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Creator MushrumKing
Official Leader Corporate President Cora K'kian
Leading Group CorEn Board of Directors
Type Energy company
Parent Empire Federation of the Core Worlds

Core Energies. Lighting up the galaxy one star at a time.

- CorEn motto

Core Energies Corporation, usually stylized as CorEn, is a massive umbrella megacorporation that owns and operates all of the Core Federation's energy and utility issues, handling all of the input needed to run the Federation, developing propulsion and energy systems for CoreFleet System's ships, and developing a wide array of energy generating projects for the Federation, from energy harvesting from stars and nebulae to the designing of galactic defenses systems such as the famous Last Gate of Xanthrus that involve massive quantities of energy and natural resources. CorEn's power plants feed every Ravenrii city from the Core Worlds to the outermost Commonwealth Realms.

Energy Divisions and ProjectsEdit

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Centrinium EnergyEdit

CorEn is responsible for developing the Federation's single largest and most-used energy source: Centrinium Cores, extremely unstable isotopes that act as minuscule, concentrated suns; when stimulated with strong electromagnetic waves, they destabilize completely and begin a process of nuclear fusion, which only the strongest magnetic fields can contain. The Ravenrii's technology runs on the energy generated by this process, which happens in extremely costly Core Generators, also developed by CorEn. When stimulated into activity, the centrinium cores can emit as much energy as six stellar masses per hour, though it has only a moderate lifespan of 10 years when restrained from completely dematerializing thanks to the magnetic cores that surround it. Centrinium technology is extremely advanced, and allows the CorFed to save trillions of Coronas each year by making massive energy generation possible without having to build stellar engines and gigastrucures like the Dyson Ring.

Vehicle and Starship EnergizingEdit

CorEn has also developed the technologies needed to power teh Ravenrii's hundreds of trillions of on-planet vehicles, starships and superstructures that are not connected to the main energy grid in every planet that CorEn's power plants feed; called Power Cells, or Power Cores, theyt are small and long-living cells that can be outfitted on any Ravenrii machine and/or vehicle to power it up. The cells can be massive if designed to power a capital ship, or minuscule if designed for a small device or machine, varying in size and output quantity. The cells are mass-produced in CorEn's production plants, and outfitted on vehicles before they are bought or delivered, though they can also be ordered separately for custom use.

Nebulae and Stellar HarvestingEdit

The other main source of energy for the CorFed is stellar and nebulae harvesting, which involves superstructures like the Dyson Ring/Sphere. however, though this form of energy generation can be productive, it is usually Centrinium Energy whom is favoured because of its relatively lower costs. Stellar harvesting by the Core Federation mostly happens by two means; one, by Class-B stellar engines, or non-moving dyson spheres. The Federation's class-b star engines are mostly set around Xanthrus Spiral. The other means mentioned are a specific class-b engine; the Matrioshka Brain. The "brain" is really a superstructure athat utilizes the energy from its enclosed star to run computer systems, in this case the Federation's famouse CORE Supercomputers, artificial intelligences that are each set in one of the Silver Galaxies's centers. There are four matrioshka brains currently operated by the CorFed.

Meanwhile, harvesting energy from nebulae is a recent project that was actually begun by scientists from the Sylit Republic and then shared with the CorFed in exchange for one of the Federation's nebulae, Styx, which is found just outside the Xanthra Quadrant. The project involves "collector" ships going into the nebula and "capturing" energy from its superheated gas and plasma remnants. The project has proven to be an inovative energy source, but CorEn is primarily searching for more mass-production projects than Nebula.

Services and UseEdit

CorEn's output is used throughout the CorFed's dominions and realms, requiring many hundreds of thousands of planets. The energy is used for contruction projects, defense systems such as the Last Gate of Xanthrus, and varied everyday activities by the Ravenrii population, from operating civilian and military spacecraft (each with a separate energy micro-core produced by CorEn), to the illumination and operation of the massive orbital mirrors that orbit Ravenrii worlds at every hour to the functioning of droids used by civilians, as well as the operation of public transport systems and use in every Ravenrii building in the Federation. Because energy production must be accordingly vast to meet the Federation's needs, CorEn receives one of the largest budgets in the universe, credited by the InterGalactic Bank of the Core to carry out its activities while reasearching cheaper, better ways of obtaining the growing amounts of energy that the Federation uses every waking moment of its existence.

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