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The Core Federation's silver vessels are majestic-I must have one!

- Sultan Frond III of the Goldem Imperium

Creator MushrumKing
Official Leader Corporate President Valte R'yyan
Leading Group CFS Executive Board
Type Starship manufacturer
Parent Empire Federation of the Core Worlds

The CoreFleet Systems Corporation is a Xanthrus-based starship megacorporation funded by the IGBC that produces all of the on-planet vehicles and military starships of the Federation of the Core Worlds. The company is controlled by the Silver Ministry, the CorFed's government, and produces billions of ships in varied shipyards throughout the universe. The company is completely funded by the InterGalactic Bank of the Core, the Federation's national bank, and is tied to the Ravenrii's energy company, CorEnergies, as its ships rely on special Ravenrii energy technologies developed by CorEn.

For a full list of the widely known ships manufactured by the CSF, look here.

Activity and Presence[edit | edit source]

The EMPEURON-class Super Star detroyer, one of the CSF's largest-ever ships and the single largest ships in the Federation's Army.

The corporation is in charge of designing and manufacturing all of the Federation's military and civilian vessels. For this purpose, it has massive shipyards throughout the First Gigaquadrant, located in all of the CorFed's 25 constitutive states the massive numbers of starships commissioned by the corporation's main buyer, the Grand Army of the Federation, require that teh CFS receive billions of Federation Coronas each month, as Ravenrii ships are known to be only made of chronium, trinium and centrinium, the most valuable ship materials in the Federations' domains.

CSF activity is present in almost all of the Corfed's worlds, and it is a major industry in the ravenrii's civilization. Along with the Silver Ministry, the InterGalactic Bank of the Core, the Spectrum Design Collective and Fiction:The Core Federation/CorEnergies, it is one of the Great Five-the five biggest organizations in the federation, which handle its largest affairs.

Subdivisions[edit | edit source]

The corporation is divided into three main branches, each of which specialize in teh manufacturing of a certain class of starships, as well as on-planets vehicles.

CoreFleet Heavy Engineering[edit | edit source]

Charged with creating the most massive of the Ravenrii's ships, Super Star Destroyer and Worldship classes, CoreFleet Heavy Engineering built the Army's heaviest-armed ships, which make up the bulge of the Federation's forces. These ship include the EMPEURON-class, VORTEX-class and CORONA-class ships, and special ships such as the CFS Supernova.

CoreFleet Engineering[edit | edit source]

The second branch of the CFS, CoreFleet Engineering is the division that manufactures teh rest of teh CorFed's ship classes-Star Destroyers and Starships, as well as Fighters. The division is the second-larges in the Federation, and its production costs are seignificatnyl lower than the first branches'.

CoreFleet Planetside Ships and Speeders[edit | edit source]

The third and last subdivision of CoreFleet, CoreFleet P&S is also the smallest of the three branches, specializing in the manufacturing of all of the the Corfed's planetside military vessels. It also produces some civilian transports, i.e. speeders and pleasure ships. However, most of teh civilan vehicle manufacturing is done by private Ravenrii companies, aush as Kaiba Industries. CFS P&S's largest focus, however, is on designing and creating the military sea, air and terrain vehicles used by the Federation's planets.

Products[edit | edit source]

The CFS has manufactured the most widespread of the Ravenrii and the Core Federation's vehicles. Here are the most prominent:

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