You desire to know why we attack, yet the question you ask is ultimately pointless. Would you ask a storm why it ravages your homelands?

- Craadorsak Mouth of the Lords.

The Craadorsak Hegemony is a mysterious and aggressive empire, currently inhabiting segments of Mirus Galaxy, for some unknown purpose. Although outsiders have guessed at several thousand species within their borders, in reality, there is merely one species, but with multiple variants and subspecies breed and created for an unknown purpose. The Craadorsak do not speak or communicate with outsiders, merely harvesting races and populations from worlds they claim as their own, and ignoring all forms of communication and attempts to negotiate. They seem obsessed with pursuing their own, enigmatic goals and ideals, and don't seem to care for the other native powers that get in their way.

Silent, methodical and brutal, the Craadorsak are largely avoided as yet another terrifying obstacle towards galactic peace, and one best left alone until it is necessary to defeating them. They themselves, seem opposed to everything, however, violently assaulting the Alpha Cyber Collective at every turn, and brutally tearing down any cybernetic or mechanical constructs.

History Edit

The Gamma Ceti Incident Edit

The first encounter with the Craadorsak occurred in a segment of Mirus' outer rim, a planet surrounded by strange gravitational rifts, solar disturbances, and instable neublas and other stellar phenomena. The world designated Gamma Ceti by the UAE. To study the world and it's strange disturbances surrounding it, the UAE sent a number of ships full of scientists and military personnel to study and look over the world, and see what had come of it, and how such an area of space became so unstable and hard to navigate. Later, Zarbania would send a number of ships to also help. It took many months to safely navigate the sector, every course charted and slowly plotted with absolute care and consideration. The UAE finally found the world, a grey and ashy ball of little atmosphere or wild life. Even bacteria had seemingly been scrubbed from much of it's surface.

The UAE landed, the Mendel Pact landing it's forces alongside Zarbanian forces, the two conducted some deep scans and such for bio-signs, but found nothing. Though the instruments at first acted up, they showed no signs of life forms. Next, scientists from Waptoria, Persan and others landed, and set up a base and such to begin studying the world, as well as the strange anomalies surrounding the world. It was a long time to get any information and, took even longer to send that to the main UAE, but it appeared that there were signs the various astrologic features and such were altered or "moved" somehow.

However, as the surface scans and studies were complete, it was decided the UAE scientists would journey down to the deeper layers of the world to see what minerals or inner workings lay within the world. Deep scans had been difficult, and the Mendel advised caution. Though few of their scientists had been able to attend, the warriors were weary of the world, and felt something off about it. Most of the scientists agreed, that something was just "off" with the planet, and they must all be careful.

The team chose an area were the metal compositions were strange and unknown. The UAE scientists drilled down several kilometers deep into the earth, before suddenly stopping, the drill shattering as it hit metal. Two more drill machines were brought on, but each was shattered as they tried to drill through the earth. The scientists studied the metal closely, and so began digging away more and more earth from atop the metal, and, within three weeks, were shocked to find it was covered in strange glyphs and runes that no party could translate or identify. The scientists scanned and analyzed the structure for any openings.

Finally, after weeks of searching, they found the opening, and a Mendel Pathfinding team went inside. There, they found strange patterns, and trouble communicating and using their equipment, and so, were slow to advance with the scientists down into the catacombs. After activating a number of sensor drone pods to go ahead of the main force, these died off after only a few hours, and, movement was movement and life was detected deep within the caverns. Life that differed greatly from anything they had seen. The first few forward teams of Mendel and Zarbanians were silenced.

As the military forces struggled to evacuate the scientists, reptilians of strange looks and technologies slowly advanced, ignoring every injury, loss and attack to ground down the invaders. Any attempts to communicate were ignored, and those trying to surrender were cut down. Within hours of awakening, these strange reptiles and not only scoured the planet clean of those who couldn't get on the ships and escape, but began to raise their eerie black structures and tombs from the ground, soon, an entire city rising from the dead earth. It was not long before strange and otherworldly ships joined them.

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Culture Edit

To say that outsiders don't know much about the Craadorsak would be an under statement. These mysterious beings move and attack with a purpose, though what it is, is unknown. The Craadorask do not communicate with any outsiders or aliens, preferring to besiege worlds, destroy shipping, and harvest populations, for some unknown purpose. To aliens within Mirus, they are merely one more difficulty to deal and another horror that haunts the galaxy, but their actions outside of it are even stranger. As their ships do not use hyperspace the same way, they move unhindered throughout space, arriving at various star systems and the like, to, strangely conduct buisness. Due to their advanced technology, they do not need much to trade, but simply offer it to their "trade partners".

In exchange, they desire strange requests. Twelve Libertus twins, 30 left-handed humans from worlds that are exactly 25.4 parsecs from Earth itself, and various other strange requests, in exchange for technologies are almost beyond the understanding of those that receive them, but are never the less helpful. What happens to those taken, is entirely unknown.

Government Edit

From what outsiders can understand, the Craadorask are organized into a Caste system. Although thought to be different species at first, studies have show that, despite radical differences, all of them are closely related, often having more genetically in common then subspecies of say, Humans and Kulaung. Their governmental works are handled by a Caste of Worm-like lizard creatures referred to as Mind worms, large beasts that sit within specialized vats/thrones and oversee and guide their legions as they make war upon the races of Mirus, and pursue their unknown goals.

Religion Edit

The Craadorask do not share their religion with outsiders, as with everything else, really, but do invoke a deity in their "trade", called the One Who is Many.

Castes Edit

All the Castes of the Craadorask are though to be all different species at one point, and given the difficulty of receiving their DNA, it was thought impossible to get it. However, through some unknown means, one biologist managed to. Even he, however, does not know how he received the caresses before him. Throughout the week before he got them, in fact, he reveals several "Black outs", and does not know what happened between those black outs.

The Lithozath are reptilian creatures, like all Craadorsak, resembling large, worm-like creatures, kept within large vats/thrones, as they cannot survive outside these substances and the like, and must remain hooked to these vats to survive. They have degenerated as a whole, and rely on their psychic powers to not only communicate, but guide and direct their forces. Their rulership over the Craadorsak is almost entirely complete, and they command the near-total devotion of the Craadorsak and their Hegemony.

The Sanghorlic are the Craadorsak that are the most commonly seen of the Craadrosak Castes, and seem to occupy a position of military leadership and command, being large, powerful and extremely strong and brutal in battle. Measuring up to 8-9 feet tall, a Sanghorlic can tear through most beings, from simple humans, to even Kulaung. They are aggressive in battle, and have focused their lives towards fighting and battle with their foes and forces. Despite this, many are used by the Lithozath to oversee trade with extragalactics.

The Skalk are a smaller species, creatures breed to serve as labor, building and construction, and the maintenance of machinery and vehicles of the Craadorsak throughout their journey to conquer and overtake the other alien powers of Mirus. They are small, slim but capable of lifting great objects and handling construction. Smaller then Sanghorlic, the Skalk are attendees to the Lithozath as well, and speak to other powers for their demands of various subjects to take in. In battle, the Skalk form light infantry battle lines to support their Sanghorlic cousins.

An in-between Skalk and Sanghorlic, the medium sized reptiles who are also used for battle. Covered in spines, the Jaalanak are created to support and build up the Sanghorlic's forces. They are sentries and forward observers, having the speed and agile builds of the Skalk, but with slightly more then they. Whatever roles they serve outside of this are unknown.

The Chalamarch are a stealthy and infiltration Caste members. The Chalamarch are breed to support the Sanghorlic in battle. They can bend their scales and flesh to change coloration in battle, and also use powerful Light Masquers, to bend the light around them to appear as normal creatures. The Chalamarch will assassinate leaders, retrieve information, and monitor communications of enemy movements and logistics.

The Krolnaak are massive, brutal, tankish warriors. Built around 12 Feet tall, these beasts are covered in scutes across their back, and built to tear apart anything that gets within their reach, and using massive weapons to accomplish these in battles, enjoying the sight of tearing enemies apart limb from limb. Outside of this, they have no other use, being too brutish and simple minded.

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The Cradorsak do not engage in relations with other powers.

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  • The Craadorsak were originally named the Cradosan, and based on the Trandoshans from Star Wars. After leaving them by the wideside for many years, ZF101 reworked to fit a new mold within the Fiction Universe. The reworked version features inspiration from the Gorn and the Necrons.
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