More than the Pact's Elite, we are blessed to call these warriors the elite of the elite!

- Archon Xindrox

They shall be our finest warriors, these individuals who give themselves for the Mandate. Like clay they are molded and in the furnace of war, they shall be forged. To protect our holdings they shall be of iron will and steely sinew. In great spirit, they shall be clad and they shall possess the mightiest weapons they shall be armed. They are untouched by plague or disease; no corruption shall blight them. They shall have such tactics, strategies and prowess that no foe shall best them in battle. They are our bulwark against terror. They are the Protectors of the Universe. They are the Civatrons... and they shall know no fear.

- The Book of Discipline on "The Apotheosis of the Warrior"

The Thorbil Egismugal (Tribe of the Firstborn) or Civatron Tribes are the foremost amongst the Grand Armies of the Pact. They were, originally, part of the Civatron warrior tribes of old, now they are solely designed to combat the enemies of the universe. No other species is allowed as part of one of the tribes as the Civatrons are supernatural in nature, made superior in all respects to a mortal specimen of any species due to their innate genetic modification, psionic prowess, and spartan training.

There were originally 16 tribes that were ultimately reformed into 9 following the War of Ages, where the lost ones had to be absorbed or 'adopted' by their brethren. Following the formation of the Singularim Pact, the Thorbil Egismugal have sought to distribute themselves in successive branches, each owing tithes to their founding 'Anu' or Parent-tribe.

The exact population of the Egismugals remains far from exact and may fluctuate widely depending on the time period and circumstances facing the Universe, but it is highly speculated that their agency reaches remote places across the wider local sector.



Ancient Civatron cave art depicting the Sixteen Primal Leaders.

The origins of the original 16 tribes of Civatron kind are fogged in myths and folklore, with many of history's faces interpreted in glorious and divine iterations. Whatever the real version is, the Civatron tribes all agree that their now militaristic and highly spiritual tribes are related to the lore of the Sixteen Primals.

In a time where the Civatron race, as mighty as it ever was, struggled to find a place in the Universe, it is said that these Sixteen individuals of unparallel might, armed with legendary weapons that are, as of today, considered highly valuable relics among every tribe respectively, arose from the established harmony of the celestial Civa Prime, each from different parts of the world, and each with a particular quality. Each of the tribes, or Egismugals as they were called, garnered enough strength to build long-standing civilizations in their corner of the world until years of constant expansion ultimately led to these peoples to meet and contact each other.

While some tribes warred against each other and even today hold rivalries, all of them communed in the advent of the space age and formed what was to be known as the Civa Tribal Accords, the upheaval of Civatron spacefaring.

The works of these Primes are considered to be key to the culture the Civatrons now respect and follow without question. Each tribe member now upholds the teachings of their founding parent with the utmost respect, devotion, and fervor.

Bor'eaa Schism[]

Mayor Lagartoss is considered to be the Prime leader of the consequent splinter tribes known as the Najiim.

During the golden age of the exploration era of the Civa Tribal Accords, the Egismugals discovered something of unprecedented nature: Their home galaxy had a satellite. Named Bor'eaa due to its pristine colors and beautiful ring shape, the Civatron tribes hastily made plans to develop the technology to explore it and eventually colonize it. Whilst the tests for effective inter-galactic jump drives were successful on simple exploration probes, little did the Egismugals know that the eventual journey of the volunteer force belonging to the Agamika Tribe would lead to total disaster.

Like a misfired weapon, the experimental jump drive was activated with no serious consequences at the beginning, all ships warped in and began their journey through their experimental space-time bender cores. The rest of the Egismugals watched in horror as little by little, unlike the probes they had sent beforehand, the colony ships of the Agamika tribe were lost to the void in-between the galaxies as if they were each destroyed.

In reality, the colony ships did arrive unscathed to the Bor'eaa galaxy, only that they were unable to contact their home galaxy and saw themselves stripped of any potential supplies provided by their brethren. Alone and adrift, the Agamika tribe dubbed themselves the Najiim, or "Forsaken Ones", and proceeded to colonize the ten times smaller ring-galaxy they had to eventually call home.

War of Ages[]

The reform[]

Ghenes Incident[]

Tribe Organization[]

The Tribal Mothership[]

The Piercing Fist, mothership and home to the Ryncho, leading its cadre of vessels.

Since the Golden Age of the late Cianju Alliance, the Civatron Chieftains made sure their tribes stay mobile and battle-ready for any emergent situation across their territory. As such, the construction of the immense and combat-ready Spearhead-class motherships were built. Although not as large as an Arkship of modern times, the Spearheads were designed to weather the test of time, effectively envisioned to be ahead of the time of their invention in terms of mobility, adaptability and sheer firepower.

It is from this gargantuan battlecruisers that the Civatron Tribes, each possessing one, realize the hard training and conditioning of their recruits, send battle groups where needed, and coordinate escort ships, which in conjunction with the Tribal Mothership, form up to become a "Civatron Fleet", one of the most dreaded sights to behold by the enemies of the Universe.

Each mothership is equipped with crew-quarters for the tribal warriors, shaped in the form of a large dome in its upper decks, where Civatron warriors rest and train. On its lower decks, right on the belly of the huge ship, the Spearhead motherships hold three separate foundries where resources are kept safe and turned into weapons, ships and everything the Tribe might need for its next missions. Additionally, a huge hangar, as well as its own psionic emitter, allow for the mothership to serve as a High Command unit for large fleets to operate on grand military campaigns, although the times where the Civatrons have allowed this to happen have been few, endorsing it in times of extraordinary crisis when the defenders of the universe's commanding structures have failed.

Incubator Worlds[]

Civa Ghenes was the first of several terraformed/chosen worlds to be used as Incubators for newer generations in modern times.

Our first generations were shaped by the water currents of Civa Prime, and they attuned us with our destiny. Those who come after us will be hardened and strengthened by the fire in Civa Ghenes. A new Civatron will emerge from this world and the universe shall be shaken with its steps, ushering an age of prosperity and security for our species.

- Master Hrak of the Kroios Circle

An Incubator World is the designated name for the planets, sometimes asteroid fields or even gravity-crushing celestial bodies such as black holes, that have been chosen or terraformed in order to house the future generations of Civatrons meant to uphold the mantle of protection the Children of the Stars have kept over the universe for decades.

The first of these to be ever been founded was none other than Civa Ghenes, with Civatrons with a particular affinity for science and genetics saw possible the creation of stronger, faster and more attuned Civatrons to psionic essence. However, 26 years after the foundation of the Incubator world, which prospered and showed the promise of a new Golden Age for the Throbil, it became the center stage of a chaos incursion from the dark depths of the Shard, the very realm of the Xi'Arazulha. The novice warriors still in training in the halls of the Civa Ghenes settlement fought valiantly, with their heroes such as Val'Dir, Psantik and Bel rallying their brethren to mount a defense of their homeworld. The fighting would have been short-lived if not by several key events that delayed a Xi'Arazulha victory. The Ghenes Civatrons managed to awaken the hidden Krass defense mechanisms long installed in the world before its colonization, giving the Civatrons the numbers to combat the chaos monsters on almost equal terms. As Civa Ghenes raged in a battle the size of a continent, the invasion was not quelled until the demonic source of reinforcements, the Arkship on orbit, was neutralized by the efforts of Master Bel. Finally, the timely arrival of the Kroc Tribe and a Kroios Battle-group allowed for the brave defenders to finally crush the invasion's main force, led by a death essence demi-god named Dugarovonth or the Usurper.

With the tragedy of Civa Ghenes, which saw the death of many of the new Civatrons (dubbed Ghenes Civatrons) and the schism of Civatrons and Krassio alike in the formation of the El-Dalkhú Scourge and the fall of many of the Civa Ghenes warriors into the Carcharo Tribe, a dark Egismugal formed by Dugarovonth.

As this chapter of Civatron history closed with bloodshed, the Civatron tribes decidedly pursued the creation of more Incubator worlds that would suit each of their needs. The hard-learned lesson of Civa Ghenes ensured that each Tribe was now responsible for their own Incubator Worlds, filling them with a tight defense force so to avoid future incursions. These Incubator Worlds did not seek to create the same type of enhanced Civatrons the Ghenes Project achieved, but actual Civatron standard material, adding further insult to the deep wound carved by the dark Krassio.

These worlds are scattered around the Chandras Galaxy and the First Gigaquadrant, usually undisclosed to the broader universal community, as these Civatron breeding grounds are sacred sanctuaries for the tribes, and any unauthorized incursion into them merits nigh immediate death by psionic fire.


An initiate from the Kroc Tribe.

Every tribe has its own recruitment rite and procedure of young warriors into its ranks. Every tribe also draws its recruits from different sources. In ancient times, these sources of new supplicants came from the villages directly under the control of the Chieftain Paramount and/or a specific Chieftain under the cover of the former. Civatrons coming of age participated in what is known as "Wargames", where each initiate was pit against every other member of their generation. Although killing was forbidden in these trials, those who came on top got to be prospects from the tribe of their choosing. Once the tribes selected them, these young warriors took the beginner mantle of "Initiate".

For the dozens of initiates incessantly training to impress the Sages and masters of their tribe, the battle is the great testing ground and holy mission of an initiate. On jungle lush worlds where the Krocs or the Cainaks compete for prey, or on the threshold of a demonic dimension where the Hylono and Mosasa intercede for a world's plight, these initiates are seen stalwart and disciplined, each vying to overcome the trials set before them by their masters, yet staying ever vigilant for the orders of their superiors, the Apprentices.

Initiates are also called Supplicants, Neophytes, Aspirants or Prospects depending on the Tribe.

A Mosasa Shadow.

Once an initiate has fulfilled their trials and impressed a particular master or sage, the latter ranks will take said youth into their fold to be trained in the arts of the Tribe. It is at this moment that the Initiate is introduced to the communal spirit within an Egismugal: the Spirit of the Primal or Ilu in their language. After being anointed by the fire of the Ilu, the initiate thus is allowed to forge new armor and craft a new psi-blade (or weapon traditionally used by the Egismugal), imbued with the very essence of their ancestor and founder. Those within the Squama tribe are imbued with the spirit of the Squama Ilu share the same essence as their Chieftain Paramount, Komodii, infused with the same regenerating and healing powers that have blessed this Egisumugal for centuries. Those who are blessed by the Ilu of Cainak himself are given innate summoning powers to command scores of Iluvii spirits to battle. Each and every single one of them blessed with a different trait, the identity of the Apprentice is largely determined by this factor.

The Apprentice is expected to learn under the tutelage of a tribal master or tribal sage, depending on the rank. In order to further progress in the Civatron hierarchy, an apprentice must prove not only valor and full dominance of a battlefield, but also demonstrate keen leadership and the ability to teach and pass on his experience and knowledge to others considered lesser than him. As mentioned before, many apprentices are placed in charge of a pack of initiates in order to oversee the passing of the latter's trials. Although the success of said initiates is not related to the success of the apprentices, as they are separate and personal goals, many apprentices do care about the grooming of their initiates, for the success of the Tribe lies in the ability to pass on their traditions and everlasting mission of protecting the universe to the younger, fresh generations. Ultimately, this unique ability to embrace the tribe's vision is highly considered by the Master teaching them before promoting them into the next rank of the tribe and turning them into fully-fledged members of the Egismugal.

The term apprentice is not a general word for some of the tribes, where the Archosa tribe calls them hunters, the Mosasa call them Shadows and the Squama Brigadiers. The actual title varies according to the tribe's cultural traditions with little to no changes in the actual essence of its role in their tribe.

A Hylono Guardian

The backbone of the tribal ranks, as well as the most numerous in most of the Nine Egismugals, the Warrior, also called, depending on the Egismugal in question, as Knights, Guardians, Wardens, Sentinels, Paladins, and Shields, is the first and last line of offensive capabilities an Egismugal of the Civatrons possess.

Since ancient times, the role of the warrior has permeated a culture of honor, discipline, and safe-keeping of an ever-expanding universe into every Civatron heart. In present times, that fervor that leads the scores of Civatron Initiates to enter the wargames still boils in every psionic cell. It is the warrior that is seen by mortals as they engage indescribable horrors from beyond the veil of realspace, horrors otherwise impossible to contemplate by the eyes of simple minds. Warriors gaze upon the definition of fear itself and never blink until it is utterly undone or at least banished from the material world forever. It is the heroic charge of the warrior that forges legends, sagas, stanzas, sonnets, odes, and myths around the already elevated Civatron race, not to say the oral story-telling that passes from mouth to ear, generation upon generation of countless mortals on scores of worlds.

When an apprentice fulfills its last ritualistic trials and has proven to be a worthy member of an Egismugal, given that they fulfilled a specific Tribe set of rites, the Masters and Sages, sometimes even the Chieftains and in the rarest of occasions, the Chieftain Paramount himself, anoint the apprentice as a full-fledged member of their kinship, thus allowed access to greater sets of armor that go with the coloring and ornaments of the Tribe, as well as the forging of their own singular weapon of choice. Depending on the disciplinary specifications of the Tribe, the warrior might forge from a majestic double sword of polished and unbeatable psionic light to the very first components of a Hylono intercessor's meditation helmet.

Many warriors remain as such for the rest of their lives, either when they perish or they are called into the Third Dream of their Nascent Ones' form, answering the divine call of their gods into a greater purpose. However, some of them do attain the role of Master, Sage, or even then they will become Chieftains of a certain Incubator world where they scout for new talents to be added to their tribe.

A Master from the Squama tribe.

A role reserved for the highly skilled Civatrons among the skilled. The strongest among the strong. To bear the name of a Master of an Egismugal is to bear the name of great power and great responsibility, for it is in these individuals' hands that lies the future of the tribe's healthy numbers and the continuous protection of the Universe through new generations. Not only that, but a Master also bears the same title as the legendary leader of the late Cianju Alliance and now the Singularim Pact, the very Master of the Civatron kind: Master Kroc himself. To be a Master is to be a leader, a teacher, a father and a lord over their charges. Only the first and foremost of the Civatrons ever raise to this rank.

A Tribal Master is a determined leader whose rank speaks of a past littered with beaten enemies. It is not enough for a commander to simply be a skilled fighter; he must also have a superhuman grasp of strategy and tactics in order to guide his forces to victory.

Centuries of battlefield experience have taught him every facet of war, trained him in the tools of slaughter and honed his wits to the level of instinct. With the merest glance, a Master can appraise a war zone, see every threat and opportunity presented by the shifting lines of battle, and divine how victory can be assured.

Clad in their personalized heraldry, wielding ancient relic weapons, some of which date back to days of the Primals themselves, Masters are amongst the most inspirational figures in the Egismugal. Each is a skilled orator and strategic genius who leads his kin to victory time and again.

A battle group's warriors obey their Master's orders without question or hesitation, trusting in his many solar decades of experience to conduct them. The Master's guidance increases the value of his brothers and sisters tenfold, and he justifies their faith in him with every command. A Master coordinates his warriors with deadly precision and inspires his followers to fight with such dedication and spirit that cannot be instilled by discipline and training alone.

A Sage from the Testugok tribe

Once, a powerful traveler, séant and visionary scoured the cosmos of the Tigris Galaxy in search of answers and guidance regarding his species' innate connection to mystical powers. The Civatrons were no strangers to the powers of psionic essence but remained oblivious to the potency of their innate connection with it, discarding it as petty magic of cowards who would not engage in honorable combat. This traveler awakened a power within, and returned with a revival in his spirit others could not refuse, for the power that flowed through him were not the arts of puny magic, but the very essence that lived within every Civatron. This individual was known as the Valader, and for the duration of his semi-mortal life, mostly during the War of Ages, he was known as the Sage of the Krassio people.

To bear the title of a Sage within any of the Egismugals is to possess not only the knowledge of psionic arts to the fullest but to hold divine wisdom to interpret it and pass it on in the form of counsel and support to their kin. It is to glance at the exemplary life of the Valader, now the Patriarch Singul'Aren, the Allfather, and to attain to his teachings through the Book of Discipline. Perhaps quadrillions of souls interpret and preach the passages of the greatest work of Singul'Aren's authorship, but it is the Sage who truly understands the intricacies of its pages. With clear insight and foresight to interpret it, the Sage holds a surmountable amount of psionic power that can slay hordes of demons with the swift moniker of his or her hand. Such raw energy coursing through a sage's veins needs their inhuman ability to remain focused and balanced in every step they walk, every glace the make and every life they take. To be a sage is to truly be a favored son of the Allfather.

Unlike the recruitment role and prospecting of Masters and Chieftains, Sages rarely look for students, for they know better than anyone that the powers they contend with within the essence dimensions linked to realspace are no small thing. When the time is due, a warrior or in the rarest of occurrences an apprentice will be handpicked by the sage. These individuals are sanctified and set aside from the rest, their destiny is to commune with the Patriarch of all psionic souls for eternity and to be its scion in every mission and every conversation they entail. Civatron sages are the most reserved ones of the whole species, always in an apparent trance, their gaze always warding off dangers lurking beyond what meets the eye.

Chieftain from the Cainak tribe.

In the final hours of dark times such as the War of Ages or the Great Psionic War, the role of Chieftains, one that had been neglected for years, has begun to impose its necessary place among the ranks of all the Nine Egismugals. Since times immemorial, the chieftain not only sought for the protection of its tribe, but also its continuous growth. Many observers of the Civatron societal structure argue that their role seems to be of mere recruitment, prospecting and overseeing the indoctrination and training of new tribal warriors. They couldn't be more wrong.

A Chieftain is a specialist role within the Egismugal and serves as the appointed spiritual leader of a Tribe or Tribal world. Chieftains are the warrior-priests that minister to the spiritual well-being of their fellow brethren, instilling in them the values and beliefs of the Tribe and promote the veneration or in rarer cases the actual worship of the Trinity of psionic gods.

Chieftains lead from the front as awe-inspiring warrior-priests, fighting wherever the foe is most fierce, leading their brethren and praising them through the destruction of their enemies. Rejoicing in the glorious act of war, Chieftains exhort their kin to ever greater deeds of bravery and devotion. In battle, the chieftains will be at the forefront of the tribe's battlelines, rousing their fellow Civatrons through their words and actions. Their psionic powers are truly an inspiration for their kin and their weapons' destructive path is a sight to bear.

Nominally, chieftains will be in charge of sub-groups or battle-groups of a tribe, although this role has greatly passed on to the Masters. Nevertheless, chieftains are normally the final word and command of a battle-group when present, as their experience in combat is only matched by the most skilled veterans who never ascended within the tribe or the Chieftain Paramount themselves. Chieftains are assigned Incubator-worlds, planets or entire systems dedicated to the bolstering of the Civatron population in order to avoid extinction. Chieftains serve as the spiritual leaders of said worlds. They are awe-inspiring warrior-priests who administer the rites, preserve the rituals and perform the ancient ceremonies of initiation, vindication, and redemption that are as important to a Civatron as its roll of honor or its skill at arms.

Chieftains are daunting figures even for other Civatrons to behold, whether they are Masters or Sages. Their Armor is adorned with icons of battle and tokens of ritual and mystery; their Helms are masks that evoke the stern visage of the very concept of Order. Every aspect of a Chieftain's garb serves to remind all who gaze upon him of his role as a steward of the Universe and thus the importance of preserving the immortal soul. Beneath this stern cladding is the very embodiment of universal Order.

Croko, the legendary Chieftain Paramount and Battlemaster of the Krocs.

First and utmost of them all, lies the rank of Chieftain Paramount. It is said that these individuals stand second only to the gods themselves, imbued with unparalleled psionic essence and unmatched might. A scarce few have ever attained such honor and power.

To be a Chieftain Paramount of a Civatron Egismugal is to be a celestial avatar of war amongst mere mortals. The Nine Chieftains are unmatched in personal combat prowess, possessing the body of a genetically superior killing machine and literally centuries of combat experience.

They are true scions of Order and Balance, heir to the strength and fortitude granted by his genetic forebears, the Primals, and the even older and ancient Krass. Countless battle experiences gained from time spent throughout the various ranks of the Tribe have taught them valuable lessons in the art of war, trained them in the various facets of military strategy and honed their martial instincts to the level of near pre-cognizance.

Civatron Tribes[]

The nine legitimate egismugals (left) and the unofficial egismugals (right)

The current Egismugals exist officially as the remaining nine founding tribes, as the others, either rejected or emergent, have yet to be recognized in the pantheon of possible Civatron legacy system due to their lack of adherence to the principles of the Book of Discipline or because they do not hold a historical background the likes the others boast upon.

The Nine[]

Kroc Sygil

We are evil's true bane!

Our blade shines bright,

Chaos's touch shall be no blight,

for our minds are strong,

We truly reign.

- The resonating battle cry of the Kroc warriors

The Kroc Egismugal is foremost amongst the rest of the tribes, its members recognized as the exemplar Civatron warriors, mainly due to the exploits of their most famous member, Master Kroc, who led the tribe in three consecutive wars and ascended to Godhood.

The Krocs follow the tenets of the Book of Discipline with utmost priority and adhere to their code of honor and warfare in such a way that many denizens of the universe actually put them above other tribes, regardless of their actual status.

The Kroc warriors, now led by Croko as their long-standing and seasoned Chieftain Paramount, scour the First Gigaquadrant in search of the universe's most hated enemies, demons, in order to ensure their corruption remains at bay or destroyed. They provide spiritual cover for other 16 lesser tribes that work as extensions and chapters of the Krocs, with the former paying tithes in the form of new initiates or supporting them in wars.

Since the ascension of their beloved Chieftain, Master Kroc, they have seen a great shift in their spiritual views and now worship and commune with Anur'Ctar, Kroc's godly aspect, as much as they promote Iluviism amongst the species in their care.

Caimak Sygil

Our hearts as one, we heed the call. Should all else crumble, we persevere. Unto our sole cry, our one desire, to stand in the divine with the father of all.

- Sermon dedicated to the Caimak Tribe.

The Caimak Egismugal is renowned among its own people and furthermore amongst those who pursue psionic teachings such as those of the Book of Discipline. However, the Caimaks hold secret techniques to muster an individual's psionic strength since they claim to be the home tribe of perhaps the most legendary and mythical of all warriors: The Valader. Although this claim is still to be confirmed, and the now so-called Allfather of all psionic users has still to refute or support those statements, the Valader path the Cainaks offer to those willing to learn such delightful and powerful secrets continues to draw scholars, warriors and priests from all corners of the universe into their fold.

The Caimaks fill their ranks of the most powerful Iluvii summoners, ever-seeking to enhance and expand the limits of their psionic might. They are firm believers of the Iluviist concept of the Third Dream, believing the now titanic power they hold is but a fraction of their actual strength. Although the Caimaks do concern themselves with the protection of the Universe, as any other Civatron in their sane mind should, they always seek to perfect themselves in the mystical arts of the essence that imbues them with raw, tangible power. They are the everlasting followers of Singul'Aren's example, seeking to break their limiter and one day ascend into godhood like the Allfather.

Caimak child tribes share the same vision as their parent, spiritual cover, seeking to not only spread the knowledge of the secrets they attain but to also dig deeper into the mysteries that await in every tide and storming gale in the Iluvii Realm. With their current Chieftain Paramount, Prumak Caimak, who has remained as such for centuries now, they progress in their journey towards ultimate ascension.

Gatorah Sygil

Long live the light that gives us life! Death to the Enemy! Death! Death! Death!

- A Gatorah to his foes before hurling himself at them.

The Gatorah tribe stands as one of the largest tribes of the Nine, as well as the most commonly seen. Many of the tribe's warriors are actually mistaken by Kroc warriors, but this is due to the misguidance that the latter's reputation carry with them. In truth, the Gatorah are seen more frequently than their peers, and their similar close-quarter combat tactics make it, other than their divergent pigmentation, hard for mortals to understand the fundamental basics of the Gatorah. To put it simply, the Gatorah are masters of the Thunder Hammer, or Psi-Hammer for that matter; towering maces that can crush even the most hardened skull. It is not the finesse of the blade that many Civatrons struggle to perfect the core passion of the Gatorah, but their ability to harden their psionic energies to the point of making the most unbreakable and devastating hammer what grants an initiate the rank of a Gatorah Paladin.

Under the leadership of Chieftain Paramount Alliga, the Gatorah seek to make their psionic might shine in every mallet and hammer they wield as shock-troopers at the very heart of the battle. Their weapons shine bright, but the essence of their minds shines even brighter, like a beacon of hope and salvation to those who despair and anguish and a scorching radiation to the evilest of the terrors of Chaos and alien threats alike.

When the enemy hears the battle cry of a Gatorah in the distance and glimpses their hammer waving in the air triumphantly, the only thing left is to fight and hope the crushing might of the Paladins does not crush you under the heavyweight of a psionic hammer gleaming with the light of a thousand stars.

Squama Sygil

Watch as the sky they ride swing low. Lift up the sound, as they make our praise their throne. Behold the Hallow warriors, our angels will lead us home!

- Ode to the Squama Tribe

The elusive yet beautified Squama Egismugal is perhaps one of the most mysterious of all, mainly due to the beautiful and terrible blessings that have been bestowed to them. Led by their nigh immortal Chieftain Paramount Komodii, a Civatron said to be as beautiful as the Goddess of Death herself, the Squama warriors were blessed with the power of pan-healing, healing of all, in times ancient to modern gigaquadrantic history by the mysterious nature of the Iluvii Realm.

Although peerless in the arts of the warrior, it is not their battle prowess that best defines these clad in blue Civatrons but their ability to heal any wound, illness, angst, or even malicious spirit. There is no disease or plague, no blight or even malicious presence that can hope to stand in the wake of their innate light. Squamas are said to be elusive, not due to their own volition but to their constant meditation and communion with the light and tides of the Iluvii Realm. The Squamas will always say that their 'secret' lies within the secret itself, meaning that it is their week-long trances and prayers the ones that strengthen their spirits to repel the spiritual and physical blight of Chaos and its servants. No other tribe shines as bright and as beautiful as the Squama Healers, the standard warriors of the Egismugal. Their presence in the Iluvii Realm and their spirit form is said to be as irresistible as the psionic gods themselves.

Statistically, the Squamas are mostly female beyond the usual standards of beauty, and their males are said to possess a supernatural attraction in what appeared to be yet another blessing from the Iluvii Realm. They are considered angelic beings of pure psionic might, with myths even stating that simple gaze upon them is enough for mortals to be smitten, consumed by a divine peace. They travel across the territories of the Singularim Pact and beyond the First Gigaquadrant, ever bringing healing and revival to those in need.

Ryncho Sygil

Demons meet our fists' gleaming glory and as particles they are sent beaming!

- Ryncho warcry.

The Ryncho Egismugal is considered one of the most secretive but strongest of the nine. Perhaps other tribes may be older and with more ancient traditions than the Ryncho, but it is they who maintain one of the oldest thrives of Civatron tradition active in their war rites. Civatrons are designed to thrive in conflict and war, and as such to be recruited by the Ryncho masters is to be expected to be launched into the fray with nothing more than the psionically hardened gauntlets the Ryncho boast upon. Indeed, Civatrons used to hunt with claws and teeth, a feral instinct that has remained buried in the psyche of every Ryncho warrior. Theirs is not a holy war for the protection of the universe as much as it is a battle for supremacy. Wherever they may be, they shall track the strongest 'alpha' and bring it down, for none other can claim to be on top of the food chain but the Civatron race.

As said before, the Ryncho revel on close-quarter combat, but instead of craftily train with a psionic blade, they instead create gleaming fists that they use to burn and crush their enemies with. Led by their honorable Paramount Chieftain, they constantly scour the cosmos in search of stronger foes in which their prowess can be tested and their martial doctrine be improved as much as possible. They are an egismugal blessed by Kroc himself in honor and power, for there is no greater courage than to face the monstrosities of Chaos and the outer cosmos barehanded.

Testudok Sygil

By our shield, the Universe will never know the dread of Inferno again.

- Passionate Testugok warrior.

Among the fierce Nine tribes, and even amongst those de-canonized by the Civatron race, the Testugok Egismugal stands as a unique tribe whose tradition has gone against the normal current of relentless offensive, for the Testugok tribe believes that the best offense lies in the best defense.

Many warriors and champions of evil have stood before the hardened warriors of the Testugok and seen their hope for victory go null. Countless armies have been halted outright by the powerful phalanx of the Shields of Tortuga. The Testugok shield bearers hold the line no matter the cost. They buoy their charges and the people they are set to protect with no regard for their own lives. Civatrons are known for their selfless sacrifices, but no other egismugal displays this as best as the Testugok. They travel the stars and hunt down demons, yes, but they descend like a perfect turtle formation and eliminate all threats steadily, albeit slowly. Their chieftain paramount is said to be nigh-invulnerable, with power armor and hardened skin that not even the most magical or supernatural blade can cut.

Archosa Sygil

Evil will not prevail under our watch!

- Archosa warcry.

Among the nine great tribes of the Civatrons, the Archosa are the ones that refuse to answer the charge. While other egismugals might revel in the clashing of blades and charging towards the enemy, the Archosa are identified not by their finest blades or heaviest hammers, but by the precision and great range of their cannons. Known for their psionic bolters and barrels, they take the enemy from a distance and make sure it never crosses a certain limit from their current location.

Hordes of enemies fall under the volley of psionic, explosive arrows and energy bolts launched at the enemy, pulverized before any countermeasures can be taken. Their artillery has been seen tearing armored walls and hulls of the heaviest of assault vehicles in coordinated ambushes, like a pack of hunters, unleash precise shots upon a huge prey from safety. Following the mythical teachings and craft of their powerful lineage of paramount chieftains, the Archosa and all their successor tribes perfect the accuracy and sharpness of their fiery darts, designed to demolish the formations of the enemy and halting the works of the wicked.

Legend says that their current chieftain paramount, Idec, is untouchable. No enemy can pierce his perfect dome of psionic fire, an exemplar of what every Archosa initiate has set their eyes on.

Hylono Sygil

One thing is certain: when the Hylono take the field, the enemy lies defeated before even the fight begins.

- Anonymous warrior.

Mosasa Sygil

Do not let them speak, they'll put a spell on us!

- An enemy of the Mosasa before running like a coward.

Nigtrion Tribe[]

Agamika Sygil

Following the Bor'eaa Schism, the Nigtrions, previously known as the Agamika tribe, were left stranded and unable to contact the other tribes for help in the new galaxy they set to colonize for the glory of the Civa Tribal Accords. However, with the discovery of void energy as a possible energy source, the Agamika became the Nigtrions and prospered, birthing and planting more lesser tribes that would, in time, collectively be known as the Najiim Tribes.

Despite their ancestry sharing the same tenure as the other nine, its divergence in terms of essence use has made the Nigtrions fall from grace before the psionic gods in general. The Agamika tribe never keeps its child tribes in check, and as such, they have participated in controversial wars of essence against other empires who otherwise are in good terms with the rest of the Krassio.

Ghenes Project[]

Sarcosu Sygil

With the end of devastating wars such as the War of Ages or the Great Psionic War, the Civatron population found itself dwindling and unable to naturally reproduce due to the practice being long abandoned since the days of the Tigris War. Thus, several Civatron circles, including the pre-eminent Kroc Tribe, supported efforts to genetically birth new Civatrons, enhanced and purposed for their grand Mandate and for the glory of the gods.

However, following the Ghenes incident, which saw a great and violent division among the Civatrons for the first time in centuries since the Bor'eaa Schism, the new Civatrons, called Ghenes Civatrons, opted to create their own tribal structure rather than supplying the already existing tribes with their numbers. This was ill-received by the Nine, who accused their greatest proponents, Val'Dir, Lord Psantik, and Master Bel, as anathema to the great Civatron mission to protect the universe. Were it not for the intervention and consequent sanction by the Trinity, the Nine tribes would have set their blades on the young, emergent egismugal, perhaps detonating an internal struggle that would have crippled the Civatron race for millennia to come.

The Ghenes tribe, or Sarcosu Tribe (per Civatron tradition), currently holds two lesser tribes that act as per their chieftains' will, with the main branch led by the mighty Val'Dir into the Tigris Galaxy with one mission and one mission only: to scour the cosmos in search for the desecrators of their homeworld, those cursed with the dark essence of Death energy. The Sarcosu are in constant search for the evil Carcharo Tribe in order to avenge those who fell before the accursed blades of the dark Krassio and will not stop until every single one of them has atoned for their sins.

Carcharo Tribe[]

Carcharo Sygil

Like the Sarcosu tribe, the Carcharo warriors are tainted in blood and death. From the secretive detractors of the psionic gods, hundreds of warriors defected their tribes, their brethren, in favor of the filthy lies of the Usurper, a strange demi-god imbued with death energy who came with the promise of glory and seduced the Civatrons into embracing a dark version of themselves.

Although many believe the Carcharo tribe to be a young and tragic addition to the ranks of Civatron warriors, the Sarcosu tribal members know better, and even more so do the Carcharo themselves, for the dark Civatrons harbored treacherous intents within their hearts for years. These seeds of dissension were, at first, nurtured from a collective dislike to the sudden appearance of the psionic gods, who deposed the regent Xol'Etra in the Great Psionic War. Although these Civatrons supported the revolution, they were dismayed and disillusioned at the newly arisen gods of the Iluvii Pantheon, as they arose as supreme beings of psionic energy. In the eyes of these detractors, mostly composed of the Krauna Civatrons, the gods were no better than the psionic spirits that had lorded over Chandras years before. The future members of the Cacharo tribe only grew in discomfort as their disagreement evolved into a secret supremacist movement. They began to secretly commune with each other, finding other detractors as the years went by. Behind the great harmony the Krassio boasted on, a dark shade of corruption began to coalesce and take a monstrous shape, one that wary eyes of Chaos could not ignore.

The last straw for these warriors was when their de facto leaders, those who led debates and organized circles, were contacted by someone they did not expect. A shadow from the realm of Shard, a place anathema for the Krassio in general, appeared before them, a demi-god of great power, his name would be unknown in the years to come, but the Civatrons would always call him Dugarovonth, simply meaning 'the Usurper'. With uncanny charisma and keen eye for what the hearts of the host of detractors wanted to hear, Dugarovonth called upon the detractors and rallied them to his cause, galvanizing their desire to detach themselves from what they perceived was the same authoritarian rulers. And so they began to plot their treacherous acts that led to the events of the Ghenes Incident.