The Confederation of Andromeda details the history and conquests of the Vartekians in the Andromeda Galaxy galaxy. This story follows the Vartekians in their rise to power and their omnipotence.

The Vartekians control the allies and consider the other empires as part of their one Confederation. Together all the Races of the Confederation controlled several other galaxies across the universe.


The Confederation of Andromeda is the combined force of many powerful empires within the Andromeda galaxy. The Vartekians founded this alliance and helped it to become what it is. It also allowed the Vartekians to conquer the galaxy as well as the bodes galaxy. The empires within the Andromeda galaxy have many talents and many varieties of species. Many of the members are considered all powerful and only a few have reached omnipotence. The average size of an Confederation empire is about 50 star systems, the average omnipotent empire reaches 200 or more stars.


The Confederation once controlled 120 galaxies, (prior to the Annihilation). Now they are present in only Andromeda and the Cyrannus Galaxy. They also controlled millions of races allowing more than 10 billion sporebucks worth of spice to come streaming in per second. The large amount of money is also used to control fleets pay workers and manage the Confederation's systems.



The Confederation of Andromeda most commonly uses the Umbracyanna-7 which holds the ability to switch into warp speed, change color, and resists energy blasts to a limited amount. The ship is equipped with 80,000 gauntium bullets, plasma blasters, particle beams, anti matter missiles, anti matter bombes, Living fire bomb and a death ray.


Most of the technological achievements originated from the Vartekians and Nasayda. The Confederation's military consists of various war machines, weapons, super weapons, fighter ships, and war cruisers. Due to the Nasayda, they also have a wide variety of knowledge about some of the different galaxies.

The Nasayda also offered unique forms of technology, such as healing metal like organisms, advanced AI systems, universal dimensional gates, and special matter disintegrators. However, The Nasayda and Vartekians did not contribute all of the special technology. The Herego empire also offered their special growth accelerators and monoliths that devolved a species.

One of the most feared pieces of technology was created by the Bouldrix, this race of brutes combined their strength with the knowledge of the Nasayda to create a giant particle decelerator. This weapon had the power to eliminate the centre of gravity from a galaxy to make it destabilize and fall apart.


Birth of the Confederation of Andromeda

The Vartekians were a recent race and had only been around 15 thousand years in space stage when they founded the C.A. The Vartekians first came across the loyal Herego empire and they started to trade. Soon both empires began to grow from their seeds and sprouted into two superpowers both started to expand through their arm and discovered another empire. The Nasayda, These intelligent beings offered their help and planned many strategic moves in taking down the grox. The three empires the allied with the Boulderix the four superpower.

The Boulderix became the iron fist of the four allies and through brute force destroyed the opposing empires. As time past the Vartekians mustered 127 empires the most powerful being the Herego, Bouldrix, Nasayda, Octuet, Samot and Infestix. Together the 7 empires formed the Confederation of Andromeda.

Each empire took an arm, the Vartekians became the leader of the confederation and the Vartekian empire also among the allies spread through the entire galaxy. The Herego empire also became increasingly large and took it's arm with a few scattered planets. This was known as the birth of the Confederation of Andromeda.

The Rule of the Confederation

As years past the Vartekians started to expand to a different galaxy as the other empires did they all agreed to each spread through the universe as one large web of alliances. the Vartekians became stronger than the others and easily took the arm of the next galaxy. The Vartekians soon became omnipotent and helped the other six empires to rise in power. Then the Bouldrix empire faced a disaster, they had taken over their new galaxy but when they started to expand the other empires within the galaxy the other empires took up arms. The Bouldrix were defeated and the empires quickly moved to attack them in Andromeda.

The Herego stepped in and obliterated the attacking empires. Each empire slowed and steadied their progress on their galaxies and began to amass their power, strengthening themselves for their expansion. Later Vendora died and Sataraura came to power along side Votarah who later came up with a famous quote, To complete ones goal one must first stop over thinking his situation and move along his path steadily and controlled. As the empires became more powerful Andromeda became more solid and controlled and all the former enemies of the Confederation were eliminated.

The Great Grox War

As the Confederation grew they defeated the Grox empire in Andromeda easily, The Grox would not stand for this and the surrounding Grox galaxies attacked the confederation. The Vartekian swiftly defended their Confederation and helped regroup the Confederations super powers.

The Nasayda empire then gathered a bunch of Grox bodies. With the bodies the Nasayda infected several diseases and sent the grox bodies back. The disease was a success and wiped out an entire Grox galaxy. The Confederation then overpowered the next Grox galaxy with an large collective fleet. Within only a few coming years the rest of the Grox galaxies fell, one by one.

Intergalactic War

The Confederation entered the Intergalactic War against the fanatical Cognatus. The Cognatus were extremely powerful and were said to be an ancient threat. The Confederation believed that they have a new type of weapon that sends off a highly charged plasma pulse. As the Confederation moved forward they also came across a ship graveyard filled with many Rambo Nation and United Republic of Cyrannus ships.

It was here a small Cognatus fleet ambushed the Confederation fleets and took out an entire brigade. After a quick and swift fight the Confederations fire power was enough to drive them away. As they neared closer to the source of the blast they came face to face with the Cognati named General Arivino, This general is a highly trained special forces commando and has been put in charge of the Cognatus secret operations. The Vartekians engaged in the war against the Cognatus to great effect.

Joining the Confederacy

In the aftermath of the Annihilation, the Confederation of Andromeda joined their great allies, the Confederacy of Allied Systems, where they prosper to this day.


Major Members[]

CRE Vartekian-0a206cf6 ful.png

The Vartekian are evil, corrupt and ruthless tyrants who will kill anyone in their way. They feel they are the supreme race and usually ally just so the partner will make the killing faster. Vartekians are adaptable and may live on any planet they choose. Their empire expands through a web of allys and their own planets.

The Vartekians have constructed their own robots for foot soldiers. The Vartekian is a threat to any species they come in contact with. The Vartekians are intelligent and consider each war as a game of chess. They are also omnipotent in military technology which really sucks for everyone else. They are also the founders of the Confederation of Andromeda.

Population: 4 trillion

CRE Herego-09e1affc ful.png

The Herego are among the first races to ally with the Vartekians and form the Confederation. The Herego empire is large and powerful consisting of 1500 systems and growing. They are not omnipotent but close to it.

The Herego are evil, destructive and love hand to hand combat. The only creature in Andromeda that can defeat them in close combat is a Vartekian. They have a warrior philosophy and take pride in their unique martial art. In Andromeda the Herego are well known as Leki'a imeda which translates to Clawed demons.

Population: 1 trillion



The most intelligent beings in the alliance. The Nasayda wield mental abilities similar to those of The Krassio, These powerful beings are mysterious and nobody knows of their true origin, although many say they came from another universe entirely while this one was being created. They are the natives to andromeda and know every star.

Their libraries are extremely extensive and well protected by the Vartekians. They are peaceful but have mastered several martial arts to protect themselves and their knowledge. A common Nasayda may even live more than 20,000 years which is probably why their population is so low.

Population: 13 million


The big brute

Bouldrix are powerful, strong and incredibly stupid which is why to maintain their empire they needed the Vartekians to give them brain enhancements, now they are only half stupid.

The Bouldrix are absolutely ruthless enemies and smash their enemies to bits. Anyone who gets in their way will soon be flattened like an Pancake. Sadly the Bouldrix don't have enough population to have an entire army so they just use the Samot as little foot soldiers.

Population: 200 billion

CRE Samot-0a2472ff ful.png

The Samot are a race of small little drone like creatures who strictly obey both the Vartekians and the Bouldrix. The Samot are a very large race and expand much faster than the other races because of their extensive cloning modules. The Samot aren't the smartest creatures in the galaxy but a chosen few are fairly intelligent.

The Samot are very brave in battle and do not fear death. A common Samot will fight until it is stone dead. These little guys are most known for their uncanny ability to spontaneously scream: "Dieeee ye spawns of spode!" which often results in an awkward silence and a baby crying.

Population: 10 trillion and counting


These ruthless and demonic creatures are powerful, vicious and take no prisoners. They are very loyal and fight with absolute passion. The Octouet are extremely feared by many and appear in numerous horror films as a demon who eats children and rips people in half.

In reality they really do rip people in half and fling the bodies parts around. This has all lead to their common name in Andromeda, Rabibabar which translates to "Barbarian." population: 100 billion

Infestix (1).png

the Infestix are an extremely large empire with a extremely large population. Although they are not omnipotent they controlled many galaxies. These space faring insects are also quite industrial and build thousands of hives per hour. They are not the most aggressive but their defense is the reason they became known as one of the major races. Like the grox they live in barren atmospheres and usually inhabit t-score 1 or 0 planets.

Like the Samot the reproduce very quickly. but, They also have a short lifespan. A common Infestix lives only around 40 years (The atmosphere does not contribute). Though in number the Infestix have a hard time controlling their numbers and within their empire 500 rebel organizations exist. This is why the Infestix also have hard times controlling their galaxies which are actually quite small. Population: 1 trillion and counting (and depleting.)

Liborika (1).png

These creatures are some of the finest engineers in first Gigaquadrent. They are a silicon based life form with enormous IQ and a photo graphic memory. Liborika are peaceful creature and usually will stay far from a fight. Liborika are very respected in the confederation for their great loyalty and friendship.

They often serve as medics on battle fields or even quickly designing weapons out of common electronic items. They are found around the entire universe, most of them work as free lance station workers. Only a small population where selected to aid the Confederation. They have proven to be valuable members.

Population:30 billion and counting.



Green face.pngYou are honorable allies!


Red face.pngJust die!