The Children of Kerobe, are a surviving branch of the DCP's military. Three species were engineered and uplifted in the Black Eye Galaxy to combat the native Grox over a decade ago. The Black Eye galaxy was discovered to be possibly the Conqrix home galaxy. The DCp forces were fighting elsewhere so they engineered the three to combat them and the Grox. They were highly successful, and treated the DCP as their gods, even though they knew they weren't, they respected their masters for giving them such a noble purpose (DCP propagander). They were named after the Battle of Kerobe, a major turning point for the DCP in the Grox Resistance era.

Three races Edit

The picture in the infobox shows all three.

A'Nugiar Edit

The center.
The A'Nugiar are the bulkiest of the Children. They are heavyweights, standing at 2.83 meters, and have bones three times as thick as a human's. But they also have well developed muscle and fat. This makes them slow, but deadly to most species in close combat.

Because they are slow, they have been outfitted with heavy duty armour plating, powered exoskeleton, shield/refractor and energy absorber. Their own anatomical weapons are powerful enough, taking the idea from the Mantisorac, it can slice through armour.

Gumbotold Edit

The right.
The Gumbotold are the shortest in stature. They have a silicon-crystalline biology and can even generate their own electricity, thanks to studies of Truly Alien life. Because of this, they are capable of creating several electromagnetic attacks. They are fast footed, often armed with a personal cloak to strike quickly. They are also capable of mine melding. These attributes allow them to sneak up on enemy bases, and cause disorder among enemy ranks.

Shreeka Edit

The left.
Described as living fighter jets, the Shreeka look like demonic butterflies, beautiful, yet deadly. They are the lallest of the three, standing at over 3.4 meters. They are capable of flight, and have composition based on a metallic, yet also organic membrane. They were created to fly in the atmospheres of Conqrix colonies unaided, but can use technology to help them in other environments. They shoot from a distance, from the vantage point of the air. Their metallic coating can refract the energy from kinetic and directed energy blasts, although the use of battle armour is of course needed. They are strong, and can pluck a Grox or Donox from the ground, dropping one from a great height, or severing its head using metallic claws. They have neurotoxin glands, meaning that entire armies can be paralysed. One on the ground however, is far more pathetic.

Each member has advantages and disadvantages, where one is weak however, another one of the members takes over. They work together, and die together, all in the name of their Master-parent-god, the Delpha Coalition of Planets.

History Edit

Creation Edit

Shreeka monolith

The monolith remains, standing proud after completition of the Shreeka uplift.

Several planets near the Galactic Core were seeded using the Staff of Life. The staffs had been manipulated to generate genes and DNA from members of the Coalition, they are in fact, descended from the DCP. Ideas were taken from the unique bioologies of Truly Alien lifeforms.

After the perfect weapons were engineered, by Dr.Ogonyraka, who is simply known as The Father. The three races were planted on their respected worlds, along with monoliths and educational technology. Each had a quick civilization stage, one manipulated by the DCP so only the strongest nation would come out on top, the DCP wanted warriors. The favoured nations worshipped the DCP as gods, until they were given final instructions to build a starship and meet the DCP in person. After that, they were soon on the battlefield.

Assualt on the Conqrix Edit

Horizon doom

Doom over the horizon.

The Three races furiously fought the Conqrix, who were powerful warriors of the Grox. It is unknown whether the Conqrix homeworld lyes in the Black Eye galaxy, but this was the site of their colonies. For years the Children fought, and the Conqrix were being pushed back into the Grox territories. The Grox could do nothing, they were being pinned down by the Delpha Coalition Planets.

As the DCP explored, they discovered another Gaian planet, like the one at Fahler, it had been built by the Xyanxes. More artifacts were discovered, many within Grox space. With the DCP hungering for new technologies to reverse engineer, the DCP and the Children left the Conqrix and made assualts on the Grox themselves.

Post-cleanslate history Edit

No galaxy was safe from the Annihilation, including the Black Eye Galaxy. The Grox began to flee to their unknown galaxy, leaving much of the Conqrix behind. The DCP retreated along with much of the Children to the doomed Vi'Navitum Ark in the Milky Way. As for the survivors, they joined some Grox Resistance forces to yet another ark.

In the aftermath there was only a few billion of survivors from all three races. They retreated to the Large Megallanic Cloud where they allied with the Magellanic Sovereignty of Planets. It wasn't long before the Grox returned, and in the Large Megallanic Cloud they would clash with the MSP and the Children once more...

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