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Corsica, officially the Corsican Republic (Italian: Repubblica Corsa; French: République Corse), is a Human parliamentary republic located in the Milky Way Galaxy.

History Edit

Originally a privately owned French mining colony established in 2246, the planet of New Corsica grew into a sizable entity with no clear political allegiance. In 2289, the colony––by then a bustling hub of trade with outposts in other systems––declared itself an independent Corsican nation with its own government, sovereignty, and laws.

The country existed in a nebulous state until 2305, when it was recognized by the French Republic and formally integrated into international politics. However, it kept mostly to itself for most of its history, professing neutrality in matters that did not directly involve it.

Recently, with the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts looming over the horizon, Corsican nationalism saw a dramatic comeback. This led to the election of nationalist leader Fulvio Géroux in 2798, a man who promised to give the Corsican people an empire they could be proud of.

Under Géroux's leadership, the size of the Corsican territory more than doubled in size due to reforms in population control. Corsican growth had previously been centered around enormous metropoli, some of the densest in Orion's Spur. Géroux encouraged an exodus into the newly created "Southern Corsica," composed of yet-uncolonized Corsican territory guaranteed under the 2270 Colonial Wars Treaty. Géroux simultaneously created "Fulviano," a colonial zone in the Quadrant Galaxies, emulating the success of French Quadrantia.

Military Edit

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By tradition, Corsica fields a small but skilled and versatile defense force, though it was originally intended for self defense. Under Géroux's leadership, the Corsican Defense Force has undergone radical restructuring. An influx of new recruits brought about by government advertising campaigns shifted the focus away from elite formations to a more regular army.

Most of Corsican military equipment is of foreign origin and is of better-than-average quality as a result. Corsican military doctrine before Géroux placed a lot of emphasis on the defense, and their vehicle selection reflects that preference. Their best pieces of equipment are widely considered to be the South African G6 Mk 2 artillery piece and G6 Longbow anti-air artillery, both of which possess impressive potential while fighting on the defensive. Corsican tanks place more emphasis on affordability than quality, betraying again a preference to remain on the defensive.

One major challenge to Fulvio's plans to modernize the Corsican Defense Force is that it does not possess any projection power by design. Its only starships are multipurpose frigates incapable of carrying large amounts of troops, a small number of carriers-of-the-line, and too few transport ships to convey Corsican power in a meaningful way.

Society Edit

An industrious people by nature, Corsicans have a strong culture of independence and self-reliance born from the mythology of their pioneering ancestors who struck out on their own, independent from any country, and founded their own nation. Since their beginnings, they have founded a dense and advanced civilization near the heart of France.

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