I have seen the Hegemony grow up from technological stagnation, overpopulation, and near famine to a mighty juggernaut that plays the waves of space. Our armies are vast, our navy is massive, our industry is bountiful. I will not let my people be forced from this golden age.

- Commander Marius

Commander Marius Yecron is the head of state of the Hegemony. He has lead the Hegemony to a golden age, and will continue to improve its technology and territory into the future. Characterized by his serious demeanor and loyalty to his people, he will not tolerate threats to the Hegemony's interests.


Almost nothing is know about Marius's family, as he does not talk about himself very often. What is know is that his family has long been a family of soldiers. At some point early in his career as a Marine Commander, his entire family and extended family perished on the battlefield of some war. This only made him more determined to serve with distinction.

At one point, he and his marines commandeered an enemy ships and used it to beat back the Hegemony's foes. The head of the navy at the time took note and transferred him from the Marines to the Naval academy. Marius through himself into his studies and graduated near the top of his class. He continued to serve with distinction, eventually leading to him becoming a high admiral, as well a council representative.

As the Antebellum dragged on, he became more popular among the people. They saw him as a hero. He eventually was voted in as commander around 1,000 years before the war with the Drodo. Problems plagued his administration, however. Overpopulation, technological stagnation, and food shortages meant he was not very popular. In fact, if the war with the Dominatus did not happen, he might have been voted out.

However, the turmoil in the Gigaquadrant was the catalyst that has transformed the Hegemony into the power it is today. Marius's popularity figures are the highest in many millenniums, and he is looked upon with admiration and respect by the majority of Hegemony citizens.

Personality and AppearanceEdit

Marius is a middle aged Zozer. His green scales are becoming more faded as he gets older, and the small black spines on his neck have turned grey. He still has the same vital energy he had when he was younger, however, and leads the Hegemony with great enthusiasm. He is pretty tall, and has kept in shape so he can drop anyone who tries to assassinate him. He always wears his military uniform, and always has his magnum on his hip. He also has a power sword (A gift from Ammox) that is always nearby as well.

He is very serious about his job, and expects his underlings to be the same, serious, level headed, and efficient. Unlike Admiral Jamduar, who is merely annoyed by snarky, sarcastic people, Marius flies into a rage when they address him in such a way. He has an unwritten policy that says no one is allowed to have this sense of humor in his presence. He allows flies into a rage when people act like they can threaten his people and get away with it. Said people should never be supruised if a Hegemony warfleet comes knocking on their door.

Marius cares very deeply about his people, as well as his allies. He has a saying regarding his allies "Stand next to us, and you'll never stand alone". If his allies are threatened, he will not desert them. They will have Hegemony backup, no matter the foe.

Marius does have a sense of humor. He likes humor off duty, when nothing important is happening. He just can't stand people making jokes in a military briefing, nor can he stand people with power making jokes. He tolerates it a little with his allies, but not at all with his own men.

Off Duty HobbiesEdit

Marius has a life outside if the duties of leading the Hegemony. Excluding the Mandatory fitness courses and combat training, he actually does quite a bit. He never is on vacation though, as he always has communication equipment and a nearby vessel if the Hegemony needs him.

Marius hunts, fishes, and hikes quite a bit. Hunting wise, it can range from guns, to traditional spear hunting in the mountain ranges of Durac. He also has a pair of birds of prey that he has nearby at all time. Besides sending them out to range, they are large enough to be used to hunt animals far bigger than them. He adores his birds and checks up on them regularly.

Marius also does additional combat training on the side. He practices various martial arts, and also trains with his power sword and gun quite often. He also practices with spear and crossbow, although these are more for hunting than dispatching enemies.

Its also know that he reads a lot. From history, to sci fi, to philosophy. He oftentimes simply reads after hours while star gazing from his quarters (wherever they are).


(Note, these are special cases.Marius generally respects people the same. The more characters he meets, the more of an opinion he will have on them)

  • Admiral Vassilus Orkan: While Vassilus is normally a snarky, sarcastic person, he keeps that side tabled when around the commander out of respect for him. Marius values Vassilus as a good officer, even if he is a bit on the young side. Why else would he entrust the Mirus campaign to him?
  • Admiral Ulrac Cale:Ulrac is around two thousand years older than Marius. Despite Ulrace usually being gruff, he respects Marius for the job he has done. Marius trusts Ulrac greatly and says "The old man can still put up one hell of a fight in space"
  • Admiral Sophia Jamduar:Marius has a certain affection for Admiral Jamduar. Do to her being one of his best officers, he is grooming her to take his place when he is eventually gone. He does know about the rumors concerning him and Jamduar, and merely laughs at them because he knows its not true.
  • Ground Commander Ammox Horrigan:Marius is very glad the Ammox is alive today, as he is one of the best soldiers in the Hegemony. Ammox sees Marius as a great man, and will protect the Hegemony with his life.
  • Head Commando Otto Skorzeny:Marius is very thankful for Skorzeny and his commandos, for without them, the Hegemony would have a much harder time militarily. Skorzeny, who at first glance might seem untrustworthy, is actually one of the most loyal people in the entire Hegemony.
  • Admiral Khamul Tarno:Khamul is the person on the council who constantly questions Marius's plans. At first, Marius was annoyed by this. He originally thought Khamul was rebellious. However, over time, Marius came to value Khamul's opinions, as they have saved him from making rash decisions.

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