Corbar is an Amphibiahria in service of Rambo Command and served throughout his carreer on various ship, eventually achieving the rank of lieutenant and a following assignment to the USS Elgorodaurl and its subsequent relocation to the Endless Space.

After the loss of the Elgorodarul, he wandered the Endless Space for a while until he was found by the USS Harakaze and deployed as their Chief Engineer.


Early history[]

USS Anteras

Corbar was born in 2770 (28 BQF) at an unnamed planet in the Chinawkya Sector of the Quadrant Galaxies. During his youth he remained living among the Chinawkya, upon the Treaty of Fornaeria his family migrated to Rambo Nation, where he decided to join the Rambo Academy, becoming one of the first Amphibiahria in service of Rambo Command. His early assignment as an ensign as onboard the Anteras-Class, USS Antares showed that he was gifted in piloting a starship and navigating. As such his promotion to lieutenant came to no surprise and upon the outbreak of the Great Cyrannus War in 2802 (04 AQF) he was assigned to serve onboard the USS Elgorodaurl.

Service onboard the USS Elgorodaurl[]

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USS Elgorodaurl drawn into the anomaly

Corbar was proud to be assigned to the experimental ship, as the main navigator and pilot of the ship he was happy to sit behind the helm. Sadly, on their maiden voyage captain Lassai Chiakian was assigned to take temporally command of the vessel to combat captain Lizaconda who threatened the secret location of Lesrekta. Crossing the Metruia-Nebula, the ship was relocated to the Endless Space and became stranded in the remote sectors of the Endless space. During the initial hours, Corbar informed the captain that they had to travel at low warp speeds to achieve their next habitable planet in search of resupplies, four months away from their current location.

Arrival at Kirioohsk

Working double shifs, Corbar soon grew annoyed with his fellow staff officer, lieutenant Lassa Evaana Penaeli of the science department. Though young and promising, Corbar felt that she knew too little to berate him in matters and didn’t accept it. Trying to help her, he became too controllable over her, much to her dismay. After reaching Kirioohsk, Corbar was happy to feel solid ground again and took a personal interesst in the local wildlife and the ruins. Intrigued by the arrival of the Cargura girl, Zaa Ashara he was forced to hide when the Gorgorian duo Malgrim & Grizeala appeared and took Evaana hostage. He remained on the helm during her rescue from Gorgorthrond and the subsequent resume of their travels.

Piloting a damaged vessel

In july of 04 AQF the crew arrived at Boronia where they found some shore leave time and pleasure time. Conducting trade and repairs, Corbar was happy to be off the vessel for some time. To his bad luck, he was eventually teamed up with Evaana to search for certain supplies. He didn't like her, and the feeling was mutual it seemed. To lighten the mood Evaana ordered to Boronian Cocktails at Morg's place to discuss their differances. Not in the mood for it, the Mandabit arrival changed their plans. Retreating back to ship onboard their shuttle, Corbar headed straight for the bridge and took the helm controls. Facing the Mandabit vessel, the Elgorodaurl was soon overpowered and forced to retreat.

A week or so later, in august of 2802 (04 AQF), Corbar was at the bridge when they encountered the Cognatus Empire in the Argoroth sector. Though putting up a fight against bording parties the crew was overwhelmed and forced to surrender. He later supported the captain in trying to support the Cognatus in finding a way home and piloted the vessel when things went sour. Wounding up deeper into the Endless Space, he piloted the ship to a nearby asteroid belt and made a sarcastic comment about Evaana's absence when the captain requested a scan of a damaged Kelvin-Class then encountered. Two days later he remained behind when the captain and Evaana explored the vessel and was just in time to warn them that they were under attack before he went missing.

Harakaze Exploits[]

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Crew of the Harakaze meets Corbar on Gorga III, August 2820

After the attack, Corbar found himself scavenging around the populated areas of the Argoroth Sector for some time until being stranded on Gorga III. In August 2820, the crew of the USS Harakaze stumbled upon the planet and located Corbar. Fearing for his life and tent, he opened fire at the party though was quickly overpowered by a well placed high kick of Velinde Autumnlight. Realizing his error he soon aided them in locating the crash site of the Imperial light cruiser Unfortunate and joined the fire fight against the Gorgorian.

To his horror, his savior commander Tash Hannity was killed by Gorzask and Corbar became uncertain of his fate onboard the Harakaze. Meeting with the now field-promoted commander Jenna Lenissa Rambo he told of his crimes, thefts and dealings to survive the last past months. The Elgorodaurl, after the incident with the Cognatus were transported into a future timeline though lost each other. Jenna agreed, claiming that was up to Rambo Command but for now she needed his services and deployed Corbar as Chief Engineer, much to his own delight and enthusiasm.

Personality and Traits[]

Corbar is a charming, cunning and clever person, knowing how to steer star ships and his own carreer in the right direction. Knowledgeable about many systems onboard the ship, experience he gained during his time onboard an Anteras-class freighter where he was the chief operation officer he was glad to be assigned to pilot a star ship. As a hobby, he was often involved in illegal shuttle races for money and fame.

He likes watching sports and doing workouts and running through the halls of the star ships, though dislikes briefings and diplomatic missions.

Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Rambo Academy Student Officer Unspecified Cadet
USS Antaras Helm Officer Unspecified - 2802 Ensign
USS Elgorodaurl Helm Officer 2802 - Timeskip to 2820 Lieutenant
USS Harakaze Chief Engineer 2820 - Ongoing Lieutenant

USS Elgorodarul


Corbar's original appearance


Green face.pngYou have my loyalty!


Blue face.pngGuess we have to get along


Orange face.pngDefeat is inevitable!

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