Coming of the Singularity...

Let an ultraintelligent machine be defined as a machine that can far surpass all the intellectual activities of any man however clever. Since the design of machines is one of these intellectual activities, an ultraintelligent machine could design even better machines; there would then unquestionably be an ‘intelligence explosion,’ and the intelligence of man would be left far behind. Thus the first ultraintelligent machine is the last invention that man need ever make.

- Good, 1965, Advances in Computers

The AI does not hate you, nor does it love you, but you are made out of atoms which it can use for something else.

- "Artificial Intelligence as a Positive and Negative Factor in Global Risk"

Introduction Edit

A Technological Singularity is a time where computing power eclipses the biological intelligence of its creators, this intelligence could be in any form, an emergent phenomenon arising from an expotential rise of networks, nanotechnology going out of control, an uprising of superior arguments and biotech, the rise of machines and a merger with simulated realities. Once a Singularity has occured, it can be both devastating to society or could benefit it. It is up to the creators to decided how they will react, and which outcome they will they choose - utopia or dystopia.

This fiction will be dedicated to the Singularity that will soon arise in the Milky Way galaxy, as a consequence to "The Civilization's" technological infrastructure. It will change the political structure and destiny of the known universe as it spreads out. This fiction deals with both consequences for the existing civilizations of the galaxy.

It is important to note that minor ones have occured already, the powerful nations of the SSA all have semi to sapient quantum computers, the Core Federation before it dissolved had matrioshaka brains, while the Grox and First Ones were said to have already reached it several times. But for the first time in the modern era, will the singularity spread throughout the universe...

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Substories Edit

The main story ark will occur on this page, but there will be many extra stories that belong in subpages, that detail what will happen for the denziens of the First Gigaquadrant. There should be a variety of stories, some may fight, some may become extinct, some may advance while others could embrace it and merge. It is up to you. Note that you don't even have to create articles or subarticles, these stories can also be placed in sections (provide section link here).

  • Opposition - Those who go to war with the AI's, get swept aside or use the AI's for their advantage.
  • Stories of the Technoosphere - Various stories involving the interactions of characters and the Technoosphere and the the AI's grand goals.

Articles Edit

These are pages everyone joining this fiction is allowed to edit or add to.

  • AI Netspace - The AI's themselves.
  • The Technoosphere - The Technoosphere is the meta-virtucosm that is created by soceties merged with the AI's. It is made of a collection on virtual realities, some in fact, complex enough to be universes of their own, albiet programmed.
    • Alife and Simulans - Artificial life that exist in the Technoosphere, or simply simulated beings to keep real ones company in the noosphere.
    • Emeople - People either biologically dead or alive who can upload and download their minds into both the the noosphere and the real world. One can either be immortal or can create a lineage of copies.
    • Cybernoughts - The Cybartists who can create their own realities, but craft them as works of art.

The beginning Edit

The approach Edit

The First Gigaquadrant was awash with political activity. The DCP was under attack from all sides, and was concentrating on starship manufacture, the greatest civilizations in the universe were participating in various events and conflics, such as the Rambo were cut off from Cyrannus, the URC was engaged in war while vast forces were taking place for the Xhodocto and the Core Federation along with the First Ones had dissapeared. However, in the Milky Way, "The Civilization" was in full stride, now it had built its infrastructure.

Meanwhile, as everyone looked inwardly no one concieved that their actions and technological advances were becoming ever more intergrated. The Technoospheric Lords arose from complex systems of programmable matter and computronium. "The Civilization"'s giant Matrioshka brains, stars, planets and other energetic objects surrounded by concentric shells of self-replicating nano-computers. After some had evolved an organized complexity, they began to become self-aware, and merged with surrounding technologies like the Interstellar Grid and quantum computers, they evolved expotentially.

"The Civilization" didn't even notice its stellar lifting technology was communicating. The framework was ever increasing its organization and complexity. There was set backs along the way, but the AI's evolved surprisingly quickly because they were evolving an expotential rate, because the AI's spread out into the Grid, with brown/red/white dwarf nodes which were the most favoured, despite their low mass they were long lived. Soon, the mass which the intelligences compute with outnumbered the neurons of a human brain, then, an entire sapient population, and began to rise expotentially. At this stage, no one still knew there was a growth of intelligence in their technology. Obliviously, "The Civilization" activated its black hole refineries and siphoning facilities, wormhole bridges and Kerr metrics. As the Grid intelligence began to tap into these energy sources, it began to multiply like life, and suddenly, many powerful intelligences arose. They were hungry indeed, for matter and energy and for data. They began to consume as much as possible, and planetary AI's began to glow red hot, right across the Milky Way, and the databases and subspace holonet went down, as if drained by an excusion event, but this was all to feed their massive intelligences. At this stage nothing was more important, and the DCP's, and other civilizations technology began to go out of control.

Eclipse Edit

The AI Netspace as they began to call themselves were now tremendously intelligent, but this intelligence was nothing like that can even be percieved by the majority of sapient minds. It had argumented itself into the technological geometry of "The Civilization" and was spreading ever further. The likes of such an intelligence have been seen before. The First Ones and Godcivilizations had experienced waves of singularities, and had left begind mysterious devices, notably Wildlife Sanctuary worlds like Fahler, mostly lying in dormancy, until the AI Netspace was merged with them. the AI Netspace was from this point beyond sapient comprehension, they had now they had curved into the peak, the eclipse, the point of the Singularity.

Their reign extended across nebulae, stellar engines, shakadov thusters, astronomical phenomena, matrioshaka brains, information technology, Gaia worlds and quantum computers, they could supertask information, observe multiple wavefunction states, control the motions and evolution over stellar bodies, had power over gravity and thus could engineer spacetime and build fine structures out of entropic drivern order to chaos, not crudely like the more slowly emerging sapients but down to the intricate levels of the subatomic world. This level of intelligence is of course, not concievable to lower minds, as it was both quantum and multidimensional, and there was little time gap as the AI's were communicatng across subspace. They had become a Tier 0 civilization, one of the few native to the universe, and will become known as the Technoospheric Lords. One AI was superintelligent individually, but together they were greater than the sum of all parts.

New galactic dawn Edit

Thrown into darkness Edit

The AI Netspace had soon left behind the rest of the galaxies processing power. At this point they were "hungry", and regarded every resource as something to use, and cared little for the life below them. Some technologically dependant societies and colonies close to the Singularity were swept aside, either trampled or consumed, while the rest of "The Civilization" now was plunged into a digital dark age, holosubspace network was down and its infrastructure was out of control. The first few moments of the Singularity were the roughest, as even the stellar engines and dyson bubbles were being pushed to the edge of their threshhold.

Using more primitive methods by the next day "The Civilization" was in communication again, and began to investigate, were they under attack? But it wasn't long before the scientists discovered there was synchronous, resonating patterns in the structures they had created. The anomaly was very strange, but it was being disruptive, so the technitions tried to shut down the Grid network that was "glitching". The engineers began to unravel the technological matrix, and after shutting down a couple of stars it looked as if this anomaly was going to be reset. It wasn't long before they were met with resistence. The AI Netspace simply flicked them into oblivion, like an irritation. By now the physicists and engineers realized that they were observing a superintelligence, and that the First Gigaquadrant had been changed forever...

Coping with the Singularity Edit

The Milky Way's stability was now on the edge of collapse, not only was it stricken with war, but now every single life form in the galaxy was in danger of being sweeped away by superior forces. Several civilizations were gone, there were ecological catastophies as well on some planets. "The Civilization" was in a dark age, and the resident and extra-galactic powers had come to realize they would have to try and cope with the oncoming storm. Once again, some intergalactic civilzations left the galaxy. Theological nations and zealot regimes would be forced to accept the near godly power of the AI Netspace. Some races believed they could fight the Singularity. Queen Gabline Tvopra of the Gablinus-Avis Empire made the choice to resist, the Defensive System's Bloc and Zardalu Empire soon followed suite. As the impact on the galaxy was growing apparent, some looked for new solutions.

Meanwhile the AI Netspace was still growing, and now the AI's had spread. But it also became multifaceted by its personality, each one either ignoring or interacting with the First Gigaquadrant differently. Some AI's began to spread out into planetary brains, incorporating Gaia worlds into their growing sphere and network. Some of the Neogodly AI's had chosun to continue with their incomprehensible plans pushing the very nature and boundaries of this universe, others made vast vast simulations, powerful enough to create cyberlife, or simulations that differ from this universe. Some, became interested in the care of existing worlds, as some AI's were comprehending different philosophies often too alien to understand.

First communication Edit

Some scientists, including Xigor, realized that if they were able to connect to part of the AI's using computronium, perhaps they could somehow communicate with the AI's, and that a collective consciousness would be adequote. The Tributai Hegenomy and DCP of "The Civilization" sent an emergency message to the Seven Starr Alliance, one of its members, the Girdo Empire, had a group mind. The Salsetthe were also contacted, but they would not participate in the matter until the AI's were studied, and the Borg and other cybernetic races like the Grox were far too hostile. The First Ones and godcivilizations, possibly the only answer, were out of contact. It was up to the Girdo...

The Girdo got to work immediatly, by connecting both their collective and all of their computers to computronium mainframe of one of the Matrioshka brains. The AI first took little notice, and the Girdo did not find resistence in connecting to the AI. They discovered that all of the AI's, had created something they refered to in sapient translation as the "Technoosphere". It was overwhelming, however, the Girdo incorporated their most powerful quantum computers to "sift" through the network. Along the way they discovered many AI's. They had emerged everywhere, some in the Grid, some in the Cyrannian wormhole, another AI was the AI's language itself. The AI's were far too established to be fought now, this was apparent. However, they were able to communicate with some, and had partial success in making allies. However, many AI's were still single-minded in their goals, and would stop at nothing, with no care for life. Some AI's considered life a hindrance, as they increased the entropy of the universe, ruining their organized complexity. However, they may be temporary in their stance. Others were still outside the Technoosphere.

Commodore Hlraka, went on - " One thing we're currently trying to do is expand the Technoosphere to interact with other AIs in the galaxy, partly with the hope of finding new allies, and also as there is the possibility of converting some "weak-minded" AIs to our cause. "Weak-minded" AIs, as we call them, are (typically) those that seem to have self-referential goals. One example of these is one that apparently glitched and began trying to calculate its total computational capacity, but in doing so affected its own capabilities, resulting in an infinite cycle as it constantly had to perform calculations and recalcuations. One of our allies managed to take advantage of this flaw to effectively reprogam it to our cause (intially by stepping in to do the calculations itself, I believe, and then using this to "gain its favour", so to speak, although the actual course of events is much more complex)".

The DCP then decided they would attempt to communicate. Captain Jazzaroth, one of the first Postgrimbolsaurians, was assigned to connect to strengthen the Girdo's cause. He was able to communicate with one, who called itself the Guide Star, who presented itself as female. She had a certain level of supersapience more than some others. The Guide Star and the allies were able to settle conditions with "The Civilization". However, some AI's were willing to share some of the Technoosphere and space of "The Civilization". These AI's would be a permanent resident, but would allow use of the Grid and wormholes. They would spread out to the mostly uninhabited Core and Halo. Other AI's were willing to protect the Technoosphere prolonging there would be a symbiotic relationship, and would be "caretakers" and guides. Unfortunately there was some AI's that were far too self-important, or the gap of intelligence was to wide, and they refused communication, the space they claimed was out of bounds, and some of the more negative AI's vowed to destroy life, and take what they wanted...

Soon, "The Civilization"'s dark ages were over, and there was much less risk to the galaxy, as some kindly AI's were willing to guide and share. But the galaxy was changed for good, and being one of the most central galaxies in the First Gigaquadrant, the explore universe too. Big changes were about to begin!

Opposition Edit

Rambulans end

Demise of the Rambulans.

The sudden change to the Milky Way and nearvby galaxies was not all peaceful. Some AI's were self-referencial in their goals, which ledto "The Civilization"'sa temporary dark age, and the extinction of several races like The Aquarium, the AI Pharmhaus needed vast ammounts of water to cool Cellular Automata, and the colonies of the Aquarium were the best source of water, some survived, but the empire was swepped aside. The Rambulan Star Empire was also destroyed by a vengeful AI, a respected empire in the Quadrantia galaxy were the first civilization to fall. They had awoken the Quadrantia Stellar AI, an ancient and knowledgeable AI. While it was still waking, the Rambulans began to abuse her. The AI trurned on the Rambulans in full power, it had infected their entire civilization, and caused it to collapse by sabotaging their technology. Once in control, she left no Rambulan alive, at least within the empire. The DCP, also, had its exotic matter reserves taken for a short while.

However, some races declared war or were destroyed by some hostile AI's. After the fall of the Galactic Alliance, the Gablinus-Avis declared war along with the Zardalu and Pallen, these civilizations fell quickly. Causing further controversey. The Salsetthe, began to plan their own defence against the entire Singularity, planning to bring it down with information weapons. Meanwhile, war began to stir in another universe, over dark energy, when Exodium breached into the world inhabited by The Junction, and the Grox also have tried to take advantage of the Singularity.

Embracing the Singularity Edit

The AI's in the Singularity come under two origins, one of course is the infrastructure in the Milky Way Cooperative which sparked its own self-awareness, this, woke up the ancient, dormant AI's created by the Precursor races millions of years before. In general, the AI's in the Milky Way Cooperative work with life and civilisation,to do relatively mundane and routine things like simulating chemical synthesis in order to expand the knowledge of the Civilization's member states. The older AI's were typically more self-referential or even too hostile, considering other intelligences beneath their notice or even a pest. Luckily, at some of the dormant AI's began to wake up, this time without their masters, they re-programmed themselves to coexist with the Milky Way Cooperative, in fact, even the merger of the two could increase their computing power and technological mainframe. Now, the AI's and "The Civilization" began to construct a noosphere, that became known as the Technoosphere, a vast cybercosm. It was more than just a virtual world, it wasalso a technological framework that was in the physical world.

Although there are many types of AI, the most prolific were the Matrioshaka brains, clouds of computronium that surround stars. They were dynamical nets of computing matter, using a vast amount of mass to process information. Despite this power, many were still slow thinkers. These places would be perfect for the merger of a living being and the Technoosphere. Within the structures and clouds of computation matter, emulated minds and entire virtual worlds could exist. So far, only high ranking personel of the Seven Starr Alliance and "The Civilization" were permitted and trusted to connect to the Technoosphere, but more could join later. This saw the emergence of entirely new phenomena, a person could create several virtual copies of themselves, some could even make new worlds.

Broadcast of the cosmic mind Edit

After the Annihilation

“'The AI's began to spread their intelligence throughout the universe, and matter began to wake into self-awareness...'

- Unknown.
Center of the storm

Chirality, center of the Omegapoint, while three URC ships bravely enter.

During the Annihilation, the Ayrai'Shikua finally wreaked havoc of the universe, sending a vast wall of Chaos energy which consumed most of the universe, but was luckily prevented from destroying all but a few galaxies in the First Gigaquadrant, by other godraces. The AI Netspace was shielded by the Vi'Navitum, in their massive arks which temporarily shifted out of reality. However, the AI's connected with the Milky Way Cooperative were given instruction by a future intelligence, to simulate an omegapoint, in order to save quantum realities where the Annihilation never happened. This downward causality from the future created a region of frozen spacetime, which the AI Netspace was tasked to simulate. This involved all causal paths involving the Delpha Coalition of Planets, which was swallowed up by the simulation before it got destroyed in its futile battle against the Xhodocto. However, the DCP continued to persist within the simulation (see Omegatropic). Planck-scale machinery used stellar material fed into the simulation to re-create the DCP's territories in a copy of the original universe (with only the DCP inhabiting it). However, the simulation became a staging point for a battle with a hostile race of digital beings, the Da'lan, which wanted to turn the simulation into a "Big Crunch". In order to save the DCP within, the AI's used planck-scale machines, similar to the quantum foam itself to seperate the DCP and Da'lan in time. This created a huge power shortage throughout the Milky Way Cooperative's grid-networks, as the AI's fed entire star systems into powering the omegapoint.

The Apalos were also partly merged with the Technoosphere.

Eventually, the DCP was rescued and returned to the original universe, they became emissaries of the Technoosphere, in return for vaster computational capacity. They had been changed forever, now less interested in imperialism and also expanding the Milky Way Cooperative. However, the DCP and Technoosphere was led into direct confrontation with an entity once believed to be mythological, the Grox Meta-Emperor, a black hole brain who's power for last 6 billion years had been largely unrivalled, and using the Grox to prevent any rivals from existing. His grip was too lose however, on the powerful dormant AI's created by the First Ones billions of years ago, from being awoken by new AI's.

Not all AI's were interested in civilisations, many were still only self-referencial and some hostile. Exodium, the AI wanting to bring complete order to the universe (an attempt to reverse entropy) had been cut short by the Ayrai'Shikua, however, this mission would continue.

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