A Cognatus Fleet.

The Cognatus Warfleet is the primary enforcer of law and creed in the space occupied by the Cognatus Empire. Since the days of the Intergalactic War, the warships of the Cognatus have advanced beyond recognition in the fields of shield and purplusion technology. Though not as widespread as the Cognatus Alliance, the current Cognatus civilisation is no less deadly and ultimately plans to ignite a Second Intergalactic War, all in the name of their mysterious Gods.

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  • Name - Hadran-class
  • Length - 160 meters
  • Equipment - Cloaking device
  • Weapons - Advanced polaron beam arrays, quantum torpedoes, plasma turrets

The Loriss-class frigate was once the primary warship in the service of the alien civilisation known as the "Pact", an alliance of the Draiocht and Hadran-Ari species. However, when the Cognatus invaded and conquered the Pact's homeworld, the Loriss-class fell under Cognatus control.

During the initial battle with the Cognatus fleet, the frigate's polaron beam arrays were unable to cause any major damage to the more advanced Cognatus ships. Thus, when the two fleets became one, the Loriss-class was given a refit equipped with far more powerful weapons.

Crewed mainly by Hadran-Ari, the Loriss-class was designed to swarm enemy ships and have been known to launch kamikaze attacks when faced with overwhelming enemy forces.

  • Name - Paradeis-class
  • Length - 980 metres
  • Equipment - Cloaking device, hyperspacial gun
  • Weapons - Quantum torpedoes, plasma weaponry, pulse turrets

A streamlined Cognatus frigate, the Paradeis-class was developed by Bugaholger and Vevilog scientists a year after the reformation of the Cognatus Empire following the dissolution of the Cognatus Remnant.

The Paradeis-class is one of the most common vessels in the Cognatus Battlefleet, primarily due to its relatively small size compared to its larger counterparts and the fact that it needs less raw materials to construct. Measuring 980 metres long, the Paradeis-class is still very large compared to many other Cyrannian vessels and yet is seen as canon fodder by the Cognatus leadership, due to its lack of particularly strong shielding.

Despite this, the class is known for its speed and advanced weaponry, which includes quantum torpedoes and advanced pulse turrets, as well as a hyperspacial gun, which is capable of punching holes in hyperspace.


  • Name - Ágios-class
  • Length - 2,150 metres
  • Equipment - Cloaking device
  • Weapons - Quantum torpedoes, plasma weaponry, pulse turrets

The Ágios-class Destroyer effectively forms the backbone of the Cognatus Fleet. The design can trace its origin to the CCS-class Battlecruiser used by the Cognatus from the Intergalactic War until the outbreak of the Dark Times, though it has advanced in many ways since its war-time counterpart.

At two kilometers long, the Ágios-class is a fearsome enemy in combat and yet small enough to be underestimated by a less advanced enemy. The ship was designed primary for orbital bombardment, ship-to-ship combat and the dispersal of Cognatus troops and fighter craft across the galaxy.

The ship's distinctive outline includes two large "fins" located at the bow of the vessel. It is unknown if these fins have any purpose, though it is possible it is an example of religious symbolism.

  • Name - Angelós-class
  • Length - 5,550 metres
  • Equipment - Cloaking device
  • Weapons - Quantum torpedoes, plasma weaponry, pulse turrets, Quark-Gluon Deconfinement Disruptors

The Angelós-class are the most advanced destroyers in the Cognatus Battlefleet, being essentially a smaller version of the much larger Oupavia-class. Armed with quantum torpedoes, plasma weaponry, pulse turrets, deconfinement disruptors and a cloaking device, the Angelós-class is quickly becoming one of the most common and feared warships in the holy armada.

From the front, the Angelós-class looks rather like a great gothic cathedral, though the topside of the mighty ship is generally flat, with the exception of small habitation spheres for use by Cognatus conquistadors in their crusades across the cosmos.

Though functioning as a destroyer, they also function as flagships and colony ships.

Cognatus Destroyer
  • Name - Theoí-class
  • Length - 7,550 metres
  • Equipment - Cloaking device
  • Weapons - Quantum torpedoes, plasma weaponry, pulse turrets, Quark-Gluon Deconfinement Disruptors

The Theoí-class are the pride of the Cognatus Battlefleet with many young Cogsangui hoping to one day captain a ship of this mighty class. The Theoí-class came about via the union of the old CCS-class Battlecruiser and the much larger CAS-class Carrier. Though the Theoí-class is substantially smaller than the CAS-class, it is arguably more deadly.

Like the retired CAS-class, the Theoí is equipped with plasma weaponry, quantum torpedoes and a large hangar bay used to hold and resupply fighter craft up to the size of the Loriss-class attack fighter. When in battle, the Theoí's primary tactic is to launch its swarming fighters and target the enemy vessel's critical systems, thus ensuring a quick and decisive victory.

The Theoí-class functions primarily as a destroyer, though it is also the most common flagship in the Battlefleet.


  • Name - Oupavia-class
  • Length - 29,650 metres
  • Equipment - Cloaking device
  • Weapons - Quantum torpedoes, plasma weaponry, pulse turrets, Quark-Gluon Deconfinement Disruptors, conversion weaponry

Developed from technology gleaned from the earlier Stravro-class, the Oupavia-class is the most advanced warship in the Cognatus Battlefleet. Armed with quantum torpedoes, a cloaking device, plasma weaponry, pulse turrets, quark-gluon deconfinement disruptors and conversion self-replicating weaponry capable of destroying a star. The arrival of an Oupavia-class into a star system often heralds the destruction or religious conversion of all sentient life orbiting the star. Measuring 29,650 metres, the Oupavia houses millions of Cognatus from all species, which are segregated into class-based areas of this mighty ship.

  • Name - Stavro-class
  • Length - 11,650 metres
  • Equipment - Cloaking device
  • Weapons - Quantum torpedoes, plasma weaponry, pulse turrets, Quark-Gluon Deconfinement Disruptors
  • Creator - Wormulon

The Stavro-class is one of the most fearsome ships of the Cognatus, and in fact, is ranked as one of the most powerful ships in the Seven Starr Alliance database (a huge library and databank on known civilizations and transentients), even capable of being a serious threat to the Delpha Coalition of Planets. Though they measure 11,650 metres, it is not their size that strikes fear into even the most powerful of civilizations, it is their Quark-Gluon Deconfinement Disruptors, capable of penetrating nearly all shields and states of matter.

However, despite their success, they do have a single that were eventually discovered, before the primary weapon can fire, the shields must drop for a single microsecond, providing a very short window for enemy forces. Thus, the Cognatus rarely use this doomsday weapon. Only the Elite crew these ships, and they can carry large armies, often used in converting and crusading.


Even Imperial captains have come to be weary about these nightmarish ships. Especially the big ones...

- Rela Loupál

It's funny to think that during the Great Cyrannus War, these warships saved countless lives. Now? They spread chaos and destruction, just like during the Intergalactic War.

- Apollo

Irrelevant. Your technology will become one with ours.

- Neraida Gigamatrix


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  • Many Cognatus ships are loosely based on those from the Covenant from Halo or the Dominion from Star Trek.

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