Eclair Misca Sancest Rambo, known by most as Claire Rambo is the daughter and only child of Captain James Rambo of the USS Enterprise-A and Indris, unknown to her an Atlantica in service of the Ultimate One. Her full name is only known in the registers of Rambo Nation and her parents. Claire is known to be a cheerful and nice person, caring for those around her and always eager to learn and explore new things. Lesser traits are also well known- stubberness and often going against the orders of her superiors like her father.

When she grew up Claire decided to join the Rambo Nation militairy and soon rose to the rank of Sergeant due to her leadership and acrobatic skills- which she is well known for in the militairy. During her time in the militairy she showed herself to be a candidate for promotion to lieutenant but she was forced to become the Hand of Moranonúngur- a pawn in the plot of the Apocalytpa leader Tyrómairon. During her time as Hand she commanded various troops and legions in name of the Empire.

After her recovering from Imperial Hands, Claire returned into service of Rambo Command as a Rambo Operative , a special agent in service of the Monarch and the Marscalcus. Upon her new role within Rambo Command she briefly commanded the Suiliagothrond II wich she used during the Hunt for the Zevian Skull. After facing many dangers, including an encounter with Morgandaûr and Thel'Vicliquam she discovered the mysterious Atlantica planet Aecor. However her time there was short as she soon embarked on a new adventure in the Right Behind You story onboard a light freighter known as the Falcon.

Claire proved to be an important Operative for Rambo Nation and saved the Quadrant Galaxies from the evils of the Tormentor in July 08 AQF during the Torments of Arcaniox, though her actions resulted her being frozen in crystal!

Years into the future of Rambo Nation, she was seen as a heroine and became canonized as a Saint of the Rambo Pantheon.


Early History[]

Born around 14 BQF, the first daughter of her proud father James Rambo and her beloved mother Indris. Shortly after her birth her mother vanished, and her father had to care for Claire alone, as well as some foster parents due to her father being away at a star ship. In her early years she missed her mother greatly after she vanished, though remained with her father and grew very close to him.

As her father raised Claire on Rametru Nui, she grew up in a very safe and protected environment, though she enjoyed parties and high school a lot. She turned 19 in 05 AQF, around that time she was already in the military and didn't tell her father about it, straining their once close relation.

During childhood she often spend her days at Koerband when her father was away at space adventures.

Rambo Command Military Carreer[]

Short Summary[]

Claire Rambo Armor!.png

Claire joined the Rambo Command Militairy and soon rose to the rank of Sergeant. Known for her acrobatic moves and not using a gun or rifle in battle, she always carries a small gravital disks which can make her lighter and faster in acrobatic combat.

During her militairy educations she has shown herself as a gifted tactician and plotter for battles. Though she dislikes dumb orders and often goes against her superiors, just like her father. This makes her also well known for her stubberness and quietness. During her militairy carreer Claire saw action during the Great Cyrannus War.

During these times she first met her arc enemy, the dangerous and unpredictable Mortikran, a dreaded Mortalitas commander with an obsession for her!

Militairy Carreer[]

When she became 18 in 03 AQF, her father gratuated from the Academy and he was promoted to captain and given the USS Enterprise-A to command- their relationship strained due to her father being away even more. Mostly due to the fact Claire joined the Rambo military, which was very promising for her. Another reason their relationship became strained was due to the simple fact Claire didn't have much love for the Cyrandia Alliance or the United Republic of Cyrannus, she felt the Nation should stand on her own instead of relying on the URC so much. During her early militairy months she had shown herself as a gifted shooter, with limited magical abilities and very agile and flexibel. Slim toned she got a lot of attention from guys, but she didn't went into their advances, not like her father who was known a bit as a womanizer, much to her dissaproval. Claire became known in the militairy as a quite stubborn and quiet girl, not often saying what she wants or thinks. Yet with her father in space and she earning her ranks in the militairy the two only had contact with eachother once every three months. Though Claire didn't mind, she could tell her father did. When in 04 AQF Rametru Nui fell into Confederacy hands during the Great Cyrannus War he secretly contacted her if she was alright, which improved their relation again.

Facing Garlboz together with Zabiela

A year later, in 05 AQF Claire was promoted to Sergeant and said her father goodbye when he was assigned to his three year long range exploration mission with a modified USS Enterprise-A. She had tears in her eyes, but her father gave her a swift kiss on her cheeck, making her blush. She waved her father goodbye and returned back to Rametru Nui to serve the militairy. She promised her father to send letters often and keep him informed. Claire felt a bit alone, but also was happy to have her fathers home all for herself!

Defeated by Garlboz

However her time was short as she was send with her commander, Colonel Ramseph onboard the Ered Mirith to engage the Confederate forces at Karzamahri Nui. During the Third Battle of Karzamahri Nui she was deployed at the surface of Karzamahri Nui after the Ered Mirith broke through the Confederate blockade. After liberating Ga-Laiquendi she and Zabiela hunted down Governor Garlboz. Facing him they encountered various Mortalitas soldiers but were soon surrounded. When Garlboz raised his sword Claire already was calculating her move. However upon her time to strike a massive shockwave send her flying, together with Zabiela and Garlboz.

Defeating Garlboz

When she woke up she faced Garlboz together with Zabiela. However he defeated the two with powering up his sword and sending ancient magic against them and escaped. Claire was hit in her midsection and the agony pain send her into a state of unconciousness. When she woke up she and Zabiela reported the event and returned to the frontlines.

Later on during the battle Claire and various newly introduced airborne troopers arrived at Arthrastral, the capital city of Karzamahri Nui to liberate her. First giving support to the ground forces they later went to capture Garlboz, but most airborne troopers were killed by the powerful governor, who seemed to have newfound powers. Yet circling around him and firing a powerful beam of light, at the same time with an airborne troopers firing his missles resulted in a massive explosion which send them flying outside the building. Garlboz went missing and Claire and the airborne trooper continued to aid the Rambo troopers to drive off the remaing Confederate soldiers.

Ambush as Nosiso

After celebrating the victory at Karzamahri Nui Claire and her troopers returned to the Erid Merith. There Claire and her airborne regiment and the rest of the regiments recieved orders to prepare themselves for another battle. Most believing it be an exercise were angry as they were without free days for two weeks. A few days later it turned out the Erid Merith was to take part at the Second Battle of Nosiso. After being dispatched on the surface Claire led her forces to advance to a Emperico sphere, to secure it.

Encoutering a dangerous creature at Nosiso

However it turned out to be an ambush as a lone Confederate fighter fired missles at an overhanging bridge and destroyed it. Plummeting a fifth of her forces into the ravin Claire had to find a detour. Soon finding out that supplies like water and food were on short notice, and after loosing various vehicles due to the hot temperatures and sands Claire ordered her troopers to make camp. Scouting the area with a trooper she lost track of him, and later on encountered an red creature, filled with scars which back handed Claire. Chrashing into the sands, with blood dripping from her lips she thought the creature would finish her off when she felt it saliva dripping in her neck. However the creature was stunned as Commander Mortikran approached and grabbed Claire by the neck. He promised her they would have fun tonight, then her world went dark and she was brought to the landed sphere of the Mortalitan Bastion.

Missing in action[]

Claire faces Mortikran and Muunithrond

In a chamber at the Mortalitan Bastion she faced a Nosiso troopers and the Confederate commander Mortikran, who circled her. With disgust in her eyes she was unable to prevent the commander to lick her neck, who then told her he tasted her fear. Sweat broke out for Claire, and the commander knew. Claire almsot panicked and lost her nerves when Senator Muunithrond entered the chamber and opened fire at the Mortalitas commander after a shot conversation. Giving her enough time to escape with the information that his sector was breached, she jumped out of a nearby window into the river below and made her escape. Unknown to her, the Senator himself was killed by Mortikran who later on ordered to attack the fleet in orbit with new plasma cannons. Evading Nosiso scouts, Claire tried to survive on her own!

Eventually Claire managed to infriltrate the Mortalitan Bastion shortly before it left Nosiso, and hid herself into the ventilation shafts, only venturing out to explore the ship or to get some supplies from the kitchen, but Claire was weakened and she knew it was only a matter of time before the command or crew would discover her, and she still had to contact Rambo Command of the Confederate fleet stationed in the Western Sector. Sighting (and sometimes talking to herself to keep her ongoing) she left the shaft and headed to the nearest communication panel, which she discovered a few days ago in an abandoned cargo bay.

Hacking the communication panel she managed to send a decoded message to Rambo Command, but due to this she revealed herself and was soon cornered by a Mortalitas trooper squad. Facing them she was outnumbered and knocked unconscious by a direct hit by a trooper his fist, which send her world sprawling and eventually went dark. When Claire awoke she noticed she was in a holding cell. Looking around for a possible way to escape she realized she was chained and didn’t had her uniform. Instead she only wore her underwear and sport bra, and suddenly she felt really cold and she noticed she had goose bumps. When the door of her cell opened, Commander Mortikran smiled, flanked by two Mortalitas troopers. Mortikran raw voiced broke the sudden silence and Claire felt really afraid when he told her he still would have fun with her, and that he liked her being in her underwear.

Mortikran faces a captured Claire

When one of the Mortalitas troopers disturbed Mortikran and asked him if he was to take her honor Mortikran grabbed the trooper his head, and with a show of tremendous force he ripped off the head of the unfortunate trooper. Claire looked really afraid and disgusted, with sweat breaking out and chills at her backbone, she feared the Mortalitas Commander. Instead of approaching or touching her the commander walked to a panel, pushing a button Claire was suddenly rocketed by electricity, yelling in pain she hit the ground hard, with spasms over her whole body she slowly got her breath again and tears rolled down her cheek. Then Claire realized she was going to get tortured, simply for the fun of a sadistic Confederate commander. The only thing Claire could bring out was “Why?”. The commander simply laughed and hit the button again, and Claire her screams were heard for another 125 minutes over the decks, until she finally lost her conscious and the commander left.

Claire in her tent at Zevia

A few days later, after many torture session the USS Goddard attacked the Mortalitan Bastion and a marine recon and boarding party located her in her holding cell. Claire was badly injured, unconscious, dehydrated and a bit starved and really cold, the marine commander who went by the name of Shooter lifted the girl at his shoulder and managed to teleport back to the USS Goddard who brought her to the Rambo Capital to recover.

Dark Times[]

When she recovered she did a secret mission for Rambo Command and went to the planet of Zevia where she spied on the Quadrantia Loron. Mapping the location of the Loron and the nearby ruins she was later on picked up again and left for Rambo Command.

Fighting in the swamps of New Ramhall

Upon her return she was reassigned to the 187th regiment onboard the Ered Mithrin, to the relieve of many Rambo Troopers. Afterwards she was send, together with her regiment and her 2nd in command Zabiela to New Ramhall. Patrolling the swamps the planet came under attack by the newly formed Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Under command of captain Pierea of the Angelic a fleet engaged the Rambo defense fleet stationed at New Ramhall. Eventually they broke through and though two ships were destroyed, the Angelic managed to land on the surface. Deploying her troops the Empire managed to ambush Claire and Zabiela their patrol and faced heavy casualties. Luckily in time they were evacuated by Dacara who piloted a Mortis dropship. Circling around they saw the remaining troopers and vehicles being destroyed and the dropship was forced to head to Ramhall city. There Claire faced an angered Sergeant Master Sephis, who didn't agree with the evacuation as the Empire could now launch a full assault at the Ramhall city. Troubled Claire returned to her tent, though she could tell Zabiela disliked the superior officer.

Hunter down by Mortikran

When Claire and Zabiela and the surviving troopers were send on patrol again, Claire also began to mistrust Sephis. During the patrol she learned that Ramhall City had fallen into hands of the Galactics (she called the Empire that way). Angered she wanted to aid the Rambo Troopers who still valiantly defended the colony, but soon found herself surrounded by enemy forces. Able to evacuate her troopers with a Mortis dropship, Claire herself remained at the ground as a diversion. Zabiela, her second in command disagreed and told her it was an honor serving her. Smiling, she a lone tear rolled over her cheeck and she vanished into the woods. Soon she encountered her motal enemy, Mortikran and the two fought. Rolling through the mud Mortikran managed to back hand her, as a Mortalitas he was far more stronger and the hit send her to dreaming land. Mortirkan took her back to Ramhall City, to torture her and made her his own servant. However the Acolyte Moranonúgur was heading to New Ramhall, to inspect the battle so far and to take Claire as his own hostage.

Claire was then brought to a holding cell, much to the dismay of Mortikran.

Moranonúgur prepares to leave, with Mortikran and Claire as goodbye party!

When the evil Mornûnendur Acolyte Moranonúngur arrived at New Ramhall he was brought to Claire her holding cell by her most feared enemy, Mortikran. When the dark servant brought a new uniform for Claire she simply refused, she would not bow to his will, never. However when he offered to do it at her own, of with aid of some troopers she changed her mind and changed her uniform for that of the evil servant (much to the dismay of Mortikran, who would have loved to help her change cloathes).

When Moranonúngur pushed a button at his arm, Claire suddenly felt something piercing through her skull and screamed, though soon she felt nothing anymore and she had the urge to obey Tyrómairon no mather what. Pleased Moranonúngur made preperations to leave, but not before giving both Claire and Mortikran the order to hunt down Apollo, the former URC president not matter what. Now Claire was the Hand of Moranonúnger with Mortikran as her second in command, she immediatley ordered Mortikran to prepare the Venator Star Destroyer Obliberator for a long hunt.

After a while of hunting both Claire and Mortikran had no clue where Apollo had gone to. Claire gave Mortikran the honor of hunting down the former president while she herself began studying the space charts of the Cyrannus Galaxy for a possible route to the Quadrant Galaxies. When Apollo later on showed up at Nex and escaped Mortikran his trap Claire began formulating a plan as she got a possible idea where he might go next.

Bluedions surrender to Claire and the Cyrannian Empire

After careful study of various star maps and listening to smugglers their stories about a possible second way into the Quadrants Claire finally resolved her little puzzle. It seemed in an area beyond the Outer Realm laid a location known as the Space in Between, a small area between the Quadrants and Cyrannus. Claire took a differant Venator-class Star Destroyer and went to that area. Arriving at a moon with a massive constructed gate on it, close to a planet called Carnthedain Claire was delighted her studies had proven themselves right. Upon landing Claire her Basileus Navy troopers assembled all the inhabitants of the small fortress, known as the Bluedions. Claire announced the Bluedions were lucky and should feel themselvs honored as new members of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. When one of the Bluedion raised his voice in protest Claire executed a summersault and broke the unfortunate Bluedion his neck. The other Bluedions bowed to their knees and hailed their new masters.

Behind her helmet Claire smiled, she hoped that all would surrender that easily. Though one couldn't blame the Bluedions for not putting up a resistance, they never knew violance nor did they have any weapons beside that of the fortress. Afterwards Claire remained at the Bluedion moon and with aid of other Empire vessels they began using the moon as a base of operations, waiting for the arrival of Apollo his fleet. As the gate is the only way into the Quadrants, besides the Cyrannus-Quadrant 82 wormhole.

Yet Claire grew a bit bored and being far away from her master, she experienced dark dreams as flashed of her memory returned to her.

Rambo Command Operative[]

Short Summary[]

Claire's adventures as an operative in service of Rambo Command.

Claire Rambo (dress uniform)01.png

As an Operative in service of Rambo Command, Claire embarked on her most dangerous and eventful adventures. During her Operative service she became involved in the Hunt for the Zevian Skull, a hunt for an Atlantica artifacts in service of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus (under control) and afterwards when freed in service of Rambo Nation. During the Hunt she travelled around the Quadrant Galaxies, discovered the mystical planet Aecor and saw combat against Morgandaûr and Thel'Vicliquam- the latter managing to mortally wound her.

After officially recieving her Operative uniform, Claire soon embarked on her new adventure during the Right Behind You, onboard a freighter known as the Falcon. Together with her crewmaters, Corva, Stench, Tironus Manition and Voro Acetenus. Together they travelled across the Cyrandia Cluster in search for those in need and doing missions for vice-admiral Ramcard of Rambo Command. During those travels, Claire among others faced Camron Dar at Yudumarth, visited Orbispira, survived an arena match at Sanderhal and discovered the ability to summon, train and call upon the mystical Scions.

Hunt for the Zevian Skull[]

Main article: Hunt for the Zevian Skull


Finding the parchment about the Zevian Skull

The Search is on!

Near the end of the second month of 02 NE, Claire grew bored and disatisfied. Searching the databases of the Bluedions for interessting information she stumbled upon an ancient parchment. The scroll described an ancient myth, chronicling the origins of something called the Zevian Skull. Intriqued Claire asked the Bluedion about it, who told as little as they knew about it. Satisfied Claire ordered two Ifrit class star destroyers to join her as the Bluedions opened the artificial wormhole leading to Zevia, the rumored hiding place of the skull.

Taking two Ifrit-class star destroyers Claire arrived at Zevia where she took a landing party to Carnivoria City to meet with the ruler of the Sauriens- King Carnoria. As the two talked Claire signaled one of the star destroyers to enter orbit and approach the city as a sign of force.

Carnoria and Claire found the Temple of Quetzamet empty

Carnoria decided to give Claire the information about the skull- as he feared for his life and that of the city. Taking her into his throne room he showed her her verse of the Zevian Skull and the wall crests of the Great Houses. Surprised Claire watched in excitement when the verse revealed herself as a riddle- chronicling the story and where abouts of the skull. However much of the verse Claire didn't understand and she would need to study the details when suddenly one of her troopers told her the star destroyers were under attack!

The star destroyers were under attack by the Quadrantia Loron though Claire herself didn't pay much attention to it. She took a gunship, together with Carnoria to the eastern part of Zevia where the Infector discovered an ancient site. Arriving at their designated area Claire saw the former Greendion city and the temple of Quetzamet abandoned. Together with Carnoria she ascended the stairs but found the temple devoted of artifacts. The skull wasn't at the temple.

James and Claire meet again!

Furious Claire stepped down the temple when she was faced by her father, James Rambo- captain of the USS Enterprise-A. She told them he had to answer to her, but her father claimed he only took orders from Rambo Command. When she told him she was only at Zevia for exploration purposes he told her he was doing the same.

Claire talks with Tec'Tor of the Quadrantia Loron

Satisfied she took her gunship and prepared to meet with the Quadrantia Loron, who seemed to have raided the Greendion city and temple and enslaved the Greendion population. After a few hours of travelling Claire finally arrived at the Quadrantia Loron base. She was surprised that the base was located on an island, surrounded by the sea and high cliffs. In the middle of the island was a large valley that houses the camp itself, with on the outskirts of the cliffs the docking bays were constructed. Satisfied the Loron did not fire down her gunship she was escorted to meet with the leader of the Loron on Zevia, Tec'Tor. The large Loron (though still small compared to the original Loron]] wanted to know what the Empire was doing on Zevia. Claire demanded that Tec'Tor told where the Skull was they stole from the Greendions when they raided their cities and temple. Tec'Tor first laughed but when Claire threatened him with her ships in orbit he told Claire the Loron never found a Skull.

Dissapointed Claire returned to the Infector and informed Empire Intelligence she was heading to a planet called Kreeta, to investigate the whereabouts of the skull. Unknown to Claire, her father and a Hutter captain also gained information about the skull and prepared themselves to follow the Empire to Kreeta. And they wouldn't be the last who shall become interessted in obtaining the Skull.

Approaching Port Station

As the Infector was damaged Claire was forced to repair the damage at Port Station, located in the middle of the Q-21 Southern Trade route. She also needed supplies (like food and medicene) for the crew and as such decided Port Station was the perfect (neutral) place for it.

Hannity doesn't notice Claire at Port Station

After obtaining clearance to the station (Goraurien were rather careful with the Empire and as such clearance took a time) Claire and her crew discovered many ships of unknown types around the station. While also some familair she was informed by her Libertus officer that the USS Enterprise-A had already arrived at the station. Claire looked grim, her father was following her and could become a serious threat to her plans for obtaining the Skull. She knew a deciet was needed.

Ordering her crew to dock at Port Station and re-supply and repair the ship, Claire donned a new revealing outfit and entered the station. Meeting the humble Caizini S'Rell she agreed to travel with him to the Rambo colony Javan. An hour after meeting with S'Rell his freighter left with Claire onboard.

Captured by Hut'Kraang onboard his D-5 cruiser

Smiling, her deceit had succeeded without her father realising it at the moment she left. She would rendevouz with the Infector at Javan again, where she would try to find information about the planet known as Kreeta.

During their travel Claire was invited by S'Rell to the bridge of his freighter where he told her that the travel to Javan was about to take two weeks. During their conversation of tremor was felt, followed by a violent shock which rocked the entire freighter. Losing her balance S'Rell grabbed Claire to prevent her from falling- at the same time a green light was surrounding Claire. Suddenly the two found themselves onboard the D-5 cruiser of the Hutter captain Hut'Kraang. He explained they were being captured in order of the Hutter Defense Force, who had taken interesst in the Zevian Skull. To Claire and S'Rell their horror he destroyed S'Rell his freighter, killing all onboard. Afterwards they were brought to the brick of the D-5 cruiser, probably awaiting interrogation from the ruthless Hutter Captain.

After passing the wormhole leading into Quadrant 82, Kraang was informed about the location of Kreeta, a planet located in the unclaimed territories of Quadrant 82. Heading there the ship came under attack by the Infector, but before the Imperials were able to save Claire an anomaly struck both vessels. Space lit up with fire and Kraang made an emergency warp jump. During the jump which resulted in the ship spinning out of control Claire lost her conscious. Upon awaking she found herself in a cell at Kreeta Base, only in her underwear like all other present were stripped of their uniforms and armor in other cells.

Interrogated and jolted by Chodecra

Upon her awakening both Chodecra and Rambas entered the interrogation cell. Chodecra used electric shocks to try to recieve information. Claire- who was rather weak due to being in a state of hypothermia lost her footing at the first shock and fell to the ground. Gasping for air and trying to stay conscious she overhead protests from Rambas. Yet Chodecra ignored them and electrocuted her again- while her body was jolted she laid at the floor with a vision of past shocks by her other menace, Mortikran. This kind of "interrogation" continued well into the fifth month of 02 NE- though to her credit Claire didn't break but due to her treatment she became very weak and lost over 10 kg of her weight. During the interrogation Chodecra even mocked her with saying that her body seemed to like it yet her mind didn't. During interrogation (which unaware to others seemed to disable the device in her head) began to experience dreams and thoughts of her time before the Empire, of her father and her clone trooper friends.

Fleeing from Kreeta

When another session was planned for interrogation the alarm suddenly sounded as the Empire- under command of Mortikran launched an assault at Kreeta. The Resistance fleet in orbit was easily defeated and forced to retreat. While Mortikran also arrived at the surface to fight against the Resistance the cell blocks lost power and together with Kraang and S'Rell they managed to escape the base and arrived at a docking plattform. Close to Kraang' D-5 cruiser they also met an escaping Dilipio trader by the name of Dil who told them Mortikran was close behind. And he was. Mortikran launched himself at Claire- wanting to take revenge upon her but Claire managed to back-kick the Mortalitas which staggered him for a while. At the same moment a Venator-class star destroyer came chrashing down- giving Claire and "friends" the time they needed to escape. The Diliphio trader brought Claire and S'Rell back to the Rambo Capital where she said her goodbyes to both S'Rell and Dil. Claire however was given house arrest and awaited further instructions.

Her house arrest lasted for over a month, in which she was briefed about current events and she had to brief Rambo Command of her doings. Sometime during the month she felt a disturbance, but couldn't place what it was but she felt more at ease (-this happened as Moranonúngur was killed when acting as one of the three leaders of the Cognatus Empire, or so it seemed).

Founder and Ramtilsae send Claire on her new mission

After spending two months in house arrest at the Rambo Capital Claire was summoned by Regent Ramtilsae and the Founder. The Founder explained that he knew the possible whereabouts of Empress Ramashe due to the advanced sensors of the USS Relativity. If Claire would agree she would be made an Operative, given command of the Suiliagothrond II- a battlestation and two Acclamator class escorts. Claire agreed to the Founder his terms, as well as additional notes about lifting a blockade and retrieving the Zevian Skull for the Nation if possible.

Clearing the wormhole from the QF

When both the Founder and the Regent left Claire began reading her battlestation, crew and escorts to prepare for leave. As preperations were made Claire began studying the command structure and schematics of the station as she was unfamilair with the station as of speaking. After studying the station for a few weeks she was finally allowed to leave the Capital and set course toward her goals. Arriving at the Wormhole Plateau she contacted vice-admiral Ramtainus and together they came up with a plan to lift the QF blockade. While Ramtainus and his fleet of damaged star destroyers attacked the QF, they would take no notice of the wormhole. When the battle started it seemed the QF would take the upperhand as Ramtainus moved his fleet away, however at the same time Claire- onboard the station exited the wormhole and took the QF-fleet by complete surprise. Charging the cannon at 25% she ordered her crew to fire at the QF-fleet- which incernated two third of the enemies fleet who at once retreated.

Claire welcomes the Empress, Lourdes, Dil and Riordan at the bridge

Pleased Claire thanked Ramtainus and together with her crew continued her journey towards Zevia. After a two week travel they arrived at Zevia and to her surprise the artificial wormhole was open- and a lot of traffic came out of it. She became even more surprised when two freighters contacted the station, Riordan Rambertan and Dil brought both Empress Ramashe and the Elven population of Carnthedain with them. Welcoming the Empress onboard the station she witnessed the empress rewarding both Riordan and Dil with a large sum of money. Before Ramashe left to return to her throne, Claire was instructed to finish her Zevian Expedition as fast as possible, and afterwards invade and liberate Carnthedain from the sorceror.

Claire and Carnoria meet again!

At once Claire began making preparations for both the Expedition and the invasion of Carnthedain. It was a good start of the second month of 03 NE/06 AQF. Claire dispatched lt. commander Irana to investigate the temple for hidden rooms or hallways while Claire herself would study the markings at the Saurien palace once more in Carnivoria City. Taking a Mortis dropship she travelled to the city where she was welcomed by King Carnoria who was surprised to see her. He welcomed her to his palace to study the markings once more.

When Claire proposed that the King would travel with her once more, he gently refused, claiming his people needed him. Claire finished her study over the markings and left Zevia. Returning onboard she was surprised that Irana took a Greendion with her, by the name of Stench (-a reference to his smelly appearance). Claire agreed that he could travel as a passenger onboard, but was Irana her responsibility.

Arriving at Carnthedian with the Infector coming out of a wormhole

After leaving Zevia, and a few weeks of travel the station finally arrived at Carnthedain in the third month of 03 NE/06 AQF. The travel took three months but Claire was happy to finally arrive. Finishing this mission would allow her to seek contact again with her father. Entering orbit a sudden wormhole gained Claire's attention when command S'aur informed her of it. When lt. commander Irana informed that a ship was exiting from it, Claire recognised it as her former ship she commanded, the Infector. The Infector made a coallision with one of the Acclamator-class vessels, though the USS Implacable managed to escape. To her delight the coallision made sure the Infector was driftless and formed no threat anymore. Satisfied Claire ordered her crew to prepare for battle and invasion of Carnthedain. However the invasion never came, as Irana informed her that the dark fortress was empty and no sign were seen of goblins or trolls. Surprised Claire ordered Mortar, one of her clone trooper commanders to aid the Elves in returning to their homes, while also building a camp for the troops who remain at Carnthedain to protect them from trolls or goblins if they would return. Claire herself travelled to the Dark Fortress, to search for clues and information. While Claire entered a room, the room suddenly sealed and Claire found herself in an abandoned and empty hallway, clouded with smoke and a nasty smell.

Morgandaûr strikes at Claire!

Suddenly Claire heard voices and screeches and she became affraid all of a sudden. Suddenly the hallway ended in a dead end, before Claire could turn around the wall displayed images of Claire being tortured by Mortikran- while his laugh filled Claire's head with despair. Soon the imaged changed in the time she was being "interrogated" by colonel Chodecra and Rambas while all the time she felt the pain again. Falling to her knees, Claire softly began to cry, tears rolling down her cheecks. Suddenly a voice talked her, turning around, her back against the wall Claire searched the dark hallway for a sign of the origins of the voice. Claire her underlip quivered and her eyes widened, as the voice sounded dark, hollow and twisted. The voice introduced himself as Morgandaûr, the sorceror of Carnthedain. re sprung back to her feet and raised her shield, still searching the hall way. Claire suddenly felt the pain of her tortures again and fell to one knee. This sorceror was playing tricks with her senses and mind- though she didn't want to admit it, she really was affraid. Standing up again she never saw Morgandaûr materializing behind her. While his hand grabbed her shoulder, his other hand charged with dark energies who rendered Claire unconscious.

Morgandaûr took Claire to his personal quarters high a top one of the towers of the Dark Fortress. Giving her a slight electric shock he awoke Claire again who screamed in agony of pain.

Claire raised her upper body and head, supported by her arm that felt heavy- sweat breaking out Claire narrowed her eyes. Full of hatred and anger at this sorceror, who managed to take her out from behind. In her opinion only a coward would not dare to face a human. Glaring at the sorceror, who identified himself as Morgandaûr she noticed that he was clad in heavy black and dark armor, as well as two black capes- one hang from his helmet crown, the other from his shoulder. Morgandaûr suddenly turned himself and shot dark energy at Claire- flung to the other side of the room she chrashed hard against the stone wall. Claire regained her footing and breathed heavily. This sorceror had a change of mood in mere mili-seconds. Looking again at Morgandaûr she saw he made an illusionary picture of the Zevian Skull. Surprised that the sorceror knew of her quest Claire raised her shield again and challenged Morgandaûr.

Morgandaûr defeated!

The sorceror simply laughed, how could a mere human think that they could defeat him? Morgandaûr launched another bolt of dark magic, narrowly missing Claire as she evaded it. Morgandaûr swung his sword arm at Claire, hitting the shield hard and shattering the bones in Claire her right arm, she screamed in pain and fell to her knees again, blood spilling from her arm she saw the fracture of her ulna sticking out of her arm. Breathing heavily Claire looked at Morgandaûr, towering above her with a sickening smile he raised his arm and prepared to strike again. Claire- knowing she had lost this battle closed her eyes and hoped her end would come swiftly.

The moment she felt Morgandaûr's sword cut through her shoulders flesh, a sizzling energy surged Claire her body and jolted into Morgandaûr who hissed in anger. Morgandaûr was engulfed in electric charges and a bright red light when his own energies seemed to turn against him. Claire looking surprised ducked behind her shield when Morgandaûr vanished in a flash of light, hissing that he was not yet finished with her.

With the sorceror vanquished for the moment, Claire looked around her in amazement. She never knew she possesed somesort of power. When Morgandaûr's sword cut into her, she felt his dark energy pouring into her, but somehow her body reacted against it. Puzzled Claire wondered if her father knew of this as well, making a promise to herself she would invite her father for diner and ask him about it.

A new location discoverd!

Finding her way outside again, Claire, with her broken arm was transported back to the Suiliagothrond II for treatment. In sickbay, while the doctor was healing her arm a red alert was given! The Suiliagothrond II was drawn into a portal and was phasing out of her current position. Within second, narrowly avoiding a coallision with the USS Implacable and the damaged Infector the station reappearad at a differant location deep within the Unclaimed Territories in Quadrant 82. While Claire and her crew looked outside they saw a massive structure coming in view, frozen by amazement Claire managed to regain her positives and ordered the crew to regain alttitude and to get stabilizers back online or the station would chrash into the structure. Amazed Claire ordered her crew to inform Rambo Command of their current situation and position, all the while looking what secrets this new planet could hold.

Thel'Vicliquam slashes Claire from behind

Together with Irana, Stench and Niner they explored a small part of Aecor and went straight for the central hub, wich houses a large energy source. Though the structure looked like a maze due to it's massive size, they eventually reached the tombe or temple wich houses the Zevian Skull. As Claire approached the skull, impressed by it's large size (was it supposed to be the size of a true Atlantica?-), Irana tried to yell something to Claire, who turned and looked surprised to her officer. Suddenly Claire felt a sudden slash from her right shoulder to her left thy, as well as electric charges around her. Unable to speak or even scream, Claire fell to her knees while Thel'Vicliquam dropped his cloack- with Claire her blood dripping from his blade. Claire lost all color in her face, turning pale white and a lone tear rolling down her cheek. Thel'Vicliquam snorted and gave a light push against Claire her head, who fell lifeless to the ground unconscious. At the same her father entered the room and screamed in agony.

While Thel'Vicliquam wanted to kill all other present, he was interrupted by another approaching Cogsangui. It turned out to be Rtas'Shagili who informed all present that Rambo Nation and the Cognatus Empire reached somesort of an agreement to cease hostilities. This allowed James and his crew to take Claire to the medical bay onboard the USS Enterprise-A, where in critical medical condition- the shipsdoctor Bob Chioaik managed to heal her to a certain level wich allowed her to be transported to the Rambo Capital for further medical treatment.

James and Claire say their goodbyes

After recieving surgery, as her internal organs like her left kidney and her backspine were damaged by the attack she was happy to see her father next to her. Her father took Claire to Luthrionicae- a populair vacation town at the Capital. There the two remained during James' shore leave and they did father-daughter things, like sunning, shopping and going for diner in restaurants. Sadly even the shore leave came to an end, and while James waited at the beack at a lone table, Claire dressed herself in her revealing formal outfit. After an intense hug, the two together drank an alcoholic drink, her father Serindia Wine while she drank from a Patron Quadrantia. During the talk, where her father recalled him meeting her mother, Indris Claire felt happy again. She showed her scar at her back to her father, who smiled sadly to her. Claire simply raised her shoulders at it would dissapear after a few more treatments. Her father apologised for the strain in their relation, though Claire dismissed it as a family trait known as stubbornness. The comment made both laugh in joy. After expressing their hopes to remain safe, James was beamed to the Enterprise and left for new adventures. Behind at the beach, Claire sighted and crossed her arms. Smiling that relations between her father and herself was improved she walked back to her rental cabin where she had a few more weeks to heal. She couldn't wait to get started again in training and returning to the station. Rumors had it she was also going to be given a vessel, so that the Suiliagothrond was to be guarding Aecor at all time, the ship could give Claire and her crew the chance to explore nearby space as well.

Leaving Aecor for new adventures!

Upon Claire's return to Aecor she returned to the Suiliagothrond II. Once there she gave news to her crew that they weren't given a Rambo ship to explore nearby systems or planets now that the Suiliagothrond II was to be a permenant guard duty in orbit of Aecor. Dissapointed, her crew claimed that were being used by Rambo Command. However Claire told them that there was a ship for them, much to her own and her crews surprise Rambo Command wanted them to commandeer the Atlantica Conjectural! The only problem with that, was that the Cognatus Empire might have an opinion about that.

Together with the Cogsangui known as Rtas'Shagili she formed the defense of Aecor. Somewhere during the fifth month of 06 AQF/03 NE Claire was contacted by Rambo Command and assigned to new duties and missions. Together with her commander and lieutenant the party embarked from Aecor onboard a light freigher commenly found in the Quadrants.

Right Behind You[]

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Claire faces a drunken Camron Dar!

As Claire and her crew embarked from Aecor, Claire informed her crew of their new objective. Their mission was to track down a rebel leader at Yudumarth, currently under siege by Rambo and Imperial forces. Her commander, S'aur wasn't pleased with this manhunt but before they could continue their argument the party arrived in orbit of Yudumarth where Claire recognised a battered cruiser, commanded by one of her arc enemies. Not wishing to be seen she ordered her crew to find a landing plattform at the surface of Yudumarth to finish their mission and leave as fast as possible. Together with Stench Claire took their speeder and headed to the village where the rebel leader was hiding. During the travel they discovered a nest of Nosisan, bugs hailing from the planet Nosiso. Surprised Claire took notice of it and promised to inform Rambo Command of her findings, so she could deal with it. Arriving at the village Claire waited till semi-darkness before climbing on the roof of the main building where she took out two guards and entered the room inside.

Claire recieves her new mission from vice-admiral Ramcard

Opening the door, an overwhelming stench of alcohol and sweat entered Claire's nostrils. The awfull smell almost made her puke, and she was forced to place her hand before her mouth and nose. Inside she faced a hand to hand combat with the drunken rebel leader, Camron Dar. Though unable to take him out, he was able to throw empty bottles at Claire, the sound of shattering glass alarming the guard. Claire was able to steal the cylinder containing a virus and jumped out of the windown before arriving guards were able to fire on her. Escaping the village and returning to the Falcon, Claire informed Rambo Command of her discoveries.

Corva, Voro and meet Claire at Orbispira

Answering her transmission was vice-admiral Ramcard who appeared to be concerned about the Nosisan nest, as well as the vial from Koerband. When Claire offered to travel to the Rambo planet Ramcard neglected the offer and instead send Claire to the Imperial capital, Orbispira where she was to extract an important person. Donning her bounty hunter suite again, Claire entered the streets of Orbispira while the Falcon remained docked at dock 19-94. Eventually her friend, Corva saw Claire through the crowd and together with Voro and Tironus Manition approached Claire. Expressing pleasentries they soon headed towards the Falcon after being spotted by Imperial Stormtroopers. Arriving at the dock, with Claire narrowly avoiding a bump in with a feline Soúroupa, the party entered the freighter and left Orbispira behind. After travelling for a few hours, Tyornius, Stench, Irana and S'aur went to bed while Corva and Claire remained at the bridge as it became night. With auto-pilot on Claire fell a sleep while Corva nodded, barely able to remain awake when suddenly an Imperial Star Destroyer dropped out of hyperspace. The commander of the ICS Accuser turned out to be Imperial officer Gaius Prentus who informed Claire that he was conducting a routine inspection. Claire handed over the cargo and personnel manifest.

Giving an apple to a Pidarrow

After an inspection they were allowed to proceed and the crew of the Falcon entered the Cyrannus-Q82 wormhole. After three days of travel, the crew of the Falcon reached the Rambo Capital. Escorting Voro to the surface, she left him at the Royal Palace while she herself went to Rambo Command HQ, changed her bounty hunter uniform for that of her dress uniform and went to meet with Ramcard again. At his office, his lieutenant junior grade Chiäe Giusti handed over a data file. After reading the file, Ramcard dispatched Claire and the crew of the Falcon to prevent a United Republic of Cyrannus captain, by the name of Xora to be sold as slave at Sanderhal.

After a three day travel, the Falcon arrived at Sanderhal. Upon entering orbit, the Falcon was trapped inside a dangerous thunder cloud, with lightning damaging the left engine it was forced to endure a hard landing. Tironus Manition offered to try and repair it while Claire was going to execute her mission and travel towards the Saurdoshan village. Corva, not wishing she should go along asked Voro to cloack and follow her in secret. Toiling away through the swamp, Claire stumbled upon a lone Pidarrow when eating an apple. Claire gave the creature the apple and managed to stroke the creatures neck.

Arena match choas at Sanderhal!

Leaving it behind she continued her travel, unaware that both the Pidarrow and Voro were following her. Arriving at the arena where the slave market was held, Claire tried to find Xora, though soon took notice that the Saurdoshan Hunter was following her as she was the only woman around not in a cage. When the Hunter asked why she was here, Claire told him to mind his business. Insulted, the Saurdoshan Hunter paralyzed Claire with a stun needle, Claire's nervous system immediately reacted and she fell to the ground, spasms taking over her body until she passed away into unconciousness. After she woke up, she found the Saurdoshan Hunter standing in front of her and he challenge her for an arena match. Aiming his gun and firing twice, Claire managed to evade both shots and threw a stone at him.

A shower incident!

Smiling and calling her "pussy cat", the Hunter suddenly shot forward and kneed Claire in her abdomen, gasping for air Claire fell on her knees. As the Saurdoshan Hunter was about to deliver the final blow, Voro Acetenus decloacked and reflected the blow. When Voro pressed a button at his arm, the locks on various cages exploded and there was choas. Various Vietaran Behemoths attacked the Hunter, while Claire, still at her knees looked in fear when a Quadrantia Xenomorph towered above her, it's saliva dripping upon her. Before the Xenomorph could attack, the Pidarrow Claire gave an apple attacked. Furious the Xenomorph launched himself at Claire though evading it's attack, the Xenomorph crashed into the Saurdoshan Hunter. In the ensuing choas, the Pidarrow got injured and Claire cradled it until she was carried away by Voro. Voro also freed Xora and the four of them returned to the Falcon.

At the Falcon, Claire decided to take a shower to wash away the mud and filth of the swamps of Sanderhal. Unaware to her, Stench peeked around the corner and watched her showering. Stench noticed that Claire was well build, slightly muscular, a fine extravagance, and well formed soft breasts. Suddenly Claire turned and furiously asked what he was doing and that he should get out while Claire took a towel to cover he lower body, her left arm covering her breasts. Confused, Stench replied that his mother never thaught him not to peek at showering girls, and that he himself didn't wear any clothes either. Claire's expression and tone softened, placing the towel around her body she approached Stench and went down on her knees. Fondling Stench head gently, Claire told Stench that humanoids simply wore clothes and don’t find it proper that others peek at them while showering or chancing their clothes. Stench nodded and apologized, though Claire replied there was no need for. Together the two walked towards the lavatory to brush their teeth.

Under tutelage of Kjac

Aterwards Claire went to check upon Xora and the Pidarrow, who just recieved a medical inspection by the Emergency Hologram Program. At first meeting Claire already disliked the EMH, who in her opinion had an attitudue problem. After assuring both the Pidarrow and Xora were alright, Claire craddled the Pidarrow until it fell asleep and Claire, together with Stench, Xora and Corva watched a movie before leaving Sanderhal and travelling to New Capricaerón. At New Capricaerón, a New Cyrannian Republic planet the crew of the 'Falcon rendevouzed with the CRS Valour, saying goodbye to Xora and shaking her hand, Xora was brought over to the star destroyer and said her goodbyes and thanks.

Defeat by Dracrus at Claire's first battle

Afterwards, Claire and the crew of the Falcon travelled back to the Unclaimed Territories and set course to a planet known as Terra Prime. After landing on the planet, Claire and Corva met an injured Owlaron, taking care of the creature they headed towards the mansion, belonging to professor Kjac. The elderly Yodian promised to heal the creature and told them all about Scions and training them, the professor was surprised to see a Pidarrow, hailing from Sanderhal it wasn't the most safest place. Claire remained under the tutelage of Kjac for a while, he learned her to understand them better and how to battle with them. At the last day, Claire too a swimming in her underwear together with her Scions, when Kjac approached them he was a bit unsure how to handle himself around her in her underway. He then informed her about arena and skill tokens, and was pleased to hear that she was going to explore the mountains in the east. To her own surprise, Kjac gave his Charzargon as a travelling companion to Claire, as the Charzargon seemed to have taken a liking to her.

James and Claire finally manage to talk to eachother again!

As Claire started her journey she travelled east of Pallarian Town, soon finding herself on the mountain road and challenged by Dracrus who claimed she was not ready to pass the mountain road. He challenged her and Claire accepted, sending her Pidarrow and Charzargon against him as he requested againt his Krabler. A single bubble attack by Krabler send both of Claire's Scions unable to battle and Claire run back to the bridge in anger. After her defeat, the following evening Claire decided to contact her father, James Rambo, captain of the USS Enterprise-A. Pleased to see her father again, the two talked for hours about their adventures before saying their goodbyes. Though initially sad by her loss, her father managed to give her confidence and comforting words, promising herself to train harder Claire set up her tent and went to bed as well.

Discovering the horros of Installation 05

Shortly after making contact, she and the crew of the Falcon headed to Koerband, a colony of Rambo Nation where they were to investigate Installtion 05 and the vials she recovered earlier on in her adventures at Yudumarth. Flying over Ramloria City, claimed to be brought to ruins by an earthquake, Voro Acetenus claimed that it looked more like a battle. Leaving Stench and Tironus Manition at the Falcon, Voro, Corva and Claire entered the unground Installtion 05. To their horros, they saw starved creatures like a Quadrantia Xenomorph, remains of Rambo Serindia and more. The installation seemed to be doing experiments in name of Rambo Nation. Horrified Claire entered another room wich was a dead end, when a sudden tremor began, Claire was hit by rubble falling from the ceiling. After she stood up, tasting blood due to biting her lip as well as a stream of blood at the side of her head. Coming to her feet she noticed fog surrounded her, suddenly she heard a hiss coming in front of her and saw hideous creatures approaching.

The Virals have awakened

Placing her hand at her side, she noticed her phaser was gone when suddenly a shadow emerged from behind her. Looking behind her, through the fog she saw a hideous and massive creature, with skeletal wings and a bad smell, Claire was horrified. Looking at the ceiling, she saw that the ceilings were moving with creatures as well, hideous and deformed. Turning again, Claire yelled at Voro and Corva that they had to run as the creatures began approaching her friends.

Escaping Ramloria City

Then the world turned black for Claire, within the following hours the "Viral Outbreak" began at Koerband, causing the deaths of thousands and sending the planet into panick. Claire woke a while later, wandering the halls she found many dead virals with blaster and energy blad marks, that showed that Voro and Corva had put up a fight and hopefully managed to escape the city. Arriving at the main hall, she was chased by a large horde of Virals, though a stair led her to a balcony where with aid of her Pidarrow and Owlaron Scions managed to escape Ramloria City unharmed and without fighting any Virals, avoiding unwanted attention. She didn't find the Falcon, assuming that the rest managed to escape unharmed she was relieved and prepared herself for surviving the Virals. Taking the road during daylight Claire managed to find a ravaged barn, wondering how far the Virals have gotten already in a mere night, she hoped that her friends and grandfather were alright.

Taking shelter in a ravaged barn

Taking shelter in the barn, she allowed her Charzargon to make a fire to keep her and her Scions warm during the night, as the nights at Koerband are quite cold this time a year. With her Charzargon at watch, Claire began an uneasy sleep, at morning she must make her way towards civilization in hopes to escape the horrible fate of being captured or bitten by a Viral. During one of the nights, sheltering in a barn she met Crecklorin, son of Crecktain.

Surrounded by Virals once more!

The Creckel attacked Claire, forcing to defend herself she tried to explain that she wasn't stealing, though was forced to kick the legs from underneath the Creckel, sat atop him and drew a knife at the throat of the Creckel, only then did he surrender. They later teamed up, suggesting they travelled to Cardolast or Arthenost for protection by Rambo Command, Crecklorin grew furious, claiming that they opened fire at Virals and citizens alike when the Virals appear. Suddenly surrounded, they fought for their lives against the Creckels before finding a boat that allowed them to escape a terrible fate. While on the water, they were picked up by a Cogsangui dropship, under orders of Voro, Thaur Vicliquam brought both of them onboard the Harbringer of Truth, a massive Melkón-class Dreadnought.

Last meeting onboard the Harbringer of Truth


Escorted to the bridge, Claire was relieved to see Voro, Corva and Tironus Manition unharmed, Corva smiled and hugged Claire while Tironus Manition patted her on the back. Afterwards she introduced Crecklorin to the others and at suggestion of Voro, ordered fleet-captain Bill Silveria to stand down his fleet as the Unified Order of Cognalorilos were friends, not foes. She would concern herself with the details of the "disobedient" acts of the Harbringer and its crew.

Before leaving, Voro revealed he was leaving the crew of the Falcon, to lead his people into a new dawn. Saddened, Claire thanked Voro for his friendship and gave him a gentle kiss on his fore head before telling him the Gods may be with him on his new path.

Battle for the Scion on Vasuband

After some free time and shore leave together with her mates, and exploring the Quadrant Galaxies further, the crew of the Falcon travelled to Vasuband, the capital planet of the Cyrannian Imperial State as Claire heard rumors of an unique Cyrannus Galaxy Scion. Sadly, they arrived in the midst of a massive battle. The great steering work of Tironus Manition saved them from harm as he managed to land the ship on the surface. When they noticed trapped Apatomo's yelling, they tried to save them from the vines wich in turn, turned out to be a large and angry Benavylsaur, as they opened their blaster, Tironus Manition suggested to Claire to her use two Scions. With aid of her Pidarrow and Charzargon she managed to capture her Benavylsaur and soon left Vasuband with their her newly acquired Scion!

Tertius Bellum[]

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Tironus Manition and Claire discuss the origin of the transmission

After their ordeal at Vasuband, the crew of the Falcon set course home back to the Quadrant Galaxies. On their way, Tironus Manition picked up an old Rambo Nation emergency transmission hailing from a planet within Regellis Star Empire-space.

Vinchauk meets the crew of the Falcon and Ramikku

Tracking the signal to the prison facility of Riphar-15JD, the crew infiltrated the facility and located the missing Rambo captain, Ramikku Ramoval. Due to the efforts of Corva the Falcon managed to escape the planet but was soon tracked down by Regellis bird-of-preys.

With sheer luck, the Falcon managed to cross the border into New Cyrannian Republic-space where Republic officer, Vinchauk Il'Chahol managed to drive the Regellis back into their own territories.

At Nal Amroth Keep

After recieving a bounty (an insult for Claire) the Republic officer allowed the crew of the Falcon to leave and they returned to the Quadrant Galaxies. In february of 08 AQF, the crew of the Falcon travelled to Nal Amroth, headquarters of the Syndicate at behalf of Rambo Nation to investigate the high amount of criminal gatherings there. Entering the fortress, Claire, Tironus Manition and Corva witnessed all kind of illegal things going on, slavery, arms markets, illegal trade etc. They took a seat in the large arena and saw a young Sinleri girl fighting against the Saurdoshan Hunter and defeating the massive brute though was spared at behalf of the Board of Elders. The next morning, they saw another match though the Sinleri girl was outmatched and faced death. Tironus Manition questioned Claire's motives and decided to follow him in an attempt to save the girls life. They succeeded and managed to depart Nal Amroth and headed for Terra Prime where they met with professor Kjac again who promised to heal the girl, who they learned was known as Idris Vanquinar.

At Terra Prime she showed Kjac all her Scions and decided to leave them with the elder Yodian as she believed they would be safer and better off with him.

At the Valley of Tranquility

In July 08 AQF, the crew of the Falcon met with Jenassian Gul Arritzia Dar'Aehl. He informed them of the ongoing events at Arcaniox and were tasked to investigate at behalf of Rambo Command as part of a covert joined operation between the Nation and the Regency. To her surprise, her friend Corva and the Gul didn't get along at all. After gaining the information they arrived at Arcaniox, entering the events known as the Torments. Arriving at the Valley of Tranquility, they met with the Ragashota Elder, Shoa-San Greenbeard who was injured during the initial attack of the Hutter Kingdom. He chronicled what happened and dispatched his bravest warrior, Xang Flamesnout to bring them beyond the wall, into the frozen wastelands to find the Tormented Tomb.

Arriving at the Tormented Tomb

During their long walk towards the tomb, they had a hard time in the snow and was constantly in arguments with Tironus Manition as she disliked the weather and wasn't dressed for it. Corva grew irritated by it and mentioned it to the two but they ignored it. During one of the evening nights, Tironus Manition disturbed an owl-like Scion who hit them with a pshychic attack, sending them into the snow. They eventually arrived at the Tormented Tomb and all felt chilled by its omnious presence.

Facing Darkarg the mighty Scion

Inside the tomb the crew faced a legendary serpent and powerful Scion known as Darkarg who inhabited the frozen and creepy tomb. The party was unable to counter its attacks and managed to hit Claire with a powerful beam of energy that disabled her for a moment. The party decided to run and make an attempt to enter another room beyond the great hall while the Ragashota Xang Flamesnout kept the being occupied.

Tormenter arrives!

It provided enough distraction for the rest to enter tomb of the Tormentor. To their surprise the evil entity was already shifting into the mortal realm. While they fired their weapons on the entity, is simply roared and with a single swipe of his arms send them flying hard into the ground. To their surprise, the Bloodprince, Kael'Thalas Bloodwing and Liloth arrived as well and hailed the Tormentor. To her own horror and that of her friends, the Tormentor informed them Judgement had already fallen upon them and devoured the upper body of the Bloodprince, ending his reign. The Tormentor than called forth his judgement and began changing the geographic lay-out of the Quadrant Galaxies so that he could destroy the remaining space in a single stroke. In space, the timely arrival of the Typhon-Class and its temporal weapon delayed the Tormentor and allowed Claire and her friends to open the attack once more. The energy and spiritual pressure of the Tormentor and attacks made Claire and her friends feel fatiuge, tired and injured by the clash.

Fighting the Tormentor while freezing and changing in color

Suddenly, Claire approached the Tormentor alone and unleashed a powerful magical shield to protect her and her friends from a certain death of the Tormentor. Unknown to her, the Rambo Founder took control over her mind and body and unleashed her Atlantica heritage inside her while channeling his own power through her as well while he remained at the Rambo Capital.

While Claire struggled by the strain of power, Tironus Manition supported her and kept her from falling to her knees. She then unleashed two powerful beams of energy that hit the Tormentor who lost his footing and shifted back into another the other realm. Her friends looked in sadness and defeat as they slowly lost Claire. She managed to thank them all and wanted to relay a message for her father, though she was fully frozen before she could say them.

Her friends took her frozen remains to the Valley of Tranquility where Empress Ramashe greeted them and offered her thanks for saving the Quadrants from a certain destruction. Her body was brought onboard the Falcon and the crew hoped to find the USS Enterprise-A, the ship commaned by James Rambo, her father!

Personality and Traits[]

Claire is a kind and honest girl, often found the cutest girl in the class by her looks. Claire loves the persons she considers family and friends, especially she loves her father, James Rambo a lot. Tough their relation was once strained during her early military years, they grew closer together after both matured. Claire always believes in a better future as long as she has her friends by her side. Furher more, Claire is often despribed as kind-hearted, spirited, happy-go-lucky, and energetic, which sometimes clashes with the more stoic group members and her superiors. Claire tries to maintain a positive outlook, and but makes a stark contrast when she is upset, and despite her outwardly happy exterior, she carries some insecurities, particularly when it comes to her future and around her arc enemies.

Claire her military education and experience allowed Claire to develop a keen insight in battle tactics, troop movements and how to perform space battles. Loving to sport to keep her condition and body in shape, Claire is well known for her arcrobatic skills and though ligth weighted, her strenght in close combat. To improve her agility and speed, she carries small gravital disks which can make her lighter and faster in acrobatic combat. However, due to her experiences she dislikes dumb orders, not wishing to needlessly sacriface Clone Troopers, she is also known for her stubberness and tendancy to go against order, just like her father.

When troubled, Claire is often quiet, not wishing to talk about her personel emotions due to torture sessions by Mortikran. Due to these treatments, Claire is often insecure around males, and finds it difficult to show her body to others as some scars at her back can still be seen. To others, she then seems cold and distant, not easily approachable or open and warm to strangers. During a shower incident, Stench noticed that Claire, when naked was well build, slightly muscular, having a fine extravagance, and well formed soft breasts.

Claire eventually learned that she was able to train mystical Scions, these are her Scions obtained during her journeys at order of encountering and capture.

Claire encoutered her Pidarrow when travelling through the swamps of Sanderhal. During their encounter she gave the Pidarrow an apple, wich in grattitude followed her from a distance and eventually aided Claire during the arena fight. Ever since, the Pidarrow is one of the most used Scions by Claire.

Claire her Pidarrow is a female.

Owlaron (Claire's).png
Claire encountered her Owlaron while landing on Terra Prime, the Scion was injured by the rest of it's kin due to it's smaller size. Healed by the Yodian professor Kjac, the Owlaron pledged it's loyalty to Claire.

Claire her Owlaron is male.

Owlaron (Claire's)Large.png
Charzargon Stage I.png
Claire her Charzargon hails from Ramghatulk, originally captured by professor Kjac. During Claire's training and stay with Kjac, the Charzargon took a liking to her and wanted to travel the Quadrants to combat other Scions and to become stronger.
Claire her fourth acquired Scion, captured at Vasuband during its siege.

Claire had to use both her two brought Scions, Charzargon and Pidarrow to bring down the powerful and angry Scion, though with it earned the respect of the Benavylsaur. It would later become an important and reliable Scion in her team.



Below Claire her various wardrobes and appearances are featured, most of the Png files require the Dark Injection mod.

Operative Garb[]

Field Uniform
Claire Rambo (Armor).png
Claire in her field uniform with added armor patches. She was given this kind of uniform when she became an Operative in service of Rambo Nation and Rambo Command. With shield and light armor.
Claire Rambo Armor!.png
Operative Dress Uniform
Claire Rambo (dress uniform).png
Claire in her dress uniform. The sea-green colors indicate her position as Operative, Claire earned a red recommendation cord during her carreer. In this outfit she wears her hair differant as well.
Claire Rambo (dress uniform)01.png
Operative Underwear
Claire Rambo (Underwear II).png
Claire in her operative underwear. These are basic underwear provided by the Rambo Command, and are ordered to be worn under militairy uniforms. Claire her underwear excists out of a lower panties and a sport brah.
Claire Rambo (Underwear II)Large.png

Various Gar[]

Civilian Outfit
Claire Rambo (Civil Garb).png
Claire in a summer dress, this loose outfit is often worn by Claire in her leisure time, it shows Claire's fine tast for decoration on her cloathes and fine taste for fashion. The dress is a populair outfit with Quadrantia designs often worn by the various humanoids that call the Quadrants home.
Claire Rambo (Civil Garb)Large.png
Civilian Dress outfit
Claire Rambo (dress outfit).png
Claire in a revealing dress, it shows Claire her fine female attributes and is one of the reasons Claire choose this outfit to find a new way of travel to Quadrant 82 during the Hunt for the Zevian Skull. As her armor would identify her at once as an Empire servant, this dress shows her as an innocent girl and gives her a great advantage.
Claire Rambo Dress 2.png
Bounty Hunter Outfit
Claire Rambo (bountyhunter).png
Claire in her bounty hunter outfit wich she frequently used during the Right Behind You story, equipped with small shielding and gauntlet phasers and a equipped with a basic phaser as well. With an eye scanner to identify dangers or call up various information or pre-programmed routes to her traget.
Claire RamboBountyhunter.png
Cyrannian Hand Uniform
Claire Rambo (bounty hunter).png
Claire in her second bounty hunter/mercenary outfit wich she frequently began using since the end of 07 AQF. Equipped with two blaster, a large hat and integrated comm and database, she is now well equipped for ground missions and reveals more of her face and is less easily recognised without wearing the outfit.
Claire Rambo (bounty hunterii)Large.png
Cyrannian Hand Uniform
Claire Rambo (Cyrannian Hand)) (1).png
Claire her Cyrannian Hand uniform, designed by Moranonúnger, giving Antedilivuian the means to enforce his will over Claire due to the helmet. Inside the helmet was a needle which pierced through Claire her skull, to ensure complete control over her. The uniform itself is made of black leather, sitting tight over her body.
Claire Rambo (Cyrannian Hand).png

Former Appearances[]



LoveRelation.pngI love them with all my heart!


Green face.pngI will defend those closest to me!

  • Ramashe - The Great Empress of Rambo Nation, I pledged my loyalty and life to her.
  • Corva - My girly buddy from Cyrannus!
  • Kjac - My little green friend and Scion professor!
  • Stench - My little stinky buddy! Though don't peek when I am showering anymore!
  • Tironus Manition - A fearsome sigh, yet very gentle and kind with a great sense of humor!
  • Voro Acetenus - My big buddy, he saved my life!
  • Zabiela - A loyal and clever trooper, somehow even a friend!

Yellow face.pngThey seem not to be against me

  • Carnoria- King of Zevia and gentle for a Saurien!
  • Crecklorin - A proud warrior, yet not the easiest to get along with
  • Tyrómairon - The Grand Emperor of the Empire who I serve without hesistation. Right?
  • Dil'inne'Dry - A Diliphio trader/burglar from Zevia.
  • Founder - The father of our Nation, though wise and old I find him a bit intimidating.
  • Moranonúngur - I am his student, and he is my master!
  • Ramtainus - A vice-admiral of the Rambo Navy and sympathizer of the Empire.
  • Rtas'Shagili - A Cogsangui Shiplord, prevented Thel'Vicliquam from killing me. He has my grattitude!
  • S'Rell - A kind and noble Caizini;;.
  • Tec'Tor - Warlord of Quarantia Loron, who respects my authority!
  • Xora - A Tezelteän female and officer of the Republic who we saved from slavers at Sanderhal

Red face.pngSurrender to the Cyrannia authorities of Rambo Nation, or the Empire for that matter!

  • Gaius Prentus - That blusted Imperial officer of that accusing star destroyer!
  • Garlboz - A foolish Governor, who has been dealt with but returned as Grand Mandator.
  • Hut'Kraang - A ruthless Hutter Captain.
  • Ramseph - My superior officer, who I do not get along with.
  • Saurdoshan Hunter - Brute!
  • Thel'Vicliquam - A Cogsangui who critically injured me for the sake of his Gods. How pathatic can you be to strike a girl from behind?

Face threatened.pngOh no!

  • Dhazhrak - I hear terrible stories of him! He haunts my nightmares, though I am not sure if he really exists or not.
  • Morgandaûr - The sorceror of Carnthedain!
  • Mortikran - A scary pervert and an enemy!.


Crew of Claire[]

The loyal crew of Claire excists out of three individuals, a clone trooper, a Chinawkya lieutenant and a HarbronSaurien commander. These three individuals will often be present on any of Claire her Operative mission, and those three are also bound to keep these mission a secret as they are highly classified.

Ship Commands[]

Main Article: Falcon

The Falcon is a small cargo freighter, humble and quite agile these cargo freighters were designed at Sanderhal and later on sold to all those who wished to buy it. The freighter is equipped with limited shielding and blaster, though can reach speeds of over Warp 6. With a brige, various accomodations and a cargo bay these ships became a prefferable ship for traders, smugglers and criminals as they are said to be able to outrun a Constitution-class.

Claire was given a confiscated freighter by Rambo Command, as well as a modified and upgraded systems like shielding, various photon torpedoes, a transporter and a replicator. The crew deceided to call the ship the Falcon. Additional equipment in the cargo bay was a buggy terrain vehicle and a Chinwakya speeder.

187th Regiment
The Ered Mithrin is a Caradhras Class Assualt Carrier of Rambo Nation. This class is one of the largest Serindia ship class ever creatured, though not listed as part of the Rambo Nation Navy.

Instead, the Caradhras Clas is a troop transport, transporter of fighters, invasion troopers, vehicles etc to the battlefield, and as such is listed as part of the Rambo Militairy. Yet still falls under Rambo Command, the center of all Rambo Nation militairy, whether ground forces or space navy.

The Ered Mirthrin is equipped with powerful shields and light batteries. With is she is able to defend herself and add additional fire power to ships of the navy when breaking blockaded. The Ered Mithrin has a size of 1157 meters and is commanded by Claire her superior commander, Colonel Ramseph. Colonel Ramseph is the son of the great vice-admiral Ramcard though is far more ruthless. Not hesitating to sacrifice his own troopers, he soon became disliked among his troopers, though still follow his orders as they are "programmed" that way.

The regiment saw first action during the third battle of Karzamahri Nui, though faced heavy casualties due to heavy resistance from Conferate troops. Afterwards they aided in the rebuilding of the colony and later on saw action during the second battle of Nosiso. In unexpected terrain, the 187th faced casualties when passing a bridge, which came under attack by Confederate forces stationed at Nosiso. Taking a detour the regiment faced injuries due to the heath and dyhedration, though Claire her tactics managed to keep casualties to a minimum, which earned her the respect of the entire regiment.

Claire, as a sergeant was given a regiment of Clone Troopers, known as the Rambo Nation Trooper 187th Regiment. Her 2nd in command was Clone Trooper Sergeant Zabiela and her personal pilot was Dacara, who piloted the Mortis Dropship Daughter. After he capture during the battle of New Ramhall she officialley became missing in action.

Suiliagothrond II
The Suiliagothrond II is a Suiliagothrond Battlestation. The station has the ability to move position and as such is considered a mobile battlestation. She is equipped with a powerful prow-mounted bombardment cannon- when fired at maximum power it can obliberate and destroy worlds. She is also equipped with multiple phasers and turboblasters, as well as strong shields to protect the station from harm.

The station is manned by various clone troopers and marines as well as some additional crewmembers from the Rambo species. Other equipment found onboard are various tanks, vehicles and shuttles and fighters to protect the station and to be able to launch ground invasions.

When Claire recieved command she also was given command over two Acclamator-class escorts who were filled with militairy personal and equipment to assist in the resque attempt or invasion of the planet to liberate the Empress. She later left command of this station into the hands of someone else due to new missions and adventures.


My beloved and strong willed daughter! Sadly she joined the military instead of the space fleet.

- Captain James Rambo

My dear Arc enemy, sadly she keeps escaping my hold over her, yet I enjoyed her screams when I tortured her. A thought that always makes me happy!

- Commander Mortikran

Somewhere I heard she was a fan of my music!

- Osha Stefani

A once good,Strong leader,Now corrupted by that Emperor. Does his evil know no Bounds?

- Zilla Spike

My best gal pal!

- Corva

She has my gratitude!

- Voro Acetenus


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  • Claire is the only child of James T Rambo
  • Claire was in the line for promotion to Lietenant in the Rambo militairy before her capture by Cyrannian hands and promotion to Operative.
  • Claire was a Featured Article in February 2012.
  • Claire, during her carreer has faced some impressive and powerful magical adversaries like Garlboz and Morgandaûr.
  • Claire underwent some serious painful and long torture sessions by Mortikran (twice!) and later on by Rambas.
  • Claire substained serious injuries during some missions:
    • Morgandaûr broke her arm while he shattered her shield with a mere swing of his sword, later on in the same fight he managed to stab her with his sword through her shoulder.
    • Thel'Vicliquam managed to seriously injure Claire when he slashed her with his energy sword from her right shoulder to her left thigh. The slash gave damage to Claire's internal organs like her left kidney and her backspine.
  • Claire is one of the lead fictional characters of Dino's fiction.


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