This is a list of all known Confederate captains, sighted during the Great Cyrannus War.


General Zillum[]

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General Zillum is the most feared captain in the Confederacy.A former Imperial agent, he later joined the CAS after the collpse of the empire. He commands the Benelovent, a ship that has survived many great wars and battles.


Admiral Moravilon (KIA)[]


A feared and dreadful Mortalitas officer. Moravilon does not care for the ideals of the Confederacy, and his only motivation is the destruction of his enemies.

Life Story

Moravilon's early life, like most Mortalitas is shrouded in mystery. Moravilon is known for his deep convictions and believes, and is not looked upon as merciful by his unfortunate enemies and victims. Moravilon has a close relationship with General Zillum and the two often work and conspire together. Moravilon is one of the most senior officers in the Confederate Navy and he commands many ships, from his flagship, the Affluent a large Providence-class Dreadnought.

Year One of the Great Cyrannus War

Confederate and Rambo ships stay their ground.

During the second month of the war, Admiral Moravilon began to conspire to capture several old enemies of the Cyrandia, in order to damage the Rambo and the URC's reputation in the universe. He knew the only place to get them was Ramghatulkia, the most important prison facility in the Cyrandia Cluster was the home of many former Imperial Alliance and Cognatus officers, captured during the Galactic Conflicts. The Confederacy knew of its existence, and yet the planets coordinates were keep a secret from all, even the other members of the Cyrandia Alliance. However, the CAS knew where to get the information.

After the Moravilon arrived at the coordinates received from the unknown source, he beamed down, while the two fleets in orbit waited for the next move. Both factions did not want to engage in an open war just yet, and the CAS was blocking all communication from the planet. While on the ground, Maravilon located the dreaded Imperial captain, Lizaconda, the mysterious Cognati Captain, former resistance leader Ramgaro and the famous Rambulan captain and rescued them. All of these figures will help the CAS in a different way, but how will the Rambo react?

The Rambo's reaction was simple and shocked, they posted a wanted bill at the intergalactic News page and started to hunt them down, though officially did not yet declare war on the Confederacy, as they still had troubles with Javan and Yadumarth was still blocked they were hesitant to react or even invade or attack the blockade at Yadumarth, as it wasn't there colony.

Moravilon and Zillum on the Confederate Capital talking with Dusá, the new leader.

Moravilon won many small victories against the allies in the early months of the war, but was summoned to the Confederate Capital to receive a new mission from the new leader, Dusá. He met up with his good friend Zillum and quickly went to see the new leader. After hours of discussing, all three picked a target for the largest battle of the war so far, and Moravilon, commanding a new superweapon, the Emporicó-class will play an important role. Moravilon and Zillum converged on Capricaerón, the old capital world of the URC. Despite destroying many Republic ships with ease, reinforcements from the URC in the form of Admirals Cretacea and Shaw stopped the Confederate assault and Moravilon was forced to retreat.

When the escaping fleet arrived in Confederate space, he was shocked to learn that Zillum and the Benevolent was destroyed during the battle. Angered, and desperate for revenge, retook control of the Affluent and he started planning his next assault.

Year Two of the Great Cyrannus War

The Battle wages on Delfoí's swampy surface.

During the Second Year of the War, and spurred on by the improved tactics of previous CAS captains in the Great Cyrannus War, the infamous Admiral Moravilon contacted the CAS Congress in regard to a possible invasion and takeover of the planet, a move that would surely cripple the Republic’s war effort in the Inner Rim, and destroy the moral of the Adelphi, who recently relocated from Quadrant 82 during a Confederate blockade of their planets located there. The Congress gave the invasion the go ahead, and Moravilon began to muster troops and ships under his command ship, the Affluent to prepare for the invasion. At the staging ground over Nosiso, Moravilon gave the order for the fleet to enter lightspeed, and it quickly complied.

The large fleet entered the Delfoí System and quickly made its way toward the planet, however the Republic had great defences built over the planet, including several defence stations armed with Hypervelocity Cannons, capable of destroying a capital ship in a single blast. Moravilon changed his tactics into disabling the Hypervelocity Cannon and the Space Station and then proceeding with the invasion. The Cannon began firing at the CAS fleet, destroying two Munificus-class Frigates in a single blast. However, it was quickly outnumbered by the larger CAS ships, who concentrated their firepower on the station, eventually destroying it, and then continuing to disembark troopers onto the planet’s surface, targeting key areas of the planet, and bombarding others, as retribution for the blockade of Yudumarth.

However, they quickly found resistance from new, never before seen Republic units, armed with new and power weapons, however they were few in number and were eventually destroyed, just as Moravilon himself captured Senator Fila of the URC Senate, and as the CAS gained control over the planet. Unfortunately the URC was able to liberate the planet, though Moravilon didn't care, as the war was going in the CAS' favour.


The showdown between Moravilon and Roslia.

However, the glory days of his rule would soon end, when in the third year of the war, Moravilon was killed in action will laying siege to Corulus. He is regarded as a hero among the CAS.

The Affluent

The Affluent is a Providence-class Dreadnought and one of the most important flagships of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. The Affluent was constructed by the Secret Confederate Shipyards, located deep within the Mortiol Galaxy and as soon as it was completed it was given to Admiral Moravilon.

The Affluent's first major event was the Incident on Ramghatulkia, in which it was used to effectively blockade the planet, while Moravilon rescued the prisoners. The Affluent was destroyed in the Third Battle of Corulus.

The Affluent is quite large, at 1900 meters. Weapons-wise, it houses 24 Quad Turbolaser Turrets, 44 Dual Laser Cannons, 12 Ion Cannons, 102 Proton Torpedo Tubes and it can charge all these weapons to inflict massive damage on any ship that dares oppose it. The ship also houses a cloaking device.

Admiral Pagrin[]

Admiral Pagrin

A senior naval officer of the Confederacy of Allied Systems, Pagrin commands the Providence-class, Anazasí Pride with honour and distinction.

Early Life

Pagrin was born on the Anazasi colony world of Ealehi in the year 42 BTC and from a young age dreamed of joining the Capricorn Sector Alliance's military, like many of his family and friends at the time. He soon got his wish when he graduated from the academy and became a lieutenant in the fleet. He quickly worked his way up the ranks until the Intergalactic War when he made many friends with fellow officers.

However, despite his popularity, he grew tired of the URC and decided to join the Confederacy with his people, the Anazasi. His defection caused shock with many of the captains and former friends in the URC, such as Admiral Shaw, who remains angry at Pagrin's defection.

Captain of the Anazasí Pride

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Anazasí Pride

The Anazasí Pride is a Providence-class Dreadnought and one of the most important flagships of the Confederacy of Allied Systems. The Anazasí Pride was constructed by the Secret Confederate Shipyards, located near Delfoi, and was given to Pagrin to command.

The Affluent is quite large, at 1900 meters. Weapons-wise, it houses 24 Quad Turbolaser Turrets, 44 Dual Laser Cannons, 12 Ion Cannons, 102 Proton Torpedo Tubes and it can charge all these weapons to inflict massive damage on any ship that dares oppose it. The ship also houses a cloaking device.

Admiral Lizaconda[]

Admiral Lizaconda

Lizaconda is a Lizardian Captain that was once in the service of the Imperial Alliance, however after his capture, he is now a member in the Confederacy under the rank of admiral. He commands the captured Venator Star Destroyer Liberty II and the Mortalitas Dreadnought, Lizardian Pride.

He is a Captain whom likes to fight with his Lizardians, and often goes with them to the battle field. He fights with a huge Electric Sword and favors the use of the Aura Beam, to frighten or impress his enemies.

See Lizaconda

Admiral Cainoá†[]

Admiral Cainoá

Cainaó is a high ranking Libertus admiral in the Confederacy Navy. He was once a great friend of Cretacea, but Cainaó began to believe that the Republic was corrupt and so he joined the CAS. He commands the Annihilator, a Mortalitas Dreadnought.

Early Life

The officers and Senator Mirea on the bridge of the Resolute watch the Annihilators destruction.

Cainaó's early life is clouded in mystery, it is known that he was born on Canceron in the year 49 BTC and joined the Colonial Navy when he was a teenager, eventually joining the larger Republic Navy when it was formed. Cainaó made many friends while in the Navy, including Fleet Admiral Cretacea, becoming a close family friend. However, as the years went on Cainaó became increasingly angry with the policies and politics of the URC and the Administration of the President, Apollo. Angered, he joined the Navy of the newly emerged Confederacy of Allied Systems and joined it as an admiral.

His defection caused a great rift in the Republic Navy, with many more captains and even entire planets leading by his example.

Great Cyrannus War

During the Great Cyrannus War, Cainoá was given command of the Mortalitas Dreadnought, Annihilator and was key in the kidnapping of Senator Mirea of the URC Senate, keeping the senator hidden on bourd the ship. However, when Cretacea was sent to rescue her, Cainoá tried to bring him to his side of the war and become a captain in the Confederate Navy, Cretacea pretended to listen, but as quick as lightning, he grabed the senator and beamed to his flagship and ordered it to launch a barage of weapon's fire at the Annihilator.

Shocked that his life was coming to an end, Cainoá's last wish was that the Confederacy become the rightful ruler of the Cyrannus Galaxy, just as the entire ship exploded. He is regarded as a hero in the CAS.

The Annihilator

The Annihilator was the command ship of Cainoá. A roughly cylindrical warship, the Dreasnought's surface is dotted with heavy weapons emplacements capable of piercing through the shields and hulls of enemy vessels. Dreadnoughts are massive, cylindrical 2500-meter-long warships with a pointed nose that tapers towards the superstructure. Rising from the stern portion of the vessel, is an elongated main communications and sensor pod.

Admiral Tyrant[]

Admiral Tyrant

Tyrant (real name unknown) is the supreme leader of of the Tiranozark Empire and a high ranking admiral of the Confederacy Navy. He is known for being ruthless and cold, being totally indifferent for the fate of innocents. He commands the Providence-class Cruiser known as the Tempest.

Early life

Tyrant was the son of a high commandant of the Tiranozark Empire. He was badly treated by his family, having then fled his home when he was a teenager. He was then raised by an old man who found him, and grew up to become a powerful soldier. During his soldier training, he was pitted against an enourmous epic creature, which clawed and blinded his right eye. However, in the end, Tyrant ripped the beast's heart off with his bare hands.

Ruling the Tiranozark

When he reached maturity, he led an uprising against the government, finding it too passive and slow paced. Invading the capital, Tyrant assassinated the emperor, and became the new leader of the empire. He then led his empire to become more aggressive and expansionist, which would end in a great success, but not before ordering the death of all his family first. He later became a member of the Confederacy, being led to it by his allies, the Mortalitas.

Great Cyrannus War

Tyrant meeting with General Zillum.

Tyrant made his first notable appearence during the Battle of Carindes, meeting with general Zillum while he was on the planet. As the two greeted, Tyrant warned Zillum about an upcoming threat to Carindes. A massive swarm of Grox Cubes was approaching the planet and could arrive at any moment. Tyrant showed Zillum that the Confederate Navy had been warned of this invasion, and reinforcements were preparing for the attack. While Zillum couldn't give his support on space, he would lead the forces on the ground, as he knew of the Grox's tactic of launching Conqrix, Marinox and Caprigrox on land. As they finished discussing, Tyrant left back to his spaceship.

Tyrant engages the fearsome Grox Cube.

As the Grox started to damage Carindes' atmosphere, Tyrant came up with a plan to decapitate the Grox command at the battle by destroying the Primary Cube. However, this would be a dangerous mission and only the bravest captains even thought about volunteering. Nevertheless, within the hour Tyrant had gathered a huge fleet of CAS vessels, all of whom were elated at the chance to destroy the Grox.

The fleet of vessels under the command of Tyrant and the Providence-class Cruiser, the Tempest quickly convened on the Cube's location, only for many ships to fall to the might of the Cube's tremendous superlasers. However, the shields of the Tempest held, and Tyrant fired a barage of turbolaser fire at the key systems of the Cube, followed by the same on the other CAS ships. Soon, the Cube was engulfed in flame, and came crashing down into the ocean.


Captain Mornauó[]

Captain Mornauó

Captain Moranauó is a ambitious and deadly captain within the Confederate Navy, he is ruthless and will do anything to succeed.

Great Cyrannus War

Captain Moranauó's first assault occurred during the Great Cyrannus War, at the incident at Ramghatulkia. Moranauó worked with his friend and mentor, Moravilon during this assault and was pleased when it succeeded. When the prison break was completed he transported the prisoners deep into space to the capital of the Confederacy in Cyrannus, a location that is kept secret to all. While at the capital, he was awarded the Prosperous and immediately left for the besiged colony of Cybele in the Core Worlds.

Mornauó at the helm of the Prosperious

Within two hours of the attack, a quarter of one of the continents was claimed by the CAS and CR. However, news has spread to a nearby URC fleet. The fleet turned towards Cybele and blows were exchanged between the CAS/CR and the URC. Mornauo, wiped out a quarter of the URC fleet with help from the CR. Meanwhile, on the surface of Cybele, survivors were being rounded up and three would be killed every hour.

Upon hearing about the Blockade of Cybele, the Republic High Command sent their most senior officer, Supreme Admiral Nagala and her flagship, the Pride of the Core to break the blockade and restore peace and prosperity to the peaceful world. Nagala was not alone, together with a fleet of over ten Republic cruisers, the fleet could pack a mighty punch. A large Confederate/Cosmic Republic defense fleet protected Cybele from an invasion, but they did not anticipate the arrival of the Republic's most important flagship.

Upon arriving in the system, the Pride of the Core fired its mighty canons on the unexpected Confederate/CR Fleet. Captain Mornauó of the Prosperious was not one to risk the lifes of his men and woman and immediately began to evacuate his ground forces, while the frigates created a diversion. When all his personnel were rescued, he immediately entered hyperspace. The Cosmic Republic, unfamilar with Republic technology immediately engaged the URC, but were out gunned by the eight kilometer behemoth bearing down on them. The CR managed to cripple a lone Republic Cruiser, but was forced to evacuate.

Mornauó was commended by his actions at the blockade. He showed that he was a deeply respectful officer and was then sent to the front lines again.


The Prosperous

The Prosperous is Moranauó's command ship and it is the first starship commanded by him. It is a Providence-class Cruiser which themselves are the main cruisers in the Confederacy's battle fleet. They are durable ships that are as fast and as tough (if not even more tough) as the huge Venator Destroyers of the URC, the Providence Class is 1,900 meters long. It is used by the Corporate Alliance and the CAS.

Weapons-wise, it houses 24 Quad Turbolaser Turrets, 44 Dual Laser Cannons, 12 Ion Cannons, 102 Proton Torpedo Tubes and it could charge all these weapons to inflict massive damage on any ship that dared oppose it. It can also house a cloaking device used for sneak-attacks.

The Prosperous is special in that it houses a proton beam, which can be used to cause huge damage to an enemy ship.

Captain Mortizavaé[]


A new, deadly and ruthless captain of the CAS. Commanding the Mortalitas Dreadnought, Mortalitan Fist, he is becoming a feared captain indeed.

Great Cyrannus War

The battle rages, before Chioaik's arrival.

Mortizavaé is moving up the ranks very quickly, due to his friendship with Zillum. He was picked to attack the Rambo colony of Ivalae. When his fleet jumped into system is began to battle the defending Chinawkya, Rambo and URC ships in orbit. He used advanced tactics to destroy the fleet and decided to send troops to the major city to kidnap the chairman of the planet, which he was successful in doing. He then reported his success to the Congress of the CAS.

A few weeks later, Senator Chuinaylia and Ktrn visited Mortizavaé onboard the Mortalitan Fist, claiming Ivalaë and the Chinawky would join the Confederacy. Surprised and taking the bait he ordered Chairman Chioaick to the bridge to negotiate this. However upon his arriving the USS Attentive decloacked and opened fire. When Mortizavaé roared and wanted to stop Chuinaylia he was high kicked by Ktrn, plummeting him off the stairs. They were then teleported away from the bridge and at the same time a massive Rambo fleet arrived, together with a massive station called the Angforst. As both fleets clashed, the USS Enterprise-A of Captain James Rambo opened fire at the Mortalitan Fist, further more damaging her. As the Angforst fired one of her bombardment cannons, a black hole destroyed a part of his fleet and Mortizavaé was forced to withdraw, losing the Confederate possesion over Ivalaé.

Mortalitan Fist

This massive Mortalitas Dreadnought was given to the Mortalitas by the other members of the Imperial Alliance, making it one of the oldest in existence.

A roughly cylindrical warship, the Dreasnought's surface was dotted with heavy weapons emplacements capable of piercing through the shields and hulls of enemy vessels. Dreadnoughts were massive, cylindrical 1,088-meter-long warships with a pointed nose that tapered towards the superstructure. Rising from the stern portion of the vessel, was an elongated main communications and sensor pod.

After the fall of the Imperial Alliance the Imperial Remnant sold the Mortalitan Fist and all of the Dreadnoughts to the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

Captain Nirndal[]

Unidentified Basileus Captain

The Unidentified Basileus Captain became a Confederate captain upon his race joining the Confederacy. Upon his promotion to captain he recieved command of the Mortalitas Dreadnought Terror of Stars and fought during many battles in the staging areas of the Great Cyrannus War. During the war he wasn't really seen on major battles, and was recalled to the Conferate planet Carindes, becoming part of the defense fleet stationed there. When Senator Sola Naberraé arrived at Carindes to meet with her friend Senator Buroa, her ship, the Peacefinder passed the Terror of Stars.

Second Battle of Rametru Nui

A few days later, he joined Admiral Lizaconda and joined him in the attack at Karzhamahri Nui, during that battle he disabled the Chinawkya Cruiser Intolerate and the USS Ticonderoga and celebrated with the victory over the Rambo colony. He then remained at Karzamahri Nui for quite some time, becoming bored with guarding the planet. Months later he was part of the fleet that conquered Rametru Nui during the seventh month of the war (first month of the second year of the war). He remained at Rametru Nui but when Vice-Admiral Ramcard of the USS Dallas arrived with a URC/Rambo fleet, marking the second battle of Rametru Nui, he was unable to hold their ground against the agile Rambo ships and the heavy fire power of the URC star destroyers. During the battle the Terror of Stars suffered heavy damage due to the USS Dallas firing transphasic torpedoes at his ship. When the battle was lost, he withdrew to Karzamahri Nui where he explained his loss to a very angry Admiral Lizaconda. Upon the tenth month of the war, he recieved personal orders from the Confederate Senate. He was to retake Yadumarth which had fallen into Cyrandia hands two weeks ago. Taking 9 frigates with him he span his trap.

Fourth Battle of Yadumarth

First he ordered 6 frigates to draw the blockade away from the planet, which they did. Now his dreadnought and the rest of the frigates were able to jump between the planet and the blockade and the Basileus Captain his fleet started to attack the Cyrandia blockade at two fronts. First the Basileus captain destroyed the Loyalist, as a revenge for the heavy orbital bombardment two weeks ago. The ship was destroyed with all hands. During the battle the USS Potemkin was damaged, the USS Majestic and the USS Emperor's Servant were also seriously damaged. As for the URC star destroyers, the already damaged Senator was forced to withdraw and the Allecto was also being hammered on, englufing her in flames. Though they all managed to escape and only the Loyalist was a casualty of the battle. During the battle the Terror of Stars took serious damage by the cannons of the Implacable.

None the less the fourth battle of Yadumarth was a victory for the Confederacy and he informed the senate of this fact. The Basileus captain remained at Yadumarth and send further medical and food supplies to the people of Yadumarth.

Unidentified Mortalitas Captain †[]

Unidentified Mortalitas Captain

The Mortalitas Captain joined the Mortalitas Navy around the time of the Second Galactic War, though he wasn't involved in battles, he was instead stationed at guard duties, much to his dismay. When the Imperial Alliance fell, he was furious and angered at the URC and Rambo.

Battle of Rametru Nui

Promoting to captain at the time of the Great Cyrannus War he was given command of the Emporicó-class Dreadnought Mortalitas Fist. His first action was to join Admiral Lizaconda during the battle of Rametru Nui, where they defeated the Rambo fleet under command of the fleet captain Trabl'krgte of the USS Apocalyptor. The overwhelming numbers were to much for the Rambo fleet and they were forced to withdraw. During the battle the Mortalitas Fist was damaged by the USS Potemkin', allowing civilian crafts to escape the battle.

After the battle he was recalled back to Karzhamahri Nui by Admiral Lizaconda, where he made him second in command of the Confederate fleet stationed at Karzhamahri Nui. He was happy with it and now his massive ship became the first line of defense for the conquered Rambo colony.

When the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui started, the Mortalitas captain was assigned as Admiral Lizaconda his subcommander and second in command of the Confederate fleet. Proudly he faced the Rambo fleet that arrived and when Lizaconda gave the order, he targeted the Suiliagothrond battlestation and managed to damage the station.

Destroyed by the shockwave

With more Confederate ships targeting the Suiliagothrond the USS Madison, the USS Enterprise-B and the USS Ambassador came to aid the station. However at the same time a Confederate cruiser named the Resistancia exited hyperspace and chrashed straight into the Suiliagothrond. The ensuing explosion destroyed the massive station but the following shockwave was even worse as the wave hit the Mortalitas Fist, destroying the massive Confederate ship and the unfortunate Mortalitas Captain.

Unidentified Serindia Captain[]

Unidentified Serindia Captain

The Serindia Captain joined the Confederacy of Allied Systems when a group of 1200 Serindia decided to leave the URC, to prove their brothers and sisters of the Nation that the URC was corrupt and dangerous. Though they are not affraid to use force against Rambo Nation to open their eyes.

Battle of Ramaprica

As a former navy lieutenant-commander in the Rambo Nation navy he was promoted to Confederate captain and was given the Providence Class Serindia Utopia to command. His first action was a massive attack at the Rambo and URC joined planet Ramaprica, the capital of the Rambo Cyrannus Sector. With a large fleet he attacked the young and experienced fleet at Ramaprica, and soon destroyed many URC Venator Star Destroyers, Miranda Class Battle Cruisers and two Victory Class Star Destroyers. When a Dagian captain of the USS Calypso ordered a retreat, many ship left, including the USS Salazar and a few Star Destroyers, but those who didn't want to face defeat were all destroyed by the Serindia captain his fleet. During the battle his ship was damaged by a Venator Class Star Destroyer and a Constitution Class, the USS Salazar.

After four hours of battle, as 03:00 am Ramaprica was under full control of the Confederacy, and the Serindia captain reported it to the Confederate Senate, and sent invasion troopers and battalions to the surface to secure the entire planet. He then began plotting a plan to attack more Core Worlds of the URC.

Battle of Arnoario

His first target was the temperate but cold planet known as Arnoario. Taking a part of his fleet stationed at Ramaprica he engaged the URC fleet stationed there. Yet during the early stages of the battle his ship was damaged by the Implacable, commanded by a Draken captain. Taking heavy damage he also was informed that his escort, a Mortalitas Dreadnought was destroyed after being hammered at by a URC Venator class star destroyer and a Victory class star destroyer.

Still as a Venator class star destroyer was destroyed, the Serindia captain knew he still had a chance to break the URC fleet. Yet it would cost a lot of ships of his own, and with arriving reinforcements his own fleet would surely not be able to hold Arnoario. As such the captain ordered to retreat back to Ramaprica, where the damage could be repaired and the Confederate forces could regroup. Afterwards he filled in a report and send it to the Confederate Senate to await further orders.

Battle of Muunivelle

A month later, when General Zillum wanted to visit Ramaprica a large Cyrandia fleet arrived and started to engage the Serindia captain his fleet. When Zillum eventually arrived he destroyed Ramaprica, turning it into a lifeless and cold planet. He then retreated back to Confederate space.

Later on in the war he managed to conquer the Rambo Western Sector in secret, with aid of Senator Muunithrond his betrayal. However after the loss of the second battle of Nosiso and the intelligence provided by Claire Rambo the Rambo arrived with a large fleet, which later out turned to be a full Cyrandia fleet, having ships of the Cognatus, Hutters, Xiaans and the URC. After three hours of battle, with both sides taking damage the Serindia captain was forced to withdraw back to Yadumarth, angered he ordered the retreat. The battle was fought over Muunivelle, which substained damage due to chrashing debris.

Unidentified Yudimaran Captain 01†[]

Unidentified Yudimaran Captain

The Unidentified Yudimaran Captain is a captain who became a Confederate captain after the Yudimaran joined the Confederacy of Allies Systems after Rambo Nation invaded his homeworld. He became a captain and was given the Munificus Class Commerce of Freedom to command. He was present during the battle of Karzhamahri-Nui where he aided Admiral Lizaconda to take over the Rambo mid colonial colony. After the success he was assigned to patrol the Ramsoria Run.

Desctruction of the Commerce of Freedom

Sadly, he encountered Vice-Admiral Ramcard of the USS Dallas and three Peregrine fighters. They tested a new weapon, a vortex torpedo on the Commerce of Freedom. With no change the ship buckled and exploded when a black hole tore the ship apart. He was unable to send a distress call or give through his information with encountering the USS Dallas. He was killed when a Peregrine fighter fired multiply photon torpedoes at the brige.

The Confederacy investigated his death, but were unable to find the exact reason for the destruction of his ship. Though upon finding the remains of the ships, and finding Rambo signatures the Confederacy believed the ship fell prey to Rambo ships and was unable to escape the battle.

Unidentified Yudimaran Captain 02[]

Unidentified Yudimaran Captain

This unidentified Yudimaran captain is a captain of the Confederacy and was promoted to captain sometime during the second year of the Great Cyrannus War.

Second Battle of Matakoro

He was given command of the Rescure Class Light Destroyer Corperate. He didn't fought during the battles and after Matakoro, a Rambo colony was conquered he was stationed there to protect it. However during the last month of the second year the Second Battle of Matakoro began when a Rambo fleet attacked the planet. The Rambo fleet consisted out of the Caradhras Class Assualt Carrier Ered Mithrin, the Galaxy Class USS Madison, the Constitution Class USS Potemkin and the Miranda Class USS Valor. Backed up by three Lightning fighters and two Chinawkya Medical Frigates, carrying medical supplies and food supplies the battle started and soon turned in favor of the Rambo. During the battle he managed to heavily damage the USS Valor.

He then ordered a retreat and went to Yadumarth.


Commander Mortikran[]

Commander Mortikran

Mortikran is a Mortalitas Commander in service of the Confederacy. Fighting under Zillum during the Second Galactic War, he was promoted to commander during the early days of the Great Cyrannus War. He soon proved to be ruthless but a capable commander, making use of his enemies overconfidence or tactics to ensure his own victory. Taking command of the Emperico Class Mortalitan Bastion he patrolled Confederate borders during the first two years of the war and wasn't seen in battle.

Facing Claire and Muunithrond at Nosiso

However in the third he was assigned to the fleet protecitng Nosiso and Mortikran became stationed at Nosiso during the Purity Crisis and second battle of Nosiso During the battle he managed to capture Claire Rambo and unleash a Secoolian upon her. He also managed to destroy a convoy of advancing Rambo Nation ships due to bombarding various stone bridges. Later on he manged to capture Claire Rambo and took her as a hostage. Confronting her he told her he tasted her fear of him when he licked his her neck, but was stopped by Senator Muunithrond when he entered the chamber. Opening fire at the commander Claire was able to escape and Mortikran bite the senator his throat in anger and vengeance. Furious he ordered his Nosiso troopers to search for Claire and ordered his other officers to launch the new plasma/energy cannons, which incernated the majority of the Rambo fleet in orbit.

Mortikran faces a captured Claire

Later on, escaping the battle Mortikran was assigned to patrol the borders in the Unknown Region of the Cyrannus Galaxy. Hating patrol duties, he was bored when reading his sensor report, only the kitchen' stock seemed to have problems, but nothing major. When Mortikran his forces discovered Claire as a stowaway he was pleased to see her again and went to her holding cell, though first he ordered her uniform to be taken off, as he liked humanoids in exotic cloathes. Claire on the other hand felt really affraid of it, and cold. When he told Claire he would have fun with her a Mortalitas trooper disturbed him and asked him if he was to take her honor. In anger he turned and grabbed the trooper his head, and with a show of his tremendous force he ripped of the head of the unfortunate trooper. Mortikran then turned his attention to the other trooper, and asked him if he too thought Mortikran was going to take her honor. When the guard replied with a no Mortikran turned his attention at Claire again. The girl, who looked really affraid said nothing, though she screamed when Mortikran pushed a button.

USS Goddard vs Mortalitan Bastion

The girl was suddenly rocketed by electricity, yelling in pain she hit the ground hard, with spasms over her whole body she slowly got her breath again and tears rolled down her cheek. Mortikran had fun, he liked torturing people for fun! When the girl asked why he did this, he simply laughed and continued electrocuting the girl for another 125 minutes, until she finally lost her conscious. Mortikran then left for the bridge, waiting for another session.

A few days later (and many torturing sessions later) the Mortalitan Bastion came under attack by the Rambo ship the USS Goddard. Decloacking it surprised Mortikran his crew and managed to disable both the engines and the shields. Able to send a recon party to save Claire, the Mortalitan Bastion was able to damage the USS Goddard but Mortikran's forces were unable to prevent the saving and loss of Claire Rambo. Stranded in the unknown regions of the Cyrannus Galaxy Mortikran asked for aid of the Confederacy, as his ship was unable to use their hyperdrive. Mortikran vowed revenge on Claire!

Unidentified Mortalitas Commander[]

Unknown Mortalitas Captain

Commander of the Abolisher

The Battle rages over Nosio

This unidentified Mortalitas Commander joined the Confederate Fleet when it was first formed. Growing up he was taught to have a strong dislike for the United Republic of Cyrannus, and this belief remains into his adulthood. After very successful results in his exams in Confederacy Fleet Academy he was promoted to Commander of the newly constructed Providence-class Dreadnought, Abolisher and was ordered to be part of the Nosiso defence fleet, protecting the important world from a Cyrannian Invasion.

And of course, the invasion did come, and the Mortalitas Commander engaged the invading Allied Forces, led by Fleet Admiral Cretacea and Vice Admiral Shaw. The Abolisher stood its ground and damaged many Cyrannian ships, but ultimately, a turbolaser volley from the Resolute disabled the crusier.

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