We may wander, but by no means are we lost.

- Admiral Valence Na'var, on the creation of the Clanden Admiralty.

The Clanden Admiralty is a nomadic, spacefaring nation of Clanden, Grick, and Jaylar who fled the ravaging of their worlds at the hands of the Grox.

History Edit

Clanden Admiralty FlagThe Clanden Admiralty

The Clanden Admiralty traces its origins back to the Clanden Homeworld, Cicero. It was one of the many planets to be overrun by the Grox Empire in its many years of conquest and expansion. In an attempt to save their it, the Merchant Republic of Cicero, along with several other surrounding nations, mounted a valiant defense, only to be overrun by the Grox's superior numbers and firepower. Being closer to the Grox's borders than any of the coalition planets, the Clanden were left exposed when many of their allies withdrew their forces to evacuate their own worlds. Cicero was quickly lost to the Grox, leaving the fleet no other choice than to evacuate the outlying colonies and flee that quadrant of the galaxy to seek asylum elsewhere.

Times were hard as the Clanden were turned away, time and time again by nations that were themselves beginning to prepare to meet the Grox advance. The Clanden Fleet then retreated into deep space to lick their wounds. Many like to think that they found an inhabited planet somewhere and settled down; but no, the Clanden kept going. At the end of his life, the captain of the Defiant, the defunct flagship of the Coalition, declared the founding of a new Clanden state, the Clanden Admiralty. The Defiant was rechristened as Home One, the new home of the Clanden race.

Since then, Home One and the Clanden armada wander the stars.

Member Races Edit

The Clanden Edit

Clanden Male

A Clanden Male.

The Clanden are a species of avian humanoids that evolved from scavenging carrion-like omnivores on the planet Cicero in the Andromeda Galaxy. They are tall, cunning, but inherently kind creatures. Traditionally, they were masterful starship builders, trading their technology for services and currency with other empires. The Merchant Republic of Cicero was relatively small when compared to other empires in the region, encompassing only a few core worlds and several outlying colonies.

The Clanden culture has a lot of emphasis on logic and science, believing that, with enough time, the entire universe could and will unfold before them. Having seen many wars in their history, they are no strangers to war, and approach the affair with a level head, and after the disastrous war with the Grox, a foot out the door.

The Grick Edit

Grick Male

A Grick Male.

The Grick are four-legged lizard-like creatures native to the swamps of Zapris, a planet a few parsecs away from Cicero. They made it into space a while before the Clanden, and it wasn't long before the two species made contact. It would be some time before the two could meet face-to-face, but the Grick were already dreaming of conquering Cicero and adding it to their burgeoning empire. The conflict that ensued lasted for nearly two hundred years, finally ending with the heroic invasion of the Grick homeworld by the Clanden and some newfound allies.

The peace settlement dictated the founding of a new Ciceroean Republic (replacing the provisional wartime government put in place by the Clanden), of which the Grick world and subsequent colonies would be a part.

After nearly another hundred years of chaos and anarchy on their homeworld, the Grick came back and became active colonists and members of the galactic community. Even if they were subordinate to the Clanden, they retained some amount of freedom.

After having served on their ships alongside their Clanden counterparts, most of the Grick were evacuated and fled on their own. However, a substantial number had migrated to the Clanden worlds, or to common Republic colonies that were abandoned by the Grick fleet. Some of these would fall prey to the Grox, while others would be reached in time by the Defiant and the retreating Clanden fleet.

The Jaylar Edit

Jaylar Male

A Jaylar Male.

The Jaylar are grotesque, tough, and large creatures, genetically engineered by the Grick to serve as disposable manpower. Essentially slaves, the Jaylar enjoyed little liberty a the hands of the Grick, and little more under the Clanden governments. They served as cannon fodder during the Clanden-Grick wars, thrown into the line of fire while the nimble Grick found another way around. This tactic was again adopted by certain members of the Cicero Republic during the Grox Wars.

In peacetime, they became somewhat of a commodity to be sold to neighboring nations, including the Clanden Republic. They made themselves useful on construction sites and in starship spacedocks; some served as bodyguards and others still as personal servants and gardeners.

The Grick created them to be excellent muscle, but had to loan them at least a little bit of intelligence so that they might not make idiotic mistakes while working on their projects. This, unfortunately, meant that they were prone to picking up dangerous ideas. Indeed, many Jaylarian revolts had to be put down by the Grick Dragoons.

Some of the Jaylar joined their masters in the frenzied evacuation before the Grox advance, while many more were serving on board the Coalition fleet. They continued as Grick property during the long years where the Clanden Armada meandered through space, and only recently have their conditions improved.

Technology Edit

The Clanden and their allies rely greatly on the fusing of matter and anti-matter to supply their ships, replicators weapons, and other such devices. They are well versed in genetic engineering, physics, robotics, biotech, and are trying to find ways to harness other natural sources of energy.

Unification Era

  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Metallurgy
  • Advanced geology
  • Radio
  • Advanced flight
  • Advanced theoretical physics
  • Advanced ballistics
  • Advanced pyrotechnics
  • Advanced computers
  • Advanced medicine
  • Advanced nuclear fission
  • Advanced biotechnology
  • Advanced genetic engineering
  • Advanced photovoltaics
  • Unmanned spacecraft
  • Advanced propulsion
  • Advanced robotics
  • Advanced metallurgy

Grick Wars Era

  • Nanotechnology
  • Energy weapons
    • High intensity lasers
    • Volatile plasma weapons
  • Manned interplanetary travel
  • Cryonics
  • Interstellar travel

Republic Era

  • Subspace communication
  • Advanced agriculture
  • Interstellar mining
  • Planetary colonization
  • Basic matter-antimatter reaction
  • Theoretical quantum computers
  • Warp drive
  • Basic plasma weapons
    • Phasers
    • Photon torpedoes

Grox Wars Era

  • Advanced energy and plasma weapons
    • Plasma cannons
    • Antimatter and plasma mines
  • Transporters
  • Remodulated shielding
  • Terraforming

Admiralty Era

  • Replicators
  • Holographic images
  • Advanced matter-antimatter reaction
  • Advanced warp drive (warp 9.6)
  • Experimental quantum computers

Notes: The fact that they possess a technology does not mean that they apply it, either because they cannot (due to lack of resources, space, etc) or choose not to.
Technologies marked as advanced are meant to show that they have indulged themselves deeply in the subject, not mastered it.

Government Edit

The Clanden Admiralty was founded in a time of chaos and war. The Armada was fleeing from what had just became Grox space, and was struggling to survive and feed its many people. Replicators had not been discovered yet, so synthesized food was practically all they had. To pull everything together, Admiral Valence Na'var consolidated absolute power into his hands. With him at the helm, things could go smoothly without the inefficient bickering of politicians. He divided the armada into fleets, and said fleets into flights, ensuring organized operations in what would otherwise be chaotic circumstances. He put everyone, every refugee to work in one way or another, and went about setting up markets and other facilities in Home One's spacious hangars and cargo bays.

However, the people's rights had to be cut down for such a government to be run smoothly. Everyone had to answer to the military, and obey orders without question. Those that resisted were placed in the brig. At first, the Admiral had absolute power over his subjects, but a judicial administration and a hearing process was put into place.

Individuals serving as part of the fleet are the most privileged, elegible to go through an extensive court-martial if found at fault. Civilian cases, on the other hand, are reviewed by the judicial office and resolved without trial. The ruling could be disputed, and a hearing put into place. The Grick are considered as first class citizens right alongside their Clanden counterparts. Their creations, however, the Jaylar, are still considered to have no standing within the Clanden system, as the Grick still refuse to recognize them as sentient beings.

Military Edit

Main article: Clanden Fleet

Clanden Admiralty Fleet Insignia

Clanden Fleet Insignia

The Clanden armed forces are composed of three branches cooperating to run the fleet's starships. These are:

  • Security and operations are tasked with the defense of the Admiralty's assets, and often find themselves acting as the fleet's ground and police forces.
  • Sciences occupy themselves with medical matters and with research into better technology.
  • Engineering charges itself with the repair, upkeep, and improvement of starship systems.

Every ship hosts its own chain of command, with three officers at the top belonging to each branch. These report to the Lieutenant Commander or Captain, who then reports to the Flagship. It is not unusual for smaller craft, such as corvettes, to be commanded by a Lieutenant Commander as opposed to a Captain.

Territory Edit

The Clanden Fleet rarely remains in one place for more than fifteen years. Generally they will move into an area with plenty of planets and resources, terraform the planets they need, take as much of their natural resources as they will to fix their craft (sometimes building new ones), and then move on.

Relationships with other States Edit

The Clanden are generally neutral towards other civilizations of roughly their caliber, and will often engage in trading for commodities they need for whatever they happen to have in excess.

As for those that have wronged them, the Clanden make a point of never forgiving until their debt has been paid in full.

Very Friendly Edit

Green faceCome come! What can we do for you today?

  • ...

Friendly Edit

Blue faceYour kindness will be repaid in kind, we assure you.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceYes?

Cautious Edit

Orange faceWe have no quarrel with you.

Hated Edit

Red faceWe never forget a face.

At War Edit

Crossed SwordsWe will resist you with all of our might.

  • ...