dragon Draconiae in 75 BQF, invading Creckabad and destroying most of its people, including his father. Forced to flee, Crecklorin and his people were scattered over Ramalivua, where Crecklorin eventually decided to travel the Quadrant Galaxies and eventually wounding up at the Rambo Nation colonly known as Koerband, where he became a smith, making weapons, shields, armor, horseshoes and other attributes needed at Koerband. Living in a village far from Arthenost or Cardolast he lived a solitary and harsh life.

Fighting Virals

By chance, during the Viral Outbreak in the first month of 07 AQF, he met with Claire Rambo, whom he at first threatened and accusing her of stealing his food. Having found a weapon to defend himself, he was too slow to prevent Claire from kicking his legs from underneath him, earning her the respect of the noble Creckel.They decided to work together, though Crecklorin grew angry when Claire mentioned Rambo Command would protect them in either Cardolast or Arthenost, as Crecklorin blamed them for the current status of Koerband. Suddenly they were surrounded by Virals, Crecklorin used his hammer to fight a way to the river where the two took a boat into open water, eventually being saved by Cogsangui dropship, loyal to Voro Acetenus. Onboard the Harbringer of Truth Crecklorin thanked his saviors and joined Claire, Corva and Tironus Manition and became part of the crew of the Falcon.

Tertius Bellum[]

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Riphar-15JD prison facility

Their adventures led them first to Vasuband, located in the Cyrannus Galaxy where he fought one of the mysterious Scions so Claire could capture it. On their way back to the Quadrant Galaxies, they stumbled upon Riphar-15JD, a Regellis Star Empire prison facility that held Rambo captain, Ramikku Ramoval captive. Due to clever thinking of Corva, the crew managed to free the Serindia captain and soon left for New Republic space though the Regellis outmatched the Falcon. The timeley arrival of Vinchauk Il'Chahol prevented Regellis capture and after being payed, Crecklorin and the crew of the Falcon made their way back to the Quadrants.

He later joined the crew to Nal Amroth but left shorlty after their encounters with the Syndicate, as such he was not present during the Falcon's adventures on Arcaniox. His whereabouts after him leaving the Falcon are mostly unknown. By december 20 AQF, Crecklorin met with High King Rambert Ramveral and Lord Creckathor during the king's state visit to Creckathor. During the personal meeting with the High King, he expressed his hopes to reponing trade with the NZTO though demanded that any breach of the Gorge was to be seen as an act of war.

Personality and Traits[]

Crecklorin, son of Crecktain is a powerful figure, honorable, and proud in his own right. Having a strong sense of loyalty, he would not hesistate those he deems worthy of his trust and friendship nor would he ever flee from battle willingly. Stout in body and in spirit, he is known to have a great lust for gold and wealth.

He is gifted and skilled in the use of swords and war hammers, as well in the arts of a smith. More personal is that he likes drinking beer and reading ancient parchments about the legends of his people.



Blue face.pngWorthy of my trust and friendship!


Yellow face.pngTrust must be earned!


Orange face.pngBlergh!


A filthy swine!

- Bolgrash Bloodhammer


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