It is time to instate a new era, of peace and justice!

- Chancellor Dastirius

The Confederacy of Allied Systems was a galactic government in the Cyrannus Galaxy, formed in 05 BNE in opposition to the United Republic of Cyrannus. Beginning as a movement spearheaded by Wulff Dastirius of Arathamii, the nascent Confederacy fed on dissatisfaction among denizens of the Mid and Outer Rim worlds in response to the Republic's inability to counter the First Cognatus Empire's invasion during the Intergalactic War. Dozens of systems seceded from the Republic in response, and when joined by independent civilisations such as the Mortalitas Empire and the Basileus Imperium, they united to form the Confederacy of Allied Systems on Carindes in 05 BNE.

After a brief cold war between the rival superpowers, the mysterious power-broker known as Tyrómairon secretly orchestrated the outbreak of the First Great War, pitting the Confederacy against the Republic and its allies for control over Cyrannus. During the subsequent galactic conflict, the largest prior to the outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, the Confederacy made inroads across the Cyrandia Cluster, bolstered by the economic engines of organisations such as the Transgalactic Bank of Cyrannus, which played both sides of the conflict. By the third year of the war, however, the Confederacy was reeling from internal chaos sparked by the secession of the Basileus, and massive campaigns by the Neraida and an emboldened Republic. During the final days of the war, the Confederacy launched a desperate attack on the Republic's capital Orbispira, resulting in the death of Chancellor Dastirius and the destruction of much of its remaining military forces, which retreated back to Carindes. There, the Confederacy was ultimately destroyed by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus—a new hyperpower representing the culmination of years of intricate planning by Tyrómairon.

However, the death of the Confederacy did not herald the end of the dream. Led by General Taros Cassynder, a sizeable force of Confederates survived to harass the new Empire throughout the Dark Times, ultimately forming the Confederacy of Free Planets, in emulation of the Confederacy of old. While peace was eventually agreed upon between the Confederacy and the Empire, it remained in a precarious position, struggling under the baleful eye of the Imperials.


Formation Era – Pre Cyrannus War Era (4 BTC - 1 ATC)[]

The Confederacy of Allied Systems was formed in the year 4 BTC, by the Mortalitas Empire, members of the Imperial Alliance. It was formed because the Mortalitas began to grow tired of the civil disobedience that plagued the Imperial Alliance’s last months; the Mortalitas wanted an organization that could quickly take control of the Cyrannus Galaxy, and later the Quadrants by using diplomacy and propaganda. Within weeks, nations and organizations such as the Trucinex and Basileus Imperiums, not to mention the Corporate Union joined the Confederacy, hoping to bring an end to the URC for their own reasons, mainly because they see the Republic as corrupt and the Confederacy as the rightful rulers of the Cyrannus Galaxy.

However, in order to become the rightful rulers of Cyrannus, the Confederacy decided it needed a strong navy and army to one day oppose the Republic and the Cyrandia Alliance, out of the sight of the Gigaquadrantic Media. Every week, more and more organizations joined the CAS, expanding the CAS’ military considerably.

The Confederacy even started to look for potential allies, such as the Tokzhalan Empire, at the time consumed in a huge civil war with the Girdo Empire. Despite sharing technology, both empires agreed that Confederacy involvement in the war was unnecessary at the time. While the majority of the Imperial Alliance was happy to have such a strong empire as an ally, some within the Alliance were furious, most notably Aur’Lodin, the Imperial Regent, however she kept her feelings hidden, as the Galactic Emperor himself was proud of the Confederacies exploits.

The Adelphi War

Despite the Confederacies want for peace until the last moment, insults from the Adelphi and border skirmishes prompted the CAS to invade Adelphi space, with only one order... destroy the Adelphi’s military, but do not kill citizens. After a short war, the CAS emerged victorious with all Adelphi planets under its control, however after an unprecedented armistice, all Adelphi citizens migrated from Quadrant 82 to Cyrannus and became members of the URC, something the CAS allowed.

However, just as this occurred, the CAS received some shocking news... the Imperial Alliance had fallen! Aur’Lodin, Regent of the Imperial Alliance killed the Galactic Emperor and dissolved the Alliance, confused, the Mortalitas returned the Confederacy to contemplate what just happened. Many other members of the CAS were overjoyed; now the CAS was freed of Imperial Influence and could follow its own path, for example most members of the CAS want a more peaceful, albeit more capitalist version of the Republic of Cyrannus, while others like the Mortalitas and the Basileus grew to believe that former Imperial planets were ripe for the picking and quickly occupied many in Cyrannus.

After the fall of the Imperial Alliance, the former ruler of the Confederacy, Lamorta stepped down to his charismatic Libertus friend, Calidusa. Calidusa and had only one wish, the end of the URC and the establishment of a peaceful government of the CAS. However, just as the CAS was about to make progress peacefully, sometime completely unexpected happened!

First Year of the Great Cyrannus War (1 ATC - 2 ATC)[]

Rambo and CAS Forces battle on Yudumarth.

In the year 1 ATC, a dark figure orchestrated the bombing of the URC Capital, Orbispira and the Confederate Capital in an attempt to spark a war between the two superpowers. The plan succeeded, and within hours a great war broke out between the two powers.

Shocked that the URC would bomb their capital planet and accuse the CAS of the same, Calidusa placed the fleets of the CAS on high alert and began to place sensor and research stations across Cyrannus, in order to spy on enemy forces. In the early stages of the war, the CAS and the URC both gained and lost space, however then the CAS began to gain ground after the capture of the infamous Lizardian captain, Lizaconda, who joined the elite ranks of the CAS Navy alongside his equally infamous friend, General Zillum.

During the early months of the war, the CAS invaded Yudumarth, a neutral world in Quadrant 82, near the Quadrantia – Cyrannus Wormhole, cutting off Rambo reinforcements to Cyrannus. During the many battles on Yadimarth, the people grew to prefer Confederate rule then the Rambo, and joined the CAS. The Libertus Liberation Army also joined the CAS during this period.

After the battle, the CAS had its first election; Calidusa vs Chari Dasá, another Libertus. The election was close, but Chari Dasá became the new leader. He promised a quick war against the URC, and the beginning of the CAS' rule of Cyrannus. Dasá's first act was to summon to him the two of the greatest Mortalitas officers, Zillum and Moravilon to give them a new and dangerous mission to attack the planet, Capricaerón, the cultural center of the URC. After a long battle, the Confederate forces were defeated and General Zillum and the Benelovent was destroyed. Angered, Chief of State, Dasá prepared to rebuild his fleet to match that of the Cyrannus Republic. Meanwhile, Senator Naberrie of the URC visited the Confederate Capital in order to propose a peace treaty, however this attempt failed, and an unknown operative under the instruction of a powerful entity destroyed the treaty.

Ramsoria Run breached by Confederate forces, sending civilian crafts on the run

During the Fifth Month of the Great Cyrannus War, the CAS began a campaign against the Rambo Nation, invading and capturing the planet of Karzhamarhi-Nui and causing great annoyance to the nation during the attacks on the Ramsoria Run. They also valiantly defended their greatest factories on the planet Nosiso during this time, defeating the Republic using their new superweapon, the Malevolent under the command of the seemingly resurrected High General Zillum.

During the Sixth Month of the War, they were contacted by the famous Hutters of Quadrant 89 and the two engaged in talks before being interrupted by a Rambo ship, the USS Ashanti. The Cyrandia are unsure on how to react to this startling event. They were later contacted by the Hypeoran Empire, who later allied and joined the Confederacy, further strengthening them.

Second Year of the Great Cyrannus War (2 ATC - 3 ATC )[]

Confederate forces invade the city of Rametru Nui

At the very beginning of the Second Year of the War, the famed Admiral Lizaconda of the Liberty II put into stage, his master plan to cripple Rambo Nation. Under his indirect command (he was not present), a huge fleet of CAS vessels converged on the second most important planet of Rambo Nation, Rametru Nui. Despite being met with extremely strong resistance, the CAS was ultimately successful in defeating the Rambo, conquering the planet and even capturing Senator Creckbo of the Rambo Senate. Meanwhile, Lizaconda himself attacked President Aur'Lumniassa of the Cyrandia Alliance's flagship, the USS Monts d'Ardèche. The battle was short but fierce, but in the end, the vessel and its very important owner was captured. These victories were extremely important in securing a possible early victory over the Rambo.

The Battle wages on Delfoí's swampy surface.

However, during this time, the Trucinex Colonial Sector came under attack from the Unified Nation of Ottzello, and were defeated in many of the small skirmishes, while winning in others, however, ultimately the URC and the UNO were victorious. Yet in other parts of Cyrannus and the Quadrants, the tables began to turn in the CAS's favor. While still being defeated in some battles, the CAS won many others, such as on Delfoí, an important victory of the CAS's cause.

Dasá's last moments.

As the war progressed, the Confederacy began to conquer many other Cyrandia Worlds, in both Quadrant 82 and Cyrannus. However, the allies began to push forward themselves, carving a path into the Quadrantia Confederate Space, leaving them surrounded at Karzhamarhi-Nui. Never the less, Confederate invasions continued, conquering Corulus and repelling attempted Republic invasion forces. However, one of the greatest defeats for the Cyrandia came soon after, when General Zillum destroyed the Cyrandia colony of Ramaprica, killing billions.

Third Year of the Great Cyrannus War (3 ATC - 01 NE)[]

The Battle over Carindes.

However, all was not well as the next year began. The dark entity known as Apeligateza, under orders from Tyrómairon killed Chancellor Dasá, the leader of the Confederacy and took over his appearance, smiling that everything was going according to his master's grand plan.

However, life in the CAS proceeded as normally as before, however, their Quadrantia Campaign was on the verge of collapse and the Basileus were growing increasingly frustrated with the CAS's policies. Still, the campaigns in Cyrannus were very successful, with the CAS gaining an advantage.

However, perhaps the greatest test of the Confederacy thus far in the Great Cyrannus War came when the Cyrannian Neraida invaded and nearly conquered the capital world of the Confederacy, Carindes, in the Battle of the Capital Planet. The battle was fierce, with the Grox damaging Carinde's atmosphere and killing millions of citizens. However, they were eventually defeated, though Carindes would need teraforming to return to it's former glory.

Meketanor destroys the leaders of the Confederacy.

However, unfortunately for the Confederacy, it suffered its greatest militay defeat of the war in the fight over the Republic capital of Orbispira, where Apeligateza, the very entity that stole the identity of the true Chancellor of the CAS was destroyed by a fellow Mornûnendur. Worse still, a unified Capricyránae fleet, made up of even races that were members of the CAS arrived over Orbispira and aided Republic forces in the destruction of the Confederate Navy. The final blow to the Confederacy would be the massacre of the Confederate leaders by Meketanor, an agent of the newly proclaimed Emperor Tyrómairon, leader of the newly formed Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. This event signalled the end of the Confederacy and it's absorption into Imperial Rule. Still, others still exist, preparing to fight for the ideals of their fallen Confederacy...



Member Empires


Various leaders of the CAS.

The Confederacy of Allied System’s main power in the government was the Congress (Sometimes known as the senate) which met on the Confederate capital of Carindes. It operated much like the URC’s senate, contrary to what propaganda from both states would admit.

The Confederacy was broken into sectors, and each sector had one senator. All in all, the URC estimated the Confederacy had over 100 senators, which made decision making quite difficult. This was why, the Confederacy also elects a very strong leader.


Like most of the citizens of the Cyrannus Galaxy, most of the Confederacy was either agnostic or atheist and yet faiths such as belief in the One God and the Lords of the Thirteen were also quite common with many citizens. For example, the Trucinex were perhaps the most religious species in the Confederacy, being strong believers in the One God.


Despite the Confederacy's smaller size in comparison to the United Republic of Cyrannus, it had a much larger supply of credits in order to fund it's vast military and sociological upkeep. This is was to the Confederacies more capitalistic ways than the URC and their closer alliegence to organizations with vast amounts of resources such as the Commerce Alliance.


The Confederacy of Allied Systems was vast, controlling millions of colonies across the universe, from small farming communities to large city planets; the Confederacy had a wide range of worlds within its fold.

It was actually unknown where the central territory of the Confederacy was located, with suggestions ranging from the Mortiol Supercluster, the Unknown Regions of Cyrannus or outside the Gigaquadrant itself. However, in the first year of the Great Cyrannus War, the capital of Carindes was discovered by the URC senator Sola Naberraé.

The worlds in which the CAS occupies greatly varied between its members. For example, the Mortalitas, the primary constructor of the Confederacy enjoy aquatic planets more so then the Libertus, another major race in the CAS, who prefer the temperate climates more.


Confederate Navy[]

The Confederacy of Allied Systems had a large assortment of ships, cruisers and destroyers, used in the many campaigns the nation finds itself in, such as the Great Cyrannus War. These ships were only now being seen by the universal community, through the ongoing Great Cyrannus War, against the mortal enemies of the Confederacy, the United Republic of the Cyrannus Galaxy.

The ships the Confederacy used came in an assortment of different sizes, shapes and origins, unlike the more uniformed ships of the URC. The CAS also used the ships of all member nations in its armada, like Mortalitas Dreadnoughts of the Mortalitas Empire, and the Yadimaran Cruiser of the Colonial Independent Union.

Current Ships


The Mortalitas are the most common captains in the Navy.

The Confederacy had a large pool of highly experienced captains to call upon when in need of aid. The vast majority of the Confederacies officers were Mortalitas, and former veterans of the Imperial Alliance, however other species included Libertus, Serinidia, and even Lizardians.

These captains were feared by their enemies, and yet regarded as heroes by the citizens of the Confederacy, who felt that they were the most elite line of defence against the Cyrandia Alliance, whom they saw as corrupt and ineffective. The most common species that were captains in the Navy were the Mortalitas, many of whom were once captains of the Imperial Alliance.

Land Forces[]

The Land Forces of the CAS were truly vast in comparison to the military of the United Republic of Cyrannus, and yet their vehicles were not as well built. However, the military followed a policy of sending vast amount of forces to engage a target. Destroying it using numbers.



Green face.pngWe will stand by these empires until the bitter end.


Yellow face.png...


Red face.pngYou will be destroyed, for the glory of the Confederacy!


A new organisation has unfold herself within Cyrannus, and it seems they turn against the URC but also seem to target the entire Cyrandia Alliance for there cause. A malevelant organisation which have to be dealt with and the Cyrandia Alliance will never submit to them

- Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation

An allied organisation, founded by one of our own members the Confederacy will serve her purpose well until the time the Imperials will heed her no more!

- Unknown Entity of the Imperial Alliance

The Milky Way Cooperative must remain vigilant. As we gain a foothold in the galaxy, the CAS may trifle our plans through competition!

- "Civilization" Representitive.

Your confederacy will fall. Your destruction is imminent.

- Khuenaten

"Peace and justice"? All we have seen you do is senseless murder since we have colonized Cyrannus.

- Captain Jerkon of the Indoctrinate Collective

The Confederacy are corrupt and blind. They seek peace and equality, yet the way they go about it does the exact opposite. Should the URC overcome them, then Cyrannus would be struck in the aftermath. Should they overcome the URC, Cyrannus mightn't be much better. Should they come to their senses and merge nations, then Cyrannus would be perfect.

- Valzo of the Unified Nation of Ottzello


- Zr'Ahgloth

Geez, leave the URC alone, what did they do to you?

- Commander Kies of the Kraw Empire

The Confederacy of Allied Systems is one of the best empires we have ever seen. Brutal, intelligent, and mighty. We honor this great civilization, and we hope to see it win the war.

- Commander Tyko of the Tyrek Empire

You are a gigantic disappointment, Confederacy. We are closed to the likes of you.

- Captain Nondarrrt of the Ermitant Empire

So they are gone. Good riddance.

- Yixa

We barely knew of them and now they are gone, precursors for a new age. I am concerned for what will happen to their Andromedan colonies... to our homes.

- Alessa Ultanos of the Draconid Imperium



  • The Confederacy is based of the Confederacy of Independent Systems from Star Wars, however many differences also appear.
  • The Confederacy served as Cyrannian's second key fiction during the Great Cyrannus War.

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