Let it be known, Grand Mandator. I do not trust your Empire. They demolished my way of life and killed anyone who stood in their way. Nevertheless, I remain committed to this peace treaty for the time being, for it will allow us to rebuild our strength for our ascendance. Our time is at hand. When your conflict with the rebels ends, we will be waiting.

- Taros Cassynder, agreeing to a peace treaty with the Empire, 04 NE

The Confederacy of Free Planets, officially known in Cyrannian Basic as Conviuraedhel Cyrannica is an interstellar civilisation which originated as a rebel faction loyal to the ideals of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, one of the main combatants in the Great Cyrannus War before the rise of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. During the Dark Times, the Confederacy was led by General Taros Cassynder, who initiated a guerilla war against the Cyrannian Empire in the hopes that the Old Confederacy could be legitimised as the true galactic power of the Cyrannus Galaxy.

Though the rebellion against the Empire was long and bloody for the Confederates, they nonetheless won many key victories over the Imperials and ultimately managed to survive for over four years in a constant state of war with the omnipotent Empire, no small feat for such an organisation. Nevertheless, the bravery and resolve of the Confederate movement ultimately led to the Empire agree to a series of peace talks between both Imperial and Confederate delegates organised by the New Cyrannian Republic, which led to a tenuous truce and the legitimisation of the Confederacy as an interstellar power rather than an unlawful rebellion.

After the legitimisation of the Confederacy, the Free Planets began to consolidate their strength around the newly established capital of Nengeredis, far from the borders of both the Empire and the Republic, the two powers that the Confederacy viewed as the two greatest threats to its still fragile existence. Nevertheless, under the leadership of Cassynder, the Confederacy hoped to reach out to other powers in the hope that its legacy in Cyrannus could be secured. These hopes were quashed during the Second Great Cyrannus War, when Confederate space was conquered by the Empire, forcing Cassynder and his loyalists into hiding.

History Edit


Taros Cassynder's Fleet escapes the wrath of the Empire's Star Destroyers.

Formation Edit

So long as we survive, the ideals of the Confederacy will survive. No surrender. No retreat.

- Taros Cassynder announcing the formation of the Free Planets.

In the aftermath of the Great Cyrannus War, many former compatriots to the Confederacy of Allied Systems were absorbed into the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus against their will. However, there were some who resisted. Foremost among these was General Taros Cassynder, an Adlapuspino who counted among the few Confederate leaders who escaped the newly formed Empire's retribution. When they arrived in non-Imperial space, Cassynder discovered some Confederate colonies under the control of the Corporate Union. Negotiating with the Union, Cassynder formed the Confederacy of Free Planets, aiming to destroy the Empire and bring about Confederate control of Cyrannus.

Soon after, the Imperials led by the fearsome Tyrant, once a loyal Confederate, began to purge all Free Planets they came across, brutally subjugating them in the name of the New Order. The first to fall was the peaceful world of Muunilaria, a rich planet that controlled the economy of the Old Confederacy. Tyrant soon learned of Cassynder and began to hunt him down. Soon after receiving word from the Corporate Union that the dreaded Tyrant was after him, Cassynder managed to organise a meeting between the Free Planets and the Capricorn Remnant Alliance in the hopes of forming a stronger alliance to combat the Empire. Cassynder met with Vice President Gorios on the Confederate planet of Honlen and the two discussed a possible alliance for several hours. However, the planet came under attack by Imperial forces, and Cassynder and Gorios were forced to escape, at the cost of another planet to the Empire.

Hot Pursuit

Imperial Star Destroyers unleashing a turbolaser volley at the Viscount.

Cassynder returned to the Confederacy's main territory, where he and his allies began discussing the future of the holdout. It needed to grow, but also needed to be discreet, or Tyrant would soon find them again. It was then that one of the senators showed Cassynder the coordinates of another Confederate remnant which was in control of a couple of planets not much far away from the CFP's current territory. Eventually, Cassynder met with the leader of the remnant, a Sylvamiman known as Collo. The two eventually agreed to join as one. The Confederacy continued to attack the Empire throughout the year, though few of their assaults were successful, as seen in their attempt to apprehend Tyrant, which ended in failure. These constant failures irritated Cassynder to no end.

War with the EmpireEdit

The rebels brought conflict to this peaceful planet and in so doing, evoked the wrath of our Emperor. The people of Carindes would do well to remember the price of rebellion.

- Grand Admiral Tyrant warning the population of Carindes after the Confederacy's defeat.

As 02 NE began, Cassynder decided to bring the fight to the Empire through a surprise attack against the staging point at Dusavali. Meeting Tyrant's fleet in battle, many Confederate captains and crews were so driven in their beliefs that they decided to ram their ships against the Imperial Star Destroyers, eventually smashing both fleets to near destruction. However, Cassynder decided to retreat, in the hopes that the Imperials received the right message.


The massive space battle rages.

The Confederacy reached a high point when the defective Imperial Adelphi Mandator Mich'Lea, who gave Cassynder quite a lot of information regarding Imperial fleet movements, perfect for the coming war that the general was planning. However, Cassynder knew that even this wouldn't be enough to defeat the Empire and turned his attention to attracting the alliances of morally corrupt organisations to help him in his struggle, chief among these the Panthrea Slaver Guild. Within a few weeks, Cassynder was ready to begin his war, with the intent of removing what he saw as a cancer, eating away at the heart of Cyrannus. After a successful battle against an Imperator-class Star Destroyer, Cassynder sent a message to Tyrómairon, initiating an act of war.

One of the first Confederate operations was a symbolic attack on the former CAS capital world of Carindes. Initially led by Cassynder himself, the Confederate fleet managed to smash through the limited Imperial defences over Carindes and establish a strong presence on the planet's surface. Cassynder soon left the Carindes occupation fleet into the hands of the famed blockader Tukio Nukria who managed to hold the Imperials off for several days before retreating under heavy fire from the dreaded Grand Admiral Tyrant. A devastating and prolonged land battle erupted on the planet's surface though ultimately, the Imperials were successful in retaking the planet. However, the remaining Confederates were helped near the end of the campaign by a fleet courtesy of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance, though ultimately both rebel fleets were defeated and Carindes was again brought under the Empire's grip.


The natives attack the Imperials.

Meanwhile, Cassynder travelled to the Quadrant Galaxies in the hopes of meeting new allies against the Empire, eventually discovering the Quadrantia Federation. Beaten but not broken, Cassynder soon organised a more subtle way to combat the Empire by instigating rebellion on the Empire's planets. The first target on his list was the dusty planet Nosiso, once a focal point for the Confederacy during the Great Cyrannus War. Thanks to the aid of local Nosisan milita leader Nak'kak'chish, Nosiso was liberated from the Empire with limited casualties, providing the Confederacy with a major victory for morale.

Peace and GrowthEdit

Your hubris shall be your downfall.

- Taros Cassynder, bickering with Gaius Prentus during the Peace Negotiations.

The conflict with the Empire did not stop at the Liberation of Nosiso, and continued even after the outbreak of the New Cyrandia Wars and the formation of the New Cyrannian Republic. With the Empire focused on the Cyrannian Imperial State, the Confederates launched several successful raids on Imperial worlds near the edges of the Outer Rim, granting the Confederacy with increased amounts of ships and even supporters within the ranks of civilisations like the New Republic. However, near the end of the first year of the Cyrandia Wars, Cassynder began secret discussions with diplomats from the New Republic, particularly Proconsul Apollo in the hopes that a peace agreement could be worked out between the Confederates and the Imperials.


The Sword of Peace holds position between the Imperial Star Destroyers and the Confederate frigates.

Ultimately, the Proconsul managed to come to an agreement with Potentate Tereyn Aeresius of the Empire, who agreed to table a motion to the Imperial Senate. Ultimately seeing the Confederacy as nothing more than an inconsequential nuisance, the Senate agreed to peace negotiations organised by the Republic itself. Over the next several weeks, Cassynder met with Grand Mandator Aporyan and Proconsul Apollo on-board the Republic Star Destroyer Sword of Peace, where despite an attempted intervention by the Cyrannian Syndicate, a peace treaty was signed legitimising the Confederacy as a sovereign state. Over the next several months, the Confederacy would capitalise on this new-found legitimacy, founding a new capital on the temperate world of Nengeredis and conducting free elections which ultimately led to Cassynder's continued leadership not as a rebel general but as Chancellor of the Confederacy.

Despite mutual distrust in both civilisations, the Republic and the Confederacy began to develop their relations in the hope that if the Empire once again resorts to conflict, both former enemies may find friendship and support. The coming months would see the Confederacy forming an alliance with the Kicathian Republic and beginning trade negotiations with the Indoctrinate Collective and the United Bygorian Ascendancy.

Second Great Cyrannus WarEdit

Although horrified by the destruction of Mou'Cyran in 15 NE, and the subsequent declaration of the Second Great Cyrannus War, the Confederacy remained officially neutral in the conflict, much to the annoyance of the New Republic government. After the Fall of the Twelve Worlds in 17 NE, Imperial forces launched an invasion of the the sovereign space of the Confederacy.

SGCW Battle of Cainceron

Imperial forces during the conquest of the Confederacy.

Over the course of the next three months, the Empire pushed inexorably toward Nengeredis, capturing Cainceron on 49 Iunius and annihilating the dreaded hives of Nosiso on 54 Iunius. Finally, on 56 Novemex, Imperial forces led by the Emperor’s flagship Sovereign captured the Confederate capital, forcing Chancellor Cassynder to escape and seek aid from the Cyrandia Resistance. Cassynder's alliance with the Resistance ended with the fall of Andustar, however, and he instead turned his attention to his former enemies, the New Republic Remnant under President Apollo. While some lingering tensions remained, Cassynder agreed to commit the remainder of his loyalists to Apollo's campaign to liberate Cyrannus from the Empire.

Government and PoliticsEdit

Peace is good for business and business is good for the Confederacy.

- Chairman Annungol, Corporate Union

After being legitimised as a sovereign state, the Confederacy of Free Planets drafted a constitution similar in many respects to that of the Confederacy of Allied Systems which described the state as a democratic state which relies to a great extent on the strict organisation of politics, economics and the bureaucracy under the leadership of a powerful High Chancellor.

Though the Confederacy does retain a Confederate Congress, compared to the New Republic Senate, it has little real power in comparison to the executive chancellor, who is vested with vast powers in order to limit inaction and political manoeuvring from opposition leaders in Congress. Due to the strong levels of influence held by corporations such as the Corporate Union, critics of the Confederacy's government often claim that it is essentially a corporatocracy in which banks and corporations rule society.

High Chancellor
Name Taros Cassynder CarinesCampaign02
Affiliation Confederacy of Allied Systems (5 BNE - 01 BNE)
Confederacy of Free Planets (01 NE - )
Species Adlapuspino
Status Alive
First High Chancellor · Former Confederate General/Admiral · Fiercely Patriotic · Pragmatic ·
Strongly Anti-Imperial · Stubborn · Distrustful of New Republic ·
Military Genius · Stoic · Seeks Superpower Status



Nengeredis, the capital of the Confederacy.

Much of the space controlled by the Confederacy of Free Planets is located in the regions either on the edges of the Outer Rim, or in the lower fringes of the Unknown Regions, away from the Empire's influence. Much of these worlds were under the command of the Corporate Union, a powerful organization that saw the early Confederacy as being a more profitable venture than the Empire.

When the Confederacy became a sovereign state however, Cassynder used his influence as High Chancellor to replace corporate interests with those of the Confederacy's civilian assembly. In the years of war with the Empire, the Confederacy's leadership often remained in their ships, rarely venturing down to planets in the event that they could be captured by the Empire. However, after the Peace Treaty, the Confederacy settled on the world Nengeredis in the newly mapped Cúrongul Sector of the Unknown Regions.

Military and Defence Edit

Never again shall we be at the mercy of the Empire, or any civilisation for that matter.

- High Admiral Mornheleth

The military of the Confederacy of Free Planets was once a small, but well equipped force armed with over two dozen Confederate Dreadnoughts and a plethora of other relics of the Great Cyrannus War. However, after the peace treaty, the Confederacy began to grow their military at an exponential rate in the hopes that a second conflict with Imperial forces would ultimately be more equal than the constant hit and run guerilla tactics used during the Outer Rim War.

The Confederate Navy is arguably the most powerful branch of the military and is led by High Admiral Mornheleth of the flagship Viscount, the former warship of Cassynder himself. The Navy also field many Trucinex Basestars, which are believed to have come from designs floating in space thousands of years ago, left behind by unknown race. However, the army is also well-equipped with primarily Mortalitas vehicle designs, illustrating the important role that Mortalitas rebels still play in the Confederacy, despite Cassynder's noted distaste for them.


Branches of Conviuraedhel Cyrannica'l Regha'sam
Name Function Description
ConfederateFleet Confederate Navy Space Operations The Confederate Navy was formed as a ragtag fleet of warships loyal to the Confederacy which fled Imperial expansion during the first year of the Dark Times. Serving under Cassynder, the Navy managed to fight against the Empire at any opportunity they could, often using extreme kamikaze tactics. After the legitimacy of the Confederacy was ratified, the Navy grew and prospered.
Battle of Nosiso Confederate Army Ground Operations A relatively small force centred on the manufacturing world of Nosiso, the Army of the Confederacy is nonetheless well equipped and extremely loyal to the tenets of their civilisation. The legacy of the Mortalitas influence in the Old Confederacy becomes clear when one looks upon the Mortalitas tank designs found throughout the armed forces.


Providence-class Dreadnought
Confederate Dreadnought

Class: Providence-class Dreadnought

Year Introduced: 03 BNE

Length: 2,500 metres


Heavy dual turbolaser cannons
Point-defense dual laser cannons
Heavy proton torpedo tubes
Hyperspace Missile Launchers

Performance: Exceptional

The Providence-class Dreadnought, more commonly known as the Confederate Dreadnought, is the most powerful warship in the arsenal of the Free Planets. Their origin dates back to the Second Galactic War when the Imperial Alliance used some of the dreadnought's predecessors' in battles against the allied forces. The Providence-class was later introduced late in the first year of the Great Cyrannus War by the Confederacy of Allied Systems, where it was used to great effect against threats such as the Venator-class Star Destroyer. The lethality and effectiveness of the dreadnought later inspired similar ships to be used by Rambo Nation, which caused controversy in the Rambo Senate.
Notable Ships
  • Viscount
  • Pride of the Stars
  • Invincible

  • Based on the CIS ship of the same name from Star Wars.

Munificus-class Star Frigate

Class: Munificus-class Star Frigate

Year Introduced: 04 BNE

Length: 1,000 metres


Heavy dual turbolaser cannons
Point-defense dual laser cannons
Heavy proton torpedo tubes

Performance: High

The Munificus-class Star Frigate is the most common vessel in the Confederacy's fleet, as was the case in the Confederacy of Allied Systems, where thousands of these vessels were fielded against the United Republic of Cyrannus, often to great extent. When the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus ousted the Confederacy from power, most Star Frigates fell into the hands of pirates and smugglers, though the Taros Cassynder managed to hold onto at least three hundred. After the Confederacy found new space to settle, the success of the design prompted the continuation of their production.
Notable Ships
  • Memory of Carindes
  • Chancellor
  • Dastirius

  • Based on the Munificent-class Star Frigate.
  • Cyrannian is very proud of this creation, as it was quite difficult to make.
Munificent-class Star Frigate

Rescure-class Light Destroyer

Class: Rescure-class Light Destroyer

Year Introduced: 05 BNE

Length: 1,550 metres


Heavy dual turbolaser cannons
Point-defense dual laser cannons
Hyperspace missiles
Heavy proton torpedo tubes

Performance: High

The Rescure-class Light Destroyer is a Mortalitas-designed warship used by the Confederacy and is considered one of the most powerful mid-level ships of the Free Planets. The only real weakness of the ship was that it is very lightly armoured though the weapons of the Rescure-class are strong enough to severely most capital ships of the same size and tonnage. The Rescure Destroyer utilises both turbolasers and proton torpedoes to bombard larger enemy starships in combat though they also use hyperspatial cluster bombs to seriously damage potential enemies.
Notable Ships
  • Rescure
  • Star Sailor
  • Profit

  • Based on the Recusant-class Destroyer in Star Wars.

Sabre-class Gunboat

Class: Sabre-class Gunboat

Year Introduced: 04 NE

Length: 1,050 metres


Heavy dual turbolaser cannons
Point-defense dual laser cannons
Hyperspace missiles
Heavy proton torpedo tubes

Performance: Exceptional

The Sabre-class Gunboat is the most advanced ship design in the Confederate fleet, entering service just weeks before the signing of the peace agreement between the Empire and the Republic, with two gunboats ferrying Cassynder to the Sword of Peace. Proficient at both ship-to-ship combat and anti-starfighter patrol missions, the Confederate gunboat is quickly becoming an invaluable asset to Confederate forces throughout the Outer Rim.
Notable Ships
  • Relentless
  • Trident
  • Vindicator

  • An original design.
  • Surprisingly, this is one of Cyrannian's most popular ships, with 25 favourites on DeviantART.
Confederate Gunboat



Name: Mornheleth

Species: Mortalitas

Gender: Female

Aptitude: Exceptional

Service Record: Commanding Officer of the Viscount (04 NE - )

Mornheleth is a female Mortalitas who serves as High Admiral of the Confederate Navy, making her the highest ranked officer within the fleet. A former patriot of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, Mornheleth refused to follow Zillum and the rest of his people when they joined the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and instead remained loyal to the Confederate Remnant. Though often at odds with Cassynder, the High Chancellor trusted her enough to bestow upon her the flagship of the Confederacy, his former dreadnought Viscount, which Mornheleth often uses at the helm of Confederate fleet activities. Like many of her people, Mornheleth is ruthless in battle though also possesses a level of tactical skill rivalled by few.
Confederate Dreadnought

Xor Nazar
Xor Nazar

Name: Xor Nazar

Species: Wexord

Gender: Male

Aptitude: High

Service Record: Commanding Officer of the Pride of the Stars (01 NE - )

Xor Nazar is a former captain of the Cyrannian Confederacy of Systems and the de-facto leader of Wexords who have not submitted to the rule of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. He saw his very homeworld being obliterated and many of his comrades die in battle with the dreaded Cyrannian Radeons, and over years of his service became cynical and gruff. He always prepares for the worst but rarely hopes for the best after seeing that most of the people he loved either dead or turned to serve his most hated foe, Agnassana.

Xor Nazar's loyalty to the Confederacy of Free Systems stems out of mere luck. After the Great Cyrannus War, the new leader of the galaxy, Emperor Tyrómairon, chose Cyrannian Radeons' leader, Agnassana, as the governor of the Anastasis sector that was home to Wexords. As a result, an age of persecution and conflict came from Xor Nazar's kind. Wanting to end this, he started a rebellion that was, sadly, quickly put to an end. He and surviving rebels fled the sector and came upon a Confederate holdout, where he joined Cassynder in his quest to restore the old Confederacy of Allied Systems that was betrayed and that Xor Nazar loved.

Xor Nazar commands the Pride of the Stars, a Providence-class Dreadnought.

Confederate Dreadnought

Foreign Relations Edit

Allied Edit

Green faceWe shall remain faithful.

Good TermsEdit

Blue faceHow good it is to see you.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceNo comment.


Orange face... Do not test our patience.

Enemies Edit

Red faceFor the glory of the Confederacy!

Quotes Edit

Ugh. The Empire is here, best get used to that.

- Zillum

I now see that the Confederacy is the least of my worries.

- Apollo

Hunting you down was a good pastime, worms. Remember my name, Confederacy, for I would be more than happy to oblige to terrorizing you once more.

- Tyrant

Finally! Someone who dares to oppose this horrible betrayal. For the Confederacy!

- Xor Nazar

More survivors? This is perfect!

- Vice President Gorios of the Capricorn Remnant Alliance

The true democratic government of Cyrannus! All hail the coperates and the interessts of profit!

- Tukio Nutria

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  • OluapPlayer also inspired Cyrannian to create the fiction.

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