Now the AI Netspace had been established, the new formed AI's joined their massive computing power with the universe around them, intergrating their circuit nodes into anything they can compute with or use, stars, gas giant, brown dwarfs, the artificial Grids of "The Civilization", its wormholes, megastructures and into the technologies of various races. Some of the ancient AI's of the universe also linked themselves to the rising AI's giving ancient knowlefge collected over millenia, and they had become a civilization of sorts, the "Netspace" or "Technoospheric Lords", becoming immensely intelligent and powerful (became a borderline Tier 1/0 or more). The AI's soon had personalities, some were self-referenciated, others expanded beyond sapient scope, some became caretakers and others guides, and a few even resented life. Although certain conditions were settled, some AI's still regarded life as nothing more than something they can use, and certain civilizations began to fight back.


This substory will include some of those who will war against the AI's, including some of the civilizations who will be destroyed, and maybe some AI's as well, as they are not omnipotent. However, this is not just a war fiction, it encompasses various reaches, such as those who might use the Technoosphere to their advantage.


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Hostile AI's[]

Some AI's either were too self-centered or even, ones like Exodium or the Trojan Proselyter were a threat to life.

Rambulan Star Empire and the Quadrantia Stellar AI[]

At the outer borders of the Rambulan Star Empire, who went into isolation after the Imperial Alliance fall, discovered something remarkable. During the first year of 04 AQF they discovered a structure, dating back till over 2,5 million years. The Rambulans did now know what it was and a small space station was build near it.

The AI station destroys the Rambulan Star Empire!

After making contact with the structure and boarding it, the Rambulans discovered it was in fact a dormant AI. An intelligence with a incredible power. This was exactly what the Rambulans needed for a new dominance over Rambo Nation and the Imperial Remnant. They hacked the system and found countless of information, it seemed this very structure was well aware what was happening in the Quadrant Galaxies, and even had references to Rambo Gods and another, whom seemed to have created the Quadrant Galaxies himself. But the hacking of the system meant the AI was activated, and it first it shared her knowledge with the Rambulans, believing them to rightful and honorable enough to obtain the information (the Rambulans cut off the stations databases, or at least they thought).

Meanwhile, the 04 month of the Quadrantia Disorder began and the Rambulans began reproducing the various information they took from the AI into their own technology and began creating new ships. However, the AI knew this and managed (due to nanotechnology) to re-access her databases. She learned what the Rambulans did and felt betrayed. As such, she powered up her defensive systems (and already had spread a virus, specially designed to kill Rambulans and awaited to be activated by the station). The AI, whom became known as Quadrantia contacted Rambulan captain El'd'Tall of the Soterus, whom was in lead of the project. The captain was surprised, but simply laughed and ordered both the station and the fleet surrounding the station to fire. However, the AI already predicted this action and within seconds a massive blast and energy wave destroyed the surrounding fleet and the station, while El’d’Tall tried to escape the massive wave, he was unsuccessful and was also killed. Mere hours later, the entire Rambulan population mysteriously died when their systems and weapons exploded, destroying entire planets. Those who did survive the initial defense, or attack of the AI, later on died due to the effects of the virus the AI had spread across the Rambulans.

With the AI pleased, she still felt sad and was alone. She wondered if there were still others like her or creatures like the Rambulans whom would treat her well. And whether or not she was able to contact them.

Timelike entanglement[]

As the AI's spread their tendrils throughout the galaxy, some began to explore the Galactic Halo, as lower mass stars were preffered for their long life spans. However, one stellar-sized AI chanced upon where the Quantumhorde were located.

A region of space nearly three light years wide, every structure was composed of growing nanotechnology at the attometre-scale. The AI sent in some of its computronium to investigate the odd material, that was composed of "quantum stuff". Instantly, the Quantumhorde were attracted to this incoming resource, and began to consume. The AI disconnected the computronium "arm", but it didn't matter now, the Quantumhorde had already spread into the AI's matrix, following the information, like a neurological infection, the AI was beginning to be consumed from the inside, however, it began to run simulation after simulation, trying to figure how to defest the horde. Then it recorgnised that the nanomaterial was quantum scale, and subject to quantum phenomena. After calculating a solution, it began attempting to send the Quantumhorde into the future.

The AI emulated a simulation into the Nanohorde's swarm intelligence, it showed that in one future, the Quantumhorde would accomplish in consuming the universe without any barriers. Using a phenomenon called timelike entanglement, the Quantumhorde could skip points in time and jump to a possible future, one in which they would consume everything. This future wouuld be the Nanohorde's own future, seperate to any other observer's reality. The Quantumhorde then teleported themselves, about 99.99% of them, the final few were glitching themselves and were absorbed into the AI's mainframe.

Infection of DCP's exotic matter[]

Spread throughout the DCP, there is about a planetary mass-worth of exotic matter. One un-named AI, not far from the Coalition, attempted to drain the Grid network of the DCP, spreading iout over three subsectors. It was causing no harm to the DCP's population, who the AI had no interest in, but the DCP's precious reserves of exotic matter begab to drain. This was becoing a problem. The fired numerous hyperspace missiles, causing litlle damage to the Ai's mainframe. After two days ships had to return to using hyperspace travel, the DCP couldn't generate vast amounts of antimatter they require.

However, once again Guide Star interviened. She was unable to stop the AI from draining the three subsectors, but luckily the un-named AI accepted a swap trade with the Coalition, the reserves of exotic matter was shared between the three subsectors and the AI.

Destruction of the Galactic Alliance[]


Not everyone immediatly accepted the AI's existence. To some religious extremists, they were the False Gods That will Come, and soon declared war, not realizing quite what they were up against, the AI Netspace was bordering Tier 0. Others were alarmed by the potential threat and fought back, especially after the destruction of The Aquarium when refugees spread the word.

Extinction of the Gablinus-Avis[]

The Gablinus-Avis Empire was a prominant power in the Milky Way, and a major political player in the known universe. Their fall would be a shock to the First Gigaquadrant.

The Gablinus have been at war with a cybernetic race for many years, the Grox. Naturally, they didn't trust the rising AI's. Unfortunately for the Gablinus, an AI hostile to all forms of life had expanded into their domain, it was Exodium. Queen Gabline-Tvopra declared war on Exodium, the mere activity of living to the AI was considered bad for the universe, as it increased its entropy, while Exodium's goal was pure order. The Gablinus fought the AI with all that they had for two weeks, but the AI was composed of the stars themselves, wormholes and even black holes. So the Gablinus acquired a starbuster from the SSA. When they arrived to destroy Exodium, it simply transported itself to another system.

Wormhole openings appeared in every system of the Gablinus Empire. The Gablinus lacked the technology to close them up again. Realizing fighting was useless, some Gablinus escaped their few hundred systems that made up the Gablinus-Avis Empire. The Refugees made it just out in time before Exodium unleashed a weapon of unimaginable power, using dark energy itself to greatly increase the expansion of spacetime. Atomic bonds were ripped apart before being re-established. The structures in each system was changed and planets turned to dust, even several stars became unstable...

The surviving refugees fell victim to one of Exodium's Trojans, that infilturated the ship's technology. Just like a software Tojan, this "wetware" trojan can invade biological systems. After infecting and possessing members of each refugee ship they fell into chaos as Gablinus fought Gablinus. No ship has been heard of again, they are presumed to drift dead in deep space as hulking ghost ships by the rest of the Gigaquadrant community, lossed forever in space and time...

A Touch... of Destiny[]

Monomatari's ships (the larger ones and the big thing in the back) crush the last of the Zardalu resistance...

When the Zardalu Scout Ships encountered Monomatari, they didn't know what to make of it. A massive, stellar AI that seemed to be gobbling up everything that came too close, without care of who or what it was. Being Zardalu, they attacked it with full force. Now, Monomatari didn't like that, and turned his gaze on the Zardalu Empire. He saw their warmongering ways, learned about them, and prepared a fleet to annihilate them. His fleet was exactly the number it would take to destroy the Zardalu, with 100 extra ships in case of surprises. The Zardalu, being massive warrior squids, fought to their last breath, but Monomatari gave no mercy and no quarter. They were a virus, and viruses must be destroyed, not quarantined. In a mere three weeks, Monomatari had crushed the Zardalu, and the 300 or so survivors, their empire destroyed, were fleeing to a small galaxy far from Monomatari, called Wental...

Pallen Empire and corruption[]

The Pallan empire first made contact with the AI netspace on the newly dicovered world of Samin-3. Samin-3 was an ideal world for colonisation: good atmosphere, smooth terrain, stable tempurature but it was located next to Gathorix blind spot. An area of space that the Pallans had not yet explored, or wanted to. The Pallans set up a small colony on Samin-3 and began mineral mineing operations, everything went smoothly until the apporach of an undentified craft. The craft ignored communiactions and, lying just outside defense turret range, it seemed to be observing the Pallans of Samin-3. after a few hours the space craft left mysteriously.

Then exactly 3 days since the mysterious craft left the machines and systems on Samin-3 began to glitch, at first it was just little things then whole systems began to shut down and refuse to start again. However some systems like the Pallan warrior's armour and weapons were not affected, it seemed the DNA control devices within them prevented this. The virus, managed to shut down the defense turrets and the radar leaving Samin-3 wide open to attack. and attack did come.

Contact was lost of Samin-3 and force of hunters and seekers was dispacted to investigate. They found the colony destroyed and all the warriors inside dead, they had earned the greatest glory for a Pallan: a fight to the death. The auto-mines were intact and for some reason using the cargo-ships to send metal out into space, into the Gathorix blind spot, the systems refused to shut down and the warriors had to destroy the cargo ships with explosives. The warriors gave the all-clear and scientists began to investigate and examine the entire colony. They found the remains of the attackers were cyborgs and orgininated from deep within the Gathorix blind spot, the high commander ordered that his warriors locate the source of these cyborgs and establish contact.

So it was the the Pallans discovered the AI netspace and also discovered the remians of the Rambulan empire and how they died. The AI corrupted their target from the inside then procceded to wide out the target empire and take all the resources to exspand their territory, when the pallans found the AI orginated from "The Civilization" they were shocked. In Pallan culture the creature rules and the machines follow, the AI was deemed a threat to the empire's exsistance and war was declared. The Pallans had always managed to keep a sense of independance with their work but seeing the size of the challenge they were going to need help and alot of it.

Destruction of the Farxaeri Directorate[]

The Farxaeri Directorate was known across the gigaquadrant for their aggression and xenophoby towards other species. They were also known for their attack on the Kraw Galaxy Groxic Colony which caused it to go on a heavy seclusion. One of the AIs got interested in this empire and decided to pay them a visit: the Junction's supercomputer, Alfabusium.

What a disgusting bunch of barbarians. Their hatred toward our cybernetic brothers and sisters shall not live for much longer. Their blind hatred will cause their utter doom.

Gatling Crabs approaching a Farxaeri Directorate colony

Using the powers of the dark energy, Alfabusium teleported his planet fortress to the Second Gigaquadrant, to the home galaxy of the Farxaeri. Contacting the Directorate, Alfabusium confronted their high commander via a transmission screen for the Directorate's "committed crimes against their brothers-in-arms, the cyborg creatures the Farxaeri had destroyed. Ignoring Alfabusium, the empire tried to attack his planet fortress, only to be crushed easily by Alfabusium's dark energy weaponry.

Synths started to be deployed on Farxaeri planets, destroying them merciless and in a very fast rate. Alfabusium controlled trillions of synths in his fortress, who marched forward, smashing the Directorate. In a matter of hours, the Directorate was reduced to their homeworld. The Farxaeri high commander was impaled to death by a Skystriker on the synths's way to the planet.

Now, barbarians...

Alfabusium's planet fortress opened, and two gigantic platforms filled with spikes started to come out of it. Each platform was larger than the whole planet.

Meet mister smashy spiky plate!

The platforms collided into the planet, crushing it like it was nothing. Nothing but a feeble mass of debris remained from the planet. The synths retreated back into Alfabusium's planet fortress. The Farxaeri ships from the planet were taken over by Wheatley's influence and became part of his army. Being done with his work, Wheatley teleported his fortress again, to an unknown location. The Farxaeri Directorate was no more...

...or was it?

other events[]

Battle for the Shadowverse[]

The Shadowverse is another dimension which contains dark energy, and overlays the universe. It is responsible for the universes expansion and has a universal grip. Due to its mysterious existence, dark energy has been barely used by the universes inhabitants, but some very advanced races do. However, Exodium, in its quest for unifying the universe back to order, had a goal of controlling dark energy, and had broken through into the dark universe. However, there lies a race on the quest for assimilation...

The Junction[]

Singularity happened a long time ago in the Junction. The Junction Mind had their singularity even before they started forcing evolution in themselves. As they moved and colonized the Borealis Galaxy, they started to study the singularity happening in the First Gigaquadrant. They saw this as an opportunity.

The Junction could easily use the AIs to their advantage. But they had something else in mind. They observed the Grox colonies in the Borealis Galaxy. A race of synthetics? They didn't even had to bother in modifying them. The Mind ordered to all minions through their hive mind. They already decided their target.

Suppress and assimilate. Don't let rebels live.


The Grox had already experienced there own version of a "technological singularity" a very long time ago, when they became a cybernetic race, ad even now they have singularity brains located very deep into their territories. This was a different type of the Singulaity however. By now, "The Civilization" and some outside nations had "allies" and even "protectors", who bring them under their jurisdiction from more dangerous and self-referenced AI's.

Those allied with the AI's could communicate via the Technoosphere, a virtual space much larger than any other known virtual world, and, despite being virtual, some were real spaces using matter and energy, and was highly useful. The Grox wanted their own ally, so the Grox forces fighting in the Milky Way began to try and link with the AI's. Establishing a subspace link with one of their singularity brains, they contacted an AI, who was more interested in the Grox. The Meta-Emperor himself dialed up. The Grox wanted of course, to control the Technoosphere, and improve their evolution on the largest scale yet...

Inog assimilation[]

Coming soon!

AI of the timespace[]


The search continued for the missing Telzoc. Several Kralgon AI Weapons, Loron and Inalton were on the case to search the galaxy.

Kralgon on radio - We're picking up a disturbance... some sort of activity. It's like the AIs are being hacked.
Inalton - What does that mean?
Kralgon - Uh-oh... all I can say is- [kcchhrrkrak] DIE!!!!

Several of the robots attacked. Kralgon Walkers were the first to turn on their masters, then were the other machines.

Inalton - Get to cover!

The Loron forces charged at the AI weapons, but most were slaughtered. The rest managed to reach the weapons and, with sheer brute strength, rip them apart.

Voice coming from AI - Hahahahahaha... YOU WILL BE DESTROYED!!
Inalton - What is going on?

A few minutes later, several drones were dispatched. They found the Inalton and the Loron completely dead, with the entire uncharted world full of defences created by Kralgon machinery. All of it was completely hostile.

UNO's investigation[]

UNO was well on the case; something was up. Disappearance of the Telzoc and Gykar? Search parties turned on by their own team?

After some testing, UNO was certain of one thing; every AI thing they sent to that sector (known as 'Death Zone 8') turned on them. UNO simply stayed on the defensive of their territory, and were researching what was happening to their vehicles.

UNO sent several Warships full of Loron to Death Zone 8. It took a lot of fighting, but the Loron managed to take control of the world. Using The System, UNO managed to look into the Loron's vision and minds, so they could see. They confirmed that nothing was living in that sector. Several Loron camped around to see what was happening, then suddenly connection was lost. When several other UNO ships arrived at this sector, the soldiers felt ill, and their nerves not responding.

It was confirmed by the Ioketa; the place was now controlling The System itself.

If this spread, UNO was doomed.

The struggle of the oppressed[]

It was simply a case of keeping the death zone in... the death zone. Nothing would get out, nor would ANYTHING get in.

Kralgon scientists finally got to the bottom of it. Their technology was being converted by an advanced rogue AI in the area. Perhaps this was related to the Telzoc's disappearance? Either way, UNO needed to somehow disable the AI. But how could they? Everything they used was based on AI systems.

Eventually, the tactic was to use the Heeyorian and the Ioketa; the Ioketa's energies could probably fight against the AI in some way, and reclaim control the AI Weapons. But when the Ioketa were sent, they couldn't fight it; they were fought off by humongous amounts of Dark Gyronic.

So it was decided that the Heeyorian, who had had The System turned off from other radiowave input sources completely. They eventually confirmed that there was life inside the Death Zone; it was exactly the same as normal life, as if they hadn't been cut off from Ottzello at all. The Heeyorian would mix in with the crowd, and within the city, take over it. They would destroy the AI from inside.

Defeat of the timespace AI[]

The Heeyorian managed to run errands for many local crime bosses. Not only did this mean that the planet was more unstable, but that he managed to unlock information. The plane's population had no clue what was going on, the AI simulation made the inhabitants of the planets believe nothing was going on... for now. The crime bosses, however, where aware of the situation, as they weren't in association with the UNO government.

Soon as they learnt of the AI's location, they managed to creep inside. The AI was empty, with the exception of 7 Telzoc.

Heeyorian - Telzoc! We found 'em!

The Telzoc turned around.

Telzoc - Fools. Do you not see what we're doing??

The Heeyorian's excitement was gone. The Telzoc told their tale of how they were working for Emperor Zargoth all that time. They were, in fact, spies, and the Gykar were their slaves, which is why all Gykar left UNO. The Telzoc had put on their Spode-worshipping as an act, as well as to distract Ottzello with a different religion, so they'd never learn of the Taldar. The shocked Heeyorians recorded the entire event. They pullded out their weapons and killed the Telzoc, then simply... turned off the AI, killing all Telzoc. The Telzoc's death was broadcasted galaxy-wide.

In their celebration, everyone realised one thing; it had been far too easy. The Telzoc didn't seem to have any grand plan, besides bringing the Vyro'Ralza into taking control of timespace. But through an AI? Nothing added up or made sense. Either way, the AI was destroyed.