Creckbo Ramdorian is an ambassador of Rambo Nation, specialised in diplomatic talks with the Creckel Kingdom. Creckbo was recommended for the position by General Crexaur, a high General of the Creckel Kingdom and ever since the Mid-Colonial Sector and the Creckels maintained good relations. Due to his family heritage, he recieved a position within the Rambo Goverment and recieved a position as senator and ambassador.


Early History[]

Creckbo Ramdorian was born in 28 BQF at Rametru Nui, son and heir of Lord Andaurl Ramdorian. Even since his youth, Crecbo loved to travel and eventually grew up a while within the Creckel Kingdom as a ward. There he developed a close friendship with Crexaur, a future general within the Creckel Kingdom. This eventually resulted in a great friendship, based on trust and loyalty resulting in a peace treaty between the Kingdom and the Nation. After returning home, Creckbo eventually became the senator for the Mid-colonial Sector.

Senator of Rambo Nation[]

During his time as a senator Creckbo has shown great dedication to Rambo Nation and is one of the main reasons that the Creckel Kingdom and Rambo Nation are living in peace. During the Rise of the Imperial Alliance, Creckbo stayed most of his time at Rametru-Nui. However, shorlty before the final battle Creckbo was withdrawn by Rambo Command. There he met with Empress Ramashe and pledged his loyalty to her, as the late Emperor had died. He then returned to Rametru Nui and began focusing himself on diplomatic talks with the Creckels again and to keep the City running.

The USS Déluge under siege!

During the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF he managed to keep Rametru Nui out of Imperial hands. After the Second Galactic War, and the introduction of the Lord and Lady system, he was promoted to Lord Ambassador of the Mid Colonial sector. When he was travelling from Rambo Prime back to Rametru Nui- he travelled aboard the USS Déluge, a Normandy Class and was escorted by a Newton Class and a Constellation-Class, also two Anteras-Class ships joined the small convoy. Halfway during the travel a Cognatus Cruiser dropped out of space and destroyed the entire convoy. Only Creckbo and some crewmembers managed to escape the USS Déluge to arrive safely at Rametru Nui.

Later on, when the Senate was officialy formed by Empress Ramashe, he became the Senator of the Mid Colonial Sector- including Rambo Prime and Rametru Nui and was pleased with this event. After some troubles during the Quadrantia Disorder, including an attack at the Senate and provocking attacks by the Confederacy and the Vartekians, he returned to the Rambo Prime Space Station to visit the station and be informed of the duties and tasks on the station. However it came under attack by the Cogsangui Captain, but after being forced to reveal certain information, he left the station and returned to the Senate to inform them. This attack and an attack of Lizaconda at Ramcard, Creckbo followed Ramashe decision to attack Yadumarth and declare war on the Confederacy.

In the seventh month, Rametru Nui came under attack by Confederate forces, within three hours the defense forces of Rambo Nation were defeated and Creckbo was captured during the battle. He was scheduled for an interrogation and after it he began to give hope to his people and joined the celebrations after Rametru Nui was freed from Confederate control by a task force of the Fleet of Retribution. Afterwards he returned to the Rambo Senate where he to oversee fundings to rebuild his beloved city.

Ambassador Creckbo

In 05 AQF, in the sixth month the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, an emergency session was held to inform the entire senate. Creckbo was shocked and couldn't believe the news. His friends were now enemies of the Nation, declared by Empress Ramashe. Creckbo was unsure what the Nation should do, but defended senator Adar was some senators began doubting his allegiance.

Proconsul Apollo speaking before the Rambo Senate.

When Rambo Nation was forced to sign the Concordat in 01 NE, Creckbo looked in awe and disgust as their former allies "conquered" them. Refusing to obey the Empire he refused Empire ships in the Mid-Colonial Sector though was unable to keep his vow. Eventually he accepted the Empire, for now. When in 02 NE his vote was needed to start production again of Rambo vessles, he happily gave his vote and rest of the senate did it as well.

A year later, Creckbo was present when proconsul Apollo made an emotional speech at behalf of the New Cyrannian Republic. Creckbo was one of the first to accept it and even invited Apollo to Rametru-Nui to discuss his travels if he wanted under the joy of a glass of Serindia Wine. When the senate seemed to turn down the alliance, he supported senator Chuinaylia her offer to accept the URC-Rambo "sister-state" alliance to be still in tact.

During the first month of 07 AQF Creckbo attented a meeting at the Lianna-station, where together with dignitaries like Ramckel, AnPthak and Ca'Lippe they discussed a plan to join together against a mutual threat like Mortikran and a possible ship taken from the future by the Icolian. During the meeting Creckbo decided for all to follow the Xiaan who wanted to intercept the Infernal before the Hutter Kingdom fleet could siege the ship before them. The meeting led to the signing of the unofficial Lianna Initiative document.

In february of 08 AQF, during the Tertius Bellum, Creckbo attented a meeting hosted by diplomats of the New Cyrannian Republic at Lianna-station. Creckbo eventually gave his permission and blessing for the Initiative to aid the Republic in the Concordian Liberation.

Personality and Traits[]

Creckbo is a kind and gentle Serindia. Proud of his heritage and status of as a noble, he is all but arrogant and instead shows dignity and a love for the common people, making him ever the populair. He is greatly concerned with the fate of Rambo Nation and the people of the Mid-Colonial Sector, often seen as noble and uncorruptable, he is a favored sight within the Senate. However he shows little interesst in the matters at court, unusual for a Lord.


Senate relations

Green face.pngfellow senators I can trust!

  • Senator Lord Adar - The senator of Borealis, a kind and gentle senator who wants the best for his people
  • Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria - Sweet and innocent Chinwakya senator
  • Senator Or-Ana - Senator of the Saurien Sector, friendly and wise, Or-Ana is liked and listened too by all in the Senate
  • Senator Lord Ram'Thrandeal - The senator of the Inner Sector, proud, arrogance and extremly strong. He is one of the most experienced Senators and his vote weights heavily upon the other Senators. Yet he is very friendly to Chuinaylia and sees her as a promising Senator. Twice a week we have lunch together to discuss political matters
  • Yellow face.pngNot sure I can trust them all
  • Chancellor of the Royal Crown Aleathria - The Chancellor of the Crown and speaker to the Empress. Do not really know her so difficult to form an opinion about her.
  • Senator Gorubla til'Ario Du'lko - Senator of the Amiaeria Sector, not sure about him
  • Senator Ram'Arathon - Senator of Ramahri Nova, don't know him really well but seems worthy of being a senator. He also has a nice hat
  • Senator Ram'Eriathine - Senator of the deep space sector, not sure what to think about her
  • Senator Ram'Gwalrori - Mysterious senator of the Badlands sector, a creepy senator but he seems worthy
  • Senator Ram'Lendila - Senator of the Cyrannus Colonial Sector, he is a royalty so not sure how indendant he is
  • Senator Ram'Vindalë - Senator of the Outer Colonial Sector
  • Senator Yunur'Tugal - Senator of the Yunillage Sector, the most silent and mysterious of us all

Red face.pngCorrupt and greedy fellow senators, a shame for the Nation

  • Senator Aviaratyal - The senator of Rowar, greedy and in my opinion corrupt director of the Shipyards of Rambo Nation.
  • Senator Muunithrond † - Former senator of the Western Sector, arrogant and corrupt!
  • Senator Tukio Nutria - Unbelievable, they chose a corrupt trader to become senator of the Western Colonial Sector

LoveRelation.pngMy dear family


Green face.pngThose worthy of my friendship!


Yellow face.pngNot sure about them.

  • none

Red face.pngOh no!


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