Lord Creckathor is one of the seven Creckel Lords- a title he inherited from his father and his grandfather before him. Creckathor is the long time ruler over Creck-Ornost and the southern realm since 150 BQF and is one of the foremost Creckel lords, who stands open to cooperation with others if it’s benefits himself and his people.


Creckathor Creckanius the third was born in 202 BQF in Creck-Ornost, born a lord by birth right his following youth was one of plenty and wealth. Over the years he was taught how to rule his people and ensure the wealth of the southern province. With a personal love for hunting and battle, Creckathor soon became large for a Creckel, physical strong and cunning.

In 150 BQF he took over his father’s title as one of the seven Creckel Lords and soon proved himself as a capable, stern and just ruler. Though his lesser quality soon arose as well, that of greed and a lust for wealth. Under his rule he made Creck-Ornost one of the more important planets within the Creckel Kingdom, and created his own legions in form of the Creckel Guard to protect the southern borders from races of the Unclaimed Territories. He was also fundamental in accepting a trade contract with Rambo Nation and defeating the Lizardian fleet bound to siege Creck-Ornost her wealth during the Second Galactic War in 0 BQF. During that battle he battled the Lizardians himself at the fields of Creck-Ornost.

Opening of Lianna

For years Creckathor decided to remain out of Quadrantia affairs, becoming ignorant to conflicts like the Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War. When Rambo Nation was placed under the Nim-Glare Concordat he allowed his people to sign a treaty of non-agression with the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus at Rambo Prime.

He was also present at Lianna-station official opening, where he met with other powers like Apollo, Savra Mathen and Aurestor Beldrin Savenium. At the start of 07 AQF, Creckathor was once again present at Lianna-station and agreed to engage the Infernal under command of Mortikran to prevent such a weapon to fall into the hands of the Hutter Kingdom in ways of opening a new dialogue between Quadrantia powers in answer to the Mou'Cyran Accords, something he mistrusts.

By december 20 AQF, he was present during state visit conducted by High King Rambert Ramveral to the Creckel. He hosted the party in honor of the visit and spore with the High King in person, expressing his distate for the current Gorge Dispute though also warned the High King that he would not allow unauthorized France military vessels roaming around the Unclaimed Territories.

Personality and Traits[]

Lord Creckathor is one of the seven Creckel Lords- a title he inherited from his father and his grandfather before him. Though an elderly Creckel, he is still in physical shape and is tremendously strong for a Creckel his age. A proud Creckel, his personality is often described as greedy yet smart, cunning as well as a dangerous foe and a valuable ally.

Creckathor wears a decorated suite with a crown on his head.



Blue face.pngWe shall see your worth!

  • Ramashe- Empress of the blue birds, honorable and a strong warrior
  • Rambas II - Serve your Nation well turncloak!
  • Ramckel - A diplomat of my kin!

Red face.pngMy hammer will befall upon thee!

  • LizrawnCurse you fool Lizardian


A proud and honorable leader, just and stern with a love for gold and all that glimmers

- Ramashe


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