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Can we not have a moment of peace? Must we always struggle to survive? But let me assure you. We will not fall without a fight.

- Rebaris

Borealis belongs to me. It is my objective, my right, my destiny! None will stop me getting what is mine since the stars have formed!

- General Volim

Poor, naive primitives. They truly do not know their place in the plan...

- King Mirras III

The Conflicts of Borealis were known as the some of most important wars in the Borealis Galaxy's history.

Main storyline Edit

First Borealis Galactic WarEdit


The Wranploer Legion had arisen. The malevolent crimelord General Volim had a masterplan which could turn him into the undisputed master of the entire galaxy, but an union of species would not allow this to happen...(see more)

The Great PurgingEdit


When the Zoles Imperium was done in recovering, they started to advance their influence to the center of the galaxy. However, it was then that they met a previously unknown enemy: The Grox...(see more)

Second Borealis Galactic WarEdit


The galaxy was at full alert. Filled with danger, now it was the battlefield of monstrous beings such as the Xi'Arazulha and the Vague. While all empires of the galaxy fought these new threats, another thing just as vile was also being planned by Zargoth...(see more)

Ice AgeEdit


The ending of the Second Borealis Galactic War marked the end of the Conflicts of Borealis. Now, the galaxy was under a new age. The Ice Age...(see more)


Da RampageEdit


The Unified Nation of Ottzello had moved their territory to the newly created Ottzello Sector of the Arm of Knowledge. Little did they know, however, that a new enemy awaited for them. An enemy who wanted to shank them...(see more)

First Wranploer WarEdit


The newly arrived United Lanat Empire attempted to maintain their territory in the Galaxy, but was instead greeted with attacks of the Legion. Will the Tralor manage to ward the invaders back, or will their colonies be consumed by the growing thieves?...(see more)

Clash of the CrimelordsEdit


A new criminal organization arrived into the galaxy: the Zaarkhun Consortium. However, the Wranploer Legion wouldn't allow any competition in their territory. Will the Legion comsume their new enemy, or will they finally be damaged after a long time...(see more)

Corrupt OccuranceEdit


Kolossus and the Vyro'Ralza were unleashed into Borealis by the Clash of the Crimelords. Now, Kolossus had his own ambitions, and planted to use Feldosia to achieve them...(see more)

Related eventsEdit

Perils of OttzelloEdit


The Ottzello Sector is home to several species hailing from another galaxy, full of their own wars and conflicts. But now that they are located in Borealis, they would undoubtly get attention from new allies and enemies...(see more)

Second ComingEdit


The galaxy's influence only grew as more factions got to know it. However, one of these factions was the Legion of the Deathmarch, who already had notable grudges against inhabitants such as the Junction. They would certainly not leave Borealis unharmed from their march of doom...(see more)

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