History[edit | edit source]

Childhood[edit | edit source]

Jorim Ta'raron ( in Asconian) was born on planet Ascon some time before 4156 BC. He was born to Calyr Ta'raron, a male sage who spoke the word of Ada, and Ridnae, a great female warrior of an unknown clan. Jorim and his family lived in Desaa, the very first Volver settlement established a good 28,000 years before. Jorim belonged to clan Ta'raron, as in Volver society, the sons are a part of their father's clan, dispite his mother being a warrior. Jorim's clansmen looked down on the boy, assuming he had faulty genes due to his father's utter lack of combat skill. Jorim was often teased by other young boys from his clan and even some from other clans because of his mother's great skill and his father's cowardice. Ridnae vowed to instruct her son in the use of many weapons. Jorim received instructional lessons from her until we was of age to begin formal training.

Training[edit | edit source]

As with all young Volver, Jorim taught to fight and protect their lands. He was sent off to Takani, an encampment miles away from Desaa. There he was trained to use swords, spears, axes, and clubs. His skills with shields and heavy armor was envied by many of his peers. Jorim, despite having been given the presumption of having bad genes, surpassed all of his peers and was considered a true warrior by the time he was 24.

Border Watch[edit | edit source]

Jorim was tasked with border watch during his first year as a fully fledged warrior. He and many others were stationed around Volver territory borders to prevent other races from invading or using Volver resources.

There were a few incidents where Jorim did stop a few other tribes from entering Volver lands, often silting in a fight. Due to Jorim's battle prowess, he was more than a match for the rival tribal warriors.

Battle of Origin Swamp[edit | edit source]

A battle broke out between a Northern Volverian tribe and the Volver Tribe of Origin Marsh, Jorim's Tribe. Initially, The Volver were used to fighting other races, however, this race was a bit more adapted to the harsh swamp that the Volver lived in. These creatures were considered Rugadons, hailing from the tough Ruggaderial Mountains to the north. These creatures had rock hard skin and could fly, just like the Volver themselves. Jorim took part in defending Origin Marsh, the home region in which the Volver Tribe originated, from the northern invaders. Jorim and his fellow warriors managed to fend off the attackers and were told to regroup at Desaa in order to plan an attack on Ruggaderi, the Rugadon settlement.

Battle of Ruggaderi[edit | edit source]

Jorim was promoted to Volver Brave, an honorable title that gave him command over many troops on the battlefield. Jorim lead his men into Ruggaderi along with few other Braves. They layer siege to the city, blocking off supply routes and trapping the inhabitants within the village. Jorim led a massive attack on the city and managed to take the it within three days.

Jorim returned back to Desaa a hero, and was honored by a feast held by Ulfar Desaa, the chieftain at the time.

Discovery of Alphorium[edit | edit source]

Six years after The Battle of Ruggaderi, he ventured to the Ruggaderial Mountains, now a Volver territory, to mine for metal ores. This was a time period where the Volver stopped using stone and wood tools. Due to the capture of the mountains, a great amount of metal ore was discovered within them by miners. Ore such as bronze, gold, silver, diamonds, and other precious metals. While mining one day, Jorim came across an extremely hard metal. He excavated it and cleaned it off in his hut. He tested the metal on different objects and noticed that it was able to shatter diamonds and steel battle armor. Jorim was intrigued by this and decided to forge the metal. With it, he was able to create battle armor that only he could wear. The metal's properties were very strange, it seemed to drain the energy of any non-Volver. He dubbed this metal as ᏌᎮᏪᎲᏬᏏᏱᎭᎷ (A-for-ee-uhm), known today as Alphorium, and believed it was a gift given to him by the Volver Gods.

Battle for Chieftain[edit | edit source]

After proving his large array if skills, Jorim became leader of the Ta'raron Clan. At first, the Ta'raron Clan was considered nothing special, just a clan of warriors and sages. However, once Jorim came into power, he made sure that the Ta'raron name would be remembered. In many sparing matches and battles against enemy tribes, the Ta'raron began coming out on top in each fight. This was due to Jorim's tough training regimen, passed down from his very mother.

As a Volver tradition, every one hundred to one thousand years, the Clan Leaders gather to prove who is the strongest among them. Who ever wins against all of the leaders is then crowned as Chief of the Volver Tribe. The Chief's family, usually his eldest son, will be the next chief when he resigns ore dies. If the clan remains undefeated, they are known as monarchs, staying in control of the clan through their blood line.

Kalaas Desaa was the current chieftain of the Volver Tribe and leader of the Desaa tribe. He inherited the title from his father,

The day soon came for the Clan Leaders to gather. Jorim faced off against clan leaders from the Rumta'ee and Sa'lota clans. He defeated them and planned to fight the others, but Kalaas has already done so.

Final Round[edit | edit source]

Jorim and Kalaas had always been rivals. In fact, he was one of the kids who used to make fun of Jorim in their youth. However, Kalaas came to respect Jorim as a true warrior and did have a slight feeling of fear when facing him. Jorim and Kalaas fought for about twenty minutes straight before Kalaas was knocked out by a hard punch to the jaw. Jorim's Alphorium Armor was far to durable for Kalaas to cause any real damage. Jorim, being victorious, had earned the title of Chieftain of the Volver Tribe.

Reign of Jorim[edit | edit source]

Jorim was considered to be a just chief to his people. He expanded the borders of the Volver Tribe all over the continent of Volveria. He also managed to keep peace with the Doopies, a hardy warrior race from the cold, northern continent of Wintasuno. Jorim stressed the importance of family and friendship, stating that the bonds between everyone would help the Volver pull through anything.

R'thaar Arrive[edit | edit source]

The R'thaar, a very advanced race from the southern super continent of Rorikona, landed on the southeastern shores of Volveria around the year 4027 BC. Originally, the Volver welcomed the R'thar with open arms, but that soon changed. For days Solider was seeing a Volver woman. One night he attempted to have his way with her, but she declined. He then tried to force himself on her. He failed,prompting the woman to alert her father. Her father killed the R'thaar with his spear, sparking conflict between the two races. Tensions rose as the months went by. And Gor'gaan, leader of the R'thaar, was growing impatient with the Volver. He had demanded that Jorim give resources to the R'thaar without the need of them giving anything in exchange. Jorim refused, which angered Gor'gaan to no end. He declared war on the Volver.

Ascon Civil War[edit | edit source]

This War was waged between all three continents, as the Doopies joined sides with the Volver in an effort to take down the R'thaar. Jorim and his son, Holreb Ta'raron led the Volver-Doopy alliance along with King Wallus of the Doopies. Their alliance was weak however. The Volver and Doppies have had racial tensions since their sentience. But they knew the only way to stop the R'thaar's expansionist greed was to team up.

Many hit and runs were preformed by Holreb under Jorim's orders. These attacks were successful, however they were not enough to stop the R'thaar's campaign.

Battle of Desaa[edit | edit source]

Jorim had sent Holreb off to recapture a small Volver settlement that the R'thaar had captured a few weeks back. Holreb left with a few Volver Braves to take back what was rightfully theirs. While Holreb was away however, the R'thaar attacked Desaa, as they knew it was the heard of the Volver Tribe. Due to Jorim's Alphorium battle armor, he was able to withstand wave after wave of R'thaar warriors. Their advanced firearms did nothing to the nearly indestructible metal and they would fall to their knees before Jorim due to its energy draining effect. However, the R'thaar discovered that Asconium could negate the energy draining effect and send in another wave of Asconium armored troops. Gor'gaan himself led this wave and managed to defeat Jorim in combat.

Death[edit | edit source]

Jorim fought hard, but was unable to fight all of the attackers. They had slaughtered the troops, women, and children who were in Desaa at the time of the attack. Gor'gaan had defeated Jorim, and removed his mask, attempting to dishonor him. But Jorim's honor remained intact. He knew he was going to die, but he also knew that his people would still defeat the R'thaar. Gor'gaan assumed that Jorim was talking irrationally, and slashed his throat. Jorim died trying to protect his people.

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Holreb returned to Desaa to find Jorim dead in the ruins of his once great village. This motivated Holreb enough to craft the Alphorium Blade, from Jorim's armor, and lead the Volver and Dopies against the R'thaar. Holreb did indeed defeat the R'thaar and killed Gor'gaan himself to avenge Jorim's death. Holreb went in to build the Volver Empire

Jorim's descendants became legendary warriors throughout the galaxy and even became famous in other galaxies. They fight many great battles that not only saved the Volver Empire, but many empires and even the entire universe at one point.

Jorim's deeds and battle prowess are remembered fondly among the Ta'raron clan, who have been leading the Volver since Jorim's victory over Kalaas Desaa. That is around thousands and thousands of years. Jorim is a legend in Volver History.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Weapons[edit | edit source]

  • Jorim's Steel Axe - Jorim's Axe is completely made of steel. Jorim single handily crafted the weapon himself in his youth and used it to win many great battles. The axe itself is on display in the Ta'raron family crypt.
  • Spears - Jorim was quite skilled with a spear, as he was taught by his mother who specialized in the weapon. He was not as good as his son, Holreb, when using it, but he could definitely handle himself in a fight if equipped with one.
  • Clubs - Jorim uses Clubs to break the bones of his foes when his fists don't quite cut it.
  • Swords - Jorim can use a sword, but prefers his axe instead. His swordplay is actually quite poor when compared to his descendants.

Armor[edit | edit source]

  • Volver Battle Armor - This battle armor was given to him when he completed his warrior training. It is quite durable but can be broken though with weapons made of steel or gunfire. It is mostly leather.
  • Volver Brave Arnor - Sturdier armor with a hard steel outer shell and a layer of leather that rests on the skin. Jorim is quite the tank in this armor. It can take gunfire and protect against steel weapons.
  • Alphorium Battle Armor - Jorim forged this armor himself. He was nearly invincible while wearing it. Alphorium is unable to be destroyed by any known source on Ascon, so this made Jorim a huge threat on the battlefield.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Poison Tail - Volver are genetically able to produce toxins in a sack near the base of their tail. They shoot deadly poison that can cause temporary blindness, paralysis, and if hit with enough of it, death.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Jorim has been known as a very resourceful and dignified fighter. He is able to adapt to his surroundings extremely fast, even for a Volver. Jorim's battle prowess is not all talk. Jorim was so skilled in combat, that he could give the current Volver King, Brygon, a run for his money. Despite this, Jorim's large size and bulk did restrict how fast he could move. He was very fast in water, but on land he was about as fast as a normal human. Jorim's skills with an axe are unmatched, even to this day. He may not have been a military genius, but he was above to lead successful attacks on the enemy during times of war.

Personal Information[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jorim was considered to be quite brash and serious. He did have a strong sense of justice and wonder, which caused him to discover Alphorium. Jorim was not known to be very merciful towards non-Volver however. Being raised by a sage who preached about Ada day and knight, Jorim grew up believing in Ada as a god, as most Volver of the time did. Jorim did not pay much attention to religion after the battle of Ruggaderi however, as his views began to change when he realized that his prayers were going unanswered.

Relations[edit | edit source]

Allies[edit | edit source]

  • King Holreb - My son...words cannot express how proud of you I am...
  • Wallus - You and your people came through for us...and for that, I thank you.

Neutral[edit | edit source]

  • Kalaas - You were a great rival of mine. But...try not to be so bitter about that loss.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • R'thaar - You scum...you deserved that genocide.
    • Gor'gaan - I don't believe in such a thing as karma, but if it does exist, you certainly received it.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Quotes from him[edit | edit source]

I have fought many battles in my life,but never have is seen so much death...

Fight well or die with a sword in hand. That is the Volver way

Quotes from others[edit | edit source]

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Father, I thank you for everything that has happened since your death. If it were not for you...our race would have become extinct.

- King Holreb
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