Creckagni "Shatterhorn" is a great (and often drunk) Creckel warrior, affiliated to the once proud Kingdom under Hill, Creckabad. For long, he served as a lieutenant among the guard until the Dwulairi dragon Draconiae decided to take Creckabad as its lair and drove the Creckel away. It was Creckagni who managed to take the Kings son, Crecklorin into safety. Afterwards he remained at Ramalivua, often found drunk in one of the saloon's or bars, and lend his skills as a hunter and warrior to those that needed it, provided that they paid the right amount of money.


Born in 115 BQF at Ramalivua, within the halls of Creckabad, Creckagni had a youth of hardship and working hard to become a knight among the Ramallivua Creckel Guard. In childhood, he often had the wishes and dreams to venture among the stars, exploring the Quadrant Galaxies and meeting the Creckel of the Creckel Kingdom.

Shatterhorn Forge and Mill

Sadly, all of his dreams and wishes died the moment the Dwulairi dragon, Draconiae, Conquerer of the Sky invaded Creckabad, took it as its lair and murdered all the Creckel that were unfortunate to escape its fury. During the evacuation, Creckagni ensured the heir of Creckabad, Crecklorin safety and brought him outside and allowed him to live another day. After the fall of the Kingdom under the Hill, Creckagni vowed to retake his home, though nothing came of it as he became a wandered, lending his skills and strenght to those that paid enought money. In his sadness and grieve, Creckagni often was found drunk in a bar, due to drinking to much beer, or else working on his forge at the Rambo Nation colony Fornaeria.

General Ravencrow, Commodore Malegras and captain Komamuka speak with Shatterhorn

By January 2820, he found himself serving in Raven Team, a unit of the Rambo Loyalist resistance faction that deployed him for his tactical insights due to his experiences as a Creckel Royal Guard. By March 2820, he met in meeting with Commodore Malegras, General Jar'Dris Ravencrow and captain Komamuka Sajin to discuss the Western Sector Campaigns and upcoming strategies to secure victory over the Empire. Afterwards he introduced sergeant Thalyssaera to the additional members of the famed Raven Team.

Personality and Traits[]

Creckagni Shatterhorn is a proud and stubburn Creckel, fully believing in his own strenght and skills. He speaks his mind plainly, not one to suffer fools lightly and having little tolerance for preventable mistakes. Fiercely loyal to Crecklorin and his kin, he is the staunchest supporter of all Creckel kin, with an unshakable belief in the chance to reclaim Creckabad from Draconiae the Conquerer of the Sky. A powerful and bruising fighter, he preferly fights with his axe and bare hands in close combat. He has a natural tendency to distrust anyone who isn't a Creckel and is particularly suspicious of Sinleri and Orcs.

Creckagni Shatterhorn loves to drink beer and telling great stories when drunk, a clear change in his stern personality when being sober. He refuses to talk about the reasons of how his right horn was broken.



Blue face.pngYou have my respect!


Orange face.pngCurse thee for ruining my good beer!

  • Draconiae - My kin's bane! May your bones burn in the fires of Chaos!



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  • Creckagni's right horn is broken/shattered, earning him the nickname Shatterhorn, the reasons why the horn was broken have not yet been specified by Dino, as he is clueless to find a reason for it.

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