I’m seeking community approval for this galaxy at the moment. Along with people to become part of my group. You can join if you ask, or if you’re interested.

- Schutze Overlord

A galaxy up for the taking, that is of course your willing to take the risks.

- Random inhabitant of Coriusian

The Coriusian Galaxy is a galaxy that is near empty besides the Core. So far there are barely any things living here.

History Edit

Formation of the Coriusian Galaxy Edit

The Coriusian Galaxy started as a small galaxy that later grew as it consumed other smaller galaxies. As it was consuming galaxies it was pulled towards the Ikiwa Cluster. Due to it consuming many galaxies it is littered with many clusters and has grown to the size it is now. Whenever the Galaxy ate another galaxy the native empire lost much of its territory and they’ve left many gateways and megastructures around the Outer-rim and Mid-rim regions. These structures aren’t beyond repair however, and could be repaired for the benefit of the empire who repairs them.

The First Civilizations of Coriusian Edit

Corlinian Empire Edit

The Corlinian Empire was the first empire of the Coriusian Galaxy. They ruled huge swaths of the galaxy and lost them when the Coriusian Galaxy collided with another. The Corlinians named their species after the Galaxy. They are very religious and rely on the Core and other blackholes for their power. This has led to the Corlinians to believe that the Core is all powerful and also have considered the Core as their “Gift the Lord has brought“ and have made many large machines that are sentient and are powered by the Core. These machines is known as the “Gates to hear wisdom” or “The Gift that is ours”. These praises and religions seized after the Core told them to stop one year into its rule. The Core is able to talk to the Corlinians by using the machine and does want the Corlinians to survive. The machine is their ruler and has been their ruler for most of the empire’s time. The Corlina don’t care about empires that settle the outer-rim, but are aggressive towards those that have bad intentions. The Core has many bases and controls most of the military due to most Corlinian ships and fighters having the ability to be automated. Although, The Core is nice so they aren’t a threat to most empires.

The Three Empires of Coriusian Edit

Some believe that their existence is myth, and therefore never happened. The Corlinians know otherwise as they existed around their time. The Three Empires had everything besides the Core and then they killed themselves in a brutal three way war.

Empires/Civilizations Edit

Wars Edit

The War for Ziachi Edit

A current war that started in 2820 when a MotSE fleet destroyed a Batorok Union trade Fleet for no reason. The war is in favor of the Batorok Union’s, but it is mostly a stalemate.

Religion Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Corlinians were originally going to be contested against the Grox, but Schutze Overlord changed their mind after asking people if it was a good idea.
  • Captain Cape came up with the idea of the Three Great Empires and their demise.
  • Corlinians were originally going to be a weak empire that got beaten by the Grox and then the Corlinians would have a revolution that would overthrow the government, and then they would declare war on the Grox and be locked in a stalemate.

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