Chianwe Apanoida is a Chinawkya native, hailing from the planet Ivalaë. She is known for a bold and agressive way to deal with situations. As a captain, Apanoida would rather fire first, then ask questions. This traits gave her a notorious reputation among other captain, yet her skills in commanding a ship is well known and she is respected by many Rambo officers.

However Apanoida is also known for her seductive skills, and will not hesistate to use her female features to get what she wants.


Early History[]

Chianwe at the Academy

Apanoida was born in 23 BQF at the Chinawkya planet Ivalaë. There she live a quiet and nice life in one of the many cities. Her high school was one of fun and parties, and is a period Apanoida is quite proud on. After high school she wanted to join the Chinawkya navy or militairy but wasn't allowed as she didn't had the right paper nor education to join it.

Furious she began studying battle tactics and warfare in her free time while working in a shop to earn a living. When in 03 AQF the Chinawkya signed the Treaty of Fornaeria with Rambo Nation she decided to join Rambo Command.

Academy Years[]

Apanoida passed the tests and joined the Rambo Academy and found out that living within Rambo Nation was quite fun as the Academy had quite some parties. During her time she had quite some boyfriends, but never for long as she liked being free and often went wandering among the woods at the Rambo Capital- where she studied in quietness and witnessed the wonderous creatures of the Capital.

After graduating she was assigned as an Ensign to the Constitution class USS Potemkin and served on her for some years, slowly gaining ranks until she eventually reached the rank of captain in 04 AQF.

Captain of the USS Potemkin[]

Great Cyrannus War

Upon her promotion to captain she was given command of the USS Potemkin. Her promotion was in the fifth month of the year 04 AQF and her first duties were to patrol the busy and populair trade route- the Ramsoria Run.

Battle of Rametru Nui

Two months later, in the seventh month Rametru Nui came under attack by Confederate fleet during the Great Cyrannus War. She aided fleet captain Trabl'krgte, though the Rambo were heavily outnumbered her skills allowed her to damage a Mortalitas Dreadnought and even the Mortalitas Fist! Her actions during the battle allowed various civilian ships to escape and she escorted them back to Rambo Prime- another Rambo colony in the Mid Colonial Sector. Two months later, without seeing much action and patrolling various borders instead, Apanoida was called back to the Shipyards of Rowar as her ship, the USS Potemkin was scheduled for an upgrade. Enlightend, she hastened herself back to the shipyards and enjoyed a two week leave before her ship was finished.

After seeing her ship, she was happy with the improvements and the new and sleaker design. She couldn't wait before she could put her ship into action again.

Fourth Battle of Yadumarth

During the tenth month of 04 AQF she brought food and medical supplies for the citizens of the conquered planet of Yadumarth, as the citizens had suffered an orbital bombardment by the URC Star Destroyer Loyalist in the ninth month. Arriving two weeks after that event she saw the blockade was still in position and teleported various supplies to the surface, which the Yudimarian were happy with. However, during her stay the Basileus Captain of the Terror of Stars attacked Yadumarth and the Cyrandia blockade. Managing to lure the Cyrandia fleet away from orbit other Confederate ships managed to jump in between the planet and the blockade, attacking from both sides!

Second Battle of Matakoro

During the battle the Loyalist was destroyed and as Ramniels, who was in command of the Cyrandia blockade ordered an retreat, she complied. As sensors picked up an opening, she ordered her navigator to push through, and they did. Though a Confederate frigate managed to serious damage the hull and warp nacelle of the USS Potemkin. After breaking free she joined the other ships which also escaped and retreat back to Rambo Space.

After the battle she was ordered by Rambo Command to patrol the borders of the Outer Colonial Sector near Javan, after the damage to her ship was repaired. In the 12th month of 04 AQF she was ordered to take part in the fleet that would engage the Confederacy at Matakoro. As the second battle of Matakor began she used the USS Potemkin to protect the Chinawkya Medical Frigates. As a Munificent Class Frigate enaged the USS Potemkin, the ship took heavy damage. Luckily she was aided by the USS Madison, a Galaxy Class which opened fire with quantem torpedoes and destroyed the Confederate frigate. As the Rambo had a victory over the Confederacy the Chuinaylia captain remained at Matakoro for a while before continuing with her duties elsewhere.

She was furious to learn that the Galactic Empire managed to destroy the Rambo fleet in orbit of the Capital and place Rambo Nation under their protectrate. Apanoida decided to remain in service and aid citizens when ever possible in service of Rambo Command and the throne.

After returning to the Shipyards of Rowar in 02 NE, her ship- the USS Potemkin was upgraded to the Exeter-subclass and after testing the ship was re-launched into service. With a cloacking device the crew adjusted to their new role as exploration was not a role for them again, as all accomodations were stripped during the upgrade and all rooms were given to militairy purposes.

Grox dealings

Serpentaxy vs Grox, aided by two Rambo ships

When the Quadrantia Grox increased their activity and even went beyong their borders- attacking the Serpentaxy the captain and crew were dispatched to investigate the matter by Rambo Command. When she recieved an emergency message of aid by a Serpentaxy captain she responded and hastened herself to the Serox Nebula- the place the Serpentaxy engaged the Grox. Together they managed to destroy one of the type I spheres while the other two spheres suddenly retreated back into the nebula. The first battle wsa one, and the updated ship proved her worthiness during the battle.

Rambo and Secoolian began peace negotiations in order to fight against the Q-Grox

Sadly the Excelsior class that aided Apanoida was damaged and was forced to return to Rambo space. Apanoida later travelled to the Nova who also seemed under siege of the Grox. After gaining information she returned to Quadrant 21 where she was to study intelligence reports of Quadrant Grox spottings in Quadrant 21. Upon arrival she was asked by senator Lady Ram'Eriathine to be present at a meeting with a Secoolian delegations. It seemed the reports were true then. When the Secoolian arrived, as did captain Rambo in whom she found some attrection in. The meeting went quite easy, the Secoolian requested information about the Q-Grox, though the senator was not allowed to give it without the permission of the Rambo Senate. As such the Secoolian and senator left and began making preperations to meet with the Rambo Senate.

Q-Grox vs Rambo/Secoolian escort

Before leaving Apanoida made a small flirt with James and returned to the USS Potemkin.

She later accepted the mission to escort two Secoolian cruisers to the Rambo Capital. Arriving at Rambo Prime when exiting the Wormhole Plateau she decided to take the Ramsoria Run- the fasters route to the Capital. Aided by a Kloppig captain of the USS Vespucci and a Serindia captain of the USS Ayers they headed to the capital, escorting the two Secoolian cruisers. All of a sudden, a Quadrantia Grox sphere type II appeared and attacked the escort. Incernating one of the Secoolian cruisers the USS Potemkin took heavy damage by a grazing-phaser, killing some of the crew the Serindia captain of the USS Ayers suggested a retreat. A suggestion all gladly followed and Apanoida decided to take another route to the Capital. She was later present fighting Quadrantia Loron and Quadrantia Federation forces but was forced to retreat when they gained the upperhand and conquered the Q21 Space Station- and with it total control over the Q21-Q82 wormhole.

Captain of the USS Excelsior[]

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USS Excelsior

A few months later, after only patrolling borders and investigating spacial anomalies wich turned out to be nothing Apanoida was re-called to the Rambo Capital where she learned that the USS Potemkin was to be withdrawn from active service due to dangerous system malfunctions found at all Exeter-sub classes. Saddened by grieve Apanoida took a heavy hart and wondered wich ship would be given to her after a forced shore leave.

Apollo travels onboard the USS Excelsior to Hutter Space

To her suprise, but to excitement she was given command of the USS Excelsior, a V3 version of the populair and reliable Excelsior-class line. On her maiden voyage Apanoida and her crew recieved orders from the empress herself- to aid Apollo in any means necessary. The first command of Apollo involved taking the wormhole connecting Quadrant 82 and 89 and beyond the K-7 stations straight towards the Hutter border. When two raptor class vessels decloacked at port and starboard side, and a Veno'Cha in front of the USS Excelsior- Apanoida raised red alert, but that order was belayed by Apollo who ordered her to contact the Hutters.

Apollo on the bridge of the USS Excelsior.

After Apollo managed to trade diplomacy with the Hutter ambassador the USS Excelsior was allowed to leave unharmed towards their next mission. Though Apanoida didn't feel much to listen to Apollo's "advise", she remembered her orders and it was an unique maiden voyage. She knew for sure that the USS Excelsior and her crew were ready to brace new adventures and face new dangers with one of the more powerful ship classes of the navy. Afterwards she took the USS Excelsior under guidance of Apollo towards Quadrant 21, where Apollo met with the Andormaru and managed to convince them of his good intentions. Afterwards Apanoida escorted Apollo towards his next objective, and began to respect his abilities as a diplomat- though preffered that he would not interfere in tactical matters.

Apanoida and James share an intimate moment

She later brought Apollo to the planet known as Concord, where he was going to held a massive and important Conference. While Apollo was making preperations for the Conference, Apanoida returned to Rambo space to continue her duties.

Eventually, in the fourth month of 03 NE/06 AQF she took the USS Excelsior to Rambo Prime where she joined the crew of the USS Enterprise-A for a shore leave. Once there she recieved news that the Rambo Capital was involved in a terrorist bombing at a passenger liner. Yet she didn't took much notice to it and went on a date with fellow captain- James Rambo. After a diner, Apanoida invited James onboard the USS Excelsior for a tour. After the tour James and Apanoida went to her personal quarters and drank some Serindia Wine. There they talked about their personal interessts and lives. When James accused Apanoida that she tried to seduce him, she scolded at him and slapped the unfortunate captain. Before James could apoligize again, she kissed James and sat atop him. Before both knew it they undressed eachother and courted in Apanoida her bed. The next morning both captains were called back to the Rambo Capital.

The Captain's meet

While on the way back, Apanoida was distracted by her feelings for James, as well as his comments how nice he found her body. It turned out Apanoida was assigned to a task force led by fleet captain Trabl, a Tralor in service of Rambo Nation. During the summit the fleet captain informed Apanoida and Lothíriel of their tasks and his plans to occupy the planet Yudumarth. Though Lothíriel disliked Apanoida due to her more aggressive ways of commanding a ship, she liked Trabl's plan to provide support fire for the Burning Heretic, a ship commanded by Ramburgo so it could deploy ground troops for an invasion and capture of the one responsible for the bombing.

Infernal crippled

Apanoida prepared her ship after Trabl gave them five minutes to do so and shortly after left for Yudumarth.

Garlboz apprehended

Arriving at Yudumarth Apanoida and her crew started to engage the defensive fleet, while she herself focused on disabling the Confederate frigates, she allowed the USS Burning Heretic to punch through the defensive fleet and deploy it's ground forces. The invasion of Yudumarth had begun! After Trabl secured Yahvast, the Excelsior withdrew to Javan to get supplies for the forces stationed at Yudumarth. After both Yudumarth city and most of the rebels were hunted down by Mortikran, Apanoida finally returned with the supplies. At her arrival she witnessed the Infernal, flagship of Mortikran being hit by internal explosions, crippling the massive and impressive ship. At once she and her crew aided in giving medical aid to those onboard. Afterwards she delivered the supplies and returned back to a patrol duty.

During the 12th month of 06 AQF, Apanoida and the crew of the USS Exceslior e in the Battle near Rambo Prime, with a joined task force of Imperial and Rambo ships they were able to take control over Angforst, and with boarding parties of Seven Starr Serindia soldiers Apanoida apprehended defected Grand Mandator Garlboz.

Apanoida informs the crew of the Proogency facility to join her

During the second month of 07 AQF Chianwe took the USS Excelsior on a new assignment given by Rambo Command. They were to hunt down the Infernal that was stolen by the bounty hunter Emtor from the Rambo Capital. Watching the recording with her new science officer, Ramickon Ramglover she realised her ship was undermanned and without experience to hunt down a star destroyer, probably commanded by an experienced adversary. As such she decided to go to Proogency first, where she picked up commander Ramiron, Tatsu Irana and Bianca Fiercehart and her mysterious Scion. Having a great dislike for the planet, so close near the borders of Quadrantia Grox territory, she left at once, confident that they would siege back the Infernal.

The Inquisitor takes command of the Excelsior

After reaching the Metruia-Nebula, she gave command to commander Ramiron, as he had taken the same route years earlier during his Hunt for the Laberynth. She was happy to see him guide her new helms officer, lt. commander Tatsu Irana through the nebula.

The Excelsior arrives at Lianna-station

Though she was unable to see anything in the nebula, she grew worried when her lieutenant, Ramickon Ramglover did claim to see something. Moments later the Excelsior was taken by by surprise as the Infernal appeared and opened fire, forcing the Excelsior to retreat to safe grounds. While they continued their hunt for the Infernal, the crew of the Excelsior stumbled upon an Imperial Ifrit-class that transported that the Imperial Inquisitor known as Akagêlth who to the horror and disatisfaction of Chianwe took command of the Excelsior in persuit of the Infernal. However, to her surprise the Inquisitor later stopped his search and headed to starbase 08, better known as Lianna-station.

Desolation of the Bisistar

There the Inquistor, with aid of Apanoida and captain Rambas II; he confronted the Quadrantia Loron pirate Qur'Trlan about the whereabouts of the missing Rayria Mary Ramelzen.

At first not willing to cooperate, the Loron pirate changed his mind after the Inquisitor drew his energy sabre. They later tracked down the pirate Zkhan and brought her back to Ramalivua. To her regret, she was to bring back Ramiron, Tatsu and Doctor Bianca back to Proogency, though was relieved to see the Inquisitor gone.

The crew of the Excelsior during the Battle of Vasuband.

During the fourth month of 07 AQF, Apanoida commanded the USS Excelsior during the Great Battle against the Bisistar after their attempt to invade the Cyrannus Galaxy. The Excelsior joined a massive fleet of Mou'Cyran Accords members at the Coru Secundus sector. During the battle the USS Excelsior mostly targeted flagships and used her agility to defend the capital ships when they were in peril.

Afterwards, the Excelsior returned to the Quadrant Galaxies though saw a return to Cyrannus near the end of 07 AQF when Apanoida and her crew participated in the Siege of Vasuband, the conclusion of the New Cyrandia Wars. During the battle she fought at the front lines and gave the large Imperial and Republic vessels covering fire, though she didn't like working together with either one of them.


The USS Apanoida, a Sacratus Butterfly-class Muunithar-subclass is named in her honor.

Personality and Traits[]


Chianwe Apanoida is known for her bold and agressive ways to deal with situations. As a captain, Apanoida would rather fire first, then ask questions. Further more she dislikes being on the losing side though knows when a battle is lost and wouldn't sacrifice her ship without need.

This traits gave her a notorious reputation among other captain, yet her skills in commanding a ship is well known and she is respected by many Rambo officers. She is liked among her crew and is often seen talking with crewmembers of all ranks, though keeps a strict protocal onboard her ship. All have to adress her with her rank and she only eats in a seperated officer mess hall.

Apanoida is also known for her seductive skills, and will not hesistate to use her female features to get what she wants.



Green face.pngI will swear to defend with my life!

  • Empress Ramashe - Our great Empress! Though never met her in person, I pledged my loyalty to her.
  • Senator Chuinaylia - My senator, a kind and well known individual!
  • Captain Rambo - A cute and well respected captain within the Rambo Navy. After a night with him, I feel highly attractive to him.


Yellow face.pngIndividuals that I can trust and work with

Rambo Nation
  • Apollo - A great man, but I have to get used to being "advised" by him during his stay onboard my ship.


Red face.pngSurrender to the authorities of Rambo Nation!

Ships Commanded[]

USS Excelsior[]


The USS Excelsior is an Excelsior-class ship with a length of 467 meters. The class is classified as a heavy cruiser and needs a full crew complement of 750 personel to operation effeciently.

The V3 version of the Excelsior class is one of the more powerful cruisers seen that dateframe (06 AQF/03 NE). The class became stronger and far faster than the Galaxy class- which was retired for that reason. The new Excelsior class V3 is equipped with all modern weapons and shields, like photon and quantem torpedoes, but as well as transphasic torpedoes and a warpdrive wich can reach Warp 9.8..

USS Potemkin (formerly)[]


The USS Potemkin is a 289 meter long ship and need a crew of 430. The Constitution Class V2 is the most famous ship class in Rambo Nation, the predecessor was famous in the Trogg Wars and with the V2 update she plays another crucial role in the coming conflicts of Rambo Nation. Although classified as heavy cruisers, they can also be used for long range exploration and the Constitution Class V2 became a preffered ship class for many Rambo Captains. The Constitution Class V2 can be found in every fleet of Rambo Nation, whether it is in Battle Fleets or in Outer Colonial Fleets, the Constitution Class is a ship to be cautios with. In the ninth month of the year 04 AQF the ship was upgraded to the V2 Mk. II status. Now the USS Potemkin can fire blue phasers and like before photon torpedoes. With a sleaker design and new coloring the ship will be seen at the frontlines again.

In 02 NE, in the second month the USS Potemkin was upgraded to the new Exeter sub-class, with a new design and upgraded shields and weapons the ship was ready for her new role as battle cruiser and first line of defense against any enemy.

Equipped with a new warp core, rotating shields and a cloacking device the USS Potemkin was re-launched after a month in drydocks but was soon after withdrawn from active service due to systems malfunctions found at every exeter-subclass.

Crew of the USS Potemkin
  • An HarbronrSaurien Commander, second in command of the ship. Died in 02 NE during an encounter with a Q-Grox sphere due to being engulfed in flames.
  • An Amphibiahria Lieutenant, the helmsman of the ship.
  • A Chinawkya female Lieutenant, the navigator of the ship, died in 02 NE during an encounter with a Q-sphere due to an overload of her console.
  • A Venatioa Lieutenant, the security officer of the ship.


Captain Apanoida II.png


A brave and noble captain, yet a bit agressive sometimes

- James Rambo

A great captain. But she should learn to use diplomacy always before violence and battle.

- Apollo


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