Chuinaylia Ivalaë Pantaria is a Chinawkya female. Often called Chuinaylia she became a promising Senator of Rambo Nation, representing Sector 08, better known as the Chinawkya Sector. Though still young, she has found her way among the more experienced senators and she is well aware that some are corrupt and rather would see her go.

Gently, young and somtimes naive, Chuinaylia is seen by most as a promising Senator, one who often debates about certain ways of actions and a patron to see Rambo Serindia influance and dominence diminish, instead she wishes a more mixed and integrated Rambo Nation. She strongly believes in democracy and served the government for many years.

However her carreer had some struggles, as she was critized and due to her popularity by the people she became a target for the news papers or tabloid to put her into a bad light, as any article like that would increase the papers income.

Chuinaylia led a great political carrer and personal life, marrying famous officer James Rambo and concieving two children, Jimmy James Rambo and Jenna Lenissa Rambo. She perished during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm when the Republic capital Mou'Cyran was destroyed by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.


Early Life[]

Ivalaë, the Chinawkya Capital

Chuinaylia was born at 18 BQF, at the planet of Ivalaë. She was born in a noble family, as such she has the planets name, Ivalaë in her own name. Her youth was good and plenty, she was given the time to study and play and learn, withouth the influances of war and other conflicts. At the age of 12, she went to school and soon draw the attention of Chioaik, Chairman of Ivalaë. He thaught her about Rambo Nation and there way of living and the diplomatic systems. Chuinaylia was fascinated by Rambo Nation, and mostly by the Serindia and with aid of Chioaik she gratuated at the age of 16, specialised in Rambo Nation. When she became 17, she became the youngest Chinawkya ever to become senator.

Around 02 AQF, the Battle of Fornaeria occured. The battle allowed the Treaty of Fornaeria to come into excistence. With her diplomatic abilities, and the trust of the Chinawkya people, Chuinaylia made it possible that the Chinawkya became members of Rambo Nation! When Empress Ramashe re-formed the senate, Chuinaylia was given the Chinawkya Sector to oversee.

The sector also become home to the Amphibiahria, Whitharia, Zarbriaek, Feolhviaeri and the Chuchulias.

Senator of Rambo Nation[]

Short Summary[]

As a Senator of Rambo Nation, the civilian authority of the Rambo Goverment, Chuinaylia is part of many meetings and political discussions. Over the years, she met various interessting persons, like Apollo, Voro Acetenus and Guolivian. Her kind, gentle and innocent nature caught the attention of the Monarch of Rambo Nation, Empress Ramashe. Eventually she became a trusted senator of Ramashe and Chuinaylia would be present in various important events during her tunure as a Senator of Rambo Nation.

Quadrantia Disorder and Great Cyrannus War[]

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When she became Senator of Rambo Nation, she was at first often quiet, though when needed she raised her voice and the other Senators then listened to her carefully. During the early days she soon became liked by most Senators and is considered very friendly. She strongly believes in the Rambo Senate and the Empress, but fears the rumors of the Cult and the Confederacy.

Anummiae, housing the Senatorial Executive Palace

Chuinaylia has her office, like all other Senators at Anummiae, the second moon of the Rambo Capitol. During the infriltration at Väeressëa she met with Zevracence, and after forced to reveal certain information they left a crying Chuinaylia behind.

Chuinaylia in discussion with Gorubla and Ram'Thrandeal

When Tukia Nutria blockaded Ivalaë, she and Senator Gorubla went to the planet but were unable to contact or drive away the blockade by diplomatic talks. Together they agreed to drive away the blockade by force and is was done, Ivalaë blockade was lifted but Tukia Nutria managed to escape. Chuinaylia then went to speak to the Chairman and managed to get more protection and ships to guard Ivalaë. Later on, when the third month of the year 04 AQF began, the Empress ordered an attack at Yadumarth, after the USS Dallas of Captain Ramcard was attacked by a Confederate ship. Chuinaylia talked to Senator Lord Ram'Thrandeal and both managed to delay the vote till over the third month thanks to Senator Gorubla. But there delay was turned down and the Senate approved a declaration of war to the Confederacy. When Rambo Natin attacked, she went to see Senator Or-Ana, to discuss a possible visit to Yadumarth, to assure the Yadumarian, that Rambo Nation came with good intentions and would later on give back the planet to the Yadumarian. Though somewhere in her mind, she knew the Yadumarian would not believe her.

Chuinaylia and Or'Ana in discussion with Geldrim on Yadumarth

Nor did she fully believe her own words that Rambo Nation would give back there planet, even though it was a violation of the Cyrandia Treaty.

As Or'Ana and Cuinaylia were visiting Yadumarth they were informed, the Senate decided that Yadumarth would be kept under Rambo Nation control after the Cyrannus War was over. Geldrim, the ruler of Yadumarth disagreed and asked them to leave again. Chuinaylia was dissapointed, she hoped for a better result. Later on Geldrim claimed Yadumarth would join the Confederacy if they would free Yadumarth of Rambo Nation control. She went to bed, tired and confused.

Troopers are being introduced to the Senate

She later visited Corunnia, the newly opened URC Senate, and considered as her weekend off duty. After returning to Väeressëa, she was summoned by Aleathria and Ramlindia. She was then introduced to various Rambo Troopers, the new clone troopers of Rambo Nation, which would replace Serindia and Chinawkya casualties and involvement in war. Chuinaylia was thrilled, she was happy to learn that casualties to citizens was going down, and with these new troopers she was sure Rambo Nation would be save. Yet, she was still a little bit sceptic, after all whom would command them into battle and would they be held responsible if things were going wrong?

Chuinaylia saved by officer Zabiela during the battle of Karzhamahri-Nui!

She later travelled with Cooperation Director Froramsilia to Karzhamahri-Nui, a large mid-colony in the Mid-Colonial Sector to inspect the Roodiruini Class, a secret and classified project of the Cooperation. Froramsilia invited Chuinaylia so if she liked the project, Froromsilia could show the Senate his plans. Fromrsillia found Chuinaylia the most suitable for inspection, as she is the youngest and stand more open to new ways of travel and exploration than the others. However, during her visit the Confederacy launched an attack at Karzhamahri-Nui and Chuinaylia was re-located to Arthrastral where various Rambo Troopers took her to the local Saloon to hide her from the Conferacy. During the 2nd day Trooper Sergeant Zabiela resqued Chuinaylia and brought her to the Spirit of the Serindia, the commanding officer Cyrandia Captain Mjärt then left Karzhamahri-Nui and brought Chuinaylia to her office at Anummiae.

Shortly after he return, in the 5th month of the year 04 AQF she recieved news of a terrorist attack at Corunnia, but was called to Apailiana, where a Great Library was found, which was untouched for thousands of years. Together with Senator Naberrrie, Senator Inviá of the URC and Senator Ram'Lendilia they discussed the discovery on behalf of the Cyrandia Alliance.

Bounty hunter attack

In the seventh month Chuinaylia was visiting Rambo City together with Girdo ambassador Ten'Trantia. They were visiting the city for fun and diplomatic talks. Arriving at the Founder his villa they encountered the bounty hunter Zevrancence who told the senator she was cute and shot the Girdo ambassador. The bounty hunter then left and Chuinaylia called for help while trying to stop the bleeding. After she recieved word from a doctor the ambassador would recover she informed the Girdo Empire of the bounty hunter attack, whom seeminly did it in service of the Confederacy of Allied Systems.

In the tenth month, Chuinaylia recieved a report about the battles against the Confederacy. It seemed as Yadumarth blockade had succeeded, Matakoro had fallen into hands of the Confederacy. During the battle Captain Rambam had been killed and died when his ship, the USS Venture was destroyed by the Confederate Admiral Lizaconda. She seat heavily in her office, it seemed the other Senators didn't care about the war, as most of the war was only being fought in the Mid Colonial Sector. Creckbo tried multiply times to bring it to the attention of the Senate, but to no avail. She wondered why the other senators didn't took much notice, it seemed they were far to busy with their own sectors and improving their economy there. Though she never met Rambam, she still fell sad and wondered when the Cyrandia Alliance would finally take measures against the Confederacy. A month later she was informed by Rambo Command that Ivaliaë, her homeplanet was conquered by the Confederacy of Allied Systems and that the leader of Ivaliaë, Chioaik was taken captive and brought to a ship the Mortalitan Fist. Though Command didn't knew who commanded the ship Chuinaylia began making plans to visit her planet or at least to meet with the captain of the Mortalitan Fist to hear his demands and to check if Chioaik was still alive.

Morglûkia places his hand on Chuinaylia's hip before escorting her outside his office

Her first action in doing this was to visit Crime lord Morglûkia who had his headquarters at Anummiae. Arriving at his office the crime lord was surprised to see a Nation senator in his office, especialley without her Seven Starr Serindia guard (she left them at her office to their own surprise). As Chuinaylia explained she needed a gaurd with her, Morglûkia raised his eyebrows. She requested for Ktrn and Morglûkia simply laughed. Why would he give a Nation senator aid? However when Chuinaylia showed a special pass for free clearance from Rambo patrols for a year Morglûkia complied. He escorted both Ktrn and Chuinaylia outside (with his hands on Chuinaylia's hip, though she didn't want to comment on it fearing it might anger him). Ktrn and Chuinaylia took a Chinawkya Blockade Runner to Ivalaë and were allowed to dock inside a shuttle bay of the Mortalitas Dreadnought Mortalitan Fist, which was under command of Captain Mortizavaé.

USS Attentive opens fire at the Mortalitan Fist, shortly before teleporting Chuinaylia, Ktrn and Chioaik to safety

Arriving at his ship the Mortalitas Captain looked surprise. He was happy to see a Rambo Nation senator walked straight into his claws. However her demands were unexpected, she claimed she wished to talk with Chioaik about a possible surrender and renouncing Rambo Nation and instead joining the Confederacy. With shining eyes he ordered Chioaik to be escorted to the bridge of the Mortalitan Fist. Chuinaylia simply smiled as did Ktrn as of a sudden a Rambo Nation ship decloacked and opened fire at the Dreadnought. Mortizavaé roared but Ktrn placed a high kick at his cheeck and send the captain tumbling down the stairs. Meanwhile the Rambo ship, known as the USS Attentive of Captain Junelda teleported Ktrn, Chuinaylia and Chioaik to safety onboard the USS Attentive. Angered Mortizavaé wanted to persue and destroy the USS Attentive but at the same time a large Rambo Nation fleet arrived together with the dreaded Angforst. During the battle the USS Attentive escaped the battle and brougth her resqued guests back to the Rambo Capital.

Cyrandia negotiations

At the start of 05 AQF Chuinaylia celebrated the newyear at the recently liberated Ivalaë together with her friends. Later on, at the start of the 4th month of 05 AQF she joined Senator Guolivian at a mission to Decatría, capital of the Cognatus Remnant. There, the Cognatus leader Voro Acetenus and talked about the joining of the Congnatus Remnant to the Cyrandia Alliance. When the three officials prepared themselves to depart for Concordia an alarm was set on. The Cognatus Capital came under attack by the Cyrannian Neraida. Decatria was under full attack and was being invaded. When a Dronox Commander launched a missle as Chuinaylia, Senator Guolivian jumped at her, protecting her from harm. Together with aid of Voro Acetenus they managed to escape the onslaught and Chuinaylia was saddened to witness the destruction of Decatria, which was being glassed by the Cognatus themselves to prevent it to fall into Grox hands.

Negotiating peace with the Serlgmec

A few days after the battle and filling in the Rambo Senate about the events Chuinaylia travelled to Alethena Metru as the port was now finally open and draw a lot of attention from various race of Quadrant 21. There she met with a Serlgmec representative and managed to negotiate peace on behalf of Rambo Nation. The treaty she signed allowed the Serlgmec to tresspass Rambo Nation space and use Alethena Metru to resupply or as trade port. Afterwards she returned back to Ivalaë for a diner with the Chairman. When in 05 AQF in the sixth month the United Republic of Cyrannus was reformed in the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, an emergency session was held to inform the entire senate. Chuinaylia was in shock and didn't knew what to decide. However she was firm into defending Adar his allegiance, as she believed he was loyal to the Nation and the Empress.

Dark Times[]

Main Artickle: Dark Times

Senators in disagreement

With the forming of a new evil super power, the Galactics (the Rambo refer the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus that way) were preparing their forces for the inevitable war would begin between the two. However, the Galactics and the Rambo were troubled with the URC colonies in Quadrant 82, who claimed they were still loyal to the Cyrandia Alliance. When Chuinaylia, the Chairman and an Apationagtus representative were in discussion with senator Aviaratyal and the Commodore. As the discussion went on, with insults to the URC representative an order of the Empress came in, all URC/GEC ships were considered hostile and were not welcome anymore. Even more, a large Rambo fleet was approaching the colonial sector of the URC, with intentions to conquer it.

Summons by the Founder

Chuinaylia was against such act, but as it was a direct order of the Empress could do little against it, as the Empress word was always final. Her friend, the URC representative left in sadness, hoping that the two would remain friends and that a battle would not happen within Quadrant 82. Later on after the Cyrannians won the Battle of New Ramhall, Chuinaylia was summoned by the Rambo Founder. Arriving at the Founder his location she noticed that, besided the Founder, Admiral Ramaxar and Lord Senator Ram'Thrandeal were also present. During the conversation the admiral left as he wanted to close the wormhole leading to the Cyrannus Galaxy. The other didn't and the converstion took up the remaining of the day, where the Founder and his servants presented lunch, thea time and diner for them. After the conversation Chuinaylia left confident that they could sway the senate to prevent the closing of the Quadrantia-Cyrannus Wormhole. As it would be bad for the Rambo economy and the Rambo would loose any chance at meeting or teaming up with URC remnants.

Confronted by Gorubla and Morglûkia

Later on Chuinaylia returned to her office after hours of debate about the closing of the wormhole. Sadly the senate didn't decide yet as the Chancellor of the Crown moved on the discussion till the next day. When she was at her office senator Gorubla and Morglûkia suddenly entered her office. Not liking to see Morglûkia again her voice betrayed this fact. Morglûkia claimed that their deal was broken as the Angforst blockaded the wormhole. Chuinaylia sighted and agree, knowing well that Rambo Command increased their security by the day around the Angforst. Morglûkia was happy that she complied and left her office again. She also waved Gorubla away, as her trust in him was damaged now that he allowed Morglûkia to meet her.

Guolivian warns Chuinaylia about the coming threat.

A few weeks later, while Chuinaylia was working in her office a sudden holoscreen rang out. The figure forming in front of her was Senator Guolivian, a person she considered a former friend until his acceptance to the Galactic Empire. The Basileus walked in front of her office and Chuinaylia rose to her feet, not feeling comfortable with an enemy in front of her. She demanded what the Empire wanted, and to her surprise the Imperial Senator gave a weak smile and he told her it was good to see her again.

Startled Chuinaylia noticed the senator became pacing up and down her office, telling her that a massive Imperial fleet was preparing to invade the Quadrants. Furhter more he told her the fleet would excist out of never seen before ships, far outclassing most Rambo Nation ships. Chuinaylia was confused and demanded why the Imperial senator would tell her this. Guolivian simply frowned, telling Chuinaylia that he believed that she would make a great Imperial Senator and that he didn't want her to get harmed in the coming conflict. The hologram then vanished as quickly as it had appeared, leaving Chuinaylia alone with her thoughts, torn about to do.

Pondering for a few hours she wasn't sure what to decide, it would be foolish to attack again so soon after the Cyrannian losses at the Battle of Angforst, a few days before. Chuinaylia wasn't even sure if Guolivian was even telling the truth. Mere hours later the truth revealed herself as the Rambo Capital came under attack. With heavy losses on both sides the Empire managed to capture Empress Ramashe and she was forced to sign the Nim-Glaré Concordat. The concordat described the terms of surrender of Rambo Nation to Imperial will. Unsure what to do Chuinaylia remained at her office to await further news what would happen to her and the rest of the Rambo Senate. Chuinaylia and her fellow senator were allowed to remain in their position, though with Rambo Nation becoming a protectrate of the Empire Chuinaylia feared for Imperial suppression. Yet she and the people of her sector remained loyal to the Empress and as such Chuinaylia continued her duties.

During the early month, she worked hard to prevent a rebellion among her sector and the integration of Empire into her sector. Luckily, due to her work the entire sector she oversaw accepted the Concordat smoothly and without problems as all were still loyal to the Crown and would follow their Empress.

Rambo Senate proclaims the Shipyards of Rowar as their own again

Over the following months Chuinaylia grew disatisfied with the Grand Mandator, Garlboz when he took command of the Angforst and decided to stop production of Rambo vessels at the shipyards of Rowar. As such Chuinaylia and Or-Ana (among others) began lobbying with other senators to get a vote on the table to reverse the Grand Mandator' decision. After weeks of secret meetings, without Aviataryl, the senator of Rowar the entire Rambo Senate unanimously voted for the start and new production of Rambo Nation vessels. Even the Empress herself agreed with it and signed the order at a Royal parchment and told Chuinaylia to hand it over to Aviaratyal.

Facing Aviaratyal in the halls of the Senatorial Executive Palace at the moon of Anummiae- flanked by Or-Ana and Lord Ram'Lendilia she handed over the parchment to the Aviadactyl senator. At first Aviaratyal struggled and claimed why it was made without his knowledge and defended his action as Garlboz himself ordered him to do it. When Chuinaylia questioned Aviaratyal his loyalty, the senator realised where she was going and followed the order. Within a day the production of Rambo ships once again started, though Chuinaylia had doubts about what the consequences could be if the Empire found out without being informed of the decision.

Resistance is planning an attack, while Chuinaylia refuses to help them anymore

Chuinaylia was contacted by Chodecra, a former Rambo colonel who requested information. As a Chinawkya Chuinaylia decided to help him and bring food and medical supplies with her as well to a planet called Kreeta. However at arrival she saw that Chodecra and Rambas were creating a new Resistance. With tanks and soldiers who felt no pain or remorse they were planning an attack at Rambo Nation and the Empire. Chuinaylia confronted the two and asked them what they were doing? Their response was as expected, but Chuinaylia refused to have dealing with beings who would dare to wage war at their own planets.

As such Chuinaylia left, promising not tell anyone about Kreeta but she felt a heavy burden. The information she left would be used for an attack at a Rambo Planet. Blood would be spilled by their own kind and Chuinaylia could do nothing without risking execution by Garlboz. As such she waited what the Resistance would do and returned to the Ivalaë.

Upon her return, she worked in secret with Count Apaltar of the Republic in Exile to keep their position secret from the Empire. Though some Rambo senators and high ranking officers new of the Exiled- they didn't mention it to the Empire. Chuinaylia managed to erase certain data from the databank of Rambo Command and managed to this information secret from Imperial sympathizers like vice-admiral Ramtainus and suspected sympathizer- the young Marscalcus. Chuinaylia regretted the Battle of Angforst but realised she could do little about it and hoped that in secret, she could improve the relations between the Exiled and the now "protectrate" Nation.

Chuinaylia as guest at the Royal Wedding of Tyraz and Iovera

Shortly after Chuinaylia was informed that Empress Ramashe went missing. As such, she was acquired to visit the Royal Wedding between Tyraz and Iovera IX in the Andromeda Galaxy. Chuinaylia was honored to attend the wedding, but also a bit unsure to represent the Nation- the Nation and many of the SSA members relations were a bit tense and on edge. It was also the first time a representative of the Rambo Senate set foot within the Andromeda Galaxy. None the less, she attented and was delighted to see many famous individuals, like Apollo and his wife Gianne Inviá, Guolivian, Uriel Ultanos, Kithworto and Koluap among others.

Cyrandia Conference

After the party she spoke to Apollo in person, informing him about the latests events in the Quadrants- and admitted to him she feared another war could erupt. Apollo was shocked to hear about the news of Ramashe her capture and vowed to her that one day she would be found and freed. Afterwards she said goodbye to all the other guests, but Chuinaylia admitted to herself she did not feel at ease with the present of so many famous individuals. Afterwards she returned to the Rambo Senate and informed them of the wedding.

During the 4th month of 03 NE/06 AQF she attented the Cyrannia Conferece along vice-admiral Ramcard and Empress Ramashe. During the conference she shot a an uncertain glare at Guolivian, who noticed it and smiled back, ensuring that their friendship was still there. At the end of the conference, she was proud that Apollo announced the New Cyrannian Republic was formed. Afterwards she returned to Rambo Space to attend her senetorial tasks.

Proconsul Apollo speaking before the Rambo Senate.

A few days after the forming of the New Cyrannian Republic, Apollo spoke the the Rambo Senate of the Republic's behalf. At first, many of the senators were in disagreement whether or not to accept the alliance. The senators who sided with Chuinaylia were Or-Ana, Aviadactyl and Creckbo- though others advised caution. However, the emotional and honest speech of Apollo moved the senate to discuss their decision in private. During the following debate, it senate voted that a new alliance with the New Cyrannian Republic was to be turned down. The reason for this was that Chuinaylia reminded the others that the URC never openly declared their alliance over, and with the New Republic as it's successor- technically the alliance was still in tact. Chuinaylia leaved the senate as last and told her Monarch and proconsul Apollo. Though she also informed that in order to accept the alliance to be still in place, the Rambo were to be taking a neutral stance in a possible conflict between the New Republic and the Empire. Much to her own surprise, she managed to get an unaminous approval of all senators- a first within the Senate's history.

Or-Ana, Chuinaylia and Adar in discussion

Apollo was delighted and hugged her, before leaving with a curious smile on her face she bowed slightly towards both officials and left for Ivalaë. A while later, Adar was asked by Or-Ana to meet with him at Chuinaylia her office. Or-Ana explained that he learned of vital information that over 48% of their space ships were unmanned and in drydocks. Or-Ana questioned Ramashe her decision of the so called "Draconid Act", a fact she didn't discuss with the senate nor officially informed them off. He also questioned the placement of Lianna station near a wormhole close to New Cyrannian Republic space and it's new commander, Rambas, a former renegade. When Chuinaylia asked what he was suggesting, Or-Ana expressed his hopes to summon Ramashe in front of the senate so she could answer for her decisions. Both Chuinaylia and Adar were shocked when Or-Ana said it, with Adar refusing to hear no more.

Official Opening of Lianna Station

Before storming out of the chamber, he told Or-Ana that questioning the Empress might be bad for his health. After storming out the chamber, both Chuinaylia and Or-Ana were shocked by this evident threat. Chuinaylia sighted, still questioned if it was wise to challenge their own ruler in her decisions. Shortly after, Or-Ana left Chuinaylia alone, dissapointed that his long time friend didn't support him. Shorlty after, Chuinaylia changed her appearance as she gained a more adult appearance, that would aid her in being taken more seriously.

Chuinaylia was later present at the official opening of Lianna station, as a representative of the Rambo Senate. During the opening she talked with both Aurestor Beldrin Savenium and Emperor Savra of the Corthrinus. During the talk with Savra, she fell for his wits and cunning looks and promised to stay in contact with him. Both for their own reasons, Chuinaylia felt that through Savra the Rambo could perhaps gain more information about current events in Cyrannus. Near the end of the opening, she listened to Ramashe her words about the Rambo taking back their mantle of peacekeepers and explorers, something Chuinaylia was very happy with. It was time the Rambo were going outside their borders again to explore and expand.

Dignitaries sign the Treaty of Serindianliae

In the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF Chuinaylia was present at the Rambo Capital where she, together with Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation, Lourdes Windrunner of Carnthedain and S'Rell of the Caizini for an important meeting. During the meeting Ramashe announced the expansion of the Treaty of Fornaeria, the Treaty of Serindianlia! The expansion allows individual sectors/planets to become "protectrates" of Rambo Nation. Allowing them to keep their own ways of living, their traditions and beliefs, as well as their own selected rulers. As an addition the Rambo Navy would patrol and defend their territories against out side threats and individual members could become full Rambo Nation citizens if they would want to serve on Rambo Navy ships or at Rambo Command. After all dignitaries signed the treaty, Chuinaylia was pleased that Rambo Nation had taken a second step into becoming peace keepers and explorers once more.

Ortum a Dynastia[]

Main Article: Ortum a Dynastia

Founder and Senate confront Ramashe about having no heir

A little while later, during the 12th month of 06 AQF, Chuinaylia and various other senators, including the Rambo Founder confronted Ramashe about their concern that the throne was left without a heir currently, and with the outbreak of the Gigaquadrantic Conflicts the senate grew worried about the Royal line. Ramashe assured all present that she was able to find a suitable mate herself, when she wanted. Though Chuinaylia agreed with the Empress, she hoped that the throne was really secured with such troublesome times coming.

Tertius Bellum[]

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Chuinaylia arrives at Ivalaë

With the start of 08 AQF, the tensions with the Hutter Kingdom increased, resulting in various battles. Due to various reasons and events, Lord Ramtterson Ramcelsior saw to end her carreer to keep the nobilities influance upon the senate, and Chuinaylia had something to be blamed for. A young reporter, Dennis George Voltar published an article charging her of corruption, together with Gorubla and their dealings with crime lord Morglûkia. Confronted by senator Or-Ana with the article, she sadly had to confirm the fact that she did, even though she did it at behalf of her people and Rambo Nation at whole. Or-Ana was dissapointed and claimed he was now unable to help her anymore.

Chuinaylia and Rambarth converse

She travelled to Ivalaë where she met with the chairmain who advised her to talk with Lord Rambarth, something she did. She expressed her concern that her current downfall was orchistrated by foul play. Surprised, Rambarth promised he would look into it but did not comfort her with telling to do everything in his power to get the truth. To re-gain the trust and favor of the former Hand of the Monarch, she left a data disk with charging data about Inquisitor Chi Chodecra, hoping the Serindia lord would use the information to regain his former position as Hand and in grattitude would elevate herself back into a position of meaning within the senate or government.

To her own surprise she was chosen by Chancellor Fleur Inviere to serve as her vice-chancellor. Chuinaylia accepted and was happy to be back in the political arena of Rambo Nation. Furhter more, the vice-chancellor position would allow her to travel more to foreign countries and work closer with the admirality of Rambo Command.

Chuinaylia her last moments at Mou'Cyran

In the following years, both her political and personal life florished as she married famous officer James Rambo and concieved two children with him, a son Jimmy James Rambo and daughter Jenna Lenissa Rambo. Caring for her family and continuing her carreer as vice-chancellor she was seen as a voice of reason and peace amongst the senate. In december 20 AQF, Chuinaylia travelled to Mou'Cyran to meet with New Cyrannian Republic president Nexarón Valkistair to discuss the rising tension between the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and the New Republic. Tasked by her High King to set up a dialogue to prevent was, she was present during the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm when the Republic capital Mou'Cyran was destroyed by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Chuinaylia, amongst many great Cyrandia politicians perished when the planet was destroyed.

Chuinaylia leaves behind her husband, a son and daughter and a great legacy of young and promosing senator was died before her time.

Personality and Traits[]


Chuinaylia is a friendly and gentle Chinawkya. She strongly believes in democracy and is often quiet and a little bit shy. Though when needed, she raised her voice (like she did with the declaration of war at the Confederacy. She is liked by most senator, except by Muunithrond, who really disliked her a lot.

She is also considered pretty for Rambo Nation standards, and she once allowed a populair magazine to take one bikini shoot, the magazine in question was sold out within the hour upon it's release. Though she finds this popularity difficult, somehow she also likes it a bit.

After her meeting with Morglûkia and Zaverance she fears both individuals, as they are quite influential and dangerous in their way. Though she found it a personal accomplishment to be able to work with Morglûkia, though disliked the fact that he touched her hip.


Chuinaylia also likes fashion, and she has various outfits which she can use for differant kind of occasions.

Former appearance

These are Chuinaylia her appearances before she gained a more adult appearance.


Senate relations

Green face.pngfellow senators I can trust!

  • Senator Lord Adar - The senator of Borealis, a kind and gentle senator who wants the best for his people.
  • Senator Or-Ana - Senator of the Saurien Sector, friendly and wise, Or-Ana is liked and listened too by all in the Senate. They often have diner together to discuss political matters.
  • Senator Lord Ram'Thrandeal - The senator of the Inner Sector, proud, arrogance and extremly strong. He is one of the most experienced Senators and his vote weights heavily upon the other Senators. Ye he is very friendly to Chuinaylia and sees her as a promising Senator. Twice a week we have lunch together to discuss political matters.
  • Yellow face.pngNot sure I can trust them all
  • Chancellor of the Royal Crown Aleathria - The Chancellor of the Crown and speaker to the Empress. Do not really know her so difficult to form an opinion about her.
  • Senator Lord Creckbo - The senator of the Mid Colonial Sector, do not really know him that well but he seems kind and trustable.
  • Senator Gorubla til'Ario Du'lko - Senator of the Amiaeria Sector, a wise and great senator until he brought Morglûkia into my office. Now I am not sure that I can trust him anymore.
  • Senator Ram'Arathon - Senator of Ramahri Nova, don't know him really well but seems worthy of being a senator. He also has a nice hat.
  • Senator Ram'Eriathine - Senator of the deep space sector, not sure what to think about her.
  • Senator Ram'Gwalrori - Mysterious senator of the Badlands sector, a creepy senator but he seems worthy.
  • Senator Ram'Lendila - Senator of the Cyrannus Colonial Sector, he is a royalty so not sure how clear his mind is.
  • Senator Ram'Vindalë - Senator of the Outer Colonial Sector, do not know her very well but she is kind and gentle to me.
  • Senator Yunur'Tugal - Senator of the Yunillage Sector, the most silent and mysterious of us all. Not sure if she has any friends among the other senators.

Red face.pngCorrupt and greedy fellow senators, a shame for the Nation

  • Senator Aviaratyal - The senator of Rowar, greedy and in my opinion corrupt director of the Shipyards of Rambo Nation.
  • Senator Muunithrond † - Former senator of the Western Sector, arrogant and corrupt, he doesn't like me and doesn't makes it a secret. He rather sees me go then stay in the Senate. He later was killed after he betrayed the Nation, who would have thought?
  • Senator Tukio Nutria - Unbelievable, they chose a corrupt trader to become senator of the Western Colonial Sector. First Muunithrond, now this disgrace? Does the Western Sector have any normal people?

Green face.pngThose worthy of my friendship!


Yellow face.pngNot sure about them.

  • Adelheidis - A power hungry woman who endangers the secrecy of the Republic in Exile.
  • Aurestor Beldrin Savenium - A Draconid noble with an attitude
  • Guolivian - An URC/Imperial senator, brave, intelligent and polite!
  • Iovera - Honored to be invited to her wedding, she wore a nice dress!
  • Kithworto - Met him at the Royal Wedding, my he is impressive!
  • Koluap - Met him at the Royal Wedding, a noble person.
  • Ktrn - A kind and capable bounty hunter in service of Morglûkia.
  • Savra Mathen - An emperor from Cyrannus
  • Tyraz Breek - Honored to be invited to his wedding, wish him the best.
  • Uriel Ultanos - Of the Draconid, met him at the wedding and is an impressive sight.

Red face.pngOh no!

Quotes from Others[]

A very promising young senator of Rambo Nation. She reminds me of myself when I was first elected to the Cyrannus Senate. I think she will become a very famous individual indeed.

- Senator Naberrie of the United Republic of the Cyrannus Galaxy

Perhaps the most promising senator I have ever seen. I see her doing great things in the future.

- Guolivian


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  • She is the youngest Chinawkya Senator ever!
  • She is partly based upon Senator Riyo Chuchi.
  • Chuinaylia is at all times protected by a Rambo Serindia Seven Starr Alliance Soldier, tasked with the protection of Senators. The one assigned to Chuinaylia like a bit of humor, but is also quite serious in his job and duty. He was later replaced by one of the Dread Lord Troopers of Rambo Nation.
  • Chuinaylia was a featured article for August 2013.
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