Codoberia is an Amphibiahria with a skin malfunction serving in the night shift as operations and tacticial officer onboard the bridge of the USS Enterprise-A. Though an elderly crew member among quite a young personel, his species can live longer than most humanoids and can reach ages like the Serindia.

Upon coming onboard Codoberia became soon assigned to the nightshift. Codoberia eventually reached the rank of Commander around 2818 (20 AQF) while he served onboard the USS Royal Oak. After reaching the rank of commander, he followed a special 6 month education at the Academy that prepared him to take command of a vessel.


Early History[]

Codoberia was born in 2742 (56 BQF) at Javan in a family of hard workers. His mother worked as a cleaner in the house of the ambassador while his father worked at the local newspaper. In his youth Codoberia often enjoyed searching for news himself, but after reaching the age of 10 in 2752 (46 BQF) a skin malfunction turned his orange skin into greenish. Teased by his fellow class mates, Codoberia had a lonely youth, though still decided to join Rambo Command. During the Academy years Codoberia proved to be a capable tactical and operation officer, though he preffered a tactical position more as he was fascinated by phasers and torpedoes.

After graduating as Lieutenant Junior Grade in 04 AQF he became assigned to the USS Enterprise-A under command of James Rambo and became a serving officer of the first hour.

Service onboard the Enterprise and Royal Oak[]

Codoberia's last shift at day

During one particulair shift while at the bridge Codoberia was once chided by Captain James Rambo as he was unable to raise the shields during a battle against three Hutter ships when they discovered the Hutters tried to ally the Confederacy during the Great Cyrannus War. The captain had to do it hismelf and as such was able to aid the Kelvin-class in trouble, the USS Ashanti. In turn and as punishment for his failiure Codoberia was given a position at the night shift, serving as second in command.

Night shift at the change of the year!

Though Codoberia didn't mind, he liked working at night and in 2804 (03 NE/06 AQF) he was joined by a new night shift commander, Tania Lefler and the two soon became friends.

During one of their night shifts Codoberia and Tania welcomed Helo Roslia when he returned from an adventure from the future. A while after Tania and Codoberia were unable to escape the gravital pressure from a wormhole that transported the Enterprise to future as well. After returning, Codoberia remained serving at teh nightshift. To his surprise, at the last night shift of 2804 petty officer Cretacea was assigned to take over her lieutenants shift due to sickness. Codoberia was pleased and brought in snacks to celebrate the change of year while they were on duty.

During the first month of 2806 (08 AQF), in the opening weeks of the Tertius Bellum he was transferred to serve under captain Garan Andarch at orders of Rambo Command. He recieved a tactical position at the bridge and became part of the command crew of the USS Royal Oak, third in command. He served onboard the Excelsior-Class during the Neraida War.


In 2818 (20 AQF), Codoberia recieved a promotion to commander for his service onboard the Royal Oak and adopted the new uniform of Rambo Command. His promotion included a six month study on the Academy, in a special program that prepared him to take command of a Anteras-Class, Delphator-Class or Oberth-Class vessel. These three vessels are the only three classes besides space stations or star bases commanders can be assigned to assume command of though before a ship could be assigned to Codoberia Rambo Nation was subjugated by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in october 2819 (21 AQF).

Personality and Traits[]

Codoberia is a kind and humble officer, with great skills in tactical and operations and a love for working in night shifts. Possible due to his skin malfunction he doesn't face that much persons who would comment on it. Unlike most of his species, who have an orange skin- Codoberia has a greenish skin color due to a skin malfunction and disease rare to his kind. None of the Rambo medical scientist managed to find a cure to the skin malfunction.

Codoberia is a fanatic believer in the Rambo Pantheon.


Lt. Codoberia


Green face.pngI am honered to call them my friends


Blue face.pngI can work with them


Orange face.pngUgh!

  • none



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